Young woman says she and her friends were ‘viciously attacked’ for wearing MAGA hats in Texas, but the cops blamed their hats!

There’s another controversy this morning over a girl in Texas who said she and her friends wore MAGA hats to a club in Austin earlier this month and were ‘viciously attacked’ for wearing them.

The controversy lies in the details of what really happened and how the cops suggested she was partially to blame for wearing the hat…or something.

Here’s the story:

YAHOO LIFESTYLE – Haley Maddox posted a video last Saturday to recount an incident she says took place in Austin, Texas, on March 2. Maddox is wearing a red MAGA cap and has a black eye in the video; according to her Instagram posts, the injury stems from the alleged March 2 attack. Other posts reference a leg injury and claim that she “almost died” supporting Trump.

“On Saturday night me and my girlfriends were viciously attacked by an entire bar of people, men and women included, for wearing MAGA hats,” she says in the video. “We did not go in with the intentions of starting a fight. We were just wearing our MAGA hats out on a Saturday and we wanted to show our support for Texas Independence week.

“We asked one of the bartenders to help us and he ended up choking out one of my friends,” she alleges.

Maddox says that after leaving the bar and calling the cops “another random man came and attacked us again — all over our hats.”

She goes on to slam the Austin Police Department for not taking the matter seriously.

“[They] showed bias, in our opinion, towards us because we were Trump supporters and insinuated that this happened because we wore those hats,” she says.

She adds that her friends “support the cops” but “want justice” after feeling that their alleged attack was not properly investigated.

Here’s the main video of Maddox retelling what happened from Instagram:

But another girl claims Maddox really just got into a drunken fight and says she has the video to prove it. The video is recorded outside of the bar and shows Maddox arguing with cops over their suggestion that she did something wrong:

Here’s that video and it runs about 20 minutes:

I watched a few minutes of the video. At the very beginning, one of the cops does say something peculiar to Maddox, which sets her off for the rest of the video.

First, the Austin police officer tells her that unless an assault happens in their presence, there isn’t much they can do except take a report.

But then it gets weird when the cop says this:

“The second thing is that while you’re allowed to wear these hats down here — because we deal with this often, okay? — once it starts inciting riotous behavior, then it becomes a crime.”

I had the same reaction in my head that she had in the video: WHOA! It’s just a hat!

The cop then proceeds to clarify his statement, comparing this situation to a woman walking around topless, which is apparently legal in Austin:

“It’s just like a woman is allowed to walk around down here with a shirt off. Once it starts causing a disturbance, that’s when it becomes illegal.”

I’m not sure that helped me at all. Again, just like Maddox says in the video, it’s just a hat.

Another cop tries to clarify it again to one of Maddox’s friends, suggesting that the hats have nothing to do with it. He says that once there is a disturbance, Maddox and her friends can’t then escalate the disturbance. He says ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

The girl then explains to the officer that she started recording because she could hear the raised voices and noticed it was starting to get heated. Apparently the man that was filming didn’t like it and was apparently trying to hide his face and then ‘knocked it’. I assume she means he hit the camera, but she could mean that he hit them. It’s not clear.

The cop then argues that it’s almost like they are harassing the man because he was already starting to walk away and they kept recording him. Again, he says ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

The video just goes downhill from there. As I noted above, Maddox was set off by the first statement by the cop and that continues throughout the video. Maddox clearly feels the cops too easily dismissed their claims because they were wearing MAGA hats.

I’d love to see what you guys think about all of this.

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103 thoughts on “Young woman says she and her friends were ‘viciously attacked’ for wearing MAGA hats in Texas, but the cops blamed their hats!

  1. You have pay attention to the body language. The cop gives himself away when he gives the alleged creep a comforting pat on the back as he walks away.

  2. First off, I make the following declarations about myself.
    I generally support LEOs. I also support the 1st Amendment. As the older brother of two sisters, I was raised to NEVER strike a girl, unless under a deadly serious physical attack. I also own and wear a MAGA cap, as is my right. It does not constitute an incitement to violence in and of itself.

