Zimmerman’s Parents in hiding from ‘ENORMOUS amount of death threats’

Barbara Walters interviews the parents of George Zimmerman and they reveal they haven’t even spoken to their son and expect he will be in hiding too for a long time. The fact that they don’t even trust telephones should tell you how much this family is under attack. It’s disgusting:

The full interview will air tonight on Nightline. I will bring that to you here shortly after the broadcast.

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35 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s Parents in hiding from ‘ENORMOUS amount of death threats’

  1. Allen West talked about ‘real race issues’ and ‘stand your ground,’ but he did not address the fearful plight of the Zimmermans due to the pernicious actions of Crump, Corey, Sharpton, Holder and Obama. http://therightscoop.com/allen-west-on-race-lets-talk-about-real-issues-in-black-community-and-not-politically-manufactured-crisis/
    No Republican has spoken out or done anything to stop the threats, violence, lies or the DOJ witch hunt to find a way to bring a  Civil Rights charge against Zimmerman.

    1. A high school journalism intern asked a question at the White House press conference today: “Due to the threats against them, “16-year-old intern, Gabe Finger, asked Carney about the security provided Zimmerman’s family in the wake of the controversial not guilty verdict handed down last Saturday. Carney said that President Barack Obama and the Martin family have called for a non-violent reaction to the verdict.
      “So, they’re on their own?” Finger followed up.”
      Who among the Republicans has spoken up for George Zimmerman and his family?

  2. Allen is a good man, has great ideas and isn’t afraid to confront the issues. Should he decide to run I will support him.

  3. West would make a very, very good leader….and President.  He would be the uniter that Obama tried to lay claim to.  Well, maybe not, but not because of him.  If he became President the left would go off the deep end in racial politics….how he’s a house slave, he’s a traitor, he has abandoned the blacks, and etc. etc. etc.

    1. kong1967 Actually I think Larry Elder would be a better uniter. If you don’t know him, check out his tweets!

      1. Orangeone  I’ll have to google him.  I’m not going back to Twitter.  I’ve had it with getting banned for replying to a liberal that drives by and throws insults at me.  I promise I’ll look when I get home from work.  🙂

        1. kong1967 Orangeone  Think of the bans as stripes of honor, kong…especially where libs are involved…

        2. doofuschmartz  Yes, that’s true, but it’s still too annoying for me.  You don’t even have to be rude.  All you have to do is reply and argue against their drive by accusations and you’re gone.

        3. kong1967 Orangeone To listen to his shows you have to register, they want too much info. Go to Twitchy.com, they’ve posted a lot of them recently.

        4. kong1967 doofuschmartz Oh come on, I sent you cake while you were in the gulag once :}

        5. doofuschmartzkong1967Orangeone 
          “Think of the bans as stripes of honor,”
          I’ve had not only my screen name but also my IP banned from most of the prominent lib sites (like The Daliy Kos, for instance). 🙂 🙂

  4. Col. West is a good man, but hes off the democrat plantation , so to keep their sheep in stocks they’ll be sure to have their crews focus on how Col. West abandoned the brothers, ghetto and the democrat party. They’ll say, He done forgot where he come from.  That’s always the lefts cry, and thank  goodness for those good men and women who leave the democrat plantation, who live free.

  5. David Burge @iowahawkblog
    We have a “Dept of Justice” that organizes pre-trial protests, and eggs on post-trial vigilantism. In a sane world, this is impeachable.

  6. I am a firm believer that black conservatives will definitely be instrumental in bringing our nation together.  Allen West is phenomenal,  but most black racists hate him because of the deep hatred they have been indocrinated with by the Sharptons, Rangels,Jacksons, Holders, the list goes on and on since their birth. Those that profit from the hatred directed by the color of their skin are evil to the core which is obvious everytime one of these race-baiters open their mouth.

    1. volsense  The only thing that differentiates Sharpton, Jackson, etc. from the Grand Wizard is the side of the hate they represent.
      It’s still bigotry, it’s still hate. It’s still motivated by viewing everything through the prism of race, which IS the dictionary definition of a racist.

