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Oprah Winfrey is going around the world telling everyone that Americans are racist while she promotes her new film:

Oprah Winfrey has been a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. She thinks that both he and the Office of President have been treated with contempt because of the colour of his skin.

“There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

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  • poljunkie

    Much respect to all Veterans, including my Groom of almost 29 years.

    Thank you. You are all hero’s to me.

    Humbled by your sacrifice.

    Thanks RSoop for the post.

    • AmericanDuckie

      You rock sis, Hug your Groom for me please. ((((()))))s to you too.

      • poljunkie

        Okie dokie.

      • nibblesyble

        I second that!!

  • timerunnersc

    Thank you Scoop, first of all for your service to the nation, even now your carrying on the fight for freedom and liberty. Informing citizens an we appreciate you big guy.

    The first video is a great way to say thank you to our Vets and our active military personnel and it comes with a great lesson on how to teach our young people the price of liberty and freedom.
    The second video hits home like nothing I’ve seen, really whats a father to do? Thank you too VFW.

    So the flags are flying, on the home, the yellow Ribbon is on the mailbox, the flag waving under the mailbox reads in, Gold, Red,White and Blue”God Bless America”.

    Thanks Americans.

    Semper Fi

  • c4pfan

    Happy Veteran’s Day to all our vets!

  • Sentinel

    Thank you Scoop… and thank you to everyone else too. A special thank you to my fellow Vets. God bless you all.

    • nibblesyble

      We thank you and honor you my friend!

      • Sentinel

        Thank you. :-)

    • AmericanDuckie

      Thank you So much Sentinel!! God Bless you and all our Veterans.

      • Sentinel


  • nibblesyble

    Teaching my young ones about the bravery of the men who fought before and men and women who fight now is very important in my home. My prayer is that my son and daughter grow up knowing that their sacrifices have ensured our freedoms. To those on Scoop that have fought for us, or had family that did…my undying gratitude. We will never forget.

  • wodiej

    honors to all and to my Dad who served on the front lines in the Korean war..

  • colliemum

    Today at 11 a.m., a WWII veteran was buried. He was involved in the famous ‘Dambusters Raid’, as mechanic who looked after those Lancaster bombers.

    He had no surviving relatives. After his story was published in the local paper, an i jured serviceman spread his story on social networks – and hudnreds attended.

    Here’s the report (hankies needed):

    There are also lots of photos of other memorial services held today. One service was attended b the widow of the WI soldier whose story was turned into “War Horse”.

    “At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.”

    • nibblesyble

      I read that this morning and cried buckets..praise the Lord!

      • colliemum

        Yesterday and today, I’ve been going through my paper hankies at the rate of knots, and not because I’ve got a cold.

        It’s things like this coming together for a lonely veteran’s funeral who had nobody left in this world which shows that no matter what the politicians and the MSM say and jabber about – the people do know what’s right, and to whom to show respect.
        All is not lost, I think, when I see these pictures.

        • nibblesyble

          Yes, that is what I thought too mum, hope still lives.

    • K-Bob

      Those photos in the article are amazing. Thanks for that, colliemum!

  • John Q. Jones

    To all my fellow veterans…living and the dead…to all the families who have produced the finest this nation has to offer… I salute you… and though many would laugh and spit upon us, I would fight to the death to preserve them… And THAT is what makes the United States Armed Forces so special..We are our Past… We are the Present.. and yes, ladies and gentlemen…We are your Future! HOOAH!! I love you all.

    • AmericanDuckie

      Thank you John.

  • K-Bob

    I know many of you have made the pilgrimage to Arlington, and visited the Tomb of the Unknowns. For those who have not, especially any of you with kids or grandkids who haven’t been, I highly recommend taking them along. Nothing cements in their heart the cost these Men and Women bore for their country and fellow soldiers like seeing the place where they rest, and the honor in which they are held.

    I’ve seen unruly kids suddenly begin growing quiet and thoughtful when surrounded by these incredible monuments. And I’ve never seen anyplace outside of family reunions where people hug so often, and thank the vets who show up that day. It’s an experience that can overwhelm the unprepared.

    This incredible sense of awe mixed with reverence and sadness is not an American phenomenon. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel some, and in those travels I’ve been to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Australia, and to the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle, and I can tell you the feeling is the same, knowing many of the fallen who are honored there fought alongside American troops in the Great Wars.

    Knowing what the Anzac troops endured at Gallipoli, the Scots at the Somme and Ypres, it really brings home how close we are to them in kindred spirit, and old family ties. Many of the dead from Commonwealth countries were cousins to families here, though the ties may have long been forgotten.

    I happened upon the Stone of Remembrance around the time of day that the ray of sunlight falls upon it (it’s designed so that the word “Love” is lit by sunlight at exactly Eleven am on this very day). I was frankly astonished at how profoundly moved I was at that moment.

    God bless all those who served, and bring comfort the families of the fallen.

    • DebbyX

      Oh my goodness, that was beautiful! Both what you wrote and the video that I have seen many times before. God bless all the veterans here and gone. My only wish would be that my dad was here so I could bring him to the WWII memorial…………..he would have been overwhelmed with emotion. My son visited this past Summer and sent me a text message with his picture in front of the memorial and wrote: this is for Gramp.
      I was so moved by his love for his grandfather, I just lost it emotionally.

      • K-Bob


        I forgot to mention the guards at the Shrine of Remembrance, who are from various branches of service, wear period authentic uniforms, from WWI and WWII. At least, they did 20 years ago (time sure flies!).

    • tinlizzieowner

      The term ‘Tomb of the Unknowns’ we use recently, annoys me. It smacks of ‘political correctness’.
      ‘What’ is in the Tomb is not ‘unknown’, only who. A SOLDIER.

      • K-Bob

        Mmmm. I think it smacks more of poetic license. People who care know they are soldiers. Those who don’t care, don’t really matter. Not in my book, at least.

        When we were kids, the adults ALL called it the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That was also poetic license, since so many were interred therein. Turns out it has never been officially named.

        I’d forgotten about the other Tomb of the Unknown Civil War Dead, up at Lee’s House. There are other such tombs at other national cemetaries. Most honoring Civil War unknowns, of which there were evidently a great number.

        • tinlizzieowner

          “Mmmm. I think it smacks more of poetic license”.
          Precisely, Bob. That’s what I’m getting at. From the time of it’s creation until recently, it was commonly referred to as “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” (Officially named or nor not ‘officially’ named), by the general public and the ‘media’.
          Somewhere along the line, the media (in particular) has taken ‘poetic license’, to change the most commonly used name for this monument and the word removed just happens to be “Soldier”.
          Let me put this another way. Would you find it curious if the media took ‘poetic license’ and suddenly started calling the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, the “Great Civil Rights Leader” memorial? That would be a subtle but accurate change but would it not also diminish the fact that we were talking about ‘Black’ civil rights? 😉 😉

    • OneThinDime

      Nice video on the men who guard the Tomb of the Unknown.

      • K-Bob

        I love watching those guards. Thanks!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Thanks to all my brothers and sisters in military uniforms who have served and are serving our nation. You have actively contributed to the security of our country and for that the nation owes you a debt of gratitude. Thanks to one and all of our veterans.

    • nibblesyble

      We thank you and salute you!

  • Jaels_Song

    Awesome! I salute all of you who fought for us. God bless.

  • Press Watchusa

    Lt. Col. Oliver North paying tribute to our Veterans >>

    I apologize if someone else posted this – but I can’t stop watching it myself

  • ApplePie101

    Thank you to all who stood in the way of danger abroad to protect us at home.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Oprah Winfrey is an elitist scumbucket whose grasp on the truth is as non-existent as that of the race-baiting liar she blindly worships.

    • Shad_ow

      Oprah isn’t dumb, she is trying to escape the fact that she supported a liar who has damaged our national security, ruined our economy, and installed his communist lackeys in our government. She fell for his lies and wants to excuse his destruction of our freedoms by playing the race card. Sorry, that excuse has expired.


        Oprah became filthy rich on the backs of us white folk who poured millions into her bank account, over the course of 2 decades.

        Then she shows her “appreciation”, by claiming that WE are somehow “racist”, because Obama himself, clearly betrayed us, lied to us and has destroyed the country we love so dearly!

        Countless numbers of whites also voted for this CLOWN to get him elected! And when his own incompetent blunders can no longer be excused, it then becomes OUR fault!

        No wonder this country is headed for ruin!

        • libsrclowns

          Obama is a Serial Liar and pathetic excuse for a leader. Being black has nothing to do with judging him as SUB PAR

        • 4juices

          Dear Oprah,
          I am deeply disappointed that you think my dislike for the President is because he is black. Does it work both ways? Do you think Blacks did not like Bush because he was white?

          Could you explain my respect for Condoleezza Rice, Collin Powel, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, J.C. Watts…..and even sometimes you? Is there something wrong with me?

          • SAM ADAMS

            So all these black boys playing the “knockout game”and attacking random white people deserve to die as well!?! I guess we will have to get a quote from you when they run across a CCL white guy/gal who decides to stand up against racist blacks and kills a dozen of them while being attacked!!! Then we will see if the racism label can be applied to you as well oprah!

      • Fred Beloit

        Americans hated and disrespected Bush because he is white.

        • FLguy71

          Aye, by her logic, the vast majority of blacks, voting for Gore and then Kerry, showed their racism. And since whites seem to be fairly evenly split in electing the president each time, then blacks must be MUCH more racist, as a group, than whites. Thank you, Oprah, for clearing things up for us.

          • MacDaddy12345

            Even the Black community admits that Blacks are much more racist than Whites, Hispanics, Orientals or Native Americans!

