[UPDATE: CROWDER SPEAKS] – YouTube SUSPENDS Steven Crowder’s channel from making money…

YouTube announced yesterday that it had decided not to ban Steven Crowder’s account from their platform after VOX employee Carlos Manza targeted Crowder. They have, however, decided to suspend Crowder’s revenue earning ability on his channel:

Crowder said he just spoke to YouTube and confirmed this:

I honestly don’t know how much money is made from YouTube putting ads on videos, but Crowder gets a lot of views on a regular basis so my gut tells me that it is significant.

Here is YouTube’s rationale for not banning Crowder completely:

You know it’d be one thing for YouTube to stop Crowder from running ads on his videos if he were calling for violence. Or even calling for hate. But he’s not. He’s just mocking Manza for being a crappy gay journalist:

Next thing you know Crowder’s videos wills top coming up in the YouTube search results…


Crowder just tweeted this and it doesn’t sound good…


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