You’re not gonna believe this but… Ocasio-Cortez said another blindingly stupid thing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught in so many gaffes they should just started replacing the word “gaffes” with the word “ocasio.”

In any case, her latest came during an MSNBC town hall meant to worship the ground she walks on:

SO yes she thinks the Congress changed the Constitution to prevent FDR from getting re-elected… two years after he died.

As some have pointed out, the crowd is so dead set on worshipping her that they just nod their heads approvingly. Even Chris Hayes, who is known as supposedly one of the brighter liberals on that network, just kinda says “hmm” with ignorant approval. Amazing.

AND, if you missed this little clip, trust me it’s worth watching. It’s annoying but short, and explains so much:

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129 thoughts on “You’re not gonna believe this but… Ocasio-Cortez said another blindingly stupid thing

  1. ‘Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught in so many gaffes they should just started replacing the word “gaffes” with the word “ocasio.”’

    Hey, great idea! From now on let’s call any gaffe an “Ocasio”.

  2. Is this what she was taught at Boston University? I mean really folks … c’mon. This child is a US Congresswoman. ……….. The fact that absolute morons like this can get elected is a testament to the ignorance of voters. Identity politics at work here folks …… and its pathetic. Just look at the crop of idiots running for POTUS on the Democratic side. There isn’t a single intelligent thing coming out of any of their mouths….. it’s all bumper sticker platitudes with promises of government giveaways and this “justice” or that “justice”. If you listen to these liberals, you would think you are living in a 3rd world toilet where everyone is starving. Only in the US, do the “poor” have flat screen TV’s, cell phones, steak for dinner and a roof over their head. It’s truly disgusting when you hear these people speak.

    1. The whole freshman Democrat class seems like a bunch of nut-jobs who just make stuff up and then a compliant and sympathetic media acts like what they say is the gospel truth.

  3. Why doesn’t she just go to Cuba? I mean seriously…
    I can tell you right now that if there were a country out there that I felt fit my political leanings and provided the type of social structure I strive for above what the United States provides, I’m there. I just so happen to think, that despite the blindingly crazy trends I see popping up in this country, we are still the shining city on a hill. However, in her case, there are countries out there today that are exercising a large amount of what this woman thinks is the way to go. So, go there. Please, just go there.
    Unfortunately, I am coming to believe that the left is more like a cancer or infection. I live in the south. I see time after time people migrate to my state from all sorts of blue states. Most come here because of either economic opportunity or to avoid taxes and higher cost of living. So, what do they do? Advocate and act on the same block stupidity that made their states the unlivable places they are today. So, they just infect. They don’t wake up and see the irony. They just infect.

    1. Cuba? Emo Phillips said that he went there and the Spanish was like other countries, except that there were fewer words for luxury items.

  4. Oh, c’mon now, she’s “morally right,” even if she’s not “100% factually correct.”

  5. Well, she made a great point. It could have been a real problem if we reelected a dead man.

              1. Or let it sit in the sun for a while. It’s been, what, 74 years? Probably doesn’t even smell anymore.

  6. When asked to comment on her Green New Deal being defeated unanimously, she said, “John F. Kennedy wasn’t able to abolish slavery on his first try either.” 😉

      1. 😀
        Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with,” so clearly AOC, Fake Beto, Kamel H, Fauxcahontas, etc. should spend far less time with their own, cuz it’s making them all stupid.

  7. If you read the actual text of the 22nd Amendment, it specifically does not apply to a President already in office, so she’s doubly wrong.

    Amendment 22 – Presidential Term Limits. Ratified 2/27/1951.