        • Cahal the Mad™

          Anyone who hates a person because they are “white”, is not ANY kind of valid American. “Whites” created the United States, built it from nothing, and have been the only ones advancing it and keeping it going ever since. Non-whites have been tearing the U.S. down, trying to take it from us, while enjoying the fruits of our labor as they contribute nothing. Never mind the fact that we invented everything in the past including all modern technologies in use today.

        • SpeakerOfTruths

          Texas white.

      • Emily Jackson

        Sorry, but that is the most insane way for her to fend off any guilt she may be feeling. Even though she doesn’t support him in public you can bet your last tax dollar that she still supports him in private for the same reason she did initially. And she calls conservatives racist.

      • boondoggles

        I don’t buy anything she sells or watch anything on tv or movies she is in. When True Americans begin to talk with their wallets to these liberal elites perhaps they will come down to earth.She has no value system and what she said is a crock. I don’t think people overseas are buying it after she threw the fit in Switzerland when someone didn’t treat her like a queen.

      • Guest

        She’s RICH and a Marxist!!!! Imagine that.

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are
      responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of
      robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.

      Source: APD Uniform Crime
      Reports, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      In most states, gun homicides by blacks is much higher than that of whites. D.C. and Missouri show the highest rates in black homicide deaths.

      Source: Washington Post: “Gun deaths shaped by race in America”

  • breakn70

    If she really believes this, it’s sad. If she doesn’t, it’s contemptible.

    • 0bamasnought

      I agree.
      To think that she is pimping race to promote a movie, or anything, is horrible.

      • boondoggles

        Don’t watch her movie the butler. Send a message to her that it has nothing to do with race but everything to do with a man destroying our country.

  • Conservative_Utopia

    For the record, I hate Barack Hussein Obama because he is a commie, a supporter of radical Islam and a traitor to the USA. Allen West for president. So there.

    • Alan P. Suggs

      West/Cain 2016

      • John (magnum)

        You know Fuhrer Obama is feeling the heat when he has his idiot friends throwing the race card at every turn.

        Sorry witch Oprah, his white half is just as ignorant, corrupt and effed up as his black half !!

        BTW Oprah, he is a MOOSLUM loving, pathological lying full fledged socialist/communist !! NOT an American !!!

        • $1183266

          half black half white Kenyan.

          • John (magnum)


            Destroy America, his rule number one,
            Obama is not an American son.
            Killing jobs with Obamacare,
            Full time and part time so be aware.

            He has lied to us from day one,
            And even trying to get our guns.
            The Constitution means nothing to him,
            Along with Reid, Pelosi and Dick Dur-bin.

            The democrat party has ceased to exist,
            Full of Communists and social-ists.
            Take from the makers all they can,
            To give it to the losers of this once great land.

            Weaken America in numerous ways,
            Cutting the military day by day.
            Muslim by birth and still today,
            “The Messiah” Obama needs to go away.

            Obama’s corrupt as one can be,
            From the IRS, Benghazi and AP.
            Fast and Furious was
            number one,
            And lives were lost under this Muslim.

            Spying on us any way he can,
            The NSA is leading the way.
            The FBI are flying their drones,
            Over America and all of our homes.

            MOLON LABE is the battle cry,
            Gun from my hand you will have to pry.
            The oath I took on another day,
            Is still in force this very day !!

            John D USN RVN 71, 72, 73, evac 75

            • James

              Obama’s lying is coming home to roost, I fully expect next year , 2014, to bring him and all Democrats into a full fledged conclusion, THEY lie.

              • TripleA60

                No Oprah, we do not disrespect the. BHO because he is black. It is because of…
                1. I will have the most transparent administration.
                2. I have Shovel ready jobs.
                3. The IRS is not targeting anyone.
                4. If four Americans get killed, it is not optimal.
                5. There are going to be bumps in the road. (referring to Libya and Egypt protests/attacks).
                6. ObamaCare will be good for America.
                7. You can keep your family doctor.
                8. Premiums will be lowered by $2500
                9. You can keep your current healthcare plan
                10. Just shop around, for that healthcare I claimed you wouldn’t lose.
                11. I am sorry you lost your healthcare, (you know the health care you have to shop around for, ya the same health care I said you could keep, yup, that’s the one).
                12. I did not say you could keep your health care. (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)
                13. ObamaCare will not be offered to illegal immigrants.
                14. ObamaCare will not be used to fund abortions.
                15. ObamaCare will cost less than 1 Trillion Dollars.
                16. No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime.
                17. It is Bushes fault. (this can be inserted in between every statement).
                18. It was about a movie.
                19. I will fundamentally transform America.
                20. If I had a son.
                21. I am not a dictator.
                22. I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
                23. You didn’t build that.
                24. I will restore trust in Government.
                25. The Cambridge police acted stupidly.
                26. I am not after your guns.
                27. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. The BHO of (2006).
                28. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics.
                29. “If I don’t have this done in three years, then this is going to be a one-term proposition.
                30. I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.
                31. I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.
                32. The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk
                33. It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line.
                34. Whistle blowers will be protected.
                35. We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.
                36. I am good at killing people.
                37. I will close Gitmo. (but instead built them a $750,000 soccer field).
                38. The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t, but she is a typical white person
                39. I am not spying on American citizens.
                40. By, on, on, by, Friday uh afternoon things get a little uh, uh challenged uh, uh ( when left to think for himself without a Teleprompter).
                41. I am a Christian.
                42. John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.
                43. It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy.
                44. UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems. (Attempting to make the case for government-run healthcare).
                45. What’s good for illegal immigrants is also good for people who are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare.

                And the biggest lie of all
                I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
                Obama voters, here’s your sign…

                • Dianewe

                  Excellent Memory, please send this to every Editor in the Nation.

                • Dan Olson

                  Well-played, TripleA60. You forgot one though: “So I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner.” (Fort Hood shooting tragedy)

                • Keith Mueller

                  You forget how he has been building a secret homeland army to use against Americans

                • chris beyer

                  One more obama whopper: I will not raise taxes on those americans who make less than $250,000 a year

                • GNO54940MG

                  The democrats response: You must be a racist.

                • boondoggles

                  She probably said it because she got a call from the WH and they told her too. Lol

              • Romancandle12

                The present signs of the time…’May 2014 become ‘that was the year that was’, when vast numbers of people exit the Democrat Party, based on their values, beliefs, morals, and their sense of duty to God, Country and Family!’

          • Guest

            To be accurate, Obama senior was mostly Arab, not Negroid. Arab is considered Caucasian, so technically, his Barry’s black factor is about 6%-ish.

            • Yale U


              • Guest


            • M75462

              Red47, brother I follow you on Disqus, but I don;t think Obama Sr is more Arab than Negro(id) just because he was a Muslim… Now there was a brother from the village that was part of the homeland….

              • Guest

                Barack’s father is mostly Arab. I don’t have the source for that because I Am away from my computer, but I don’t think it’s hard to find. his brother George is a lot like him.

            • $1183266

              I would like to see the d n a on that.

              • Guest

                Look it up. It is in the bios about his dear old dad.

          • Larry Rappaport

            I’m with ya on that OWG so I say to Ms. Winfrey, please just take a step back, take a deep breath and truly view this in the correct context. This has nothing to do with the President being half Black as I’m half Hispanic. Now let’s gestalt this for one moment and say we had an OLD WHITE GUY Pug POTUS and this happened on his watch? Therein lies the rub.

          • MacDaddy12345

            Actually he is more white than black, the Kenyans were mixed with the Arabs that taught them the profit of enslaving fellow Africans and Obama’s Kenyan family was one of the mixed bloods.

          • butt_neckid

            HLFRICAN then…right???…

      • fantum

        You sound like a woman who is constantly abused by a man but keeps coming back for more.


        Like how great ObamaCare is…
        …From a liar whose family will not be required to use it.
        Like how to balance the budget…
        …From a narcissist who spends money we don’t have.
        Like how to create jobs…
        …From a community organizer who has never held a real job.
        Like how to run our businesses…
        …From a fool who has never run a business.
        Like how to run our education system…
        …From a slacker who hides his college records.
        Like how we should respect Obama’s faith…
        …From a Muslim who mocks Christian faith.
        Like how to run our military…
        …From a traitor who embraces those who attacked America.
        Like how Obama respects our American Heritage…
        …From a Marxist who is dedicated to Socialism.


        • Dianewe

          Great Comment.

      • De’Marquise Elkins

        African Americans are very racist and get a free pass to be racist towards others in the name of “political correctness” .

      • jaydeebee

        I’d be okay with Ben Carson, too.

        • boondoggles

          Obama’s IRS had Ben Carson audited because he spoke against obamacare at a breakfast Obama was at.It is proof Obama is behind the IRS targeting of enemies. When are we going to say enough. He needs to be impeached and soon to have a country left.

      • Omar

        Sowell/West, 2016!

        • Dianewe

          I love Thomas Sowell he’s absolutely brilliant.

        • BuglessDuster

          Cruz/West, 2016

      • Dianewe

        Rand/West in 2016

      • MacDaddy12345

        Who the heck is Allen West and Cain? Might have a identity problem here.

      • Lola Guin

        Yeah, right. No thanks. I’d vote for Rand Paul or a Canadian (Ted Cruz) before I’d vote for a black for president. I think we learned our lesson the hard way, no? They’ll say whatever they want to get into office, then show their “gangsta” side once elected.

        • Emily Jackson

          That’s a crappy answer. Up until obama hit the WH the worst potus was Carter. Does that mean all white potus candidates are supposed to be off the list after him? I would say the problem is the (D) after their name. The liberals are the ones making a socialist mess of things, ie Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, etc.

      • Klaus

        We need a 9-9-9 plan — 9% Wall Street sales tax on all securities trades, 9% tariff on all imports, 9% corporate income tax with no deductions — and the abolition of all personal income, sales, property, and estate taxes. The Republicans would win if they ran on a platform like that.

