Yup: NPR accidentally blows up the ‘Israel is Hitler’ narrative…

An NPR journalist tried to explain to a Palestinian that using a swastika to attack the Israelis was being used to discredit the Palestinians.

Listen to his response:

Like, the guy is trying to HELP the Palestinian so that he doesn’t look as bad before the world, but he doesn’t give a damn, he likes aligning himself literally with the cause of Hitler:

NPR host Steve Inskeep reported live from the Gaza Strip after a wave of violence on Monday following mass violent demonstrations at the border fence with Israel. He spoke with a 19-year-old Gaza resident, who was holding a homemade white kite.

“This is a kite that’s going to go to the Jews,” the Palestinian said through a translator.

The incendiary kite, designed to catch fire, was decorated with “writing claiming Jerusalem for Palestinians” and with swastikas, the primary symbol of Nazism.

“Why do you put that on there?” Inskeep asked.

“The Jews go crazy for Hitler when they see it,” the Gazan said.

“The Israelis know that people are flying kites with swastikas,” Inskeep said. “They know this, and they use it to discredit you, to say this shows you’re bad people. What do you think about that?”

“This is actually what we want them to know, that we want to burn them,” he replied, according to Inskeep.


Send that to the next idiot who says that it’s the Jews in Israel who have become like Hitler to the Palestinians.

Funny how they love equating conservatives with Hitler because some idiot alt-right morons make Hitler memes, but they completely side with Palestinians when they’re literally saying they love the Nazis….

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