‘YOU’RE A HACK & A LIAR’: Ted Cruz destroys Adam Kinzinger for false and defamatory smear

I ain’t a lawyer, but I am using the word defamatory because I can’t think of a better word for the grotesque smear by the media and never-was-a-republican-in-the-first-place dumpster garbage Adam Kinzinger, who you may remember from videos of him constantly sobbing in congress for the benefit of his liberal allies.

“Injurious to reputation; slanderous or libelous” says the dictionary of the word defamatory, and that’s what goth ex-congressperson Kinzinger (pronouns: cry/baby) did with this utter trash tweet.

Yeah that’s a big fat load of horse crap. Asking questions isn’t ‘making fun of” anymore than criticizing someone is inviting death threats against them, but those are both things Kinzinger and his fellow liberal travelers claim with zero media pushback.

Well Cruz didn’t let it stand. He’s a Texan Senator, after all.

Exactly fracking right. And by the way, nothing in that video CHANGES what that attacker was. A VW van living left wing weirdo. The supposed fact that he was somehow also in the thrall of some right-wing ideas is not proof of a contrary. At minimum it shows he was the nut we said from the beginning.

“Hippie nudist leftist.” Heh heh. Man I do love it though when Ted unleashes on someone. Keep it up, Senator.


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