        • coyotewise

          Forgot your economics lessons, I think. Putting a 9% tax on all corporations will do nothing but raise the price of the goods sold by 9%. No corporation pays taxes out of their own pockets! They wrap that cost into the price you pay for their goods, and YOU pay the tax. The corporations are merely tax collectors in this sense.

      • M75462

        Allen West’s former district is right up the road from me. I live in Miami, I gave money to Herman Cain’s campaign, A first for this cheapskate!!!
        How am I doing as a racist, Oprah?

    • warpmine

      I just hate the white half!

      • James

        me too, but to be equal, i hate the black half too.

        • kevin9557

          His father is Kenyan, his mother is white…I hate him because he’s a d!psh!t…

          • 232Years

            I would disagree.

            We don’t disrespect President Obama because of the color of his skin at all. We disrespect Obama because he lacks the real world experience necessary to be the “wise man” in the room in most any situation that affects the lives of hundreds of millions of people, here in the U .S. as well as abroad. Worse yet, he has an oversized arrogance about himself simply because he now occupies ”the office’, that illegitimately self-aggrandizes and distorts his own measure of the fallibility – and masks the recklessness – of his inexperience on his unsound decision making process and logic.

            Moreover, we do not respect Obama because we feel he gained the office – and has since governed with it – by cynically presuming the American People were either stupid or not paying attention, and that he and his people could cleverly ‘spin’ anything he wanted to his benefit, no matter how great the destruction that was actually left in his wake.

            Above all, Mr. Obama has created a prolific system of “invisible activism” (more accurately described as “spamming for dollars”) which is the product of opportunistic statistical selection of vulnerable targets identified by ‘quants’ first hired by his campaign, together with cutting-edge internet technologies) that feed into – and on – the intellectually susceptible who are ready, willing and able to proselytize the Obama way of thinking.

            If the color of his skin has anything to do with what I’ve said, I’d like to see where.

            • Guest

              When you are a rich, fat, and very ugly black broad, this is all you have. Bet the disgusting black b*tch won’t vote for Ben Carson. Poor Oprah desperately needs plastic surgery but that face of hers is beyond the help of all her money. Has anyone told her how despised she is, supporting The Imposter.

              • Dianewe

                Dr. Ben Carson is a perfect example of the Racism that the Left Communists practice on those who refuse the Cohersion of the democrat plantation.
                How sad that the Republican Party has done more for minorities and are slapped and lied to give credit to the slave owners and not those who Freed them.

                • boondoggles

                  The IRS targeted him and I suppose the rest of us that don’t mindlessly obey their disgusting anti God, immoral, America hating agenda will be targeted. But I will say this it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and Obama hasn’t heard America sing yet. We will, we are just waiting to see what our congress will do.If they stay complicit in him dismantling our constitution and targeting enemies like Fidel Castro and Stalin then something will need to be done.

            • SpeakerOfTruths

              you are wise beyond your years……………..

          • 0bamasnought

            Frank Marshall Davis was a Kenyan?
            I thought he was born in Kansas.

          • johnnyrh

            ….and a lying, fake, phony, fraud. A poster boy for all that’s wrong with affirmative action….I wonder who the people are who didn’t get admitted to Columbia and Harvard because he did?

          • boondoggles

            We really do not know who he is from. He knows but not sure he will ever really tell. God knows but one thing for sure is someone picked him decades ago for this job and had it in motion for a long time. That is why all of his records were scrubbed and noone ever said a thing about his false social security number and his background. Congress is complicit in this and that is why they stay quiet.

        • A_lawyer_who_knows

          As an Asian woman who long watched her original show, I am shocked to hear Oprah play the race card.

          Anyone hear Oprah complaining about the 97.4% Obama vote in historically-black Washington DC?

          Statistically, in 2008 or 2012, Obama was not the candidate who experienced racial discrimination.

          Take a look at the heat Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now taking for admitting to smoking Crack Cocaine vs the media ignoring Obama’s admission of having used cocaine… many would argue that is racial discrimination.

          • boondoggles

            And many made fun of George Bushs grades and we have yet to see one grade from Obama, they are hidden. Proof his grades were bad. With his ego he would have plastered them all over the internet and on tv if they had been good.

            • A_lawyer_who_knows

              John Kerry was widely regarded as a valedictorian as a candidate until it was revealed he received all C’s and D’s on his college transcript.

      • De’Marquise Elkins

        African Americans themselves, following black leaders like lemmings, are responsible for the resurgence of blatant racism. Hollering “racist” at everyone within ear-shot, they demand that the government and society give them special privileges, provide all their needs, and that they are always first-in-line.

        • Mobley22

          Ophat thinks we diss Obmama cause he black. Not at all. He a homo commie

          • WilliamWallace

            Oprah Winfrey is living, talking proof that:
            Anti-racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

            • MooTieFighter


        • MacDaddy12345

          If anyone should be first in line, it would be us Native Americans, after all both the whites and blacks acted together to take our lands and imprison us on reservations, which few have managed to escape and adapt to the “white man’s” world. Those of us that have adapted look askance at the black’s demands, they suffered 200 years and we have suffered 500 years, they lost their freedom but we lost our freedom, our culture, our livelihood and our land. So they need to sit down and shut up!

          • johnnyrh

            +1 MacDaddy, you really “tomahawked” Oprah’s race baiting. wink, wink

          • GNO54940MG

            I agree with you 100% but unfortunately we can’t change what has happened in the past & we went to war with your ancestors. I guess the casinos are a way of paying you back but we can’t change the culture that you have lost & it was a good and peaceful way to live. Maybe we wouldn’t have all these problems today if we would have lived based upon your culture. I guess the only thing I can say is Sorry?

            • MacDaddy12345

              No Problem, the upside to everything is that we are all Americans, no matter our ancestry or culture (We Choctaw managed to keep a lot of our culture because our way of life was already very similar to the European colonists and many of us still follow the old religion, such as my Grandfather). More and more the Native American is integrating into the modern American culture with only a few dissidents still actively “at war” with the white man.

          • MooTieFighter

            Every group has had struggles throughout history, but blacks hold the record on milking it for their own gain. We all know about the holocaust and terrible abuse against Jews, but when is the last time you heard them complain and expect special treatment or college acceptance based on their past?

            • MacDaddy12345

              Couldn’t agree with you more…when it comes to being victims, the American Blacks hold the record. Incidentally, I was Yale1961…

          • garytheobserver

            Amen MacDaddy, but not ALL Indian tribes were the gentle peaceful loving peoples that liberalism tries to make them out to be. Among the peaceful peoples some were truly blood-thirsty savages… not unlike the fact there are bad people everywhere and of every stripe. I have some significant Indian blood in me but since the official tribe will not recognize the “lost tribes” who escaped being forced onto govt reservations in Oklahoma and enrolled in the Dawes role enumeration… I am not able to be recognized for this heritage even by a subset of my own people.
            Ever hear a “Black Civil Rights” leader come out publically and support Native American causes? Not at all… instead they prefer to associate their “plight” as being more in line with homosexuals than Native Americans… (well, in this respect perhaps they have a point… tongue in cheek). The point of liberalism and one of its primary goals is of course to divide the races and ethnic groups… to keep us all far away from adopting a common “American” indentity. If we all just started to call ourselves simply “American” instead of a hyphenated/divided identity then that would JUST NOT DO!

            • MacDaddy12345

              Halito Gary, I myself am not a “full blood”, my Great Great Grandfather was a Scotsman that fell for a young Choctaw woman, hence the last name that lets me be “MacDaddy12345”..BUT, I am recognized as a full member of the Choctaw Nation. I have friends in your plight but it is not us, the Native Americans that will not recognize you, it is the Bureau of Indian Affairs (the much curse BIA) that will not let them recognize them. It is a weird setup, a good example, I married a Cherokee woman, we adopted two Choctaw boys (their mothers were single and gave them up for adoption) and we had two biological daughters. The boys are recognized as Choctaws, the girls are considered to be half-breeds and when they were of age they had to choose which tribe they could claim. The oldest is now a half breed Choctaw and the youngest is half breed Cherokee, even tho (except for the tiny bit of Scot blood their Great Great Great Grandfather contributed) they are full blooded Native Americans – this is how the White man tries to cut our numbers down! They have been doing this for generations and up until my Grand Dads time they would take young Native Americans and force them into boarding schools where they were not allowed to practice their religions, their cultures or speak their native languages – in other words “Forced Assimulation”! It worked, my Dad and us kids are as much “white men” as we are Native Americans. So your ancestors that escaped may have missed the worse, even if they could no longer be recognized by tribe. But as you pointed out and I said before, We are all Americans – we can be proud of our ancestry but that does not change the fact that we are Americans first and “insert ancestor here”- Americans second!

        • Dugway

          I despise him because of the content of his character, not because of the color of his skin.

          MLK’s dream is realized!

          ~~Question o-thority~~

          11/17/1973: "I am not a crook." RMN
          11/17/2013: ?? "I am not a liar." ?? bho

          • Lola Guin

            If we judged most blacks by the content of their characters, they’d be begging us to judge them by the color of their skin.

            • mojorisin69

              Race baiters NEVER give a single example of this so called racism.

              “Racism”, Liberals get out of jail free card.

              • 4juices

                I am deeply disappointed that Oprah thinks my dislike for the President is because he is black. Does it work both ways? Does she think Blacks did not like Bush because he was white?

                Could someone explain my respect for Condoleezza Rice, Collin Powel, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, J.C. Watts…..and even sometimes Oprah (although not now)? Is there something wrong with me?

