ZoNation takes BillO to task over his ‘Bible thumping’ comment

Zo vs BillO? I’ll take Zo anyday:

Bill O’Reilly insulted Christians on Fox News Channel when he referred to them Bible thumpers. While Zo agrees with O’Reilly to a degree, he is upset that O’Reilly adopted a very liberal attitude towards morality. Does defense of gay marriage really require national television hosts to ridicule the faithful?

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67 thoughts on “ZoNation takes BillO to task over his ‘Bible thumping’ comment

  1. He is so right. The agrument must be foundationally sound. Even if it is sound they will reject it because it doesn’t support their idealogical purpose, but none the less the agrument must be formed with full understanding of God’s word and presented in a coherent manner that doesn’t denigrate the person(s).
    Of course that means I have my home work cut out for me. We have the tools and like any tool not used properly it will not accomplish the task at hand to get the best result.
    As for Mr. O’Reilly? Well I am sure he is useful for something, but I no longer consider him a source for conservative thinking and certainly don’t consider him worthy of anything religious. I have put him in the same pod as Ann Coulter, who I have chose to ignore, not because she doesn’t say what I don’t like, but because what she does say makes no sense. O’Reilly and Coulter should make a good tag team for the Republican establishment because they sound so much alike.

    1. (continuation from above)
      It has become quite interesting since the November 2012 election and since the light has been turned on the proverbial kitchen all the cockroaches scurry to justify the reason we did not get a Republican elected President. You may notice I did use conservative in the last sentence and if my memory serves me correctly Coulter really pumped up Romney as the nominee, which to me says a lot. Give me a Palin, Santorum, Cruz, Lee and possibly a Rand Paul for an O’Reilly, Coulter, Morris, Graham and a McCain and we would see a drastic improvement to  the face of our freedom. With the latter and some before them we are on the verge of losing what freedom we have left.
      I would be neglect if I did not mention what Alfonzo mentioned at the beginning of his video and that was him having to be careful what he said because YouTube would suspend his account of what he had to say about gay marriage. Having lived in Germany the past twenty two years and from time to time run into some interesting people that were part of the East German secret police known as the Stasi, it is apparent they do not have to be in a uniform anymore. They actually wear business suits and own businesses. Apparently they are now serving as moderators for YouTube and Facebook.

  2. Very good foundation.  What would god want us to do for the gays… certainly not rewrite the book of the lord but to merely pray for them to find a better way to get what they need. (not want)

  3. I have not investigated any theoretical doctrine or scripture
    about this subject. But anyone, including Mr. O’Reilly, who thinks that gay
    marriage is about the right of who can get married to whom, is wrong. The
    contractual issue of marriage goes beyond religion, if you have any doubt;
    check out each state’s laws on common law marriage. IMHO, what gay marriage is
    and has been all about, comes down to a question of benefits, or money, and the
    right to wave the gay community’s life style in the face of anyone who
    disagrees. If a gay couple is solely atheist, then why force clergy to perform
    a senseless ceremony? If a gay couple believes in god, and the issue is one of sanctifying
    their love for each other, then find the scripture supporting this act. For
    straight couples it is easy, Genesis 2:24.

    1. armyvet1 agree.  Every argument that gays make FOR them to be married is actually an argument for something else, which I believe would help the conservative cause with the gay community.  zfor example when gays argue about the fairnesss of taxes for married couples they are really arguing for a change in the tax code.  Well I agree with them on that.  Lets change our tax code to something better, a flat tax perhaps?  When they are argue as to who is considered “family” and can come visit them in times of sickness, thats an argument for privacy laws not marriage.  And technically “gay marriage” is not illegal because if someone comes into NC from NY and says we are married, NC doesn’t arrest them, they just say “the state of NC does not recognize your marriage”.  And any person acting in an official capacity has no authority to “marry” to gay people in the states where same sex marriage is not recognized.
      So since they are trying to get the definition of marriage changed then they are in it to destroy the family and not just help themselves.  Plus any homosexual that says they are a Christian should be doing their best to leave homosexuality.  Not saying that is an easy task, but thats like saying, “Yeah I’m a Christian but I sleep around and it’s cool”.  As Zo said, you can’t say you believe in Christ yet then cherry pick which commandments to obey and disobey.  That would be the same as me telling a police officer that I agree with the law against murder so I won’t do that but I don’t agree with speeding laws so I’m going to drive as fast as I want and there is nothing he can do about it.  That may be true but he can and will do something about it.  And I would have to live with those consequences.  Same with God.  Those people that cherry pick are going to have to live with their choices on their day of reckoning with the Lord.

