ZoNation: How Republicans make liberals hate Capitalism

Alfonzo Rachel makes the argument that Republicans are making liberals hate Capitalism even more because they don’t know what it is and how to sell it:

Here’s the definition from Webster just so you can match it up with what Rachel says:

an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

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29 thoughts on “ZoNation: How Republicans make liberals hate Capitalism

  1. He has a VERY important point. Capitalism, per se, is private ownership, and thus private investment, which implies that the government orients itself so as not to impede or interfere with private ownership and investment more than is needed to protect the long-run interests of society.

    It is the ‘not more than is needed’ where we run into difficulty–but some definite amount of regulation is needed. When you buy carrots, for example, you want to be as certain as you can be that excessive pesticides or other harmful chemicals (remember the Chinese tainted milk scandal, etc.) were not used in their production–which is simply impossible without significant regulation; and on and on in all directions…

    His point that capitalism is not opportunism is crucial. Capitalism is a dependent system–it can’t stand on its own, it is simply insufficient in scope to do so, its not intended to do so, though too many now view it as though it was. Capitalism is like a dependent clause in a sentence–it can only exist within a larger and more complete framework of meaning, rules, and values.

    Capitalism as naked opportunism–a la Romney’s abuses at Bain–are nothing to celebrate or somehow claim as a fundamental good.

    Capitalism is a humble government that thoroughly respects private ownership–but we still need regulation, because competition (at every level, including relative purchasing power–which is the fact that unless I earn more than the current median income, for example, my purchasing power is less than yours, even if I earn a million dollars a week. The more money that is made in society, the more each person has to make to compete for the available goods and services) encourages decisions which benefit individuals in the short-run, but may damage society in the long-run (thus we do need regulation).

    Until we can articulate these principles, and the associated difficulties, with clarity and can openly address them in public debate, we will never ultimately and finally win the capitalism vs. socialism battle in public opinion. Zo is right.

  2. Zo is spot on in this clip. I’ve been saying the same things for years. People are so bloody ignorant about capitalism, and it’s time they realised that “making money” and having a “free market” are merely complimentary and consequential to the system, but that the system itself is merely when the individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness are FULLY recognized and protected.

    Zo is also right about charity.

    To quote James Madison (a founding father BTW): “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents

    Plz quote this often, especially to liberals.

  3. the problem is the R party is nothing but a bunch of “Reagan Democrats” anymore, which means, in the absence of Reagan, that we have two Democrat parties and no Republican party.

    1. Both parties have moved so far to the left in the past 20 yrs. or so that neither is recognizable. I want a CONSERVATIVE party that follows the Constitution!

  4. I think his main point is that many people have misconceptions of the free market system because of the crony capitalism on Wall street. Wall Street firms have come to relly on the printing of money by the Fed to keep their markets inflated. Wall St. firms have been bailed out by gov’t. Elsewhere the gov’t has taken over two car companies and in the process put them through an illegal bankruptcy. This bankruptcy was concocted to steal the companies from the investors and give them to the unions. At the same time nothing was done to improve the efficiency or financial health of these companies which will soon be headed for yet another crisis. The ripple affect of these gov’t actions on the private sector is devastating. We have seen men like Buffet and Gates helping to disseminate lies for the POTUS (in return for favors presumably). The Burlington and Sante fe line (owned by buffet) will reap major profits from the pipeline nixing. Big corporate interests are expected to fork over campaign donations or suffer the consequences. This has been the result of the gov’ts accumulation of power and it’s ability to tax income. Freer markets would put more wealth into the hands of private citizens and inmprove everyones lives and there would no longer be a need for the entitlement programs that are stiffling the nation and making more and more people poor and dependent. Regulation through the commerce clause was intended to make commerce fair and open for all. Instead it is used to control and punish individual citizens. And we all suffer the consequences. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We will never know what all has been destroyed by the overarching corrupt gov’t. that has been leaching power that belongs to the people for decade after decade. Sadly most Americans are unaware.

  5. Uhhh… as a liberal, I resent this notion. I love capitalism, hell if capitalism was at a bar, I’d buy him/her a Manhattan straight up without a doubt.


    I don’t think capitalism should be applied to EVERYTHING, specifically where capitalism would go agaisnt the interest of the public. Schools, prisons, hospitals, infrastructure, just to name a few institutions where capitalism doesn’t better serve us.