                • joe_bob_gonzales

                  agree on all except Colon Powell. his disgusting sell out at the UN regarding the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq (when it was clear that there were none) totally destroyed whatever legacy he might have built in his lifetime prior to that point.
                  he sold out. loudly, in public, and for not good enough reasons.
                  he should have resigned and eventually he might even have run for president, and won. now, he could not get elected dog catcher in harlem.

                • 4juices

                  There were chemical weapons in Iraq, they were moved to Syria. Some were used against the Kurds. In addition, trailers that produced chemical weapons were found buried in Iraq.

                • JayHackett

                  You are correct.

                • CJB124

                  The innocent Iraqis and their children suffocating and dying in the streets year after year from ordered chemical gas attacks by Hussein, documented by national and international photographers and journalists before the invasion makes your idiotic liberal vomit invalid.

                • joe_bob_gonzales

                  apologies on the lack of communication. I am well aware of the chemical gas attacks against the Kurds, saddams own people and during the war with Iran. I was speaking of nuclear weapons. in fact, it was the US and Donald Rumsfeld who sold him the chemical stuff.

                  regardless of what you may think of me, many good young men and women died in Iraq for no good reason. much like in viet nam. and there is no excuse that over 500,000 Iraqi men women and children died there. in fact you may recall Madlyn Halfbright saying that it was okay that all those Iraqi children died there. and in the end, we lost anyway.


                  and Colin Powell, in my opinion, threw away his legacy.
                  he could have been, and should have been, a contender.
                  maybe that is why they made him do it.

                • JayHackett

                  No, you’re just fine

                • WordsFailMe

                  Have you noticed how simple and child like the world is for the nation of black America? Nothing is complex. My lack of a job, my failure to be promoted, my lack of healthcare– Everything that militates against black bliss has a white root.

                  An entire race, repeating the fourth grade forever at the University of Hate, Avarice and Stupidity,

              • Pendy1

                Any disagreement with any black person.

            • Rainier

              Anyway, who even Cares what Dope-ra has to say about Anything??!

              I blocked OWN on my Cable Box to keep her Lying Face off my TV and Out of my Children’s Heads. Furthermore, I don’t give a Rat’s (obama’s) Rear End what Anyone thinks about it. Oprah is a Racist at heart, just like Oblunder.

              • Dugway

                Is there a cable box that can switch channels away from obama?

                • TripleA60

                  No Oprah we do not disrespect the BHO because he is black, we disrespect the BHO for what he is…

                  1. I will have the most transparent administration.
                  2. I have Shovel ready jobs.
                  3. The IRS is not targeting anyone.
                  4. If four Americans get killed, it is not optimal.
                  5. There are going to be bumps in the road. (referring to Libya and Egypt protests/attacks).
                  6. ObamaCare will be good for America.
                  7. You can keep your family doctor.
                  8. Premiums will be lowered by $2500
                  9. You can keep your current healthcare plan
                  10. Just shop around, for that healthcare I claimed you wouldn’t lose.
                  11. I am sorry you lost your healthcare, (you know the health care you have to shop around for, ya the same health care I said you could keep, yup, that’s the one).
                  12. I did not say you could keep your health care. (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)
                  13. ObamaCare will not be offered to illegal immigrants.
                  14. ObamaCare will not be used to fund abortions.
                  15. ObamaCare will cost less than 1 Trillion Dollars.
                  16. No one making under $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime.
                  17. It is Bushes fault. (this can be inserted in between every statement).
                  18. It was about a movie.
                  19. I will fundamentally transform America.
                  20. If I had a son.
                  21. I am not a dictator.
                  22. I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
                  23. You didn’t build that.
                  24. I will restore trust in Government.
                  25. The Cambridge police acted stupidly.
                  26. I am not after your guns.
                  27. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. The BHO of (2006).
                  28. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics.
                  29. “If I don’t have this done in three years, then this is going to be a one-term proposition.
                  30. I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.
                  31. I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.
                  32. The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk
                  33. It’s not my red line it is the worlds red line.
                  34. Whistle blowers will be protected.
                  35. We got back Every Dime we Used to Rescue the Banks, with interest.
                  36. I am good at killing people.
                  37. I will close Gitmo. (but instead built them a $750,000 soccer field).
                  38. The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t, but she is a typical white person
                  39. I am not spying on American citizens.
                  40. By, on, on, by, Friday uh afternoon things get a little uh, uh challenged uh, uh ( when left to think for himself without a Teleprompter).
                  41. I am a Christian.
                  42. John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.
                  43. It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy.
                  44. UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems. (Attempting to make the case for government-run healthcare).
                  45. What’s good for illegal immigrants is also good for people who are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare.

                  And the biggest lie of all
                  I Barrack Hussain Obama pledge to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
                  Obama voters, here’s your sign…

                • Rich Vail

                  Well said sir!

                • DOCWRIGHT

                  I had to copy and past that for later. That was and awesome re-cap of what a lier and socialist idiot Obama, the democrats and the people who voted for them are. Best Post EVER.

                • DOCWRIGHT

                  No, because I do not have cable or dish, just an old fashion antenna on the top of my house… and I still get Obama on the screen sometimes.

                • Dugway

                  Invention Idea:
                  -Box between signal input and TV
                  -Box is able to change channels
                  -Box takes photos uploaded by user, compares photo to incoming signal
                  -If face uploaded by user appears in signal, channel changes to another channel.

                  Someone hurry, State of The Union address is in just a few months!

            • Killer_bees

              Got that right, every time a black is convicted of a crime which they committed, is because of their skin color.

            • $26217793

              Obamas twenty years with Rev. Wright being told_God_Damn_America_is a reflection of Obamas character!

            • rfrapal

              WELL SAID!

            • joe_bob_gonzales

              well, there is that. but perhaps true for many of us.

            • HalfMoments

              They are doing that already.

            • No_BlahBlah

              Hence, affirmative action

          • Trayvon Obama Hoodrat

            MLK’s dream is turning out to be like Robert Mugabe’s dream these days !!

            • joe_bob_gonzales

              MLK had some good ideas. I have read his speeches and agree with a lot. unfortunately, his acolytes have taken his dream and abused the holy dog Shiite out of it. for example: Je$$ie Jackson, the former FBI informant and Al “the Rev” Sharpton, who are more like terrorists and race baiters and extortionists (that is: pay us off or we march on you, you racist bastard). that is they took MLKs dream and much like the govt took the good ideas of John Maynard Keynes and then bastardized them into the idea that govt should intrude on every aspect of our lives and that debt and deficits don’t matter.
              basically, don’t blame the Original Dreamers, blame those instead who have turned that dream into a nightmare.

              • boondoggles

                Money is the root of all evil. Follow the money and you will find immoral, corrupt, unGodly people. Their God is money, Pelosi whose family has made millions off of the government, Feinstein whose husband has made millions off the government, Reid who has made millions off the government, Obama who never worked a day in his life who has made millions off the government. Now add to that Sharpton and Jackson and you get my drift and the rest of the cabal of elites be they repubs or dems.. Their God is money.

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            I have thought about your tag line for some time. and then it came to me. do not question authority as they no more of a clue than the rest of us.

            • Dugway

              O-thority: n. The perceived level of authority that president barack obama believes the office gives him. See Also: Extra-constitutional.

              No, actually my tagline is a play on a bumper sticker popular with the counter-culture types in the late 60’s/ early 70’s that said Question Authority. It would be no surprise if barack’s buddies, Bill Ayer and whatsername Dorn had the same bumper sticker.

              It was a reminder that The People have an obligation to challenge the powers that be, and not just take the word of politicians as the gospel.

              ~~Question O-thority~~

          • Rich Vail

            I would add that I don’t like him for his political positions as well.

          • Soul Leister

            Orca has it “blackwards” (deliberately misspelled for a reason… backwards not Orca).

            All whites hear from their racist black brothers and sisters is whitey this and whitey that (nword nword nword)… every other observation is “… because they are black” (is the ONLY excuse ever proffered by them for some screw-up no matter how small or monumental).

            What a bunch of useless garbage… is it any wonder blacks captured (slower not smart enough to get away) blacks and sold them to whom ever (to include other blacks) just to get them the hell out of their villages.

            I am sick and tired of (and having my children) being blamed for the abject stupidity of others just because we are not black… you make believe community organizers (disorganizers really) need to walk a mile in our shoes and stop pretending to have been slaves because NONE OF YOU HAVE BEEN, for generations now… grow up. Morons.

          • boondoggles

            MLK’s daughter does not agree with much of what Obama believes in. She was on tv.MLK had character, Obama does not.

        • Bob Jones

          I hate Marxists, not black people. I hate Socialists, not African Americans. I hate thieves, not people of color. I hate traitors of America, not folks with dark skin. I base none of my feelings about people on skin color.

          • Jett

            Well according to the black celeb set, that is not possible. You just a hater of the black man. What a sad mental disorder they have.

            • mojorisin69

              Thanks for showing your former predominantly white audience who you really are.

              Oprah is a racist

              • Killer_bees

                But, she occasionally cried on her program, like she “really” cared.

              • MooTieFighter

                White people has made Oprah rich and famous and now this is the only group that she has a grudge against. Sad. She was raped and assaulted when she was young by 3 blacks but her rage is directed against a group that helped pull her from this terrible past. You can’t win. Many blacks are simply racist and dislike whites.

                • DOCWRIGHT

                  Not all blacks… but racist black like Oprah and Barack and Michelle Obama and Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton and Jeramiah Wright for sure.

          • Klaus

            There’s a foreign-born Communist dictator in the White House, and the military didn’t lift a finger to protect that from happening. Trillions of dollars were stolen from Social Security to fund this so-called national defense, and what good is it?

