“Your comments are Disgusting!” – Former ICE Director TORCHES Democrat for attacking his character over child separation [VIDEO]

Man this is so good!

In the same hearing where Former ICE Director Thomas Homan schooled AOC on family separation, he also torched a Democrat for attacking his character over the family separation that happens at the border.

Watch below:

Democratic Rep. Garcia attacks Homan with the race card, saying he doesn’t care about children because “these children do not look like children that are around you.”

He also asks Homan “have you ever held a deceased child in your arms?”

Homan was livid at the attack on his character, saying “Your comments are disgusting. I’ve served my country for over 34 years. And yes, I held a 5-year-old boy in my arms, in the back of that tractor trailer. I knelt down beside him and said a prayer for him because I knew what the last 30 minutes of his life were like. And I had a 5-year-old son at the time.”

He continued saying “what I’ve been trying to do my 34 years serving my nation is to SAVE lives. So for you to sit there and insult my integrity and my love for my country and for children – that’s why this whole thing needs to be fixed! And you’re the member of Congress, fix it!”

You really have to watch it to understand just how upset Homan was when he made these remarks.

The chairman then gaveled and allowed Homan to finish his comments, in which he then told Garcia that if he wants to legalize illegal immigration, “good luck with that because it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse on the border”.

He says a bit more, so be sure and watch the video. Homan’s response is epic and very appropriate.

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116 thoughts on ““Your comments are Disgusting!” – Former ICE Director TORCHES Democrat for attacking his character over child separation [VIDEO]

  1. Es tiempo de fiesta.
    El Sr. Holman es la Piñata.

    THAT, boys and girls, is all this is. The Democrats pretend to actually GAS about children when, in reality, the ONLY thing they care about is generating campaign ad footage, particularly those in which Administration officials are the Pinata and they get to whack at whomever is up at a given moment.

    Democrats should NEVER EVER be given any more power and the power that they now posses should be stripped away at the earliest possible moment.

  2. This makes Mr. Homan’s case a whole lot stronger. Children being rented out to cross the border with strangers.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I rented my child out to go to another country with a stranger, I’m pretty certain I would be arrested for child endangerment among other offenses.


    when you’re finished reading the article, take the immigration quiz, the link is in the middle of the page. Read the answers along the way for a real eye opener about immigration.

    a link to the orginal article in the Tucson newspaper


    1. The immigration quiz was enlightening. I was surprised at some of the numbers, and I think of myself as informed!

  3. Mr. Holman’s comments are probably going in one ear of those politicians on the panel and out their other ear. Congress acts/moves slower than a glacier in the last ice age!!!!

  4. THAT is what the GOP needs to DO instead of 140 voting with Demon ic Rats to expand amnesty by embracing a new culture to further devalue our own culture.
    God bless you Mr. Homan, and the president who appointed you !

  5. If you still have the Word Press banner at the top of the page, log out of it and it’ll go away.

    1. I did as you instructed, not only did the banner go away, but a missing sock of mine appeared and now all the lids properly match-up with my Tupperware.

  6. This is part of the problem. This asinine man isn’t a man, at all, but a masculine woman, driven by emotion, and the line of questioning – or diatribe – against Homan was nothing more than histrionics and grandstanding. Furthermore, since Garcia wanted to throw in the remark about Homan not caring about people, because they were a different color from him, Garcia is using the same, tired Democrat tactics that emphasize race over everything. This is to be expected from a political party that only let people like him in, to use him in the DNC’s efforts to control Hispanics, just as the Democrats allowed stupid Blacks into their evil party, to help control Blacks. Look at the differences between these two men. Homan was always a doer. Police, Border Patrol, and advancement in those career fields. Garcia? A Mexican that got into the United States just to go to college, and never worked a real job in his life, up to this point. Garcia has done nothing but join the Democrat Party to become a tool and a useful idiot in their effort to control immigrants and make them vote Democrat. He has been a career politician under their blood-soaked, traitorous banner, and has gone from city council, to state senate, to county boards of commissioners, to mayoral politics, to the House of Representatives, where he serves on caucuses to further the causes of giving people government granted rights, simply on the basis of their skin color and ethnic background, granting people special rights on the fact that they are sexual deviants, and granting special privileges to people, simply based on their noxious, left wing politics, which tend to be very racist.

    1. It’s so obvious! And yet so many are so easily fooled. Sure, many are emotional children or are being bribed, but how to explain mature adults?

  7. Epic response to a race-baiter. I watched a longer clip where the “gentleman” hounded him for many minutes without giving a chance to respond. That’s not questioning. That’s showboating.

