‘You would think both parties would agree we should look at these allegations.’ Turley makes sense, so Twitter FLAGS it!

Jonathan Turley is a smart guy. He’s an accomplished attorney, a law professor, a writer and commentator. He’s been on the “good” list in the media for a long time. His analysis is respected. Or it WAS until it became societally impossible to speak words that don’t burn down Trump without yourself being burned down.

Now, social media FLAGS the President of the United States for QUOTING A LAW PROFESSOR who was speaking on a NATIONAL PRESS PLATFORM. Does that seem odd to anyone? That a president quoting a law professor speaking to the free press should be censored by big tech? Anyone?

Listen to this REASONABLE discourse and interview, which makes no outrageous claims and – this is important – and says nothing that is in dispute or has been called into question by ANY authority.

You’ll have to kind of ignore Will Cain’s clumsy interview. It’s what Turley says that matters.

“Well at a minimum I think there should be agreement that we should look at the votes. You know, we’re just completing the tabulation stage. We haven’t even entered the canvasing stage. Much of the evidence of voter fraud would not be readily available during tabulation. And indeed much of the information is being held by election officials,” said Professor Turley.

“And so you would think both parties would agree that we should look at these allegations,” he said. “We’re seeing a number of affidavits coming out with sworn statements that they witnessed voter fraud. Now that may not be enough. Many of those are episodic. We’re looking for something more systemic. Something that could alter the outcome of a given state. We still have not seen the evidence,” said Turley. “There is no basis right now to suggest that Joe Biden is not the President-Elect and that he secured this position through voter fraud but the point is unknowables.”

WHOA WHAT A HACK HOW DARE HE SAY … wait hold up. Why are they silencing him, again?

“But the main thing I’m looking at is, when you talk about systemic problems, is the, is how these ballots were authenticated. Because if there is a problem in the system as to authenticating ballots, that would affect the entire election.” said the law professor. “What concerns me is that we had over 100 million mail-in ballots, and yet cities like Philadelphia and Detroit with long histories, as you’ve noted, of election problems are reporting virtually immaculate election. They’re suggesting they haven’t seen virtually any problems.”

He made that last point when speaking on Fox last night, too.

That was an utterly reasonable interview this morning. Utterly reasonable commentary last night. He has an utterly reasonable column up at The Hill, too. He’s made entirely reasonable, logical, cautious, not crazy comments on Twitter. These are straightforward things.

But when Trump quotes him, Twitter does this:

“Disputed?” It’s disputed by half the country that there was NO voter fraud. Are they putting warnings on Tweets that say there was NO fraud? Come on.

This one really gets me laughing though. But not in a good way.

What the heck is this, Twitter? Why is that there?

First, the election is over. Second, YOU ARE TWITTER NOT AN EXPERT. Linking to a bunch of media tweets (but not any media who disagree) doesn’t make you an expert, and CERTAINLY not to make a blanket and blatantly ridiculous statement. It doesn’t even say MOSTLY safe and secure. This is falsifiable by finding just ONE instance where it wasn’t. It’s totally stupid.

This is propaganda. Twitter is doing propaganda. The media is colluding in that propaganda. People don’t care because they think the result of this propaganda is correct or irrelevant, but this is a precedent. What happens when it’s a more blatant lie, a more dangerous one? What happens when they suppress potential cures for diseases during a pandemic or …

Oh right. They do that too.

We’re in DANGEROUS times, y’all. No one is safe from the left’s machine. Not even liberal law professors with decades as commentators.

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