ZoNation on Common in the Wizzy Hizzy

This isn’t so much about Common which is what makes it so great. Now I’ve shared my thoughts on Common in the White House in the post next to this one and I have some disagreement with Zo on that specific issue. However he makes a much greater point about conservatives falling for liberal traps and why we need to offer something better instead of just complaining about what they are offering. It makes a lot of sense too.

This is excellent.

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26 thoughts on “ZoNation on Common in the Wizzy Hizzy

  1. It’s not crooked, it tilted to the right!  Lighten up, conservatives! FREEDOM is our goal. Conservatives remind me of the old Southwest Conference. The had the same goal to win a college champianship, but the forgot to grow their conference. So, after years and years of bickering and detroying each other the conference folded. Set aside our small petty differences and concentrate on the Liberties in jeopardy.
    UNITE to save the Republic!!! 2012 hurry!

  2. That was a bit of a ramble. Maybe Zo should visit here, or Ace of Spades HQ. Or Stacy McCain’s place, or that instantaneous pundit guy. Not a lot of uptight squares hang out at them places.

    I don’t think he’s wrong about doing a better job. I rag on Conservatives for doing amateurish stuff all the time. Like that rally on the courthouse steps in Wisconsin. Terrible PA setup. No pro camera crew.

    But hey, it’s not like the world was watching or anything.

  3. I like Zo and the work that PajamaTV is doing. I wish I had money to support their endeavors. I for one have never been enthralled with Hollywood or all the star crap. I do like a well done movie but I see as the make believe that it is and do not try to apply it to my beliefs. Of course I am a boomer and have worked in the public and private sector and I saw firsthand the stupidity of most federal government programs. This President is not respected and does not care what the majority of Americans think of him and his wife. They think the corrupt media and the money on the left will be able to keep them in power. Time will tell. I for one am working everyday to ensure that someone who loves the USA and respects the Americans that loved this country brings respect back to the office of the president and the white house. Thanks to Zo and Rightscoop for bringing their views to the fight for freedom.

  4. He has a lot of good points, and seems to be a well thought out common sense individual. The thing that I would take issue with is that only liberals are good at lying. Just because you use your right brain logic better, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good liar. 

  5. This guy is just

    Atlas Shrugged –
    Anti-communist message delivered in creative format which is more entertaining
    to the masses. We needed it to succeed. Instead, not enough of you promoted it
    in forums like this and directly to your friends. 

    This is what Zo is saying.
    Method of delivery of the message is just as important as the message. Why take
    vitamins if they are not absorbed into your body?

    I do not mean to keep
    harping on about the Atlas Shrugged movie, but its failure at the box office and the very limited amount
    of buzz it received in both traditional and new media formats, is really depressing. I keep hoping conservatives
    will finally get it and start fighting passionately for freedom instead of just complaining and taking no action.  But as usual, decade
    after decade, conservatives remain asleep and dispationate about fighting hard
    in this war of ideas!

  6. As much as I love Zo…he completely missed the political value of pointing out the ‘cop killing’ element of Common’s creative content, to the law enforcement voting block of this country.
    That in itself was reason enough to dwell on this choice for a venerated invitation to the White House.

    Obama and his union boss thugs think that they have a lock on the hearts and minds of all the members of unions.
    That includes the Law Enforcement Unions.

    This was an opportunity to show police officers where Obama stands on the subject of cop killers…in spite of what he might say in front of a podium. 

  7. He nails it when it comes to creativity and entertainment. One of the major disputes I have with many conservatives is that they will act thusly:

    1. Discourage and disapprove of other conservatives getting involved in the creative industry.

    2. Simultaneously complain about the lack of morality and conservative values available in today’s media.

     Its one of the dumbest things we do. If we’re gonna whine about the values of the media being produced today, we should also proactively encourage those who share our standards to get involved in the industry. Change will only occur when brave individuals of high moral character get involved.
     If there is one thing liberals are schooling us with, its in entertainment and creativity. Another area is rhetoric, presentation of the message. If it didn’t matter so much, they wouldn’t be kicking our tails so hard with this. And they do. If you have ever wondered why the liberals have such a following when neither facts or principles are on their side, then look no further. They devote a tremendous amount of effort to effect social change through rhetoric and media.