    1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President, when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

  8. She proves everyday how stupid liberals really are and how stupid the voters are that voted for her!

    1. I have been learning DemSpeak, to the extent possible, so that I can fully understand their “truth.” So far, I’ve got this:

      Democrat Liberalism = Socialism
      Democratic Socialism (Progressivism) = Communism
      Toxic Masculinity = Straight White Male
      Political Correctness = Controlling Speech
      Assault Weapon = All Guns
      Higher Education = Social and Political Indoctrination
      Identify As = Pretending to Be Whatever You Feel Like Today
      Late Term Abortion = Legalized Murder (also, Child Abuse)
      Undocumented = Illegal (also, New Voter)
      News Reporting = DNC Talking Points
      Climate Change = New Tax Opportunities
      Inequality = Your Money Should Be Theirs
      Racist, Fascist, Nazi = Anyone Who Disagrees With Progressives

    2. It’s not that her constituency is stupid, they’re all illegals and don’t know US history either.

  9. Remember when Lincoln built the intercontinental railroad? Perfect for the Green New Deal.

  10. Hey, did you hear about the thing that AOC said that was actually intelligent?

    [spoiler title=”(Testing out this spoiler thing) “]April Fools![/spoiler]

  11. AOC is not just incontrovertibly unintelligent, completely utterly ignorant about U.S. History, Economics, Govt, etc, but she is a clear indictment of the Leftist run Public School system, most esp Universities, who literally hands out degrees in indoctrination, creating an army of useful idiots-aka Democrat politicians

  12. President Lincoln was assassinated because the south feared he would engage in a civil war to hold the Union together. #ocasiogaffes.

    1. and guess who should be blamed for Lincoln being killed??? Pres Trump…….plus he started WWII………..HAHA

    1. Oh, IDK. They, (her constituents) are the gimme free Obummer phones, gimme free everything! And Soro’s, the puppetmaster is behind her as well.

    2. When you only get a 30 second clip of her speech and she doesn’t have to get any policy out there, she sounds bright and is articulate.

      Politics is a popularity contest. It isn’t about smarts or ideology.

  13. Sooo, they were going to ensure Roosevelt got a fifth term… by… electing his CORPSE? Ha! Well, at least it wouldn’t be out of place in a Democrat election. Truly, AOC’s intellect astounds.

  14. Unfortunately, left unchecked she will continue to spread fake information as long as she is allowed that platform. Wake up people. She is not going anywhere. Praying she looses her primary in twenty months. She is the left’s lethal weapon part one.

  15. She’s as bright as a black hole with almost as much sucking power…Though she does sorta suck the light out of life, I’ll tell ya..

  16. AOC tries to come off as this sweet little girl but I don’t see her that way. IMHO she’s a phony and untrustworthy. She’s also not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

  17. @soopermexican, I think you might as well keep that headline handy. Apparently you are going to need it a lot.

    1. She DOES blame her low popularity rate on Trump, FoxNews and anyone else she can think of….but that is what demonrats do. Nothing is ever their own fault.

      1. Don’t totally relax yet Taurnil, he was just sent down
        to triple A and can be called up on notice. He’s a relief pitcher now.

  18. The ignorance, it hurts, it blinds! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! :facepalmg: :facepalmg: :facepalmg: :silly: :silly: :silly:

  19. Soop you hit the nail on the head! She is EXACTLY like a spoiled little princess who has found out that she can sass the adults in the room and get away with it because she’s “cute”. She has the same kind of cuteness that will eventually morph into a Ruth Bader Ginsberg mess of wrinkled ugliness but sadly the damage will have been done because people were beguiled by her “pretty” face. If people will stop judging her by her face they will quickly find that there is no “there” there and never was. Thankfully we’re starting to see that happen as her favorability is tanking fast. Hopefully this will mean that finally the DNC elites will shut her up.

      1. If she was the “best” of 10,000 then Trump will be a shoo-in in 2020. Glad they “know what they’re doing” because that “knowing” will fail to get them the White House due to their extremism. AOC’s constituency are already having huge second thoughts due to her extremism. What they managed to do though is throw something against a wall to see if it stuck. If there was a real pushback against Trump, capitalism or any real American institution we would have seen landslides in BOTH houses of Congress electing Dems. The only reason Dems got the House this time was purely because no one wanted to investigate the rampant shenanigans that went on behind several of their campaigns and several candidates won very dubious elections. Bottom line is i believe that they don’t know so much what they’re doing as they are trying to find out how much they can get away with.

