You will NEVER guess who is being awarded Press Club’s ‘Truth to Power’ award OH WAIT OF COURSE YOU WILL

It’s actually really easy to guess who the New York Press club decided to honor with their “Truth to Power” Award. They announced the name on Friday night. It’s not a hard mystery to solve, just follow the clues.

For example the award supposedly honors “an individual whose body of work challenges the power establishment and/or defends journalists.”

And you have to look at the mission of the New York Press Club awards overall: “The annual New York Press Club Journalism Awards are a long-standing tradition in New York media, honoring excellence in journalism by writers and reporters who are recognized as being among the best in their fields.”

And the final clue is that media are always, and I mean always, the opposite of whatever they say. So the opposite of those things… well that must be the winner.

And so it is.

image by Brandon Morse, Redstate

Yep. Jim Acosta. The loud-mouthiest non-reporter in America. He makes TMZ look like Carl Bernstein. And Carl Bernstein like Bob Woodward. Everybody goes up a notch.

Has Acosta ever broken news? Have you ever heard him do anything besides make self-serving troped up speeches disguised as questions?

Standing up to power is one thing. Speaking Truth to power requires that you speak a truth on occasion. By my watch, we’re still waiting for a single one from this liberal diva crocodile tears drama king.

What a farce.

For a collection of some of this fraud’s greatest hits, take a gander here.

He’s what we in Texas like to call a jerk. I’m pretty sure y’all say that other places too, but we say also say it in Texas.

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