“YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!” Hannity calls out Democrat Congressman for lying about special Obamacare deal…

This is the most epic performance by Hannity I’ve seen in a good while. He calls out Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) for saying there is no special deal that Congress gets on Obamacare. Hannity calls him a liar on camera and eventually tells him he’s full of crap.


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332 thoughts on ““YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!” Hannity calls out Democrat Congressman for lying about special Obamacare deal…

  1. Shawn..I have enjoyed your show for many years, BUT I do wish you would enforce your “one speaker at a time rule”!!! I would like to hear what they are saying …your show has devolved into shouting matches and no one can be clearly understood…for those who refuse to comply…shut off their microphones… I find myself switching channels because of all the guests and you trying to talk over each other…PLEASE EXERCISE SOME CONTROL OVER YOUR GUESTS, So we can enjoy the show again…

  2. It is pure entertainment to see so many Tea Party devotees eating their own. It is beautiful, in fact, to see all the haters coming out of the woodwork to sign up as traitors to their own party. Keep it up! We moderate Dems are loving the show.

  3. Looks hella lot like Rod Dangerfield. Difference is that we DID pay to hear Dangerfield make up stories.

  4. Typical liberal. Yet time and time again I have seen people quoting Fact Check, not once did they mention this either. My so-called Congressman John Barrow, “d”emoc-rat from GA was telling the same lie on a phone Townhall meeting not even two weeks ago.

  5. Does he not realize that Congressmen are exempt from Obamacare. So are their staff members. This is just disgraceful. They are certainly not representing their voters.

    1. No, they are not exempt from it. They just don’t have to pay what you and I pay for it.

    2. They get an exemption not exempt. The federal government who was paying for about 75% of their healthcare in the old system can now pay that for them in the exchanges.

      1. Guys like this should be banned from holding any public office. He has to be an embarassment to your state. I know we have some in Kansa that do not belong in holding public office; but none as extreme me as this guy. Nedd to vote this guy out ASAP. Good luck with that.

  6. zzman: the federal government is not a business. If a private business that PAYS taxes chooses to offer subsidies on employees insurance, that is their choice and comes out of their profits. government agencies offering subsidies that the taxpayers pay for, is not the same thing – why should anyone pay for some other worker to get cheaper healthcare when they get no benefit from it? just because government employees always had great benefits others paid for, doesn’t mean its a lifetime guarantee/right. thought the glorious exchanges eliminated the need for employer subsidized health care because now it SO AFFORDABLE!

    1. It is called a benefit. Employees get benefits both public and private business. You don;t think you are paying for private employees benefits by paying higher prices for good and services?

      1. Look. Me deciding whether I want to buy a Big Mac is not the same as the government forcing me to pay Taxes for the privledge of working.

  7. Didn’t need to get far on this tape to see a dude talking out of the side of his mouth. What a pos.

  8. How many people complaining here have employer supplied healthcare? If so do you pay for all of it or does your employer? If you don;t pay it all yourself you are subsidized by your employer. Why should congress and their employees not be as well.

    1. Because corporations pay to subsidize their employee’s healthcare through corporate profits. The US Government does not make money and therefore does not have profits to use towards healthcare subsidies.

      1. So? That profit comes from who? People in the form of payments for goods and services. Where does the government get money, from tax payers paying for goods and services. What difference is there.

    2. Because Congress’ EMPLOYER is YOU and ME…and I DID NOT DECIDE TO GIVE THEM THIS BENEFIT, DID YOU??? Didn’t think so.

  9. Good for you Hannity!!! Keep up the good work and keep these bastards backs against the wall of truth!!!

  10. Lots of people get subsidized insurance from their employers. The Federal Government employees had subsidized insurance in their old plan so why not in the health exchanges? Hannity is a loud mouth and twists the facts.

    1. That is the point. Lots of people are getting shifted to exchanges were their is not employer subsidy. Once I shift off my employer plan to the exchange, my net increase will be $6000 per year. The point is for the congress to feel the full weight of the change to exchange. Like us.

      1. If you are switched to an exchange by your employer and they chose to not cover the portion that they had covered for you previously whose fault is that? Your employer!

        Off. Mark Sleep
        Grand Ledge Police Dept.
        200 E. Jefferson
        Grand Ledge, MI 48837
        Phone: 517-627-2115 627-7877 (fax)
        Proudly serving the citizens of Grand Ledge since 1986.

            1. I just feel blessed to not a). be laid off as the upcoming changes create a tremendous new burden on small business b). not be converted to part-time c). grateful that I am not one of the 25 million who will remain uninsured after this takes place.

              After this is said and done 18 million uninsured will be insured and roughly the same amount previously insured will either loose coverage or see a significant increase. The net will be a zero gain other than the pre-existing conditions who could have been insured via a regulatory change to the open market. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is about making the health care system single payer to suite the desire of 15% of the population.

              Easy to see the mindset Mark, guilty until proven innocent.

        1. NO. Because the SOCIALIST in the Whitehouse has caused premiums to skyrocket to the point employers can not offer insurance any more!! All part of the plan to get to a complete single payer government run healthcare. What a moron. Your one of the cops who your job is WHO YOU ARE not what you do. Your totally unable to have a life outside of being a cop!! YOU are why people have negative views of police!! YOU are worst kind of law enforcement there is!! Proudly screwing the citizens since 1986!!

          1. Excuse me, but health insurance has risen continually for decades. Many time double digit increases.The reason we have expensive healthcare and insurance is because we have a screwed up system that needed reforms.

            1. The reason for the rise in expense is because of medical advances and the fact that people will pay for the best. No one wants second best. That’s why people came here to get care, when they live in socialist utopias like Britain and Canada.

              If you had to pay out-of-pocket for average care like we had twenty years ago, you could afford 100% of it at the going rates. The only expensive stuff was the new advances, treatments, and surgeries.

              1. Are you oblivious to the fact that the U.S. is NOT leading in ANY category when it comes to the health of its people? Would you call that first rate medicine? First rate implies something called first place, top dog, best of the best. You’re brainwashed if you think we have the best health care. And even more brainwashed if you think the cost of medical care has anything to do with quality. It is tied to profit. Period.

            2. Not this reform though, get a clue dimwitt, this new law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PERIOD. They sold it as a tax but it’s not. This communist with his followers like you will ruin this country

              1. Even the right wing lackies on the Supreme Court found it to be constitutional. Laughable. Ehat is your opinion on car insurance?

                1. You’re just another low-life, liberal loon, an obama-bot drone. Go stick your head back up your arse where it belongs, moron

                2. You really should join a debate team because you have a way with words. I am neither a Democrat nor a liberal. Just smart. Good luck with your future insurance needs.

                3. There’s no debating idiots like you, I just call them like I see them. You can say all day that you’re not a DEMONcRAT but you’re still a liberal-talking obama-bot. You, smart? That’s laughable at best. And my insurance in the future sure won’t be from this piece of crap, UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACA this fraud in the White House is trying to cram down our throats. I don’t care what the supreme court says, that’s all a farce anyway, just like this administration, lies, lies, lies…

                4. You really should try out some more positive reading material. All that hatred is going to impact your health. I notice no one on this site can cite any REAL, unbiased sources. Did you ever consider that the “mainstream media liberal bias” is a reflection of the American population? There’s a reason 94% of Americans feel sorry for folks like you. Nothing positive to offer. Let’s hear something positive, Curt. Like some kind of plan. Something novel and brand new that doesn’t involve hatred. I made that number up….if you can fabricate, so can I.

                  Which healthcare plan will you be going for, the employer subsidized or the one where you take personal responsibility and fully fund your own plan? Do you forget that you do have a choice? Don’t answer that. Stop the personal attacks and take your venom out on others in your own circle of malcontents.

                5. Yours and your kind are the only malcontent around, you regurgitate the same old sorry ass lines as the rest of your ilk. Not wasting time on you anymore. Go wallow in your liberal thinking garbage pile some more.

                6. More rot from the right. You really need to expand your knowledge base beyond the conservative leaders. Lou Dobbs is laughable, and Michael Connelly’s only nationally respected accomplishment is writing a nice book about his father in WWII. The rest of his chatter is pure conservatism and fear mongering. It is not unbiased. Go out there and expand your horizons so you know what the rest of the world thinks about you and your nutty, narrow minded peers.

