ZoNation investigates Occupy Wall Street

Zo wants to know why the Tea Party is racist for protesting Obama’s policies but Occupy Wall Street protests aren’t. He goes down to Wall Street to find out what’s going on:

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32 thoughts on “ZoNation investigates Occupy Wall Street

  1. I posted this on my blog a couple days ago. It’s very good and shows the complete hypocrisy of the liberal drones. Truth? Facts? They don’t matter in the mind of a liberal. They want everything for free and the Government should provide it all for them while claiming the rich don’t pay their fair share. If we took ALL the money from the ‘Rich People’ it wouldn’t put a pinprick in the national debt problem. The solution is NOT TAXATION! The Solution is Smaller Government, Less Regulations, Less Taxation to spark the economy, and most importantly becoming energy independent by going after our own natural resources here at home. To the tree huggers out there, we can extract our natural resources while being environmentally responsible, we already are doing it. These crooks in DC are spending our money and they haven’t even proposed a budget for the last 3+ years! They are violating the Constitution that they took an oath to protect and defend, they are criminals. If you like my opinions you can read more at http://governmentmess.blogspot.com/

  2. I might be a little to confrontational (and in the opinions of some, “blunt”) for that kind of thing. And stupidity only inflames me.

  3. Zo should be on Red Eye
    and on Hannity’s show when the fat slob in suspenders watsisname is on ..

  4. Zo does more investigative reporting in one 11min video than the rest of the libfag lamestream media combined – cbs, nbc, abc, cnn, msnbc etc has done in 2 1/2 years

    1. I just read that GBTV hired on Andrew Klavan. Klavan is not exactly supportive of the Tea Party. It’s hard to tell because his routine is so pretentious.

      But he does fit in with Glenn Beck who has been competing with the Tea Parties since the beginning.

      1. What?!? Klaven isn’t supportive of the Tea party? I’ve been reading and watching him for over a year now and I never got that impression.

        Beck competing with the Tea party!?! There arguably hasn’t been a more vocal supporter of the Tea party PERIOD since it’s inception.

        1. Well, I won’t argue about Klavan because I’ve never liked him. Like I said. Pretentious. I saw one of his OTC videos at PJTV and it turned me right off of him for good because of a snide comment he made about Tea Partiers.

          As far as Glenn Beck and the Tea Parties? Open your eyes. Glenn Beck stages his own rallies. They are not Tea Party. Oh, he has some Tea Parties that support him. The TP near where I used to live in MA went Beck all the way. Beck has his own agenda and it’s all about him. I remember the first big Tea Party rally in DC back in 2009. It was a Saturday and Beck covered it from the studio. It was obvious then that he had an agenda. I don’t remember what he said but I remember it so pissed me off that I changed the channel. Don’t trust Glenn Beck. You’ll be sorry.

          1. LMAO. I couldn’t disagree with you more. I have watched every radio and television show he has produced for the last three years, read every book, and listened to to just about every speech. There probably isn’t a more selfless ‘pundit’ out there than Beck. He is 100% pro-Tea party and saying he isn’t shows some really stunning ignorance on your part. Beck’s agenda IS the Tea party’s agenda.

            1. Believe what you want. Beck wants a 3rd party run for 2012. Just wait and see how he tries to get it done. I think he’s got his eye on Herman Cain.

  5. Atta way, Zo. You creatively point out hypocrisy better than anyone I’ve seen. Andrew Breitbart does well, too but he’s way more confrontational. You completely outsmart your opponent. Not that hard is it?


  6. Ask those dim bulbs why Lehman Bros was allowed to fail but not the rest of the unstable banks?

    A: Because Barney Fwank, Maxine Waters, Fwanklin Raines, and other Democrats had their heads so far up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s arse that the sun never rose. Instead, they orchestrated the Generational Theft Act of 2009 to siphon ill-gotten taxpayer funds for decades to come.

  7. Once again ..on the button ZO. How about an update on the movie “Gates of Hell”. I for one cannot wait to see it! I’m sick and tired of the business man/ military/ Christian always being the BADGUY!!!! How about some diversity. Ya know where the liberal(progressive/communist) is imposing his world view on un unsuspecting Republic, through over regulation and layer unpon layer of bureaucracy. I want to see the real badguys go down in cinematography. Genocide, happening in real time, in an urban area near you!!!!

  8. The look on the face of the older black protester is priceless. You can tell he’s trying to come up with SOME explanation of how the TP is raaaaacist for hatin’ on a black POTUS, but those who attack him from the Left are not.


    Well, it’s DIFFERENT because… we’re the GOOD GUYS and they’re EVIL RAAAAACIST BAGGERS, that’s how it’s different!

    1. This was at OccupyLA. I sent this to Scoop, I think he just misread my title. But, Zo is a national treasure!

  9. Yet another “useful idiot”

    1.Protests against Wall Street entered their 18th day Tuesday as … People aren’t happy with the big bank bailouts picked up for by the taxpayer. … The fear is that this will be obama’s reason to declare Martial Law….. and all this time we …. So they endorse Obama and call for the torture and beheading of …

    Protests Against Wall Street Spreading Across the Country

    by Publius
    From the Associated Press:

    Watters World Investigates Who’s Really Behind the Wall St. Protest

    Occupy Wall Street Hijacked by Special Interests – Alex Jones Emergency Broadcast

    Who are the protesters behind Occupy Wall Street–and what do they want?

    5.Who’s really behind Wall Street protests?

    Who’s really behind Wall Street protests? Radicals foment agitation in New York, while hinting at American ‘Arab Spring’.

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