      1. NCHokie02 armyvet1 Sorry about the late reply, I have been very busy but do appreciate what you had to say, and I couldn’t agree more. The most important lesson I have taught my daughter is that all decisions we make in this world have consequences, both good and bad, You make good choices, good consequences, you make bad choices, bad consequences.

  4. Bill O didn’t ridicule anyone. He just people shouldn’t base their arguments on the Bible but rather on reasons why something is good or bad. That’s what he said. Bill O himself is a social conservative. He often attacks the “secular progressives.”
    But to make all the arguments for public policy based on the Bible, then you’re not making an argument on reason, and you can’t convince people who don’t agree with you. That would be like someone saying we should outlaw the consumption of pork, beef, and alcohol, because the scripture outlaws it–and furthermore, that we should oppress (and perhaps even kill) anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah.

    1. Silly socialist.You are a mile off base.Aren’t you from China?I didn’t think the Chinese were allowed to visit sites like this.See stage 9’s post and read the links.

    2. WaiGuoGuizi “To make arguments for public policy based on the Bible then you aren’t making an argument based on reason”. What an ignorant statement to make. The Framers based everything on the Bible! pleased read the Constitution. When or if you do you will feel very foolish.

      1. ryanomaniac WaiGuoGuizi I suggest before labeling anyone ignorant pal, you learn something about American, Britain and European history with regards to Common Law.
        As a fellow leftist ryanomaniac, I’m sure you like Professor Alan Dershowitz who has published more than 100 articles in magazines and papers such as The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post. The New Republic, The Nation and  Commentary.
        Professor Dershowitz has written and spoken with great insight on the origin of Common Law  which was imported to the U.S. from Britain by the Founders and it’s the foundation of our  Constitution. Also, evaluation of the origin ‘Common Law’ can be traced backed to the Ten Commandments. 
        Thus, the Bible is the backbone of our Constitution. So who’s really ignorant? – a quick look into the mirror will reveal the answer.

        1. Conservator1 I’m not a leftist PAL!!Did you reply to the wrong perso? Had to have. Got that dipshit???

        2. ryanomaniac Take a look at the “@” on his comment, you’ll note your name is not present there. Let’s dial back the profanity as well.

        3. KenInMontana ryanomaniac While I didn’t expect such a vitriolic response, I did mistakenly post my comment beneath ryanomaniac and thus, I’m sorry for any confusion.

  5. I don’t need the Bible to reject counterfeit marriage. I have evidence.
    <b>What same-sex “marriage’ has done to Massachusetts</b>
    <b>Polygamy is “next logical step”, says Dutch same-sex campaigner</b>
    <b>Traditional Marriage Still the Best for Children</b>
    <b>Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples</b>
    <b>The Case Against Same Sex Marriage</b>

    1. stage9 Kudos for e-mailing Bill.I have read all your links.All the evidence one needs to argue their point without the scripture.

  6. Zo just made O’Reilly the poster boy for pompous ass! I wonder if Mr. Bill is man enough to invite Zo to the No Spin Zone? I would pay to see that!

        1. 57thunderbird @OneThinDime @PVG Yep…only here is where I’d see it. Haven’t listened to the dixie chicks lately either.

  7. I am now officially a fan!  Thanks for bringing us ZONATION!  I am enlightened by all the black americans I have seen today.  I only use the term black american because of a gentleman on Hannity (who says we should call him a black american)- because he doesn’t know the tribe in africa that he belongs to.  How cool is that?  I have always believed that we are all equal and all americans.  Please, please get the message to all the helpless african-americans in Chicago.  You have to take control of your situation, because as you can tell- the democrats don’t care about you.  They are trying to hold you hostage to conditions not fit for rats.  Break free, see the light, join the ZONATION!

    1. HillaryShackley If you haven’t seen other ZO, do a search on this site for him, lots of great videos posted.

  8. Zo is a bright guy so by definition he thinks clearly and logically and can analyse and articulate a point of view. Bill 0, not so much.