                7. Typical liberal troll response, I expected as much. There’s no help for you idiots, you’ll just have to find out the hard way. Have fun supporting your dictator and his corrupt agenda

            3. You’re right. Our system is screwed up. Money rules. So do stockholders and politicians and big pharma and on and on and on. Our national pasttime of making money off of the hardships of others is quite shameful. It’s nice to know someone is trying to nalance the scale.

        2. So why do you think the employers are making these changes? Do you think they have suddenly been motivate to hurt their employees?

      2. No one is getting shifted. You’re listening too much to Rupert Murdoch’s puppets over ther on Fox. If you have healthcare through your employer you keep it. This ACA is for the uninsured. Don’t you get that?!

        1. You totalitarians just love to lie. I can’t understand how else you live with yourselves.

          No one could possibly be that uninformed. If you truly are that ignorant, then I apologize for claiming you are lying.

          1. No K-Bob. The main stream media does not report these facts. Many on the left are very uninformed and have no idea how bad this is affecting the middle class. I talked to very smart people everyday who have no idea how there perception and information is formulated by the mainstream liberal bias. If you listen closely you can hear the parroting of one of the liberal media pundits.

              1. Why don’t YOU go find the facts out for yourself? Just like a liberal – always expecting everyone else to do the heavy lifting and thinking for them…

                Well, JRC, go look at my previous reply to your demand for facts, and then choke on them. This idiotic law is causing havoc across the socio-economic board. There is no disputing that the health care system in this country needs to be re-vamped, but this law is obviously NOT the way to go about doing it. This government needs to listen to the people. When we say NO, we bloody well mean it.

                So, I suggest that in the meantime, you go do some self-education on this issue before demanding that others do the work for you. Time to put on the ‘big boy pants’ if you want to stay in this conversation.

                1. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/359861/100-unintended-consequences-obamacare-andrew-johnson

                  National Review is a reputable source, and all of the info in the article has been fact-checked. Good luck tearing that down.

                  If you even try, you will only be exposing yourself as someone who won’t accept fact or reason, which will just brand yourself as a kook, left-wing-nut, so I would advise you to come up with some reputable sources of your own to deny any facts that I presented.

                  And there is no hostility in any of my posts. A little frustrated condescension, perhaps. But in my own defense, it’s really hard to talk to someone as an equal whose arguments are feeble as yours. Bring the level of your argument up, and I will happily speak to you as an equal.

                2. National Review’s sources for the article are the Heritage Foundation and Investors Business Daily. The only fact checkers involved in that story are Fox News and that freak Glen Beck. Like I said in a different post, citing National Review is like citing Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow and thinking they are not biased. Why don’t you go out in to the big bad REAL world and find nonpartisan sources? Because you can’t.

                3. Such hostility. I’ve already checked my facts. Trying to bully others in to believing your selected truths isn’t very productive. Where is the alternative plan offered up by the Republican party 3 years ago? Oh, that’s right. There IS no alternate plan, is there? It must drive you crazy that your boy Willard had his plan hijacked by President Obama. Pure comedy.
                  What is causing havoc is the fact….FACT….that insurance providers have been sticking it to us for 20 years. True or false? And corporations have been downsizing and reducing the work force to part time status BECAUSE OF that. True or false? Why can’t you look for things that everyone agrees on? I personally believe it is garbage that 26 year olds are on their parents’ insurance, but I have not seen a single friend or coworker of the Tea Party persuasion reject that coverage. Have you?!!!

                4. And by the way, the employer mandate won’t take effect for a year, so the fact that employers may (or may not, depending on the source) already be cutting hours speaks to our disgusting system of money trumping everything. If you look at your list (from?) you will notice that the vast majority of those positions are already minimum wage jobs with no healthcare. Using supposed “facts” isn’t helpful. I find it ironic that you are outraged by those corporations cutting healthcare (supposedly) and forcing people to be responsible for themselves. Isn’t personal responsibility a core principal of the Republican Party? You can’t have it both ways. When the day comes and you receive your Social Security and Medicare benefits and you return them, unused, your stand on principals will carry tons of weight.
                  Why are you so afraid to demonize corporate America, where the blame really belongs?

                5. THe republicans have offered up numerous different alternative plans, and that lying scumbag, Harry Reid killed them all in the senate. But you would already know that if you had actually done the research you say you have.

                  “My boy WIllard”, as you call him, would have already had this country heading back on the right track, my friend. He was able to actually work with the other side of the aisle in a state that was more than 80% democrats in the state legislature, and yet Obama refuses to negotiate with Republicans while he happily and foolishly is all too eager to negotiate with totalitarian regimes such as North Korea and Iran.

                  As for the insurance companies ‘sticking it to us for 20 years’, you’ve got it partially right. It’s actually been much longer – since the first HMO started up in California. The 3rd Party Payer system is what is at fault here, and the government sticking their nose into things is only making it worse – exponentially so. You see, there are only two things that the government does well: One is taking people’s money, and Two is to kill people/blow things up. DO you really want to apply that kind of expertise to our health care system? I know I sure as Hell don’t.

                  You say that corporations have been using health care costs as a reason to downsize – you’re partly correct. It has never been a major reason until now. And why IS that? Because ObamaCare is a nightmare, regulating whole companies out of existence, and you propose that the implementation of this nightmare law will be a cure for that ill? If you would just remove your head from your posterior long enough to see what is going on in the economy around you, you’d see by the list I gave you in a previous response just how much of a negative impact this idiotic bill is already having on the country, and it hasn’t even been implemented fully yet!

                  And lastly, if it’s such a great bill, why is it the President himself wasn’t the first one out there signing up for it – his wife and family, Joe Biden and his wife and family? Why aren’t they out there signing up for this program which bears his name, and leading by example? If he had just done that simple thing – gone on TV and signed up online himself, just to show the American people that the law is good enough for him and his family, there would be no debate. Period. Instead, what did that morally bankrupt coward do? He gave himself, and all of the federal government, unions that contributed to his campaign finance funds, as well as corporations that did so, all exempted from the law that the rest of us have to live with.

                  If it was such a great law, why did not a single Republican vote for it?

                  Everything Obama told us about his bill was a lie, and you’re just dumb enough to swallow his like of bullsh*t.

                  Don’t blame me, The Tea Party, or anyone else when you’ve got health care coverage under his plan, but can’t afford to pay your mortgage/rent, buy groceries, or put gas in your car/charge your Prius.

                  As for parents being able to keep their children on their plans until the age of 26, blame your president for creating an economy that has one in five people under the age of 25 unemployed, forcing them to live at home with their parents. I don’t think that any health care plan should cover anyone over the age of 21 on a parent’s health care plan – unless that child is living at home and going to college on a full-time basis. Anyone older than 21 not going to college should buy their own damn healthcare plan. This is all about Obama, his plan to turn our country into a social-democrat country, and to kill our republic. The man hates America, hates anyone who is self-made, and fosters more division and hatred within our society than any president in history. Christ, Richard Nixon had better public opinion poll ratings when he left office!

                  But you voted for Obama – TWICE!

                  You reap what you sow.

                6. Did you hear the news? You lost. Twice. You can’t name a single, original healthcare reform idea, taken to a vote, other than DEFUND OBAMACARE garbage and the strange, creepy trail of bills having to do with women and the LAW protecting their right to choose. I guess since the Republicans feel so impotent when it comes to gaining the presidency they need to find SOMEONE to control. Sorry for you.

                  News flash…..do you remember the failings of George Bush at all???????? Newsflash number two. You lost. Get over it.

                7. I’m still waiting to hear the list of Republican proposed ideas to reform healthcare to stop insurance companies from screwing people.Defunding the ACA is not an idea to fix our healthcare system.

                8. You don’t get it. If you have insurance you are not required to switch. Last time I checked, Obama, Biden and all elected officials in Washington have health care coverage. The law is intended to help those without coverage. You seem to ignore the fact that WE pay for people who do not have coverage through increased premiums and outrageous healthcare costs. Doyou know that one bag of saline bought at wholesale costs .80. After all billing by hospitals has taken place, that bag costs $54. Does that seem right to you? That isn’t Obamacare. You can’t vonveniently blame the ACA for every problem in healthcare.