    Secondly, the context as I understand it.
    Austin is the center of liberalism in Texas, with Houston being a close second place. It has a large population of college students. Liberal college students seem to be much more prone to violence in their “resistance” mission. I’m not well versed in the history of “Texas Independence Day”, but it seems to be a proper occasion to make patriotic displays, ie the MAGA cap.
    I cannot accept that the wearing of the cap is an incitement to violence. To me, that is akin to blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt.

    Now for my observations after watching the entire video.
    1) Having spent decades in bars, I have seen hundreds of drunk girls. I don’t believe that the blonde gal was drunk. She was certainly upset. She was also mouthy. She obviously felt that the fellow that allegedly knocked her friend to the ground should have been arrested on the spot. I did not see on the video any accusation that she, or her companions, incited any violence, other than the improper suggestion that the caps were to blame. I do hate the “man-splaining” accusation.

    2) From the LEO’s perspective, their mission is to diffuse a situation, not inflame it. To have arrested the accused “assaulter” without having witnessed the attack would have probably escalated the situation. The appropriate information seems to have been gathered, and the victim was advised of her available course of action, as far as making an official complaint and filing charges. That seems proper to me.

    My conclusion is that if one wishes to display their support for the current administration, especially in an environment infested with rabid “resistance” leftists likely to react in a violent fashion, then one should be equipped with Sabre Red pepper gel spray for self-defense, at the least. It provides 18 bursts, with an 18 foot range, and is the most potent pepper spray available. It is a gel, so the wind does not affect it. It is also infused with a red dye, which marks the attacker. Self-defense is a RIGHT. You asked for my thoughts, there you go.

  3. Truth Warrior, like a typical lying libtard, is not telling the truth, as her video clearly shows. Before I read the story, my first thought was it had to have taken place in Austin, the leftist part of Texas, and I was correct. Attacking young women or older Americans seems to be the common practice for these leftist thugs, like antifa wantabes. These continuing assaults on Americans with differing opinions is not going to end well, especially when they make the fatal mistake of assaulting a CC citizen.

  4. My mom and her sister had an estate sale of my grandparents things. On the refrigerator, there was a Trump bumper sticker. Blue background, white letters TRUMP. The police came over to do a city safety walk though and tell you where to put “caution/cuidado tape” and how many can be allowed in at once, etc. (I’d already told them but the city has to do an official one.)

    When the officer saw the Trump sticker he said, “You might want to remove that. It could cause problems.” This was 1 1/2yrs ago. This was in a part of Dallas. Sickening that this mindset is still around IMO

  5. Saying the MAGA hat provoked their being assaulted to me is kind of like telling a woman who was sexually assaulted she brought it on herself by the way she was dressed. Cop’s shouldn’t be placing the blame on the victims.

    1. They are just following their political master’s orders. In Austin, I would be surprised if there are many LEO’s who are conservative.

    2. Agreed.

      But that doesn’t mean it’s bad advice to suggest modesty to our daughters to help prevent the problem. I certainly wouldn’t let any daughter of mine walk out of the house looking like a tramp.

      Any smart parent would do the same to a kid in a MAGA hat. Just like any good friend would pull the Kick Me sign off your back.

    3. That’s exactly what I was thinking, too: the hat wearer clearly WANTED to be assaulted, right? This is why I don’t like cops, generally speaking. I got into an argument with one near my home because I called them to request assistance regarding a family of hockey players that kept hitting my house with their pucks (practicing in the streets). I went out and asked them to move down the street about ten feet because then I’d be out of their line of sight (they’d already broken one of my kitchen windows last year); and their mom came out screaming from her house, saying she’d have her boys line up pucks and destroy my house if I ever spoke to them again. I said, “Lady, calm down, all I did was ask them to move down about ten feet, they’re kids, I’m not asking them to not play in the street, I’m only asking them to move down so that they can’t get the puck even into my yard.” When the cop came, he said I was at fault, even if they’d broken another window. @sshole.