            • joe_bob_gonzales

              hey, wait a while. the best part is yet to come when you have to pay taxes again on all that social security money that was taken and then replaced with nonnegotiable govt. securities. who is gonna fund those “notes” to pay the benefits.
              you get to pay twice for the same benefit that you aint gonna get anyway. soon they will start doing means testing on social security and such. that means that although you paid for all your working life, if you also saved and lived below your means and made investments…………well, then, you don’t need that social security.

              • DOCWRIGHT

                But Vic President Joe Biden is drawing his right now… has been for years. An’t that that the ultimate insult… A millionaire democrat drawing Social Security that we will never see … while he is the Vic President.

        • Bob Jones

          If Obama had a morbidly obese sister …

          • De’Marquise Elkins

            … She would be making ratchet fight videos on WorldStarHipHop !

          • joe_bob_gonzales

            very good.

        • Defiant

          Could you IMAGINE if white folks voted for a candidate just because he was white? I mean, I feel like we generally want a FEW additional qualifications in our candidates. For blacks it’s enough the candidate is black. Wow. Then we scratch our heads and wonder why the country is falling to pieces before our eyes.

          • DOCWRIGHT

            I know a few conservatives who happen to be black that did not vote for Obama. Not many, but I do know some personally.

        • warpmine

          Cannot disagree with statement.

      • De’Marquise Elkins

        FBI: Crime in the United States 2011, Table 43, FACTOR IN population per race from Census data. African Americans commit a DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE amount of crime compared to other races in the US !

        • Diamond Dave

          Everyone knows this, including them. And the disproportion is huge.

      • Tyler

        RIGHT. Obama is 50/50 WHITE AND BLACK. How can ANYONE be racist against him?! Oh but he LOOKS more black. Yeah, that’s what happens when you put chocolate in milk, it overpowers the visual side of the picture. Clearly Oprah and everyone who gets all crazy about the “black” president are all surface level thinkers and therefore have no meaningful opinions or thoughts.

        • warpmine

          SO what your saying is, they’re ignorant turds. If by meaningful you mean “he’s buff…cool….dresses great etc….. than yes.

      • Lola Guin

        That’s racism too, guy. I get that you’re joking, but racism against whites is on the rise. I don’t take it lightly that anti-white racism is funny to people, but anti-black racism is a serious matter. It’s BS.

        • warpmine

          It’s true, I hate white people, myself included because we’re not smart enough the black man as our new masta.

      • poh

        That must be the half that can’t shoot free throws.

        • warpmine

          Don’t get me started.

      • Meme Thompson

        Lets see, true conservatives see a black man’s success as a
        good thing. A foundation for others to used to better themselves and their community.

        Democrats see a successful black man as a sellout (or Uncle
        Tom) and will try everything in their power to destroy him. Democrats view a black man’s success as treason. How dare they break ranks and start thinking on their own. Others might see this and start doing the same.

        Who is the true suppressor (racist)?? Hmmm….

        Great example…. Blacks who immigrate to America, more often
        than not, are successful and contribute to society. Why? Because they were taught, America is the land of dreams. It’s sad, when a black immigrant has a greater appreciation for this fine country; than the ones born here.

        Wakeup black American. You are all beautiful and you have more to offer, than what the true suppressors (democrats) suggest. If black immigrants can do it, I KNOW you can too.

        • candidviews

          Perhaps the most astute observation here. Truth in all its simple splendor.

    • $1183266


    • Chriss Markey

      Oprah, you would still be a stupid racist beech – even if you were white.

    • Liberty_Jane

      So you’re saying it IS about color. You hate his RED half. Me too.

      • Guest

        Half? If only…

    • Faith Wano

      This is her new marketing tack for OWN since the viewership is mostly African American. This line plays with this demographic and makes money for her by increasing viewership. Like Al and Jesse, she’s monetized the racial beliefs of African Americans

    • ham&egg

      Oprah, the simple truth is you continue to support Obama because he is black. Stop being a racist and call it for what it is. Obama is a failure and that is no disrespect!

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      Since MLK, African Americans have received support from ALL Americans of ALL races. Welfare, food stamps, housing supplements, free health care, affirmative action, racial hiring, school quotas, minority set-asides, and on and on… Even so, blacks continue to hold ALL Americans of ALL colors in complete contempt… Including themselves.

    • violetvirginia

      Dr. Ben Carson/AllenWest 2016

      • ecurbyy

        That ticket would assure a win in 2016. We would have a competent, qualified conservative Republican as POTUS. And simply being black would assure 110% of the black vote.

        • jaydeebee

          And anyone who didn’t vote for them would be racist.

          • ecurbyy

            Exactly! It’s winner winner, chicken dinner.

          • Dianewe

            They’re Both more Qualified than Hilliary “Who Cares” .

        • violetvirginia

          And America would prove once again that we do have competent people.

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      Despite being 12.6% of the US population, African Americans
      mooched 40% of all welfare in 2012 !!

    • Ron Athrawes

      Very few people in the USA hate Barry for the color of his skin. He is mostly hated for his dictatorial approach to executing the office of the President and his socialist policies that are nothing but failure. Just look at Europe.

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      I don’t like Obama because he is a Chicago “community organizer” THUG.

    • Dianewe

      She sold her Soul to the Devil and her debt is Due. Incompetince is Incompetince and regardless of ones skin color.
      Marxist Progressives are trying to destroy America and impoverishing the Middle Class, and when she helped Elect him she “OWN”s Him Pardon the Pun. No Opieor Obamie.

      • M75462

        I have no doubt that she sold her soul to the devil….

    • lunkerjim1

      If they are Red, Yellow, Black or White it does not matter. The person who is the president CAN NOT rule by edict on their whim. The president is not a King and we kicked out the last one 237 years ago. What he is doing is UNCONSTUTIONAL (aka ILLEGAL!) and that’s the real problem. If OBAMA has no respect for the Constitution (aka THE LAW) then how can he expect anyone else to respect it? He is not ABOVE THE LAW. With no respect for the law we are all doomed. Impeach OBAMA NOW and save America.

      • Klaus

        How can you hold Obama to a higher standard than Bush-appointed and Republican-approved Chief Justice Roberts, who legislated from the bench that forcing Americans to pay for the profits of privately-owned insurance corporations is a “tax”? Executive orders are unconstitutional, but you don’t see Republicans voting to abolish the practice. R = D. They’re both owned and operated by the same globalists who are destroying America for a hundred years. Even Canadian Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs, Obama’s biggest contributor. America has democracy theater, not a constitutional republic.

    • TheLibertyDefender

      Exactly. This is just simple race-baiting. How are we racists when we would support black people like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, or Allen West? (And they’re all technically “more black” than Obama is…considering Obama is 1/2 white, 3/8 Arab, and only 1/8 African)


      OR Herman Cain.

    • Cristóbal Colón

      Just change BHO to become a Republican and see how fast the entire left turns on him.

    • Arminius

      With Herman Cain for VP, and Ben Carson as Surgeon General.

      Barack Obama is a halfwhite halfwit. His blackness is inconsequential.

    • De’Marquise Elkins


    • L R

      Allen West/Ben Carson 2016! Yea, baby!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cahal the Mad™

      Exactly my reasoning for opposing Obama as well.

    • disqus4u

      The fact that O’Bummer has absolutely no qualifications for pResident (proved over and over again) escapes this stupid woman.
      Maybe she would like to put him in charge of her finances and business interests?
      I didn’t think so.

    • Dr Alan O

      Apparently you missed the Psych 101 class explaining how to hate others you must hate yourself!

    • Christian AKP

      you are racist against the humain race not against Obama. You have a serious problem

    • Harry Balls

      “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that
      occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African
      American who took a oath to uphold the US CONSTITUTION.

      Oprah there are countless American men and women who gave their lives
      so you would have the opportunity to own a business in America.

    • Faith Wano

      This is about money. OWN network relies on African American viewers so Oprah says how they think. This is free advertising $. If it weren’t profitable, Al and Jesse wouldn’t do it

    • ItWasAboutTime

      I dislike Obama because he is an IDIOT!! I dislike Oprah because she chooses to support an IDIOT!! Race has nothing to do with it. She seems desperate for attention these days.

    • Guest

      I disrespect Obama because he’s a lying, corrupt, petty dictator who cares only about rewarding his cronies for putting him in power.

      I deeply respect Dr. Ben Carson for rising up from poverty and all the good he does for humanity.

      You racist blacks need to get the chip off your shoulder. You should be thanking your creator every morning that slavery existed in the early US because had it not, you’d be living in the hell hole of Africa. Instead you live in a country where we feed you, house you and educate you, in spite of your constant complaints, hatred and violence towards us.

      • Conservative_Utopia

        Don’t really agree with the hypothetical history revision, but “you live in a country where we feed you, house you and educate you, in spite of your constant complaints, hatred and violence towards us” is pretty fitting for the whole Maury Povich crowd regardless of pigment. Good p;oint.

    • Press Watchusa

      What an ungrateful witch –

      She thrived because not only blacks watched her

      but if you look at her audience – It is mostly Caucasian

      Obama is hated because he is incompetent

      Allen West is liked because he is Competent

      Dr. Ben Carson is brilliant

      – I would vote for either of them in a minute

      Down goes her logic !

    • RESIST

      I’d prefer Thomas Sowell as Emperor.

  • jade Alexander.

    Isn’t it funny white women made her ass and stupid white women made the difference to get him elected twice.

    • Patriot077

      Not too funny though I recognize the irony. I know I’ve lost friends because I didn’t fall for his schtick.

      • warpmine

        Lost an entire segment of my family. I hate stupid people.

        • Herbert Rex Shanahan III

          I’m alone in mine.

    • $7337178

      No–it’s just sad. Even sadder is Obama has three more years to do away with term limits for himself.

  • Robyn Nurnberger

    No Oprah..only YOU are thinking it..YOU are a racist… Obama is NOT judged by the color of his skin , but rather by the his character.. the same as you now are being judged bc your character screams “poor me I’m black and you hate me bc of it” mentality.. you need to grow up and try acting like an adult.