                9. No, it is YOU who doesn’t “get it”, my liberal friend. The intentions of this law are immaterial to this argument, because the actuality is completely out of the realm of feasibility or affordability for the individual, as well as the country.

                  The ACA isn’t simply a convenient target for blame, as you
                  put it. It truly IS to blame because of the tangible and actual repercussions of its implementation.

                  A $.80 cent bag of saline solution costing $54 dollars is a
                  product of a health care system taken over by a third-party payer system in which there is little or no competition or incentive to keep costs from skyrocketing.

                  As usual, you liberals want to throw out the baby with the
                  bathwater, and that’s exactly what you’re doing by cramming this crappy law down the country’s unwilling throats. The best way to deal with this issue is not to try to overhaul the entire thing all at once. It certainly isn’t best
                  left to bureaucrats in Washington to figure out, either. This whole damn mess has been so highly politicized so that the scum in Washington can make political hay out of it that I fear it will never get sorted out until we take it out of the political realm and put it back in the private sector, where it

                  Health care is NOT, repeat – NOT a right. Period. As any
                  other service, it is a commodity to be traded fairly on the open market. That will provide the necessary competition that will drive the costs down into a much more affordable range than it is now.

                  I mean, really, folks. What EVER did we DO before there was health insurance? We paid for the majority of it out of our own pockets, and why was that? Because it was affordable to do so for routine medical needs. The only medical insurance people bought were to cover the need for catastrophic care or surgeries and procedure that required hospitalization.

                  The funny thing is, people aren’t any healthier now than they were before all the insurance companies took over the industry. In fact, since the HMOs started in the early 70’s, we’ve had an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other disorders and diseases – and all at a time when these Health Maintenance Organizations are getting fat on your copays and deductibles.

                  And you honestly think that by socializing health care in
                  this country is the answer? Do you really want the IRS running Obamacare enforcement? You’ve already seen how they abuse their power without a single thought to repercussions – because there are no repercussions in Washington. They take care of their own.

                  There will always be people who cannot afford to purchase
                  their own health care – and those are the people that need to be focused on, without damaging the livelihood of Americans who are barely making it as it is. This law has forced thousands of companies to lay off huge swathes of workers, or cut their hours back so drastically that they no longer qualify for coverage under their employer health plans. These are just some of the unintended
                  consequences of this idiotic law.

                  And what about the religious implications? This law forces
                  religious institutions to go against their most basic moral tenets, to provide and pay for abortion and contraception. You don’t have to agree with those beliefs, but in this country, you damn sure have to respect those beliefs, and
                  not infringe on anyone’s right to exercise their religious beliefs. This law does exactly that – it infringes on the belief systems of many Christian and non-Christian faiths, and that particularly important issue alone makes this law unjust, as well as wholly unconstitutional.

                  Real leadership would not force people to accept a law that
                  goes contrary to our national ideology of self-determination and self-reliance.

                  Real leadership would devise a way to keep the power of decision making in the hands of the people, because they’re the ones who these laws affect the most. As you’ve seen very clearly in this current debate over health care law, the authorities are only too eager to exempt themselves and their cronies from this law, which they know to be so deeply flawed as to be dangerous and even catastrophic to the health of the country’s economic health.

                  What good is health care if you can’t afford to pay for it, let alone USE it. If the idiot in the White House would focus more on his job of restoring the American economy to prosperity, rather than lying through his teeth while he
                  plays golf and scoffs at us gun clinging, Bible-toting Middle Americans, his approval rating might be a bit higher than its current 39%. He might actually look presidential while doing his job… If he could only figure out HOW to do his job, we’d all be a lot better off. It’s a pity he has demonstrated no
                  interest in learning it. Instead, he’d rather talk to reporters about his personal position on the name of the Washington Redskins, or fill out his NCAA Tournament bracket.

                  Oh no, my liberal friend, it’s not me who doesn’t get it.
                  Sadly, it’s Barack Obama – the man in charge, who really doesn’t.

                10. Fact: Employees of the 23 Catholic colleges and universities in the U.S. contributed $449,229 to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign vs. $70,304 to Mitt Romney, despite the healthcare provisions imposed on them.

                  No one cares about religious affiliation when it comes to saving a buck.

                  I appreciate and hear your well thought out and well presented arguments and don’t disagree with you entirely. I do disagree with you about healthcare being a right. So do the vast majority of the world’s industrialized countries. It is shameful to tie wealth to healthcare. That’s why foundations such as The Clinton Global Initiative are able to secure millions of dollars from American and foreign corporations to provide healthcare to third world countries. Is it so wrong that American corporations subsidize their own employees? Is it so wrong for our gobernment to make things more fair? When did we stop believing in the altruism and generosity of our own people TOWARD our own people?

          2. Your personal attacks do not solve problems. Put up some facts from unbiased sources and prove your opinion is justified. Otherwise, you’re part of the problem.

                1. What would YOU call ‘non-partisan’ or neutral as a source of info? The LA Times? NY Times? Washington Post? Huffington Post? Chicago Sun-Times? The Tribune? There ARE no more newspapers in this country that aren’t owned by Left-wing crackpots, nor are there any network news that aren’t in the pockets of the Left. My sources are reputable, whether you like it or not. I don’t see you posting ANYTHING to refute my source, or the information I presented. You probably get your “news” from the Daily Show and worship Jon Stewart…

                2. I will provide you my list of unbiased and biased news sources after you cite one unbiased source for your information. Can’t do it, can you? Natiknal Review is biased. Their only saving grace is that they admit to their bias.

              1. I did exactly asked you dared me to do. I, unlike you, took note of the publishers of the “report”. The Heritage Foundation and the Investors Daily are right wing newspapers. I would hardly tout the claims of a newspaper with a circulation of 165,000 as a great source. I read each entry for each company and, again, unlike you, can recognize scare tactics when I see them. The Heritage Foundation is a mouthpiece for big business, cloaking itself in supposed patriotism and looking out for the little guy. How do you not see that? If I were to post that I got my information from Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow I would rightly deserve to be laughed off of here, so perhaps you should find some sources that are not getting money from big business. Who do you think REALLY benefits from the ACA? Corporations. Not the government. Not the American people. Did you take notice that the stock market went UP on October 1? Why do you think that is? Thank you for the dare.

              1. Correction to previous post, just for you, K-Bob. I admire your eagle eye attention to the written word. THE Democrats. Not WE Democrats. I apologize for the typo. Makes me apoor teeny tiny keypad typist, not a liar. I am not affiliated with any major party. Thank you for drawing my attention to that minor/major-to-you error. What else you got?

        2. You are wrong. Many companies are dropping spouses who are eligible for other coverage, such as ACA. The minimum coverage requirements of ACA is driving the employer costs up so that they having to make tough decisions. I am not listening to Rupert Murdoch, I am reading notices from the insurance company.

            1. IBM, SeaWorld, Delta Airline, UPS, Caterpillar Corp., Stryker Corp., Welch Allyn, Cleveland Clinic, Orlando Health Systems, Delaware Hospice, Louisiana State University Hospital, Carnegie Museum, The Commonwealth of Virginia, Middletown Township of New Jersey, University of Virginia, Purdue University of Indiana, The Teamsters Union, UFCW, AFL-CIO, Papa John’s Pizza, The Cheesecake Factory, Fatburger, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, Subway Restaurants, PoFolk’s Restaurants, Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries, Burger King, Taco Bell, Whole Foods Markets, Trader Joe’s, Wegman’s, Royal Farms of Maryland, Waldbaums of New York, Southern Hearth and Patio Stores, Tsunami Surf Shops, Circle K Gas Stations, Maritz Research Corp…. I can go on and on and on… These are but a few of the companies who have announced deep layoffs, cutbacks on hours, and dropping health care for spouses due to the increased costs in covering their existing employees. Some businesses are shutting their doors forever because of this monstrosity they call the “Affordable Care Act”, aka ObamaCare. Try justifying this disaster in the face of all this destruction to our economy, and our freedoms. I dare you!