  6. I’m thinking I don’t want to react to this the way libs reacted to Smollet. But the cops own words. What? What if a hijab made someone mad? Uh huh.

  7. So instead of blaming the people that attack these moron cops are blaming the victims?? This just proves not all cops are good.

    1. Again, it’s Austin, TX. Police officers aren’t dummies, they know who pays their salaries. And in Austin, TX, those salaries are paid for by Leftists.

      1. As a cop, you don’t take an oath to leftists. There is no excuse whatsoever for these horrible cops behavior. They give cops a bad name.

  8. It’s Austin, TX perhaps the most leftist locality between the Rockies and the Appalachians, and with Ann Arbor, MI; Madison, WI; and Minneapolis, MN also in the mix, that is certainly saying something substantial.

  9. Seriously, the left can’t handle a hat?? This has to stop. One of these days these snowflake liberals are going to attack the wrong person. Many Trump supporters conceal carry. Someone is going to get shot.

  10. So, you can’t wear a Red Hat now because it’s offensive but you can identify as a woman if you’re a man and use the women’s restroom??? God forbid you punch a guy coming out of the girl’s restroom after you just sent your 6-year old daughter..

    The world is upside down, folks!!

    1. Just 5 years ago, I don’t think I could have predicted how crazy things would be today.

      Seems the craziness is accelerating at a faster and faster pace. How are they going to be in just another 5 years?

  11. and insinuated that this happened because we wore those hats,” she says.

    Well, it did.

    It shouldn’t have, but it did.

    The hats are a Kick Me sign, folks. It’s not fair, it’s not right, it shouldn’t happen, and it’s a horrible double-standard. But the reality is that putting on that hat is slapping a target on your head. I’m not saying don’t do it, or that you don’t or shouldn’t have the right to. I’m just saying that they’re a trouble magnet. They shouldn’t be, but they are. If you’re looking for a night out without harassment, probably best to leave the hat at home. Doesn’t mean you can’t still love and support the Donald.

    (And, honestly, once a upon a time we all got along better because it was considered polite not to bring up religion or politics in social settings. Now folks seem to love to shove their Gay/Female/MAGA/Etc Pride down the throat of everyone around them.)

    ‘course if you’re wearing it BECAUSE you’re looking for trouble… well, then don’t cry about it when you get it. I have no sympathy for instigators.

    1. What people are crapping on is the police bias. If the alleged creep had been accused of assaulting a woman in a hijab there’s little doubt they’d have handled even a shrieking woman and the culprit very differently. You seem to be made to comply with mob rule.

  12. It’s like walking into a bar while black in 1950s Georgia. The cops would tell you you should know better.

    It took a lot of pain to teach people to stop discriminating based on skin color.

    But the MAGA hat works both ways. Democrats who can’t resist their inner Klansman have decided it means the wearer is low class, and a target. So each one of these jumped up Klanbois should have their faces posted online.

    But really, if you’re gonna wear them into lib territory, it’s best to go with friends who don’t mind a bar fight.

    1. @k-bob

      A fair point imo.

      Reminds me of not wearing certain gang colors in different neighborhoods.

    2. That’s racial discrimination. You can’t judge someone for what they can’t help, and you certainly shouldn’t harm them for it.

      This is a far cry different. This is like walking into a Colts bar wearing a Patriots jersey (or vice versa). You’re free to do it, and nobody should harm you for it. But, I’m entirely free to tell your Brady-loving ass to get the hell outta my joint.

      1. You’re free to say what you want, but only the owner can kick people out.

        But people who attack folks for their attire, tattoos, piercings, or other personal choices should have their faces plastered online.

        That’s in addition to whatever damage the victim rightfully inflicts in self defense.

        1. But people who attack folks for their attire, tattoos, piercings, or other personal choices should have their faces plastered online.

          I agree. It’s a terrible thing to do to another person. And I wish there were mutual respect for that from people who disagree with me politically.