    • Patriot077

      To think that I once admired her for overcoming her miserable beginnings to achieve phenomenal success. What a phoney! Too bad she has a platform to spew her hate.

      • Nick25

        You fell for her stupidity, welcome to the RIGHT side!!!! I always knew she was a scourge.

        • Patriot077

          I haven’t watched her show or read her recommended books for many, many years, but I did not see racism on parade in the early years.

  • Chasman

    Now who’s the racist? Your a pig Oprah!!

  • celestiallady

    Oprah forgets that it has been Americans that helped to make her rich. She will only hurt herself by saying such things. I can’t stand her and haven’t watched her shows for years.

    • Lesa Fields

      I believe she’s retired from show biz…but if not her ship is sinking. She has to be retired to pull such a a STUPID PR move. Oprah, I really liked you…but now you repulse me along with your pals! It’s not your color, Oprah. it’s because you belong to the Racist Posse!

    • Divegoddess

      I am ashamed of her, I truly thought she was above this.

      • aggietx2

        “… I truly thought she was above this.”
        Then you haven’t been paying attention. It’s been obvious for a LOOOOONG time.

  • AmericanDuckie

    Sorry Oprah. I’d hate the commie in chief if he was white too.
    You’re pathetic to play the race card for personal gain and wealth. Typical hypocrite.

    • badbadlibs

      If it will make her happy, I’ll tell her I hate his white side the most.

    • Patriot077

      I hate his white side and his RED inside.

    • John Q. Jones

      I thought the liar-in-chief said he was only 12% black, 38% arab, and 50% white… Dangit.. now I have to research it…anyone got a link? ROFL!!

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      FBI: Crime in the United States 2011, Table 43, FACTOR IN population
      per race from Census data. African Americans commit a DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE amount of crime compared to other races in
      the US.

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      13% of the US population, yet responsible for over 52% of the murders, and over 34% of the rapes each year. Blacks also account for roughly 45% of the prison population. Thanks Obama.

  • Mark Salinger

    Amazing. My once high opinion of Oprah and what she pulled herself out of keeps being smacked down by…. Oprah. What the heck!

    It seems there are some black people who no matter how high they rise in life they can never get past race or prior experiences with real racism and they start to see it everywhere. That is extremely sad and disturbing.

    • Patriot077

      It’s as if some of them believe that no other ethnicities (especially whites) have any struggles of their own. I have no tolerance for this demand for respect. Respect is earned, so get out there and earn it and quit blaming others.I don’t even tell my friends some of the stuff that my family went through because it makes them cry. I blame noone and have nothing but pride for my parents who worked very hard their whole lives and never took a dime they didn’t earn themselves.

  • Lisa Pratt

    I dont like her and havent for a while,,and hey guess what oprah,,you and every other black person likes and voted for him because he is i guess turn about is fare play right..I just love how they have the whites holding the umbrellas for

  • marketcomp

    When are we going to start realizing that Oprah, Obama, Michelle, and so many others are just as racist as any other racist.

    • BadOldHag

      More so, and very bitter; and they have the money and audience to perpetuate it. Oprah didn’t come-off as the typical stereotype black woman when she started her show. It has come to pass, though, that she fits the description of the cotton field slave who was emancipated, and is now getting even with whitey. I have as much tolerance for her as I do the others mentioned by marketcomp.

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      In the TOP 10 US CITIES 2012 by murder rate, a DISPROPORTIONATELY LARGE amount of homicides are committed by African Americans.

      Top 5 for starters:
      1) Flint, Michigan
      2) Detroit, Michigan
      3) New Orleans, Louisiana
      4) St Louis, Missouri
      5) Baltimore, Maryland

  • Mikki Ford Cromer

    What an incredible disappointment. I am sure there are people that can’t see past the presidents skin color but I think his politics are far more what people lack respect for. His skin color is incidental. I won’t say I can’t stand her because she has done very altruistic things but to hear her fall back on the excuse of color when things don’t go her way is just sad. What an incredible cop out.

    I guess that the reason that people don’t like me is because I’m fat.

    • warpmine

      That’s who most of these progs are, they see the entirety of life in terms of race. I’ve met some beautiful people out there and I’ve met that absolute scum and color makes little difference. May the Devil be a white guy one day and a black guy the next, anything to teach these scum a lesson.

      • Mikki Ford Cromer

        The trouble is that they don’t realize that by bringing it up continuously they are perpetuating the stigma. Ignore the idiots that see color first and character after. I do.

      • Lesa Fields

        OMG, that’s great! May the Devil be a white guy bunches of times to this creature! She cries Racist now because she’s retired and doesn’t have to count on all those White-women’s money.

        Oprah, Wow…you are too much, showing ur true colors…lol. Let’s cry “racist”, now that we have all we’ve ever wanted. We have nothing to loose. Oprah, seems like ‘ol Barry’s got you fooled too (still).

        • warpmine

          Natural born Muslim.

    • squinn

      It’s not altruism if it’s based in narcissism: “Hey, everyone! Look at me! Aren’t I special (because of what I do and not who I am). If I give you a car, you’ll like me. You’ll really, really like me.”

      • Mikki Ford Cromer

        If that was her motivation I would agree. But I can’t prove that so I will err on the side of caution and assume she was doing good for the sake of good until proven otherwise. Unlike her in this instance I will not make a blanket assumption.

  • Fed Up

    Oprah, you’re another liar and deceptive person at that. The old race card is so tired. Have you met with Col. West or Dr. Carson? Probably not. And if not, you have no real credibility. You’re simply another opportunist and many are waking up to your slippery tongued agenda, just like we all are with Obama. Most educated blacks are waking up to your and Barry’s BS anyway. Goodbye. Go live in another part of the world.

  • Laurel

    Does that idiot know that her self made billionaire status makes her look and sound utterly stupid when she says this stuff?!

    Oprah dear…you wouldn’t be rich if that were the truth. You wouldn’t even be a brand name.

    • badbadlibs

      We are very often on the same wave length!
      I was going to say much the same, but you did a better job then I would have anyway, so I say Kudos friend!
      What a horrible woman, she’s led so many onto hell with her brain dead spiritual beliefs and now she’s dissing Americans on foreign soil.
      A body can only take so much!

      • Laurel

        It’s just so patently absurd. I can’t believe she says something like that. There aren’t enough minorities in America to make her the success that she is.

        And really if people of all ideologies and stripes want to stamp out racism they need to stand up to this sort of thing no matter who says it. Until racism is really recognized for what it truly is, and then confronted, it will never go away. Oprah and all those like her weaponized racism and they did it on purpose once their wealth was secured.

        • Patriot077

          Yup. They also keep stirring it up to keep themselves in the money. There is no money to be made if everyone is content and taking care of their own business.

          • Laurel

            I have to agree with that.

  • beverlysue

    I am so ashamed of her..seriously.. I admired her for a long time, till she whored out for obama.. Thought she learned her lesson when the king and queen of race card players DISSED her, But I guess not.. Shame on you disgust me now

  • aPLWBinAK

    Oprah, you dumb sh*t, the office of the President is disrespected, not because we are a racist nation, but because this Marxist President has debased it with his lawless, anti-American agenda(s).

  • $7337178

    The question to her should be. Would she hire Barry to do anything for her? If she happened to be hooked to a polygraph and said yes, there would be one less polygraph machine.

  • Laurel

    I gotta ask…Is the chip on one’s shoulder genetic????

    • AmericanDuckie


  • Patriot077

    No, Oprah, it is trickle down contempt. It starts from the top and flows over every American. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin; it is the color of his politics – RED. Every thing the man does is harmful to our nation’s survival. Put that in your pipe and shut the hell up with the racist crap. You and Jesse Jackson make a fine couple.

    • Amjean

      If you don’t mind I am going to use that line – “It has nothing to do with
      the color of his skin; it is the color of his politics – RED”. What a great
      way of saying the truth.
      The blacks are just panicking because whites are getting tired of the
      racist game they play to get everything they want. We are aware of
      the extortion.

      • Patriot077

        Please feel free, Amjean. The man is a cretin. A disgrace upon the nation.
        Frederick Douglass was correct when he told Lincoln not to do anything special for the slaves once they were emancipated. He said they should be left alone and they would be fine. They were managing just fine, too, until LBJ destroyed their family structure. I’m not saying that everything was perfect and fair, but I think affirmative action was a bridge too far that damaged every citizen, of every race, in one way or another.

  • Vorlath –

    I’m in a minority and this is BS. Playing the minority card is the last refuge of the disgruntled. It’s so easy to just blame it on others instead of taking responsibility for your actions. Obama is the one who’s disrespectful to the office, no the other way around.

  • aPLWBinAK

    If she sincerely wanted to have an honest discussion about race, and she wasn’t a coward….she’d have Walter Williams on her show for a full hour……or Eric Rush, or Micheal Massie.

    • AmericanDuckie

      Perfectly said!

  • Carol Woodruff Ingram

    When did she become a mind reader? Everyone is thinking it. What an utterly ignorant remark. I think that she sounds very racist. If we all were racist she would not be where she is at today. Did she ever stop and consider that? Hey Oprah, stop talking nonsense and using the race card. It is getting old.

  • toongoon

    Racism gave him the office Oprah. The disrespect shown to him is in response to the disrespect he shows for the office he holds and the Constitution he promised to uphold.

    Oprah, you have gotten quite wealthy from your white audiences. You didn’t show disrespect for them, at least, not until now.

  • FreeManWalking

    I have had it with the race card especially against a half white person@hole.

  • doorsxp

    Screw you Oprah.

    YOU are GUILTY of amplifying the DIVIDE between people on race.