  20. Never thought I would say this about a democrat, but please keep her in! Every time this person opens her mouth it’s another vote for We, the People!

  21. The electorate is even dumber and the future citizens coming over the border are not exactly carrying history books in their backpack. I am scared this woman will run for president one day and the crushingly stupid electorate will vote for her. Socialists don’t care about gaffes. Her charisma and promise of free stuff will rope them in hook, line and sinker.

    Hey Ted, please run against this woman. The debates would be sheer bliss.

  22. @soopermexican You’d save time if you only notified us when she wasn’t saying something stupid (just a light-hearted comment, not a complaint).

    @everyone — She either said this before or this is a late post. I heard this already…not today. They aren’t gaffes. It’s what she believes and she’s an idiot. It’s amazing how the left won’t even correct her on her bullcrap. Don’t they realize that it makes them look just as stupid when they don’t?

    1. @kong1967 Orrrrrr, they really are that stupid. Her fans aren’t going to know, so why should they correct her?

      1. @renny Technically because they’re a news organization whose goal should be telling the public the truth. Realistically though, we know that’s a bunch of bull and they’re just a propaganda wing of the DNC.

  23. Idiocracy has arrived.

    400 hundred years sooner than the prophet Mike Judge foretold….

  24. AOC (Assclown On Crack) is a puppet/stooge of the communists. If they don’t prep her, she tends to make a Royal FOOL of herself every time she squeaks.

    Just like Omar and Tliab are puppets of radical islam and their front group CAIR. Too bad congress doesn’t have the sack to expel these anti-America maggots.

    1. Be that as it may, what it does for the President is make him an instant lame duck as soon as he’s inaugurated for his second term. FDR’s reelections were in fairly unique circumstances, especially his third reelection in 1944. I’m glad both Clinton and Obama were term limited, but in general terms I don’t like the idea.

  25. Mz Kotex is going to triple down on her stupidity one day that even her staunchest supporters won’t being able to defend. That day is coming very soon, and I`m looking forward to it.
    She obviously got an F in history classes. The word is that she was nicknamed Rudolph in school. Not because she had a red nose, but that she used to go down in history.

  26. They weren’t trying to stop FDR. He was on a roll destroying the country. He also felt highly of himself to wreck the 2 term tradition. They didn’t try to stop all the horrible stuff he did so to stop from electing for another term after death, which in itself had no intelligence, is also blatantly wrong.

  27. Come on, Chris Hayes. You’re going to forfeit credibility just to nod in agreement with the AOC?

    1. Forfeit credibility

      Well he never had any from conservatives and this will only add to his credibility from the left.

      1. If they thought that do you think they even got confused as to why she was talking about that road being reelected?

        Or maybe they were like “I didn’t know roads we elected”.

        1. Some probably thought, “Hey, I took that road to vote for her. She’s so cool.” Kinda surprised she doedn’t pronounce it fudder instead of F D R

  28. I find her quite entertaining. However, she has a very short shelf life, expiration date November 2020.

  29. I can understand her confusion since Democrats love it when dead people (especially Republicans) vote Democrat.

  30. A Dem voter is a voter, dead or alive!
    A Dem Candidate, apparently is a candidate dead or alive!

  31. What’s even crazier than Cortez………
    is my Auburn Tigers # 5 knocked off North Carolina # 1 last week during March Madness and about to play # 2 Kentucky right now. We’ve never been to the Final Four EVER !

    1. AOC is junior varsity for that… think Adam Schitt, Swallowswell, Coon, Piglosi, Schumer, Waters, Jackson-Lee, Cummings, Gillibrand, Biden… many, many more… are the Varsity when it comes to embarrassing America.

  32. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

    Therefore the 22nd amendment would not have applied to FDR and did not apply for HS Truman. Truman decided to not seek a third term, but he wasn’t prevented by the 22nd amendment from doing so.