          But there’s not. We can whine about it, I guess. Or we can just keep our opinions to ourselves and go about our days unmolested. That just seems easier.

      2. You got it backwards (as usual we’re beginning to suspect). In a civilized, lawful society you’ve freedom to do no such thing. It could backfire on you, too, and you might get your head blown off. I mean this helpfully/

  13. I can see the headline now….

    “Lady charged for inciting a riot by wearing a racist Trump hat. Attackers freed because they had no control over their fists.”

  14. So according to this logic if a girl walks into a bar in a short skirt and is molested its her fault because she was just asking for it. And the cops solution to this whole thing is “just go away”. How about shutting down the establishment for the night?

        1. I have not once said that anyone of these red-hatted morons is asking for it. I have expressly stated over and over that they’re not. Please learn to read. Or, better yet, cite me when you misrepresent my positions so that I can laugh derisively at your stupidity.

  15. So lemme get this straight. Wear a hat amd it’s okay unless somone else reacts to it, then it’s a crime.
    Then, if they aren’t in the presence of an assault there’s nothing they can do.
    So if one of the attackers got gutted by a karambit and is sitting in the corner holding his guts in it’s, “sorry jack, wasn’t there for the assault.”

    1. @chowyunfatty
      Sort of like sharia law where a woman must have four male witnesses for a rape.

  16. So…where’s the video that one lady tweeter claimed she had to prove the Trumpster was lying? The video of the police talking to the MAGA lady isn’t proof of anything.

    I would have to see a video that shows the altercation. There is a scenario where I would agree with the cops, and that’s if the MAGA group went in flaunting the hats trying to pi** people off. That’s inciting. If they were just going about their business and they were attacked, that cop is full of s***.

    1. Worse than that. He is absolutely lying about the supposed crime of wearing the hat after it upsets anyone. No such crime, such as breach of the peace, etc., would apply to that scenario. Real problem when local police, who are sworn to protect, start lying in the manner of the FBI establishment.

      1. Is that what he said? It was hard to understand so much of what was said I stopped watching. I agree. I wouldn’t think it to be a crime to not remove the hat just because it’s making a crowd of people angry. That sounds like a perversion of the law.

  17. OT. Can’t find an open thread.

    Any recent sightings of RBG? How long is this charade of her being healthy enough to fulfill her duties going to go on? I want Trump to fill her seat!

  18. Austin cops suck. They’re the most brutal, unforgiving police force in the state. I’ve literally seen sober people trip on a curb on 6th Street and get arrested for public intoxication, blow a 0.0, and still spend the weekend in jail and have to go before a judge Monday morning.

    And right now SXSW is going on, which makes everything 10x worse.

      1. South By South West.

        HUGE tech gathering that the socialists and hippies have ruined with their body odor and self righteousness.

  19. In Texas? Was my first thought. Then I read Austin, and said Oh, that explains it – the Commiefornia of Texas. Very sad that Texas has Francis O’rouke and the Texas NEA which sends all schools in the USA their leftist revised history of United States. Be afraid Texas, be very very afraid, lest this lefty crappiola spreads further.

  20. In Texas???? was my first thought. Then read it wasn’t actually in Texas, it was in the Austin enclave of Commiefornia.

  21. Yes Austin is leftest. However, there is normally not a lot of crime/violence going on. I suspect there’s more to this than a hat. She looks pretty wasted. And she’s not the one who was actually attacked–it was her friend from what I could understand.

    At about 7:00 it explains a lot of it. IANAL, police can’t arrest someone just because they say they claimed they attacked. It looks worse that they apparently followed the guy with the camera. The girl at the top is NOT Maddox. Maddox is seen later in the film talking to police. But the one narrating everything is Haley.

    No where in the video with police do they tell them they were “choked” by the bartender either….

  22. IF she was attacked because of her hat, that’s a (hate?) crime imo.

    The police showed no real empathy and didn’t appear to take the incident seriously.

    She lost control when she was apparently wronged by the police.

    There appears to be an alarming increase of altercations based on that red MAGA hat. According to liberal jurisprudence, it’s a hate crime.