              1. If you check your facts re: the above listed corporations and read each company’s spokesperson’s entire transcript re: future healthcare coverage, you will discover that they may, in fact, cut coverage, BUT, not for the reasons your party touts as truth. The truth is roughly 77% of all employees currently covered will be able to purchase coverage at rates LOWER than what they currently contribute through employee withholdings for healthcare. Most, but not all, of those employees who make significant salaries greater than$150,000 will end up paying more. So what? Your source for the list of corporations conveniently omitd the ENTIRE story. They pick and choose their “facts” for maximum drama. As an example, go read Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s ENTIRE statements re: healthcare coverage, NOT just the National Review’s self promoting “facts:.

                1. The ACA is the worst legislation to come down the pike since the Missouri Compromise, and implementation of this fraudulent law will be an unmitigated disaster for this country. You can try to pick and choose your little tidbits of information, but the fact remains that this law is utterly unconstitutional, and the morons like yourself who are supporting this usurper of our rights are merely using this legislation to cement socialistic control of our government and this country’s population. You have allowed yourself to become one of the millions of useful idiots to this unlawful regime. I will waste no more time with you on this subject because your unwillingness to see the truth is testament to your intellectual dishonesty and your intransigence is just another reason why this country is on the wrong track, as indicated in all of the latest polls – including your usurper’s popularity numbers – 37% isn’t something to be bragging about. – in fact, at the height of the Iraq War, before the surge, Bush’s approval rating was the same – 37%. And the media were trumpeting it from the top of their ivory towers, and yet when Obama reaches such public lows, nary a whisper is heard from the pathetic thing we joking call the ‘mainstream media’. Nobody wants this law – in fact, it will actually create more uninsured than there already are in this country, and is having a devastating effect on this economy. So, you go ahead and keep refuting facts, no matter how rooted in the truth they are – because that is what delusional people do. I will waste no more time with you and your pathetic, dishonest arguments. You are a lost cause…

                2. As usual, you don’t cite your sources. Have you looked at TODAY’S poll numbers. Go look at Rasmussen, you right wing Tea Party nut. Have fun with that. Have you checked out YOUR party’s approval and disapproval ratings? Seems you are the ones getting trounced. You’re a joke. Not just in the U.S., but internationally. Gomer Pyle for President for the Republican Party. He’s too smart for that position! Can’t wait to see all of you conspiracy theorists crying in your Earl Gray Tea.

    2. 1. Because private sector employers choose to offer health benefits within their own P&L profiles [and now employers won’t be able to afford to subsidize as many employees];
      2. The US TAXPAYER is the employer of the Fed Govt, who is passing legislation that a) is driving up the cost of insurance, and b) forces us to subsidize the coverage that lower/no income earners cannot afford.
      3. Maybe the US taxpayer would consider subsidizing Fed Govt employees if they removed regulations that drive insurance costs up and if the Federal bureaucracy were not ridiculously inflated and redundant.

      1. What regulations are driving up the costs? We have insurance costs twice as high as other countries that have universal/socialized medicine?

        Off. Mark Sleep
        Grand Ledge Police Dept.
        200 E. Jefferson
        Grand Ledge, MI 48837
        Phone: 517-627-2115 627-7877 (fax)
        Proudly serving the citizens of Grand Ledge since 1986.

        1. Are you familiar with the Hatch Act? Your employer of record does not legitimize your opinion.
          US Army
          Disabled Combat Veteran, Ret

    3. Is this not saying these guys get 3/4 off Obamacare? Everybody else has to pay 100 percent Obamacare, unless they are 4x poverty level or some such.

  11. I know many people here don’t like Hannity, but I have never seen him say anything that I disagreed with. He is spot on here in calling that mafiaso congressman out! Good for him!

    1. Conservative – Sean about a year ago, stated on his radio show that he had evolved on the issue of immigration and that he probably could be talked into offering citizenship. When he said that, it was used by leftists at the time and he caused alot of damage to our cause. We are against criminal invaders being given the most sacred of our rights, American citizenship, after committing crime after crime after crime. To do so would mean that the rule of law is arbitrary, a joke. That is one of the reasons that many here don’t trust him. He has since then tried to peddle this back but HE said it. Maybe he is doing his repentance on the subject of Obamacare but too many have burned us. He wouldn’t be the last but true conservative patriots are done with anyone who tries to play both sides.

      1. Assuming what you say is correct about Hannity, that’s one thing to disagree with, is there anything else you disagree with with Sean? Because finding someone you disagree with on only one issue is not bad!

  12. 90 % of the demoCRAPS are LIARS, and they know it. I just wish the people would wake up and there would be NO demoCRAP party anymore, that would get rid of 3/4 of our problems! Semper Fi.

    1. Vic I disagree with your 90% I am thinking it is more like 100%, but the only time they lie is when their lips move.

  13. But here’s the thing, specifically in regard to this “debate”: If any of you were the congressman and were offered a bet of $10K for charity, if you were telling the truth about there being no “special 72%” for congress, you would have said “No Sean, let’s make it $100K”. Now THAT would have been interesting to see who backed down first as the bet escalated. It’s easy proven right? If it’s in the legal framework then it’s in there. If it’s not, it’s not.

  14. I don’t have a lot of respect for Hannity at all but I’ll say this: The “elitists” (and let’s face it Hannity has been one and still is and he’s shooting at a democrat here) are seriously beginning to fight amongst themselves. All hell is going to break loose soon (with what I don’t know) and we have got to be vigilant because while they “eat” each other, they will still wish to protect themselves from the people who will get to a point where they want blood. Sounds a little dramatic. Maybe so, but it’s going to happen because the people who have the real power want it to.

    I watched this last night and was loving every word used by Hannity in revealing the TRUTH!
    We need more of this, Sean!

  16. LOL I Love it, you go Sean !!!

    Nothing worse than a slimy sleazy piece of c**p political parasite like Bill Pascrell, aka Obamacrat, (for which his political party boss- Nancy Pelosi, along with Harry Reid, are the epitome poster children of and for), that audaciously arrogantly contemptuously lies through his or her teeth, on a national syndicated televised news outlet to the American people. What else is new with these rotten to the core fascist politicians.


    1. he is an ass fopr calling that p.o.s. dem. out ion his lies ? i dont think so , your a koolaid drinking fool ! if the dem was so “honest” why not take the bet? fear ! he dont want to pay 10 grand out of his for profit charity

      1. Maybe he is above childish, stupid games and bets that mean nothing when he is talking to an audience of Romans who want nothing more than the death of a lion at the Colliseum.

        1. maybe is a real broad word , maybe he is a liar and we the people know it , just because you cant see past the end of your nose doesnt mean that we cant

          1. I hope your healthcare provider covers mental health services. Hannity is as respected around the country as Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry. Bunch of clowns.

            1. i dont need health care buhbuh , i have what it takes to pay my bills not leach off the rest of the public for this unaffordable health care monstrosity , and these politicians who support this nasty ass health care bill are profiting from it , dont kid yourself they are ,

              1. For someone without a horse in the race you seem to care a lot. Your posturing and machismo are hilarious. When the government starts imposing reading and writing standards on the population you will certainly be turned away at the voter registration office. How’s that for a right wing slam?

    2. You just can’t take the truth, take the truth and eat a little crow! It is very nice be feel a little humble.

  18. What is needed is the 28th amendment that is going around the internet to be presented and voted in. That will take care of all this BS that is happening. We need less government in our lives. The US needs to quit sending money to other countries and take care of our own first. Quit the lifetime subsidies for those who refuse to work or help themselves. Invest in our country first.

    1. It’s a shame that amendment even has to be proposed! The founding fathers would be in shock to see what our country has become!

    2. We don’t need it.
      We need to correct Article I, Section 9, Clause 8:

      No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.

      It was meant for that, Founding Fathers didn’t want special Nobility Titles or special rights should exist. They didn’t realize Congress might have a problem understanding that point.

  19. Brutally embarrassing but more disturbing when they know that the facts are one thing, but willing to try to force all Americans into an ACA that they cannot persuade on the merits, the truth, the obvious disrespect for the American people who are the majority in this case, but even if the weren’t, are not respected in gov’t policy.