    The liberals you speak of who hate capitalism are the more radical side, a la Tea Party vs. conservatives, not all of us are radical.

    1. I don’t think that the Gov’t at least the fed gov’t has any need to be dealing with schools or hospitals or prisons.

      1. I agree, those things should be up to the states. I guess radical was the wrong word, I should have replaced radical with farther to the left (or in the case of TP, farther to the right)

  6. Not one of Zo’s best efforts. Hey, I get the whole income tax thing. But it’s been a hundred years and arguing for a consumption tax now is naive at best. We’d end up with both.

  7. This information/discussion is really important for all of us to understand.

    The left will start talking about money and how it makes some people unhappy and you can get that old Christian guilt ball rolling. All of the sudden, you forget your point and how to defend yourself. Thanks ZO

  8. DeSoto also describes fictitious capital and hyper reality – when capital is not anchored to anything real. He relates this back to Jefferson and compares it to the movie “Matrix”.

    Hernando de Soto live talk on Fairness and Justice in the Economy

    That is how the capitalists should counter Husseins’ marxist argument of “fairness”. But the elephants appear to be just too ignorant of the capitalism they expound.

  9. Hate tends to destroy itself. No problem. They can get on the choo choo train, get run over by the choo choo train, or stay at the station whining and choo chooing each other’s butts for the rest of their sorry butt-biting existence.

    Academia nuts in general, along with the media, have raped the minds of our young people for two generations or so. They should be ashamed, and more young and older people should rebel. Modern liberalism and progressivism, something to rebel against.

    Hey, what are you rebelling against! What have you got? Liberalism and progressivism, which both lead to socialism. There, rebels with several causes. Go get ’em “kids”!

    See ya’ in the land of plenty or Atlantis. It’s a plain choice with plain benefit or consequence.

  10. He is exactly right. Republicans are horrible salesman. When I see some interviews I get embarrassed to see the lack of understanding of how to frame an argument with maximum effect. If you speak in terms that people understand then they are more likely to side with you.

    1. They aren’t horrible salesman. I disagree. They are afraid of pissing off the media which is the bigger problem. People like Allen West do not give a damn who they piss off. When you piss these progressives off you know you do them. So then why stop? Educates these minions and people who think like them. You will not reach all people but some will see the light!

  11. A good video, and a good point. Even if we’re not talking with libs, it’s good to know the distinction. Capitalism works, and those that live in a capitalist system work too!

  12. Capitalism is not too complicated in my simple mind, it makes capital available for every and any citizen, and the role of government it is to protect the capital and ensure the contracts, property rights and intellectual property are enforced and protected.

    Look at dirt poor countries and one will often find that capital is the exclusive privilege of the politicians and elites. When citizens say, put their sweat and assets in to digging a well, it will be confiscated or foreclosed as son as it becomes of value. Even in strong economies, rising marxists violate private contracts to control and nationalize private capital assets and business.

    Kinda of like we did with GM and mortgage banking.

    Here is an excellent book by Hernando DeSoto that explains what no one taught us in school and no one wants us to know about Captialism.

    “The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else”


  13. Hmmm! Not exactly his strongest vid nor his most coherent.

    His only takeaway point was that the sooner we understand that liberals “don’t understand much”, the more success we can have when we structure our arguments around their ignorance.

    But as for his arguments on capitalism… I think he needs to work on it even if “wealth creation” is like kryptonite to the liberal’s “all capitalists are selfish” meme. I’ll start by teaching liberals that “wealth creation” is a good thing the next time I bump into one…
    damn!… tripped over one… just now.

    1. Ah, IMHO he made a great point. And video!

      He’s saying that libs are able to understand the idea that socialism = bureaucrats can take your money (profits).

      While capitalism = you get to keep your profits, create jobs with it (spend it on stuff other people make), and be more charitable.

      Awesomely well done. We don’t have 10 years to educate the libs. We have 10 months before facing a crucial national do-or-die election. Let’s speak in a language they can understand! Long term education is good too, but we haven’t got the time to change their whole crazy mindset before November.

      (p.s. I’m trying to get this video on Bain Capital out there more, it scares me what Obama and Media will do with this whole thing if Romney gets the nomination)

    2. You’re right, coherency is what this vid is lacking. He’s making a good point, but a very subtle one, and one that is easily lost if not articulated cleverly. I’ll leave that to Newt, because I doubt I could do a better job.

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