  23. OT- Manafort was sentenced to another 43 months in prison this morning. We were hearing from everyone that this judge was going to throw the book at him. He was going to get 10 years from her. Man the Mueller team, and the lefties heads must really be exploding.

  24. [[First, the Austin police officer tells her that unless an assault happens in their presence, there isn’t much they can do except take a report. ]]

    Huh? If there are visible injuries, or witnesses, they can- police show up to domestic situations all the time after the fact, and arrest people based on injuries or witnesses-

  25. If I’m not mistaken, Austin is a leftist haven. That was super ridiculous what the cop said. A hat can incite violence!? If that’s the case then, arrest the MAGA hat, book it and take it in for questioning!!

    1. By their own logic, if the topless girl got raped and no cop saw it then they can’t arrest anyone…

  26. Downtown Austin. Alcohol. MAGA hat. That’s some risky behavior. All kidding aside, I take issue with this idea that wearing a hat is a crime. Other than that, I don’t have the full story. I didn’t watch the videos either but doesn’t sound like they provide the full story.
    Last, back during some crazy feminist protest in Austin a couple of years ago, Crowder did a video dressed like a woman (kinda) and talking to protesters. Many were topless. Glad they were blurred.

    1. @Squirrelly Yeah, most of those feminists aren’t worth a second glance, anyway. Those French protesters, though- oo la la!

        1. @watchman Some of them, yeah. I subscribed to Ruptly before I got kicked off Twitter and they showed all of that international news you don’t usually see.

  27. “The Austin police officer tells her that unless an assault happens in their presence there isn’t much they can do except take a report.” Funny thing Austin police officer when law enforcement is called to a family disbursement and there are bruises visible (like the black eye this woman has) someone is going to jail until the truth comes to light. So I call bull crap on that one.

    Also Austin police officer…. if a Policemen is walking down a street and it sets off people and starts causing a “disturbance” or “inciting riotous behavior” just because of the Policemen presence is that a crime…? According to you Officer yes it’s a crime.

    Now here is the problem with this…..we live in a “Republic” which means “Rule of Law”. IMO…What this Officer is explaining is a “democracy” which means “mob rule”. Right/Wrong…?

    I don’t know what all happened inside the joint but IMO the Officer should have defused the situation by separating all parties involved and then start their investigation by take names and notes. But hey…I believe in our Republic the rule of law not the “democracy” of mob rule.

  28. Sort of like the guy in NYC, a confluence of aholes. It’s funny, because the NRA is quite controversial, but no one attacks me when I wear my 2A gear. Of course, I don’t go into bars looking for trouble, either.

    Oh, and BTW, my first thought when I saw the headline was Austin.

    1. Yeah, but an NRA hat is kinda saying “If you mess with me I will effing shoot you” while a MAGA hat says Make America Great Again.

  29. Why does Austin allow women to walk around in public ‘shirtless’? Even in party capital New Orleans, they don’t allow it. The NOPD will tell a shirtless woman ONCE to put her shirt back on and if she doesn’t comply, it’s handcuffs and off to jail.

    1. Austin is a little more conservative than the rest of the state in this regard. The rest of Texas she can be completely naked, and as long as she doesn’t perform and overtly sexual act she is acting lawfully.

    2. Except during Mardi Gras. Didn’t think it was even possible, but by Fat Tuesday, i was tired of seeing them.

  30. “The second thing is that while you’re allowed to wear these hats down here — because we deal with this often, okay? — once it starts inciting riotous behavior, then it becomes a crime.”

    “It’s just like a woman is allowed to walk around down here with a shirt off. Once it starts causing a disturbance, that’s when it becomes illegal.”

    That excuse would never hold up in court. Unless there is some law on the books I don’t know about that makes it illegal to wear a MAGA hat, it’s not illegal no matter how they try to spin it.

  31. In my opinion the MAGA hats look STUPID. The crown is WAY too tall and makes practically everyone wearing one look like a putz (yes, even Kanye), and if you’re wearing them for the sole purpose of trying to cause $*** you’re a SHMUCK and I will NOT defend you.

