You won’t see THIS student protest & walkout on CNN … unless it’s them TRASHING the teens involved

When students walk out of school in protest it is almost always news. Because it is almost always some leftwing cause that they’ve been pushed into by bad parents (you know: democrats) or bad teachers (see previous parenthetical). But sometimes students walk out for reasons no approved of by the upper crust (you know what to do) of American elitist society and THOSE examples of kids getting involved and speaking out and using their voice and etc etc don’t tug the right heart strings so they get BURIED.

That’s what’ll happen here, as Brent Bozell correctly points out. Because the kids in THIS story are walking out in protest over masks.

High school and middle school students in Douglas County, Colorado, initiated ongoing walkouts Wednesday, to protest government mandates that they wear masks while in school.

A local Denver station covered it, though, making it clear once again that local news is vastly superior to cable news.

They would only cover this to mock it. Either the children directly or by claiming they are victims of evil Fox News reports somehow. Stelty or Jim Accoster would be my guess for that one.

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