    1. I was amazed that it was Uncle Elijah who allowed Mr. Homan additional time.
      But knowing Mr. Cummings in my State, I can tell you, he doesn’t want Tom Homan
      to tell him what he probably thinks of Uncle ‘lijah. He’d probably tell him the same
      thing I think of Uncle ‘lijah from my Democrat dungeon, Maryland.

      1. The Congressional Black Caucus is having issues with Cortez and her other newbie socialists. I think they know she is going to make it very difficult for Dems. to get elected or reelected with her radicalism. The media seems to have made AOC the face and spokeswoman of the party.

  8. “Former ICE Director TORCHES Democrat for attacking his character over child separation”

    As the youngins would say- REKT

  9. Damn that was awesome to watch. Further evidence that the Democrat’s “race card” is losing it’s power…and thank God for it.

  10. Tom Homan is the man.

    Sometimes we need a break from politics, no?

    Who is your ultimate, most favorite musical group/band of all times?

    I know the answers will be no doubt age related.

    My all time favorite is the Moody Blues. That is because they produced so many many songs I loved. If anyone looked at my playlist they would think I was an eclectic nut job.

        1. Morning Patriot , so good to be able to stay in touch, so glad disqus is back ! Yes I still love all their music , my brother was such a big fan , while he was in Vietnam I played his favorite one over and over until he came home, Put A Candle In The Window.

    1. I can’t give you an “ultimate” but I can tell you that when I hear 60’s Motown songs or anything by Alan Jackson, George Strait, or Reba McEntire I will stop and sing along. Instant mood lifters!

      1. I like some modern country music, and hate the old time country music who mostly sang about their moma getting run over by a train while she was going to see daddy in prison. As I said, I like upbeat music in whatever genre it comes from.

        Motown was great. Way back then I loved the Temptations, the Four Tops and the Supremes. et al. I haven’t listened to that music for a very long time.

        1. Ah Scope, you don’t know what you’re missing with “classic country.” The greats were truly great.

          1. My hubby was always more into country than I was, though I grew up in cowboy country and he did not. Lol. I find myself listening to more and more country alongside the soft rock and motown I’ve always preferred. Waylon Jennings was his favorite and I like his music too. He was great.

    2. Scope, I agree if you want both issues: Tom is the man!
      I was just thinking of the Moody blues live version of ‘story in your eyes’ made my hair stand up on my arms. Seen them nine times ,big and small venues they are the best

      1. I saw the Moody Blues in concert at Madison Square Garden with Stevie Ray Vaughan as the opening band. My date went solely to see Stevie Ray Vaughan.

    3. can’t just pick one because back in my day we had real MUSIC! Moody Blues Knights in White Satin my prom theme will show my age. Jefferson Airplane. Steppenwolf. Pink Floyd. Stones. Let Zeppelin. Eagles. The Dead. The Doors. Janis and Big Brother, Jimmy. Otis. We had music.

      1. “can’t just pick one because back in my day we had real MUSIC!”

        Couldn’t agree more.

      2. I like Pink Floyd but definitely have a major problem with Roger Waters. I usually get past political positions of musicians, but Waters is just a step to far for me.

    4. I just listened to 2 Moody Blues CDs on in my truck today…To Our Children’s Children’s Children and In Search of the Lost Chord. Talk about “back in the day”. I loved 60’s and 70’s head music back then. But nowadays I seem to listen to outlaw country more often than not. Funny how we change over the years.

      1. Yes, I’ve most definitely aged myself, but I think most here know I am an old bag not looking forward to in a few years looking at the big seven o.

        Mostly now the music I listen to has to be upbeat. I want songs that I can clap my hinds to, which the hubby hates when I do that. One of my favorites is Florida Georgia Line Simple. I want to get up and dance when I see that video. If you saw my playlist it is all over the place. I have Altec Lansing speakers attached to my computer, and the sound even from Youtube videos is incredible. I’m going to miss that when I switch to a laptop in September. Yes, my computer is a dinosaur.

    5. I liked the Moody Blues for a long time until their mystic religiosity became too prevalent for me to overlook, with few exceptions. Their musical arrangements
      are intoxicating, but their faux-sprituality made me throw out my collection but
      a few in my digitsl files.
      I have to go with Rich Mullins, MercyMe, Delbert McClinton, Glenn Miller,
      and Alison Krauss.

      1. There were many musicians I liked in the past who mistakenly veered into politics, and that was a step to far for me. Like sports, I want to enjoy the sport, not the political activism. When I watch football or listen to music it is to get a break away from politics, not to be subjected to their political opinions/positions.

        1. That is part of the reason music exists. I used to like The Doors too, and Springsteen’s first two albums remain in my collection. The saturation of liberal politics into our escapes
          is ruining so much music I onece cherished.