    My opinion of the MAGA hat aside, those wearing them have every right to wear them, just as someone walking around with an “I’m with her” hat and/or shirt on does, and while I’d like to smack the “stupid” out of someone wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, they have every right to, as long as they’re not wearing them for the sole purpose of starting problems.

    But it’s a FACT that the media are trying to covertly and quietly plant the seed that wearing a MAGA hat is akin to wearing a KKK hood. It’s a HAT, and if it ‘triggers’ you then you need to grow the heck up.

    So I don’t know what’s in ^ this ^ girls heart or mind, but I feel she just wanted to be a Martyr.

  32. Austin has for a long time been the center of the lefty universe in Texas. Although in the past that has meant little more than a good place to party. We see that like the rest of leftist America it is evolving into a totalitarian state where disobedience to Big Brother and the ideologically impure will not be tolerated. As sad as it is to say, unless the “Authorities” are willing to discipline or fire these cops and believe me they are not… They like their “Storm Troopers” dumb and loyal, nothing is going to stop this from happening again. MAGA supporters in lefty zones need to be aware of the potential for harm and take appropriate precautions. Unfortunately it would appear that we cannot count on law enforcement in these zones, so be careful when you find yourself surrounded by the practitioners of “Tolerance” its a very dangerous place to be….

  33. Liberal city with apparently liberal cops.
    If I were a millionaire, I’d buy advertising space on a dozen billboards all over Austin for a year with a photo of the infamous red MAGA hat just to piss the liberals off.

  34. Saying it’s “just a hat” Is disingenuous. If it’s “just a hat” then wearing it couldn’t support anything. I have lots of hats, but they don’t support anything unless I wear them to church, at which time I’m supporting 1Cor. 11.

    I don’t think the cops should be allowed to consider the hat the crime when someone attacks her for it. But she didn’t “almost die” because of her love of Trump. Methinks someone wants a call from the Prez and a trip to the White House.

    And while it’s my right to wear a MAGA hat, one of the quickest ways to find yourself in a fight is to wear one in some liberal enclave like downtown Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas. Sometimes a person has to use a little common sense. So did she want to start something? Is she clueless?

  35. Interpretation: The minute their Trump Derangement Syndrome kicks in and they kick your butt you are guilty of assaulting their snowflake sensibilities.

    Cops should just stick the facts and nothing but the facts. Regardless of what he was saying or trying to say the police officer said it horribly. Police officers don’t get it right all the time. We all misspoke or misunderstood. I will cut him a break. I don’t see the City of Austin, as liberal as I suppose it is, coming out to substantiate what was said.

  36. No two wrongs don’t make a right and dismissing someone’s complaint because they are wearing a certain hat is wrong. Shame on you officer! You don’t get to pick who to Protect and Serve!

  37. A. Why would anyone want to walk around topless in public? As a male, I like the female anatomy just as much as any other straight male….However, that should be for the bedroom, not in public. B. If this lady was drunk, she needs to stop this behavior. It only makes your life worse. C. The She was asking for it line from the cops is highly unprofessional. D. People need to keep their hands to themselves in the public sphere, MAGA Hat or not. I am so so glad I am done with the bar life. In this day and age, people try and set others up with gotcha moments, and then film them to in essence blackmail you as a human being.

    1. Austin’s topless rules comes from their SOB regulations on strip clubs. She can be topless as long as she doesn’t perform any overtly sexual acts, and then she must cover the nipple area. At no time can she go bottomless unless she is registered as a SOB, or works for one.

  38. Wearing a MAGA hat is a crime, but wearing a black ANTIFA face mask while assaulting people is OK. Now I get it.

  39. There’s another controversy this morning over a girl in Texas who said she and her friends wore MAGA hats to a club in Austin earlier this month and were ‘viciously attacked’ for wearing them.

    Before I even clicked on the story I automatically thought “Austin”, and I was right.

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