    1. Ha! Even if Roosevelt was still alive when the amendment passed, it wouldn’t have applied to him anyway. Good point.

      Lucky for AOC that Chris Hayes was there and not you.

  33. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught in so many gaffes they should just started replacing the word “gaffes” with the word “ocasio.”

    I don’t think “Ocasios” works, though, since she makes them so often…

  34. History is not being taught. Everyone in that room is ignorant if they all applauded her dumb ass. As for Chris Hayes, he was probably scared to correct her or shied away from it because he didn’t want to make her look as stupid as she is. She really doesn’t need anyone’s help with that.

  35. Actually, it is very possible. The country had been economically devastated by the Great Depression, which he exacerbated, terribly, through his terrible policies. He was also a keynote speaker at the Klanbake (, a public opponent of the patriotic, highly effective Tuskegee Airmen, and very chummy with dirtbags like Stalin. Let’s not forget that he was also responsible for appointing members of the Ku Klux Klan to the Supreme Court – Hugo Black – and, more than likely, a member, himself. Oh, and this is also the person that colluded with the courts to bankrupt the nation through socialist programs (Social Security), and to make his word “law”, by packing the Supreme Court, and blocking out any voices that opposed his own. Just because they didn’t do it, instantly, doesn’t mean FDR wasn’t someone that they had in mind, when doing this. Also, let’s not forget that you can’t amend the Constitution, overnight. It takes mulling throughout the states, AND Congress, and that takes a while. And that’s not counting the time it takes to actually get people together to propose the amendment, then get it finalized, on paper. It’s quite possible the Constitution was amended to help filter out PEOPLE LIKE HER, and she doesn’t like it. I’m not saying that that was the end-all, be all reason for the amendment, but I’m not going to just pretend that it couldn’t be, either. FDR was a blight on this country, and even some of the dirtbags in the Slave Party realized that. When you’ve got dirtbags like him as the face of your party, it could make it harder to get re-elected, and hold on to that precious political power over others, that certain people crave, so deeply.

    1. Sure it took time, but it began with Congress after Roosevelt died. The amendment came about because of Roosevelt, but not to block him, obviously. It was to block future presidents from doing what Roosevelt had done.

  36. Dumb and dumberer…er…er…

    Again, for those who voted for her… for those who worship her… for those who think she makes sense… for those who still want her around… PLEASE… seek psychiatric help!

  37. FDR was already dead. Truman was president and theoretically could have ran for another term because he was the incumbent when the amendment was proposed, and chose not to.

      1. @dayooper I don’t know about that, he was a great wartime president however the new deal has done more damage to our country than Barack Obama (or his father) could ever dream possible. It’s been argued that the New Deal deepened the great depression, not to mention he didn’t learn from Herbert Hoover’s economic blunders with yet more exuberant tariffs. Kennedy, IMHO was probably the last decent Democrat because he understood that the private sector drove the economy. Not one president since the 1920s on either side of the isle can match Calvin Coolidge, and the short term prosperity he created with the roaring 20s just for his policies to be discarded and replaced with a massive administrative state and nonsense trade wars which we will never again see the end of.

        1. @aphazel I was referring to Harry Truman – NOT FDR. Agree with you about him & his New Deal. Until Obama came along, I believe in my heart of hearts that Franklin Roosevelt was an abomination. Truman brought a swift end to WWII, held the line in Korea, and was uncontaminated by scandal – can’t say that about Kennedy.

    1. Exactly. How is it random Internet commenters like us are clearly more in the know than a sitting congresswoman?

      1. @davercakes it blows my mind a sitting congresswoman doesn’t know simple facts you and I learned in 8th grade US History. Bless her heart, she’s the product of the Democrat parties hard left radicalized public indoctrination.

        1. Right. And she’s a damn poly-sci major too.

          I don’t know if it’s simple ignorance or if her professors deliberately taught her wrong, but considering how much she “knows” that just ain’t so to paraphrase Reagan it wouldn’t surprise me if indoctrination is the reason she’s this blazingly stupid.

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