  20. Congress 99.9% a bunch of lying cowards. Wanna bet a few had to change their underwear after yesterday’s driver incident? They ran for cover, and they’re perpetually on the brink. Just one good push…that’s all it’ll take.

    1. So right Righteous Crow. Do any of you think that anyone in Congress would stand and fight for us???? NO. LIke you said they ran for cover. JUST ONE GOOD PUSH…….THAT’S ALL IT’LL TAKE. You are right.

  21. I love it.
    The lying sack of crap wouldn’t admit he was lying,
    and he wouldn’t take Hannity’s bet.
    They have no shame at all.
    When they get caught in a lie; deny, deny, deny.

    1. You are so right Rick. They lie until they are so caught up in it and then they start denying. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

  22. We need to form a large group and go through both houses of Congress and clean out anyone that’s been there longer than 12 years….or whatever number we all agree is TOO DAM* LONG.

    1. The Liberty Amendments. The solution to most of our problems. Term limits, I believe, is the first one. It’s also the only one of the points in Speaker Gingrich’s Contract with America that did not pass. Their time has come.

      Cleaning out DC reminded me of Latin class and the 12 labors of Hercules. Remember the Augean Stables? Hercules re-routed the river to flow through the stables. Clean as a whistle. DC has two rivers running through it.

      1. Most of the Washington elitists lack virtue and are corrupt to the core, as this clip plainly illustrates. They even believe their own lies!
        I agree with you, Betsy, we need to start with The Liberty Amendments under Article V of the U.S. Constitution (thank you Mark Levin)

  23. They protest too much,…..they lie outright and to the face of the American taxpayer. They are counting on the ignorance of the public to get away with it.

    1. It’s been that way forever, but this administration and group of Democrats are more crooked than any other previously and the public is getting dumber.

  24. It is indeed true that congress is getting a lions share subsidy on their health care. It’s a known fact. This is typical democrat bullshit, they lie when the truth is better!! It’s assholes like this congressman who are ruining America and are in bed with Obama’s destructive plan!!!

  25. Well, it’s about time. We need to confront trough-feeding Democrats like this bum at every opportunity!

  26. Keep it coming! If the shutdown lasts a little longer Obama and the lefties will
    self destruct. Just because the mainstream media covers up their lies and illegal
    deeds, doesn’t mean the truth won’t come out eventually.
    And to prove a point that there are too many government workers – I was at the
    health club yesterday during my lunch hour. Usually the place has hardly anyone
    in it. The place was very crowded. The attendant at the desk remarked that these
    were mostly government workers on furlough, if you will.

  27. Read what the University of Maryland’s survey on Fox viewers have to say……..I saw this while flipping channels and I see why I hate Fox News. Reminds me of loud, ignorant Blacks in New Orleans.

    1. Pour yourself another plastic cup of Kool-aide, and let democratic govt reps lie to your FACE. Congress IS being subsidized for their “gold” health care plans! Approx 72%.

      1. I didn’t say I didn’t believe Hannity Sir. THEY all LIE…..The DemoDONTS and RepuliCANTS. When will people figure that out. For instance, Gov Jindal ( a republican) wants the Feds out of his plan to use public money for school vouchers in Louisiansa, but read how he has kept students in St. Helena Parish from using those same vouchers…..lol. What a hypocrite and Right Scoop doesn’t know about that.
        I am commenting on how loud and argumentative Fox commentators are. Just unprofessional.

    2. Now why do you have to bring race into this? Three whiteguys debating and you have to bring up race?

    3. You are being called RACIST because of the sentiment! You could just as easily have said “Reminds me of loud, ignorant PEOPLE in New Orleans.”…. And there are plenty of those EVERYWHERE not just N.O. Just sayin’

    4. Ummmm. It’s also the University of Maryland.

      Have you watched any of Frank Lutz’s segments on Hannity. Even his ‘town hall’ shows that involve the rest of the country man on the street interviews? Pathetic. Lots of opinions and all of them wrong. Ignorance on parade. It reminded me of a conversation that Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams were having about math and the way it is now taught in the US. They were talking about the scores and how low they were plus there was a question about how the test taker felt about their progress. Really? What’s that doing in there? That was Williams and Sowells’ question too. They concluded that these kids were ignorant as all get out, but they felt good about themselves.

    5. Your comments show a history of racism and race-based replies.

      You need to find another place to write that trash. It’s not welcome here.

  28. Man we really have these demorats on the defense I don’t think I have ever seen them so angry and verbally abusive…this is what happens when you get exposed with the facts…it brings out a nastiness that is unbridled

    1. They are so angry that CHER called for the Republicans to be murdered!! Classy eh? WHAT A DETESTABLE BUNCH OF LIBTARDS!!

  29. Thanks Scoop.
    Call em out, Tell it all brother Hannity tell it all, tell it like it is! He is lying, full of crap despot, a supporter of terrorist.

    Man watching this fact based confrontation against this democrat miscreant made my coffee and danish taste so much better.

  30. …not only is he full of crap all of DC is and needs to be FLUSHED DOWN the TOILET.”(period)

    1. Believe me, Pascrell is not stupid. I lived in his district for years in the liberal ghetto known to all as NJ and he is a lying turd who needs to be called out. Hannity I guess is finally growing a couple because he usually sits there and lets those on his show lie all the time especially dems. I’ll give you another example. When he has those special audience participation groups, there is that one black woman he has on all the time. I am not even sure what her name is but believe me, you can’t miss her because she must have been in beauty pageants way back when because she sits there with a smile on her face the entire time. I’m waiting for her face to crack. Anyway, she keeps insisting that we are all benefiting from obamacare already and then she provides a list of these supposed benefits. She mentions that there are no lifetime maximums anymore and that is an outright lie. In the original bill, that is true but Obama unilaterally removed that and I know that she knows that but does Hannity or any of the other participants call her on it – NO!.
      All one has to remember is whenever a dem opens their mouth, they are lying. Why? Because they have a mental disease afflicting them and it is called liberalism.

  31. I don’t trust either side anymore. We need more than just a right and a left way of thinking. When you go to far one way or the other bad things happen. The reds and the blue have too much control we need a white team to shake things up

    1. Careful… They might start calling you a racist over that “White Team” comment. ;^)
      Truth is, you’re right.

      1. Along those lines, I have always wondered why my approach of using common sense and all known facts is called “right wing.”

        1. To be liberal means to be divorced from common sense. They hate being confronted by their idiocy.

    2. The nation is intended to be just right of center.The Constitution is a conservative document,thus the reason the left hates it and all it stands for.

    3. Been trying to tell this to people for 20 years.
      Most will agree with you. Only, you will never get them to vote that way.
      Americans are ignorant. I don’t care who says what about our pride, and our education and what not. We as a whole are some of the most worthless idiots there are.
      Liberals have made us dumber every year for many decades. They took over our schools long long ago, training our children, and us, what to think.
      They have been putting Fluoride in our water for a long time to, killing the Pineal Gland. Because of that we won’t stand for common reasoning.
      Research it.
      I love my country, I even love the people to an extent. But we are some of the most ignorant of all.

      Middle Ground .. Ron Paul had more public support than every other candidate combine, including Obama. We didn’t fight to get him in.
      I was a Delegate, In contact with delegates from almost every state daily.
      I seen phone pictures of results the minute they were finished from all over the country.
      I know for a fact Ron Paul won most states. The people kept asking, why isn’t he on top? How is Romney winning.
      It was because Americans wouldn’t fight it.

      1. Marty, you are absolutely correct in the case of Ron Paul! And, it started at the local and state level! There is sufficient evidence out there that prove just how low the RNC went to shut down RP and his supporters! RP has tried to warn the American people for years and he was ignored and has been called all sorts of names.

  32. God declared long ago, “But if you do not obey Me … if you despise My statutes … I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you .… I will set My face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies. … I will break the pride of your power …” (Leviticus 26:14-19; New King James Version).

    1. God honored this nation for honoring Him thru the first Amendment. His Word and ways were respected. He never stopped blessing us though we were all imperfect, though not everyone attended church, though not all were believers. But, His ways were held in high esteem.
      We couldn’t even keep that much up.
      We ALL need to turn from our (MY) wicked ways…….

