You’re not gonna believe this but… Ocasio-Cortez said another blindingly stupid thing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught in so many gaffes they should just started replacing the word “gaffes” with the word “ocasio.”

In any case, her latest came during an MSNBC town hall meant to worship the ground she walks on:

SO yes she thinks the Congress changed the Constitution to prevent FDR from getting re-elected… two years after he died.

As some have pointed out, the crowd is so dead set on worshipping her that they just nod their heads approvingly. Even Chris Hayes, who is known as supposedly one of the brighter liberals on that network, just kinda says “hmm” with ignorant approval. Amazing.

AND, if you missed this little clip, trust me it’s worth watching. It’s annoying but short, and explains so much:

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