You won’t believe it, but this LUNACY is no parody. TikTok lib calls her white skin ENEMY UNIFORM, tries to fix in 2nd video.

This video? This is where the world is headed. It’s where a lot of America already is. And what it is is: totally bonkers.

It’s a TikTok lib who got a comment about being a colonizer. But she whipped that back at the commenter by saying yes, correct, I’m a colonizer.

She says she could “work” as hard as she can and “read Malcolm X every day” and still end up making “racist mistakes” and hurting people.

She’s a colonizer, you see. And she doesn’t expect anyone to trust her. And do you know WHY? Because she’s “wearing this skin color.”

“I’m wearing the enemy’s uniform.”

That enemy uniform bit? That IS what libs and BLM think. Make no mistake.

Now, this gal put out a second TikTok in light of the apparent backlash, in which she attempts to amend her comments. And I’m going to put it right here in the post for you to hear. But do NOT be mistaken. The first thing she said? That’s what she believes deep in her self-hating soul. It’s what all Democrats either believe or profess to believe every day. And that feeling is the primary objective of BLM and Critical Race Theory. To produce THAT result. The “enemy uniform” result.

This second video is just damage control for her TikTok brand. And it only happens because she got criticism from a black commenter so she thinks she has to apologize for being racist in her apology for being racist!

AND she doesn’t even take it back, she just changes the words she’s using to say the same thing.

Watch. It’s pretty sad.

@jamie_gosling Reply to @stephaniemiller160 Thank you for calling me out Stephanie.

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I feel sorry for this wretched soul. She isn’t just misguided, she’s been led into the wilderness, brainwashed into madness.

THAT is what they want for your kids.

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