  33. Oh I see, the Goy Hannity is turning anti-Semitic. Yeah I see where this is heading. It’s time for a great Goyim purge. Your little guns won’t save you from our superior unconventional weaponry.

  34. Going to start watching your show! Thanks for standing up for the American people and telling it like it is. This country has been lied to, railroaded and forced into a dictatorship govt which some are too ignorant to see because they do not educate theirself on The Facts! Wake up America and take your country back!

  35. During the Rubio fiasco everyone was saying Hannity was a RINO. Maybe he was, I stopped listening to him for a while.

    But he’s definitely had a sort of rebirth over the last couple months regarding Obamacare. He is fighting hard, it seems like he knows now is the time to take a stand and he is taking the right stands.

    I’ve been listening to his radio show fairly regularly for a couple months and he is taking it to everyone. It sounds to me like he is tired of Washington BS.

    1. I think he has more control over content with his radio show. Fox executives, producers, etc. probably have more to say about the program content on his television show.
      That said, he may be reading “the tea leaves” that tell him that it is safe
      ratings wise to have more of a conservative bent to his reactions. I think
      ratings always temper a host’s reactions; which way is the public leaning?
      At any rate, I say good for him! He has always been a conservative; he is just showing it more!

  36. I enjoyed that clip, I wish there were more of the media doing what Sean has done, AllnI can say Is Well done Sean, and that congressman is a liar !!…..

  37. Dennis

    Hey, Sean, I’ve never enjoyed hearing a person being called a Liar, as much as I did, seeing you call the Congressman, which he clearly is.
    Expect him to come after you.
    He’ll probably claim that you injured his overly sensitive persona, in some illegal way.
    Go Get’um. Sean.

  38. lead on Sean.. America needs you.. these congressmen like this dem here tonight believe they are elitists and above the law.. they make me sick and they deserve to be “let go”.. and so they shall.

  39. The Congressman said he only talking to people who are straight. Now these dems are homophones? Where do you find these guys Dems? 😉

    1. That’s the thing about debate your going to have an oposition if they agreed it wouldn’t be a debate.

      1. Huh? Did this go over your head or are you trying to pull a Steven Wright, but not as funny as he is?

  40. Have to admit, I haven’t been watching Hannity for a while, but managed to catch tonight’s meltdown. It was amusing to watch a liberal squirm.

  41. DemoDonts and RepubliCANTS. They are all LIARS!!!!!!
    When will people see them for what they are. BELIEVE IN JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

      1. Can’t spell Yankee, but they’re the retarded ones… Sheesh. Doesn’t help your argument, you know? Just had to point that out. And no, you can’t claim ‘typo’ on this one. 😛 BTW, I’m a conservative.

    1. Have you ever BEEN to New Jersey?? That’s all you’d need to do to see who elects these bums. No joke.

      1. True that!Look at his district and that is all you need to know.It is called gerrymandering the districts in such a way as to almost guarantee your reelection every term.

  42. This is why I do not watch TV. People talking over each other, yelling at each other, confusion, never get to hear exactly what has transpired….pfffftt…..Hannity seems to be a nice guy and I applaud his efforts – but I prefer Mark Levin.

    That being said, you can tell that this Democrat is lying through his Joisy teeth.

    1. The Great One, Mark Levin is the best social commentator on the radio today. Rush Limbaugh may be savvy, but Levin is the master. No one dares to try and lie to him on his show. They never get away with it. Levin is amazing.

  43. Mr. Hannity. Do you think all this crap is a smoke screen to keep the senate from ratifying Mr Obamas round the back door signature of the United Nations gun ban. His 1st priority is disarming The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a nation founded on GOD not Muhammad, THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION with a CONSTITUTION written by our founding fathers, that has worked for 237 years and we want it left alone just the way it is not dismantled by Osama Obama and the United Nations.

      1. How is ANYTHING Mr. Weimer said in his post racist?

        Seriously, I want to know your answer.

        Is it because he is stating a fact that this country was founded by people who came here to get away from religious persecution in their home country of Great Britain?

        Is it not a fact that we are a country that was founded by Judeo-Christian believers, and on the principles of those faiths?

        Was his question regarding the UN Gun treaty just signed by John Kerry not a valid question?

        The fact of the matter is that this administration has tried and failed at every turn to limit, restrict, or otherwise ban the private ownership of guns and ammunition in this country since they took office, so where is there inaccuracy or racism in ANY statement he made?

        See, this is the problem with playing the ‘race card’: liberals will throw that out there like the ‘Boy who cried wolf’ one too many times, and when there really is a racist issue to be confronted, you’ll be left to fend for yourself because no one will believe you, let alone take your accusations seriously. It’s a straw man argument, and we’re simply not falling for that crap anymore. You folks on the left, especially the guilt-ridden white people out there in ‘liberal-ville’, have got to learn that not everything is about race.

        And just who are you to denigrate where this man gets his information, anyway? The Internet was designed to disseminate information, and most of us use it the same way Mr. Weimer does – we may not all use the same sources, but we use the Internet to inform and educate ourselves, just as any intelligent being who wishes to does. It’s called ‘intellectual curiosity’.

        Sounds like you have an ‘elitist’ mindset yourself. Maybe you should check your OWN head, and stop worrying about Mr. Weimer’s social proclivities.

        I bid you ‘Good Morning’.

      2. I have been staring at that post for 10 minutes and have yet to find anything racist in it.

  44. Arizona LOOOOVES Matt Salmon.Keep Fighting for us.Great job Hannity for sticking it to that Dem Liar.

  45. I like the exchange, I just don’t like how Hannity constantly has liberals on his shows, both radio and TV. I don’t want to hear their point of view, they’re liars and they hate this country.

    1. I do still listen to his radio show, partly because the other stations in my area have crappy local rino’s on in that time slot, but I gotta change it when Juan Williams or Tamara Holder come on as guests.

      1. Just hearing Juan Williams voice makes me cringe. The man is just hard to take. He’s a flaming liberal, so why do they have to have him on Fox?! Ugh… He’s as whiny as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!

        1. Yeah there’s a whole bunch of liberals that cause me to react that way, haha. I understand being fair and balanced, but that should pertain to their news not the commentary shows.

      1. I live in a suburb of Chicago and I can tell you that Chicago is an
        island of lefties who would fight New Jersey tooth and nail to get the
        first place dumber distinction! LOL

  46. These Democrats in power (and a few of the Progressive Republicas) are so used to lying that they refuse to stop, even when the proof is flying in their face.

    1. K-Bob Moderator
      • 2 hours ago

      These Democrats in power (and a few of the Progressive Republicas) are so used to lying that they refuse to stop, even when the proof is flying in their face.6


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      It’s worse than that, K-Bob.
      I believe that many dedicated Dems are following the example of “their” esteemed leader.
      He Lies, blatantly, as he’s staring into the Camera, or at an Interviewer. We have many Clearly Demonstrable Lies, that we can Google, play back and hear.
      I want to hear him called out, more often, as did Joe Wilson.
      I can hear it now, “With no due respect, you are clearly lying”.
      Where is Joe Wilson, when we need him?

  47. About time for some truth…Ty, Mr. Hannity.
    Now, here is some more truth for you all. Look up how the Federal Reserve was never ratified by the States. Now, ask yourself why We the People would want to have a private banking business (the non-Federal Reserve…name made that way to mislead you) why would We want to borrow money from them that comes with interest (usury – which is against the word of God from the Bible)…that comes with interest and the hidden inflation as well? Why do We the People want to borrow money, with interest & inflation when our Constitution says that we have the right to coin our own money?
    Seriously folks…look into this truth. It’s a racket…it’s a Ponzi Scheme. This monetary system allows the bankers to control of our money supply and what happens when that occurs? Well, the bankers have been quoted saying that they care now who makes the laws of a country if they control the money supply. Think on that, my fellow brothers & sisters of America.
    It is indeed…time for Change. How about dropping all of the career politicians and voting into place people who have honorably served the Constitution and lived their lives morally in the light of God. How about setting term limits with no life long pensions…how about some COMMON SENSE!
    Hooyah & God Bless the Truth…and there is so much more truth out there. Perhaps one day we’ll even get justice for Benghazi and the June 8th, 1967 version of Benghazi…the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty. Where a sitting president (LBJ) says, “I don’t want to embarrass our allies…I want that ship on the bottom of the ocean!”
    Folks…start asking questions and begin to question everything you know because most definitely, We the People have been lied to for a very long time. If your not mad then your not aware of the crap these public servants have been getting away with now for sooo very long.
    It’s time to take the Red Pill, America…

  48. Great job Sean!! Him and the rest of these un American tards in Washington have to go!! By giving all of Congress the 72% discount, Obama thought he could buy all the Republicans in the house. What he failed to realize is there are still some honest hard working Americans still left in Washington looking out for the American people and this country!!!! Keep up the fight Sean, I listen everyday and a big fan!!!!