    YOU are GUILTY of helping promote the horrible POLICIES of this president who has presided over a decline in virtually every economic category for black Americans.

    YOU support entrapping people in government dependency DISGUISED as empowerment.

    YOU are GUILTY of refusing to let go of the desire to separate us by race.

    YOUR race OBSESSION is NOT shared by us.

    Tell us about the genocide against black babies who are aborted at higher rates than any other. How dare you lecture us on race while you support such an ATROCITY!

    I would call you a hypocrite, but that would be unfair to hypocrites. You are much much worse than that.

    Slavery, which your party the Democrat party fought FOR, is no more in America. Segregation, which the your party the Democrat party fought FOR, is over. Yet you and your party just can’t let go of a viewing the world as a racial landscape on which to separate us all. You have created this FALSE world IN YOUR OWN SICK MIND.

    Get down from your high horse. You do not know our minds and hearts. You are judging FALSELY by YOUR OWN twisted world view. I’m sick of your phony race derangement that distracts from and mocks true problems we face.

    Shut your destructive mouth you imbecile.

    • AmericanDuckie

      Thread winner.

      • Martha Cortez

        I concur!

    • Judges718

      Wow…that was cathartic and I didn’t write it…I just read it.

  • lawngren

    “There’s no question about that”hahahaha…. whatta sack of … goodnight, folks, I’m going home and revive my brain with a couple of old Cheers videos. They make more sense, they’re a lot more fun, and Diane Chambers looks way better than oprah did on her bast day …. assuming oprah ever had a best day…

  • jcam00

    Oh well screw it i guess since so many people obviously hate black people according to Oprah i give up I was not a racist but I am now… Thanks for showing me the light O… Really she needs to stfu so sick of people playing the race card its absolutely disgusting.

  • Laurel

    If Oprah wants to talk about racism why doesn’t she bring up the virulent antisemitism within the Black community?

  • xlogic1013

    I am very disappointed that she, of all people, is playing the race card. I don’t like Obama because of his politics and that he is a narcissist. He did not care that there were glaring glitches in the healthcare law. He only wanted to protect his legacy. We, Americans, are about to be hosed. Nothing will get solved because of the partisanship in Washington.

  • Lesa Fields

    S/he who accuses anyone of racism is apparently racist her/himself. Because
    you are what you think of others…if not, they wouldn’t be able to accuse others of that very thing. Oprah forgets that blacks are still a minority…and with the racist
    thots clouding her mind she fails to realize that it was the wishful white-man who put him into office due to his LIES, LIES, LIES! Besides all that, I believe he’s been figured out and I know God’s got this. I also wanna mention that THIS white girl didn’t fall for his impossible promises EVER. I cannot believe he was ever elected even once. I obviously held the public at large to a much higher standard. I know there are others out there like me who could see right thru those empty promises that I for one knew were impossible to accomplish.

    • Martha Cortez


    • 57thunderbird

      Yep.You are not alone.When he said he would be transparent,I knew he was right,because I could see right through him.

      • Lesa Fields


  • warpmine

    The truth squeaks out, many Americans hate Obama. She had to add the racial slur as he own projection. She hates many Americans because she’s black and we just can’t see the world from her perspective which happens to be racial this racial that, everything happens because of race. Go back under you rock.

  • James Marcum

    the worst part is that she believes the lies she is spreding. Because we reject socialism we’re racist? Please!!!!

  • joyfulgiver

    Hey Oprah, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with his lack of wisdom and knowledge in running the free world and his lack of integrity.

    My Pastor is a darker shade of brown than I am, Ok, he’s black, but honestly I don’t see it, he is an amazing God fearing man who teaches the TRUTH from the Word of God and it is his teaching that draws thousands to our church every week.

  • Kevin Days

    Oprah, just shut up already…

  • Emma Brown

    oprah, you are a bigger idiot than obama, and a racist on top of that..

  • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian

    One of the biggest racist there is calling people racist because we don’t like the (p)resident….Duh, why would anyone like/support someone who spews lie after lie, and cover up deaths, scandal after scandal nobody takes any responsibility for any wrong doing, He says “The Buck Stops Here” and he just passes in on or throws somebody under the bus…. changes the rules of engagement so our Soldiers are dying and losing limbs for it! And the list just goes on and on and on and on and on………..

  • Jessica Entringer Jungling

    Its funny how this woman never thinks that anything she ever says is racist….I hate Obama because he’s a moron not because he is black…Oprah is racist in every sense she got where she is because of her fans now she’s bashing them because people hate Obama…SHE ONLY BACKS OBAMA BECAUSE HE IS BLACK! But only white people can be racist right? Whatever!

  • Eric Gravelle

    Oh here we go again, white people are racist they hate obama because he’s black, she was disrespected in Sweden because she was black, whatever. I’ll fill you in on me, can’t talk for all the other white folks in the U.S. like you obviously can since you are so smart. I take people individually, I make up my own opinions on the person that I am talking with at the time, color means nothing. The person’s CHARACTER, is the upmost important and what I base my opinion of that person on. So when it comes to your beloved obama, I don’t like him because he is a liar, thief, cheat, killer ( Benghazi for example) and many other things that time will show. So to break the myth that you have of white people, I dislike him because he is of terrible and unspeakable character. As for you I don’t like you because you are a pompous ass that thinks you know way more than you do and categorize people to their color. Oh wait doesn’t that make you a bigoted racist with the comment you made?

    • Faye Stampe

      It wasn’t Sweden, it was Zurich, Switzerland. I’ve been there, the clerks don’t want you touching the merchandise but they are very happy to show you and sell their wares. They also speak English. Oprah is a liar like her pal Barry.

  • Haywoodjbl

    This woman is full of sht….if that is the case how did a black woman like her get to be so successful? Not from other blacks…….

    • Martha Cortez


    • Faye Stampe

      So true — she got rich because she was an affirmative action black women and white people made her famous AND she was in the U.S. Could she have become a rich woman in Nigeria? Sudan? South Africa?

  • danny

    You of all ppl you got rich off the poor black ppl. You are races for that a$$. Who is your woomamm for the nite

  • fed-up

    …and that’s the only reason she likes Obama. There’s one thing she fails to mention; if only all of the black people in America voted for Obama, he wouldn’t have been elected. It took other races including whites to get him elected. By the way; not all blacks voted for him; does that make them racist?

  • Liza Mack

    Will people PLEASE stop watching Oprah? What is the fascination with this woman? Are housewives across the US really this bored and lonely?

    • 57thunderbird


    • OneThinDime

      Not housewives, welfare recipients.

  • Nick25

    This broad has done more damage in America and she’s warped the minds of women that aren’t too bright to begin with to the point of no return.

    She makes me sick, not because she’s black, but because she’s stupid.

    • OneThinDime

      Would bet she supports the ObamaCare ads with women promoting sex with strangers now that they have birth control pills.

  • mcgurn

    Consider the source. Doperah Windbag has been a racist from day one.

    • 57thunderbird


  • axethecouncil

    Yeah and when I turn off the lights in my house it gets black-do I hate nighttime?

  • 57thunderbird


  • Mike H1776

    Opra you are wrong, in these times the only people thinking by color is people of color and comunists/socialist who would love nothing more that to keep the colors seperated where the rest of us just want unity in America so we can take our country back and imprison the traitors and ship the anti- Americans back to the countries they seem to love so dearly. So You are SO wrong in your thinking and also only those that say things like that are thinking them. seems like you just offended most of the free thinking world you might want to start figuring out how your going to support yourself after this video gets out to the world.

  • Mike

    Black loves black and to hell with everyone else. That’s Oprah, that’s Obama. There isn’t anyone in the world as racist as the American black person. They all are still crying about slavery. Get over it, it was 150 years ago. You weren’t slaves, nor were your parents or grandparents. Quit crying for special treatment, quit blaming whites for the problems inherent to your race and live a freaking life already.

  • Madame_deFarge

    No Oprah. It’s because he has desecrated the office by bald face lies from the beginning. Because he has broken his promises to the people and country; because he is a traitor.
    Funny, I was never a racist when I wholeheartedly supported Dr. King.

  • 57thunderbird

    Oprah,your racism is showing.

  • Bette

    Not true!

  • CurlyBill

    How can she be so smart and so stupid at the same time? Oh…typical democratic/communist trait…. Thats how.

    • toongoon

      What made you think was she ever smart? They told us Obama was smart, otherwise we never would have known….

      • CurlyBill

        Damn… Yer right, sorry bout that! :)

  • Michael Downham

    Oprah the only reason you believe EVERYBODY is thinking it is because you think it too!!! I don’t hate him cuz he’s black I hate him because he is a lying, snake oil sales man, that is really not even an american, that wants to undermine the U.S. from the inside, with his Taliban friends!!! He is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country! He lies and then tells more lies to cover up the lies he just told. i get it He’s a politician, but his lies are ALL recorded daily, and he has nothing to back up his waffling, but video and audio bites that keep telling us he is lying!!!

  • Messenger’of Jesus

    what about war crimes and treason? He is a traitor I don’t care about his color I care about facts!

  • Dis

    She is lying, she and others accused, vilified, ridiculed and slandered Bush. They still do. This goes to show you can take pig out of a sty but it’s still just a pig

  • madeuce42

    you want to portray us as racist so you can hide your own racism. I like Alan West and i like his policies I do not like obama’s Policies does that make me or you racist. no one who is alive was responsible for what the blacks like to blame us for. Obama was elected because he was black , no other qualification got him elected THAT IS RACIST

  • colint

    Palin/West 2016

  • Martha Cortez

    And she knows what people think because she thinks she’s God.

  • sutherncon

    She is just making a racist fool of herself. British people can see and hear just as well if not better than we can.