  9. Well this was refreshing! I have never heard this guy before. 
    Thanks RS, it is very important that America hears the diversity of thoughts and beliefs….we have to fight the perception that the Socialist Progressives are promoting…Americans are not SHEEP that need Government HERDING!  
    Americans  have been bless with a long  heritage of being people that are free to think and act for themselves.

    1. sallyjohanna Zo is great.You have really missed out RS posts his stuff fairly regularly but it has been a little bit of a dry spell lately.I was having withdrawal.

        1. sallyjohanna 57thunderbird I knew the moniker rang a bell.I hadn’t been at FN in monts.I went there today for the first time in a long time and I was shocked.It seemed as though the trolls had completely taken over the site.Especially on the thread about Mrs.Thatcher.

        2. sallyjohanna 57thunderbird Levin is a warrior for the Republic and liberty. With Palin, Cruz and some others we will prevail.

        3. sallyjohanna 57thunderbird I know that’s how I felt when I left today.I haven’t missed a thing.RS is almost my exclusive site.At least it’s at the top of my list.If you come here enough you will be hooked.

        4. 57thunderbird sallyjohanna  It was serious case of burnout. Im a Constitutional conservative and a 10th amendment hawk…really needed  positive ADULT conversation with other like minded Americans.

        5. sallyjohanna 57thunderbird You can get like minded adult conversation here every night if need be.Most of here are Constitutional conservatives.Evey great once in a while we get a drive by troll but they don’t last long because they are way out of their league here.RS is on Facebook now too.

        6. sallyjohanna 57thunderbird Yep.It didn’t take me long to fall under their spell. 😀 Great beautiful people here.We even disagree sometimes but nobody ever ends up hating anybody for it.We just agree to dis agree.

        7. deTocqueville1 sallyjohanna 57thunderbird  No better feeling than when someone reflects your views almost 100%.  Mark  speaks and I find myself shaking my head in agreement constantly….I know he won’t but I wish he would run for POTUS.

        8. sallyjohanna deTocqueville1 57thunderbird I can relate.I don’t know that I have ever disagreed with his point of view and he is Constitutional scholar.His legal firm Landmark Legal takes on cases for the conservative movement also.

    2. sallyjohanna you can see more of Zo at pjtv dot com. He’s great! And dittos about Levin. He’s my hero and I’m proud to say he introduced me to TheRightScoop!

      1. patriot077 sallyjohanna Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out. We are in a tug of war for America’s hearts and minds.  It is imperative we start getting our voices heard.

    1. AmericanborninCanada Nope not alone.  I read that a group of great black conservatives were on with Herman Cain tonight, hope that gets posted here tomorrow….

    1. 57thunderbird I’m going to plug into Mark’s podcast now … I missed too much of hs show this afternoon.

      1. patriot077 57thunderbird I am jealous.He is no longer on my local radio station for some reason,unless they changed the time slot.

        1. 57thunderbird patriot077 He only recently returned to one of our stations that decided they made a mistake a few years ago when they quit conservative talk radio. So I now have 2 local stations. One dropped Beck at the first of the year and the new one picked him up. I’m in the habit of listening to Mark’s podcast at the end of the evening and I’m grateful that he provides this additonal option to get his message out. I can listen at my leisure and not miss a thing 🙂

        2. patriot077 57thunderbird They still have Rush and Hannity but no Mark.He used to be on from 6 PM to 9PM.I can still get him on the internet but I spend most of my time here where I get soundbites of his show.Better than nothing though.

  10. What non believers of GOD do not understand is that gay marriage is being forced down American’s throats.  Some may say I do not have the right to tell people who they can love.  Okay.  But these people do not have the right to FORCE believers to accept their lifestyle either.  Does anybody know how many people of various religious backgrounds would be affected by marriage being re defined?  Mormons, Christians, Jews, Muslims and many others accept marriage as a man and woman.  These people are already under assault.  One bakery owner in Iowa is being sued for being a Christian and not agreeing to baking a cake for a same sex couple.  This is gonna be a war on religion if  marriage is allowed to re defined.  Taking Liberty away from one and giving to someone else is not Liberty!  This is what the left is all about.

    1. JohnSchaffran Great post John. But, the ” ………..being forced down American’s throats ” isn’t the best phrase if you catch my drift.
      I heard about the bakery lawsuit too. Hope someone put together a defense fund for them protect their right of refusal. The people (couple?) bringing the lawsuit are despicable on that alone !

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