  49. Conservatives are winning everywhere you look. Libs are pushing socialism too far. Liberalism is the ‘dogmatic adherence to irrationality’…Kudos to Hannity. Vote Conservative.


    1. Heh, the people in power are all in bed together. Their only concern is to keep that power and rule us.


  51. I am a conservative but I cannot listen to Hannity .. he will not let anyone finish a sentence and then gloats as if he won a debate …lol. At least create a situation where a question can be answered.. Then give your side … I just change channels and watch a movie when he comes on….

    1. So you want them to finish their lies with additional lies without being interrupted…??? Aren’t you special?

      I want them stopped dead in their tracks when they spew the very first lie!

      I guess those ‘intellectual movies’ (pun intended) really entertain you, uh?

    2. I hate to say it, but I’m with you on that. Hannity is very interesting to listen to, but it’s hard for me to mesh with his style too. Honestly, I think he tends a little too much toward the beltway, but I’ve always been more of a Levin/Limbaugh/Beck guy anyhow.

    3. Problem is he lets them talk they filibuster the time allotment, so all the audience gets is leftist talking points!

  52. Lol… these liberal liars have lied for so long… Notice Peter King (R) NY is also screaming bloody murder. Even Boehner’s hands aren’t clean either, I’m glad he’s still standing strong (but for how long?). We need to keep the pressure on these bums and take names. Call your congressmen and women. Let them know that we know. And VOTE in 2014. Vote these liars out.

    1. Boehner’s feckless. Boehner’s riddance will be welcome. Vote him out of office Ohio and elect a Conservative. We Texans shall deal with political hack Sen. Cornyn. Vote Conservative

  53. These self centered bureaucrats have forgotten it is an honor and privilege to represent the people, and who now believe that they are privileged because they do represent the people. . . what we now have in government is corrupt wanton abuse of the privilege bestowed upon them. Time to vote these crooks and liars out, and many should be prosecuted and jailed as well.

  54. One of the FoxNews reporter-ettes had Chris Stirewalt on this morning, asked him (paraphrasing a bit) “How can the GOP hope that this shutdown will turn out better for them than the last time, Dec ’95-Jan ’96?”

    Stirewalt said of course, it’s always possible that the R’s could commit some genuine gaffe, but so far they’re doing much better than before… after all, he said, “… 17 years ago, there was no FoxNews, no social-media, and the only megaphone of consequence was Rush, but now we have so many more ways to go around the MSMs…”

    Think… about… that…

    I’ve been grinning all day now, every time I think about it…

  55. These bureaucrats have forgotten that it is a privilege to represent the peoples well being, not that they are prive

  56. One of those Congressmen is lying. I believe the Democrap one is the liar! Go SEAN! Sad thing is that the low information voters don’t watch Hannity or any other news for that matter. They’re too busy playing games on their free phones.

  57. What is the point of having guests on that lie? That’s why I don’t bother to watch these shows.
    It’s like the old one about a tree falling in the woods and it making sound even if no one is around. I need to hear a Democrat to know he is lying.

    1. What they need to do is cut their mike when they just keep blathering throughout so no one else can speak. Cut the idiot’s mike. Make your point. Turn the idiot’s mike back on. He starts blathering again….turn it off again.

  58. You know, it’s a great talking point, but it’s not unusual for an employer to subsidize the cost of their employees’ health insurance.

    1. I mean, my employer provided health insurance free before Obamacare. Now I have to pay $500/month.

      1. The money won’t really matter when the “special panel” decides that you should have pain pills while someone with the identical health issue as you, is rewarded with surgery.

        But on a good note, maybe you will qualify for a free obama phone!

      2. It all boils down and exposes the irrational utopian hoax to which liberalism adheres. The policies the socialist perpetuate are not economically sound and harm all Americans, especially the poorest…….. Elect Conservatives.

        1. … and now, in the beginning of their demise and they are exposed, the liberal MUST LIE or surrender to the truth……….. Like what the video shows.

      1. I know, but gosh it seems dishonest to harp on a benefit a public employee gets when private employees get the same benefit.

        1. It is (or shall I say WAS) the choice of the employer to offer that. Congress voted this for themselves with OUR money.
          You don’t understand the difference??

          1. How else could this country have reelected somebody so inept. Most of the citizens are too apathetic and lazy to realize what’s going on. It’s almost like they don’t want to know.

          2. Please. Come on. I’d like to think that public employers match the incentives and benefits that private employers provide in order to compete in a fair marketplace for the best talent.
            I know that’s naïve and we are largely enthralled to public sector employees and their unions who lord over us.
            But just at the level of basic fairness, a perk enjoyed by private sector employees shouldn’t be fodder for political gamesmanship when applied to public sector employees.
            When you purchase a good or service from a private company that provides its employees with subsidized health insurance, do you begrudge the portion of your cost which supports it?

            1. Government workers earn an average 23% higher pay than their private sector counterparts.Fact!Now,do you still want to talk about what is fair?

              1. Whatever. I think it’s a dishonest argument and won’t support it. There’s a lot more low-hanging fruit out there – to continue your analogy.

            2. Again, you miss some key differences. Saying that Sally the federal worker making 25000 per year might reasonably expect coverage from her employer as part of her benefits package is on thing in a free market. even if she made 90K, BUT, A.) We pay for that by force not choice. B.) That presupposes a free marketplace and NOT a top down gov’t dictate which treats non-federal employees far worse than Sally by making rules that don’t apply to her..and to be say Richard who voted in the policy that levels mandates against private citizens an then to vote for federal money appropriated by force from those same citizens in order to make sure you don’t have to be included in the costs or burdens of that system doesn’t strike you as different from receiving a benefit package in a free market?

              1. Lost you at “and to be say”. Can’t parse that.
                But, whatever. You know it’s dishonest; I know it’s dishonest. The difference is you support it.
                Assuming Sally’s job is important (applies to maybe 5% of all federal jobs), apparently you’d be happy with recruits from the local DMV office filling the position because the remuneration is not competitive.
                I’d rather have competent people filling the positions who have to be attracted by offering competitive compensation.

                1. Dishonest how? When I said to be say I was pointing out that Sally may only be a worker who happens to be employed by the Federal Gov’t as opposed to a member of Congress who gets to vote on policy. I made no comment on removing people form jobs or paying people less. What I was saying is that is you are an employee in the private sector and you make what a member of Congress makes you would not be eligible for ANY subsidy much less one that will be mathematically sufficient to cover your full costs. This means that while I would be offended as a person making say 45K at the prospect of the Government telling me that I need their help to manage my own business and I would be all the more offended at 125K etc I still draw a distinction between offering Sally who makes a low salary but happens to work for the Federal givernment (intentional misspell) support in paying for her exchange insurance and making a similar offer to a member of Congress who actually voted for it and who makes considerably more and shouldn’t need the support. Moreover, one might also consider that if a person who makes what a Congressman makes needs support paying for it this healthcare plan most certainly doesn’t offer us the savings promised.

              2. How a free market works is not that complicated in a capitalist society. Seek Milton Friedman’s words. Youtube is a good source. Seriously and respectfully.

                1. Excuse me? I actually am a big Friedman fan. I’m not sure what I said that might elicit this response or give the impression that I either feel capitalism is not the correct path. Unless your response was to Cache and just attached to my response?