    1. Hollywood is one of the first places the Communists settled in the 1940s.  Why? 

      Do you know about the Hollywood Ten? Take a look:

      Why did Communists settle in Hollywood? To control the movie industry of course.  They knew they could use media for propaganda and message control.  Its control is a key component of their ground attack plan!

      Why was the Anti-McCarthy movie made a few years ago do you think?  Why do the leftist critics hate Atlas Shrugged, but movie goers like it?

      13% versus 81% – are you kidding me?


      The movie critics were able to sufficiently depress demand for the movie because most people have no idea what it is about.  This attack on the movie Atlas Shrugged was not by accident and has nothing to do with the quality of the movie.  The movie critics are part of the organized attack force of the leftists in this country!  They followed their orders from command central.  They are part of the mechanised infantry division in the Leftist Army to fight this war of ideas!

      Conservatives are not in the movie industry because the progressives have full, vertically integrated control of the movie and entertainment industry. 

      The only way for conservatives to take back control of the media is to fund a new “Hollywood” where conservative actors are not pushed from the industry!  But, we can’t even do so much as lift a finger on a keyboard to help a move like Atlas Shrugged deliver an anti-communist message! 

      Face it – conservatives do not know how to fight liberals!  Complaining in these forums only serves to let people know they are not alone, but it does not advance the cause of freedom.  We have to engage in battle to win the war!

      Until conservatives go to fighter training school and get a little real battlefield experience, we will continue to lose.  If we do not learn quickly and direct our own creativity and innovativeness at this war, we will run out of resources and Progressives will win. 

      Conservatives are creative!  We start companies!  We innovate new ideas and implement them in reality.  We can fight a creative war of ideas to win back the hearts and minds of Americans!  We can convince the Union Members that the loss of their freedom will only make their situation worse!

      Wake up conservatives! 

  8. YES and NO!  I do see his point and agree to some but no matter what the reason or what side – why would anyone want to go toward destruction for any reason?  One side wants to maintain freedom and the other does not see it as important enough to stop a run away administration.  

    1. Go hang out at a party in urban New York or Los Angeles.  You do not understand your enemy.  They are indoctrinated in communist philosophy from a very young age. 

      They do not believe communism or marxism are destructive as you suggest (even though the evidence is clear that both philosophies lead to societal ruin).  Rather, they are indoctrinated to think that Marxism and Communism have never worked because they were “poorly implemented”. 

      We can not win the argument with these people using reasoned logic.  Rather, you have to give “capitalism” its mojo baby! You have to creatively make capitalism cool in their minds just as the communists have made murderous thugs like che’ and Mao out to be cool.

      Get it!

      1. I agree jackyl, much of the reason McCain lost was because he was a dull and without the ability to excite the base. Out of all the candidates that have their hats in the ring at this point I would say Herman Cain is the most exciting guy I like. The only contender to him could be Allan West if he decided to run. We need a candidate with the ability to wow the public, not the same old elitist electable has been. I am tired of the Republican elites telling us who is electable and who isn’t, as many are I’m sure. God bless all true Conservatives and RS! The rest can be collateral damage as far as I’m concerned.

  9.  I love his vids. They always give me lots of great things to think about. Thanks for posting.

  10. As much as I like Zo, I have to disagree with this.
    It’s supposed to be an honor to be invited to the White House…..the best of the best, so to speak.
    What has “Common” done to be so deserved of such an honor?
    I’m not uptight, I don’t need to “loosen up a little bit”. This is all about common decency and being honored for having none.
    And Zo, as far as giving the liberals something better to be “interested in”….not only would that need a whole “culture change”, they wouldn’t notice “something better” if it smacked them in the face.

    BTW….poetry night…..seriously? Good time had by all, I’m sure. s/

    1. “they wouldn’t notice “something better” if it smacked them in the face.”

      Oh so true!  Nice comment. 

    2. I don’t see visiting the white house as being my honor. Why would an employer consider it an honor to have his employee over for dinner and entertainment? The white house is not some holy sight. It is a place of business, and a corrupt one at that.

      It is sad that Americans see politicians and their celebrity as being sacrosanct, or that they see these government sites as being on some higher plane of existence or importance than themselves or their own homes.

      It is one thing to honor the sacrifices of the founders, and see these sites as historically important, but to make it a holy place smacks of nationalism. Nationalism is what this government and media has propagated to put the people under the government. 

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