          With that in mind, please allow me to share The Ruppes with you :

      2. Back in the day I found their message became tiresome. Did not listen to them until I was at an o9ut of town meeting and someone showed up with tickets for a concert. I went thinking I could always leave but was surprised by their energy and early career playlist.

    1. I love this GUY ………………finally a guy with some guts
      thank you sir …why isn’t he in charge of something for Trump??????????????????

      1. Nana, what browser and search engine do you use? I’ve long had problems with disqus. I have 3 disqus employees on my follow list while my profile claims I have no followers because I clicked off of all followers. I had that problem in the past with one disqus employee.

          1. Good morning Nana. I use the same. I don’t know why I have such issues with disqus but it’s always been problematic for me.

      2. Ironically, Nana, I almost never had any problems with it before our big change. And then, the other day, when we changed back, everything seemed fine. But today? Oy vey! It’s been a real mess! Hopefully it will be temporary.

  11. I really like Tom Homan. He tells it like it is while the Dems lie, obfuscate, pander and pretend they care. They don’t. If they did they’d fix the asylum and other laws.

    1. You don’t win elections and retain power by fixing problems, sj. You do it by promising to do so in perpetuity.

      It’s the same thing the Democrats do with welfare. They call it a “hand up” – but it’s never quite so good a hand up to get you standing on your own. Because once you can stand on your own, you don’t need them anymore.

      It’s the same thing Republicans did with Obamacare. Oh sure, we’ll repeal it. After the midterms. If you want it repealed, you’d better re-elect us!

      And it’s the same thing Donald has done for his entire tenure. All those promises about walls and deportations – nah, it’s just a four-year stall until re-election. Just like when he told Russia, “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”

      It’s all just a stall until re-election.

      1. I agree with your premise but the Democrats’ big problem right now is they’re having family fights in the public arena. The American people don’t like to see those things……….so unless they come together which I don’t think they will they have a major problem next year.

        1. That’s all our government is anymore, sj. Republicans, Democrats, Legislative, Executive? They’re all just rolling around in the gutter trying to outslime each other.

          What’s disturbing is how many Americans think this will result in some kind of “win” for them. I, for one, believe very strongly that I’m in the extreme minority when I state that I’m utterly disgusted with each and every one of those filth covered degenerates.

          1. I don’t like the GOP but someone has to win and someone has to lose and IMHO at least the GOP for the time being is not Socialist and doesn’t hate this country.

    2. They do care mom……..they care about votes only, they couldn’t care
      less about the illegals or the Country or our laws.

      1. Slight correction, Gino. All they care about is power and control. If they find a way to do it without votes, it’ll be done in a heartbeat.

        1. Thank you mom. I’m going through some issues at the moment but I feel very Confident that things will turn out fine.

      2. Yeah, like they do it for women too, unless they are unborn, or within reach.
        They care for cameras, Social Media likability, corporate and foreign donors,
        and “Say-tun”, as the church lady once said it.

  12. Special Report covering this on CNN in 3… 2… 1… Never

  13. I saw this on t.v., it was simply wonderful the way Homan shut this simmering weasel Garcia down. I want Homan as head of ICE, Border Patrol, and Homeland security with autonomy and don’t care if we have to pay him a million dollars for salary, he would clean up this mess.

  14. I’m wondering when the physical scraps will start…These subhumans are despicable!

    1. If anyone deserved it, it was Rep. Garcia. The only reason they behave that way is because all consequences have been removed.

      1. Yep and remember what happened to Joe ? back when when he called Obama a Liar! What a disgusting scene and seen all over the world…They have no right to tell any other country how to behave…

  15. I believe in freedom of expression but not freedom to have authority. The radical Left should be barred from authority just like the radical right. Unfortunately they’re being mainstreamed.

        1. Good question. The founders would probably consider the establishment GOP radical, and embrace the far right label. Maybe he’s referring to the alt-right, but I couldn’t name any alt-right Congressman off the top o my head.

  16. I really like this guy. Why is he not still the director? The Dems don’t really want any answers to their questions. The questions are rhetorical. They are just ad hominem attacks against the poor suckers who are there to bend over and take it. Plain and simple.

  17. The only way to get rid of these entrenched scumbags is TERM LIMITS

    U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s Opening Remarks on SJR1 Hearing 6/18/2019

    1. We also need to get rid of all of the unelected bureaucrats who think that they are in charge.

      1. Amen. The fact that we have people who were NOT elected and are somehow in charge of us is despicable. They can just change regulations, charge fees, whatever it is, at will, without our consent, burns me up. And if a citizen decides, to hell with them…well you better be wealthy, otherwise you can’t fight them. They will bury your ass in a heartbeat and there is no recourse.