    • toongoon

      The Brits know how she slandered that poor clerk in Sweden. She ain’t foolin anybody!

  • Abolish Holders OftheLight

    I like how she was looking to the left without control like a twitch which FBI tactics tell us she was making that stuff up out of thin air.

  • Mwarren1

    I think it’s time for Oprah to stop counting her money and pay attention to the world around her. Claims of racism against obama is second only to the number of Democrats holding their noses.

    • 57thunderbird

      She wouldn’t have enough to count if many women in America would wake up.

    • OneThinDime

      Oprah doesn’t have much money left to count.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Hey, Oprah, many blacks voted for the current president solely because he’s black…there can be no doubt about that! Seems like blacks can be racists too!

    • CalCoolidge

      Like all the members of the Black Caucus.

  • Martha Cortez

    Some people say it, but not everybody thinks it. You think it might have to do with any of his treasonous acts. Noooooo. Shut up, Oprah.

  • Martha Cortez

    And might I add, is all her audience and are all her fans black??? Answer that, Oprah.

  • Kirk Baker

    with that comment she has just become the biggest racist of the day I don’t dislike nobama because he’s half black I despise him because he’s a socialist anti American peace of sh*t that has commited tyranny against the USA and should be impeached and jailed.

  • Kristal

    Why do people fail to mention / remember that he is also half white? He was birthed by a white woman!

    • AmericanDuckie

      It doesn’t fit the narrative the progs want to push.
      Remember he was also raised by a white woman.. “a typical white person” according to the dear leader.

      • toongoon

        In the same way that Zimmerman was a WHITE hispanic.

        • AmericanDuckie

          Bingo Toon!

    • dba_vagabond_trader

      The left adhere to their own version of racist Nuremburg Laws, one drop of black blood =

    • Subie201

      Yea, but that is the part of his life he has tried to wipe out!

      • Bill589

        And one doesn’t wipe out good things.

    • Faye Stampe

      Was he really? No one knows this guys true history, orgins, etc. It is all sealed. You’re just repeating what the media has told us. I don’t believe it. Columbia, Harvard? sure. Records sealed – interesting.

      • Kristal

        Good point!

      • OneThinDime

        His mother was white and all of her children were 1/2 and 1/2 all with different daddies, if she or they even know who they are/were.

    • Bill589

      I fail to mention or care to remember that he is also half white because I don’t care what color he is. I’m not racist.
      But why do the statists fail to mention that he is also half white? They ARE racists – race is important to them. (This is besides the other good reasons mentioned in these comments.)

  • Booker

    Oprah’s got new merchandise to sell.

    • hbnolikeee

      She’s selling a crap load of racism.

    • OneThinDime

      Selling another movie. Wonder if it’s filled with lies and racism like the last one.

  • Gail Hilton Nagle

    I loved Oprah, and followed her national show from day one. Until it became too materialistic for me. I thought so much better of her than this. I hate barack because he is a stumbling clueless ineffective puppet of a man. You will note his race was not mentioned. Because it does not matter. Oprah, you stepped over a HUGE line here. Shame on you. I will shield my family and friends from your hateful, racist views. YOU, maam, are the definition of a bigot. Good day.

  • Conservative_Utopia

    I don’t hate Oprah, (maybe if I got to know her better, ha ha) because she’s a free market a-ho and not a gov’t employee. But now I’m wondering: How much crony capitalism went into her promotion and content via CBS and the syndicate?

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Yeah sure Oprah, keep flogging that dead race card. Meanwhile, those hateful caucasians elected him twice.

    • smmy33

      Sure Oprah whatever makes you sleep at night..

      That reality which this fat cow in a wig knows all to well is because Obama’s black he’s been held to a lower standard and has gotten away with a level of incompetence, untruthfulness, corruption and power grabs that a white President would never have been able to get away with .

      And he’s not been treated with the usual mockery, the western nations subject their leaders to, because once the flood gates open Obama would be savaged by how easy it would be to laugh at and mock him, and it would make society uncomfortable like laughing at a mentally challenged person, best to endure then to hold someone black to the same standard , that’s what the media and the left believes but wouldn’t say.

  • Ldeuel

    Why does this always have to be about race. He is a liar and a fraud. Those are the facts and that has nothing to do with his color only his character.

  • hbnolikeee

    6 Years ago, I asked some who Obama was as I had never heard of him. The response was to call me a racist. First time in 50 years ANYONE called me that. At that moment I realized we’re in trouble.

    • Sentinel

      (Sing to the tune of the Dr. Pepper jingle) I’m a racist, she’s a racist, he’s a racist, wouldn’t you like to be a racist too? Be a racist, come be a racist… They don’t know us and are too stupid or lazy to get to know us.

  • Subie201

    I used to have so much respect for this woman, loved her show and mag! But now she has become a stupid old shrew racist! You forget madam….there were many white women in your audiences as I recall. You think you are all high and mighty. It seems you are covering a deep wound left there by Michelle and Valerie, who the later, poisoned your buddies wife against you! Let’s face it..three women competing for Baracks affections could create a problem. Val wasn’t risking it. So you see Oprah, you have lost your fans for nothing!

    • rush fan

      Yeah, I used to watch her show, i am ashamed to say. I loathe this racist POS. What a sad stupid woman.

    • dba_vagabond_trader

      Sorry, she pawned you, I never liked her and always detected her racism and contempt hidden just below the surface.

      • slave2liberty

        100% in concurrence. My mom used to give me a bad time for being so critical of her phoniness.

      • Subie201

        Didn’t want to believe it I guess!

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Wonder what his “typical white grandmother” would say about that.

  • Faye Stampe

    What an idiot —- most people disagree with his policies not his skin color. He is a fraud, liar & trojan horse. The U.S. has accepted people from all countries and backgrounds — we abolished slavery — how about Nigeria, Iran, the Sudan? So Oprah defends anything African-yet was she born there? Does she live there? What is she —6th generation? If she is so pro African-why not leave the U.S. and go live there. Wait — would she have made her millions in Africa? No, of course not. She’s a hypocrite. She should feel damn lucky she is in the U.S. I’d like to see her walk 2 days for water.

  • slave2liberty

    Suddenly Oprah is no longer just a self-important do-gooder, but now a mind reader as well, who can see through the imaginary code words and get at what really lurks in the souls of men?

    I’m tired of these unfounded, asinine accusations being laid out by these left-wing dolts who are too ignorant to understand the basis of the beliefs for many of us who despise Obama’s principles.

    Queen O. This has nothing to do with your paranoia, but everything to do with the tyrannical false religion that your lord and savior Barack Obama worships.

    • Subie201

      The network made her look like a “do-gooder” because the sponsors paid for all those “give-aways.”

      • slave2liberty

        seriously. But she still bankrolled her career on the “charity” schtick that amounted to .000000000000001% of her daily income. The suckers lapped it up like good dogs.

  • C.L. Strasburg

    Really, Oprah? Is your own monumental success due to an all black audience? Was Obama voted into office – TWICE – by an all black electorate? The man has FAILED. It’s just that simple. I hoped that Obama would park his Marxist bent at the curb and govern according to the laws of the land. But, no, he took it full tilt once he moved into the White House. It’s NOT the GOP or BUSH that’s responsible for this sorry mess .. Obama OWNS it. You can’t possibly be paying attention to the damage he has done or perhaps you don’t see it because it’s YOU that’s the RACIST.

    • OneThinDime

      She played the race card all throughout her career as well.

      • C.L. Strasburg

        Obviously she’s a very troubled woman.

        • OneThinDime

          She’s been selling off things like Michael Jackson did right before he was declare bankrupt…..hummm….

    • Subie201

      Very well said!

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    In all my 60 years there has never been a president more contemptuous of ALL the American people. A vulgar race baiting communist.

  • Sentinel

    Thank you Oldfat Winfrey. Who’s the racist now? Idiot.

  • InfoDump

    I hate Obama’s white half. How ’bout them apples?

  • kssturgis62

    Yeah I am sure they are thinking that Oprah. The same way all the WHITE PEOPLE WHO MADE YOU A BILLIONAIRE were thinking it when they watched you for 25 years and bought all the books and goodies you would push.

    You see Oprah Racism, lies and Distortion of history are in your mind. That is how you can exist. But you failed with many Whites and Blacks when you decided to start your New Age Religion, and say Jesus wasn’t necessary.

    OH how is OWN by the way? FAILING. So going around saying everyone is racist isn’t helping is it? Blacks aren’t watching and buying it either. You are irrelevant. Go Back to your homes, and stay there.


    Oprah – you are so very wrong.. I (and many more people) do not give a hoot if the president it black, brown, white, pink, yellow or orange…. As a matter of fact, I was hoping that this “black” president would give the blacks in America and the world something to be proud of… That certainly hasn’t happened, has it… Why don’t you give white people a chance to tell you what we think about the president and give black people a chance to tell you what they think about the president… A great majority of people of ALL RACES will tell you, Ms. Winfrey that our president is a joke, a liar, and a fraud…

    • Kristal

      Right On!

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom
  • nibblesyble

    I started reviling this woman a long time ago when she argued with a lady that Jesus was not the only way to Heaven and that God was jealous of her…Puh-lease.

    • Rena Van Slyke


  • slave2liberty

    Oprah’s success has a lot to do with Americans of ALL colors. Yet we are somehow to believe that the same whites who love Oprah, are racist when they disagree with Obama. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

    Try again Oprah, blind sycophant defending a man because of the color of his skin.

  • Bill589

    By her statement, Oprah is the racist.

  • Subie201

    I guess people who don’t watch her anymore are racist as well!

  • Donya Lola

    Oprah is a racist.

  • sTevo

    And, at the same time, we love Herman Cain, because he is black.

    • slave2liberty

      excellent point if it not were for the “fact” that Herman Cain, