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Totalitarian gov’ts are poised to TAKE CONTROL of the internet to CENSOR speech because of OBAMA


Mark Levin TORCHES Colin Kaepernick – [AUDIO]

In the first half hour of his show, Mark Levin let loose on Colin Kaepernick, torching him for his ridiculous comments over the weekend. Here’s a snippet: Why the hell do people . . .

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Comedic genius Gene Wilder dead at 83…

If you’ve ever seen “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” or “Young Frankenstein,” or “Blazing Saddles,” then you have a reason to be sad today. The comedic genius of Gene Wilder has . . .


AWESOME — Watch Remy parody CNN!

Remy is out with a new one today, highlighting what CNN considers news, and it’s great! Watch: Click here to see some of Remy’s other stuff. Also consider this an open thread.


Ted Cruz just ENDORSED Dan Bongino!

Ted Cruz has just announced his endorsement for Dan Bongino! I’m very happy that Cruz is endorsing Bongino. He’s a solid conservative and would make a great congressman for his district and . . .