              3. Kevin, excellent posts here tonight, great job!

                Cache is only trolling trying to apply what lefties think is logic and reason, which of course is neither. Cache is talking about feelings of fairness. Of course there is no fairness when someone is forced to do something, in this case paying public workers that on average make money and have better benefits then those that pay their wages = taxpayers…

        2. ‘public’ employees insurance benefits are subsidized with TAXPAYER money…private employees insurance benefits are subsidized by their employer. THAT’S the difference.

          1. Which means public employee benefits are susidized by our labor while private employee benefits are subsidized by their own. It also bears stating that the issue isn’t so much that the federal employees at all levels get employer assisted coverage as many do, but that it is employer coverage tied to a mandated system that doesn’t allow for the same levels of support for people making comparable salaries within the private sector that become for one reason or another subject to the requirements of the law. Congressmen make six figures one might want to remember and many are millionaires..they need a subsidy because???

        3. ObumaNOcare is stripping most private insurance including that provided by employers (it becomes too expensive). Why do you think Obuma exempted companies from ObumaNOcare for a year.

        1. But again, Betsey said she doesn’t “have” (i.e. forced by Law) to pay for it. Unless like ObumaNOcare, Betsey is forced to buy that company’s product too.

        2. Purchasing that good or service is a voluntary act and a person making a purchase is aware at the time of said voluntary act that his or her purchase is helping, in small part, to pay for the salaries and benefits received by those whose labor goes into producing and bringing to market that good or service for you to consume. The customer receives what he or she desires from the company and the entire process is both free (from the standpoint of choice) and voluntary. Not so with government. I hire people to represent my wishes in Washington and he/she rather than doing that takes the imperious position that he/she is my superior and is somehow gifted with the perspicacious talent for determining for me what is in my best interest whether I agree or not he or she believe they will do it to me “for my own good” only I already have a mother. Then after taking, without asking, 3.4 trillion dollars from us without asking for it or saying thank you and squandering it they have the audacity to suggest that their extravagance and budgeting (or lack thereof) is not a problem but that I’m not giving them enough of my money. They deign to build a law and in violation of Article I section IX they choose special parties to exempt (businesses in bed with the gov;’t) and to provide for themselves a special protection from said law that I am not allowed to have and I have no choice but to pay for it. You see a company cannot come to my house with guns and take me away for not buying their products, the Gov’t can. The initiation of force is a vast difference between the two.

        3. like comparing apples to oranges, he won’t be put in jail by the IRS if he doesn’t buy a good or service from a private company, if he doesn’t pay the ACA tax he will.

    2. It is not a subsidy to an employee it is part of their payment for service. You are falling for a leftist talking point and believing it to be fact when in actuality it is a false argument.

      Add into that health care was a way of enticing employees when government had put wage freezes in place. In other words once again government is injecting itself to manipulate a situation government created in the first place!

  59. People are going to wake up and we’re going to win this fight. They can’t lie like this and get away with it forever.

  60. Saw this and it was awesome. Dumb Pascrell probably doesn’t even know – heck if they can’t read bills.

  61. Seldom watch Sean but did tonight and this was epic. Its amazing how even when caught the Dems will persist.

    1. Well, you know. Repeat the lie enough times and it becomes truth. These people must take classes on Alinsky… ~_^

      1. “These people” sleep with Alinsky under their pillows, kinda-sorta like conservatives always carry a (well-worn) copy of The Constitution in their pockets…

  62. Congressman Pas seems to have trouble with the truth.
    The American people are sick and tired of tow Americas, the people in Washington, and the rest of us. The people in Washington get to avoid Obamacare, and we don’t. The peoople in Washington, to add insult to injury, get their deluxe healthcare policies paid for by us the taxpayers. That’s sick.

  63. Good for Sean, verbal smack right in the face. The guy looks like a corrupt third world politician.

  64. This is further proof that the conservative right is winning. As for the people of New Jersey, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. You voted for this loser, you’re stuck with him. As for Hannity, that guy needs to be teaching Journalism to the Journalists.

    1. How do you figure? Hannity only preaches to the choir. The Left doesn’t watch Hannity. The low information voters don’t watch Hannity. No on is going to tell the low information voters what Hannity said, why, or who he said it to.

      Stunts by Hannity and company do nothing but put money in Hannity and company’s pocket. The Right leaning mush mouths have a great money machine but their words are only heard by true believers.

      1. Don’t be so sure.If you listen to his radio show,lots of statists listen,so why not believe the same can be said of his TV show?

        1. Yes, statists listen because there are no national lib talk show hosts that have anywhere near the audience that conservative shows do. I especially love when Mark Levin tells these libs, “Get off the phone you big dope”. Cracks me up every time.

      2. Last time I checked we live in a free enterprise society, so if Hannity makes money more power to him. I bet you made that comment from a computer that was made by a free enterprise company, unless you made it from your Obama Phone.

      3. All sorts of left wing Facebook pages where you can comment and put a link. Instead of nay saying get out there and spread the word.

      4. I tune in to get the truth or at least some of the truth. Where else do you go to get your truth? Jay Carney? ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC? If you ever find the truth there call me. I take another look someday.

      5. The premise of your entire argument is like a dog chasing it’s tail. It’s rhetorical. Perhaps you can’t see that, but I definitely can. Which I think speaks volumes about the mess we are in. Evidence is not that this appeared on Hannity. The proof is in Pascrell’s shrill voice. The low information voters aren’t getting their news from anywhere, be it Fox News or MSNBC, because they don’t watch any news. But they are trying to sign up for the ACA only to find out it’s a pain in the ass to do and when they do, they are now finding out it’s either pay an exorbitant fee for medical insurance or face having to pay a fine and are saying, “WTF? I thought this was free?” As for Hannity himself, he may indeed wear his conservatism on his sleeve, causing him to be easier on most conservative guests than liberal one’s, but the way he went after Pascrell is the way Journalist used to go after everybody. Yeah, I miss those days.

  65. i dont even care if congress gets a 72% subsidy. millions of lazy ‘entitled’ americans are getting subsidies they dont need, at the expense of others. what a joke.

      1. im also eligible for them, but dont need them. if ppl didnt throw their money away on $150 phone bills every month and $5 daily coffees and got their priorities straight maybe they wouldnt need them either. ppl need to be more responsible and quick crying to the government.

        1. Most people here are not crying to the government.They are screaming about the government over reaching their authority and making special rules that apply only to them while the rest of America struggles to make ends meet

      2. if youre making 95k a year and cant afford your own health insurance, you need to get your priorities straight, or clearly health insurance is not a priority for you

  66. Lying is what democraps do best.Time to bully the bullies.Good job Sean.No longer shall we turn the other cheek!And I am not even a fan.

  67. Nice job Sean. The left are bullies, enough of letting them walk all over the American people. Time they get hit square in the nose.

  68. Sean put up $10,000 and that Congressman wouldn’t even take the bet. Yep, he was lying.

    1. Might I point out that “public employers” are the private sector.

      Public servants (Government) produce NOTHING. Government taxes (extorts) its revenue from the private sector economy to pay its bills, wages and grants!

      Government is a monopoly and a legalized mob which provides no service or product. It exists by shaking down the wealth and property of individuals and businesses… by taking a cut of its profits, property and labor (wages).

      In other words, government leeches off productivity to survive, like a parasite sucking blood from its host.

      In the private sector company/business benefits and incentives are created/paid by a profit! Government profits at NOTHING! Government just bills its employer, us!

      Benefits and incentives for government leeches should be approved by their employer, the people. Just the same as businesses approve them for their employees!

      Only pay and benefits approved by the people shall they have! When the private sector, their bosses, do well then they get perks… When the private sector does poorly, they don’t get perks and will suffer the same layoffs and pay-cuts! Who are they to be above those who employ them! Congress should NO LONGER be able to exempt themselves from their own laws they force upon us! Their starting pay must equal or be below the private sector mean.

      And speaking specifically to congress, its administration and excess staff… since when in the private sector can employees vote themselves a raise, perks, Cadillac health-care insurance, expense accounts (free-stuff), and live like royalty?… and then tell their employer… if you don’t pay for it we will audit you, ruin your business, your life, and probably send you to jail!

      Fire them all in 2014 and 2016. Cut their pay by 2/3rds, take away ALL benefits!

      They screw us so SCREW THEM!

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