  7. If the real issues in the “Black Community” were addressed, there would be NO “Black Community.” If the real issues in the “Black Community” were addressed, i.e…unemployment, welfare, out-of-wedlock births, single parent households, deadbeat dads, high school dropout rates, drug abuse and addiction, black crime, etc..If those real issues were really addressed, really confronted, Trayvon Martin would never have been out catting-around in a neighborhood area at a time of night where he had no business being, talking to an illiterate, racist, alcohol/drug-addicted, ne’er do well, welfare queen…If those real issues were addressed, with all due respect, Col West (I mean that sincerely), 97% of the US Congress would not have most of the power that they wield among their constituents. Finally, and this is not the last point, just the last one I will make, if the real issues in the “Black Community” were addressed, Barack Hussein Obama would never have been elected as even a dog-catcher in the scum-ridden city of Chicago, let alone Senator or POTUS. In fact, he would have been deported a long time ago or tried for treason and subversive acts against our country because of his association with a terrorist group…JMHO….

      1. Orangeone doofuschmartz  I watched an interview between that Racheal Jeantel person and Marc Lamont Hill from Huffpo because someone had posted a link. Good Grief!!! What a Sad, Sickening Female! And yet, I have no doubt that the barely coherent, babbling, god-awful, totally clooless (that prosecutor from the trial called her unsophisticated), excuse for humanity was a profound representation of much of “The Black Community.” Which necessitates the question, “How, for the love of mercy, did this happen to an entire cross-section of our population, when we spend more of our hard-earned (28% of my income goes to taxes before I even see a paycheck) tax dollars PER CAPITA on education, than any other country in the world!!! How, please, tell me HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!

        1. doofuschmartz 
          Great post. Have you ever asked an elected official that well worded question? “How, for the love of mercy……………..?”

        2. doofuschmartz Orangeone There is no bar for blacks moving through the school system. It’s the Democrats’ PC way, just pass them through otherwise racism is screamed.  I think @betseyross did a recent blogpost on a similar topic.

        3. badbadlibs doofuschmartz  Actually, I haven’t, badbad, we homeschooled our son. Furthermore, our district is an affluent, white district, where the schools and the teachers have like triple A ratings or whatever. My comments would, most likely, fall on deaf ears…

        4. Because most of it was spent on things like sex ‘education’ and lefty propaganda (revisionism). Of course.

    1. I agree. I have deep reservations about this guy. Little things like this. Sometimes it seems ‘black’ trumps ‘American’ with this guy. Like it did with Pigford.

      1. Personally, I just want a candidate who I don’t have to make any excuses for, to myself or other conservatives (like I did with Romney). However, if conservatives don’t start rallying behind one single person, we’ll definitely end up with a Crispy Cream Christie or Jeb Bush. I won’t vote for either of them no matter what, I’ve already made that decision.

        1. Or Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t vote for anyone in the combined repuglicrat party. West has NOT convinced me he has my best interests at heart, or anyones but humanoids the same color.

  8. Hate gets ratings and the Obama media loves a good riot regardless of whether it is rooted in the truth or lies generated from the very same media. Obama is responsible for fomenting hate and racial divide! He inserted himself into this witch-hunt early on when he said “If I Had A Son He Would Look Like Trayvon Martin!” He didn’t know the facts but he saw an opportunity to embroil the public into another false racial matter! Remember when he said “The Police Acted Stupidly” in the Henry Gates (Beer Summit) matter? The police were simply doing their jobs but because it was his friend he had to make it all about race. There is an obvious trend here. I think its clear Obama did hear his Reverend Wright preach all those hate sermons for over 20+ years and is a full blown racist! In Obama’s/Holder’s eyes everything is the white mans fault! Lets stop pretending otherwise and call it what it is! Why else would Michelle Obama say “For The First Time In My Adult Life I Am Proud Of My Country” after her husband was elected?

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