      2. Amen. The fact that we have people who were NOT elected and are somehow in charge of us is despicable. They can just change regulations, charge fees, whatever it is, at will, without our consent, burns me up. And if a citizen decides, to hell with them…well you better be wealthy, otherwise you can’t fight them. They will bury your ass in a heartbeat and there is no recourse.

  18. Another one of those idiots who does not belong in congress. Do something constructive or get the H. out.

  19. I’ve never seen Mr. Cummings care about the clock so much as he did right here. Rep. Jesus “Choy” Garcia should be ashamed of himself and I would expect nothing less than a heartfelt apology from him, though I won’t hold my breath here ..

  20. I can take one look at Thomas Homan and tell he is NOT a guy you want to pick a fight with. Verbally or otherwise.

  21. House Democrats turn every hearing into an exercise in character assassination, and racism! is their dead Russian race horse.

  22. Lousy, no good, racist a$$hat that Rep. Garcia.
    Open wide and swallow the truth, sparky.
    I’m all for cloning men like Homan. You don’t find them with the ability to put balls to the wall nowadays like this patriot.
    All you spineless GOP members: watch and learn.

  23. So, impassioned as this man is, and as much sense as he’s making – do we really expect this to change any minds in the Democrat House and get them serious on dealing with immigration? In this age of partisanship and tribalism and all day every day outrage-based virtue signaling?

    I mean, look – we laugh at the pointlessness of these hearings all the time, but the one I remember most was when Fred Rogers went up before the Senate Communications Committee and we watched, IN REAL TIME, as he changed Senator Pastore’s mind. And as much as one might say that Pastore was a democrat – he supported the Vietnam War, he WAS looking for budget cuts to help it, and PBS was easy pickings.

    But Mr. Rogers talked, and he changed his mind.

    Then again, that was half a century ago. 50 years later, do we really expect that kind of thing from our government?

    Because I don’t.

    1. It is folly to think those politicians could be changed. They are driving full speed ahead hoping to steamroll facts, truth, law, and logic, until they meet such an immovable force, as Mr. Homan.
      Uncle ‘lijah, obviously realizing that, then allowed Mr. Homan time so as to avoid the same lesson as Seńorita Garcia.
      The false prejoratives Democrats always lead with just wither and slide to the ground against steadfast truth.

      1. Except Homan won’t change their mind about anything. Not Garcia, not Cummings, not the House.

  24. “Is it because you are around children who don’t look like you?”

    THIS was the moment that Homan lost it, and rightly so, and knew he had to fight back. I have seen Homan interviewed many times on Fox (mostly on Tucker Carlson, but I’m sure he’s been on other shows too) and he is the real deal. Always a straight shooter, always knows exactly how to fight back against the Lies of the Left.

    Garcia was a fool to attack him personally this way, he was asking to be flattened.

  25. First let me say I absolutely despise demon-RATS with all my being , they sit there and try to demean a good man so they can protect illegals , I wish everyone of them to be invaded by a thousand Illegals in their high and mighty homes.That dumb azz Cummings makes me want to barf. Good for Rep. Jordon for speaking out for Thomas Homan ! If those azz wipes didn’t have the race card they would have nothing !

    Second, I have nothing but respect for Thomas Homan , I applaud him for speaking out to that pig who instead of having any facts he used the race card.

  26. I have no doubt that Garcia fully supports the murders of innocent babies in the womb , stinking hypocrite.

    1. Democrats are political gaslighters.

      They don’t care about facts and truth, because the Truth is against them, hence they make incendiary false racist accusations for public theater, which incites hate and violence, aka mobacracy.

      This is and has always been the Democrat Left’s tactic and strategy to defeat facts, truth, their political opposition- Pres Trump, Republicans.

  27. What would be nice is to see our Congress that impassioned about our borders and our country.

  28. These democrats who claim to be so concerned with the children at the border are the same ones who are ok with killing children in the womb. And some of them are ok with killing them right after birth. Hypocrites.

  29. It was a disgusting attack from a showboating member of Congress, but Homan was having none of it.

    Good for him.

  30. Director Homan did good. He did not deserve that disrespect. These Democrats in the House, or most of them, are a disgrace. Thank you Mr. Homan for your service to our country.

  31. The “Graham Effect”. Nice to see. Mock’m, Ridicule’m, and don’t back down and don’t ever let up. Don’t ever take their abuse nowhere no time.

  32. Disgusting, the accusations leveled at that man. He’s done more for his country than that congressman will have done in his entire life.

    1. Absolutely! A thousand amens! Bring on the ICE raids! Come to my neighborhood! Remove ALL of them from the overcrowded “rooming houses”! ALL illegals must go! NO exceptions!

  33. Holy moly, I love this guy !!! I was waiting for to stand up and flip the table and say, you made a big mistake señorita!!!

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