“You’re a f**king fascist!” – Gun rights protesters disrupt Bloomberg rally

Some pro gun rights protesters disrupted a Bloomberg rally today, yelling “guns save lives!” here in this video:

I don’t know if they’re associated with this other protester, who was yelling “you’re a f**king fascist!” at Bloomberg and was pushed out:

Well. Yeah kinda. He’s definitely anti-gun rights and mostly pro-nanny state. AND he’s going to prove it by making the most strident nanny of all his vice president, according to Drudge:

Very interesting. While on the surface this sounds absolutely batcrap crazy, politics these days is so insane I don’t assume anything anymore. Plus it kinda makes sense. She’s still in good with the establishment and would help him elbow his way into good relations with the Dem. establishment. But yes, it’s still insane.

Others think that Drudge is just trying to mess with Trump, and I could see that too.

Bizarrely, Bloomberg IS seeing a surge in polling.

This is infuriating people like Liz Warren who say he’s just buying the election:

Boo hoo. Be a better politician instead of a goofy weirdo.

Still it’s a long way before Bloomberg wins the nomination. Right now it’s kinda Bernie’s for the taking.

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Well that’s it for Saturday. Have yourself an open thread. I have two comment fodder youtubes:

If only we taught such clear thinking in the schools. Oh well. See you tomorrow!!

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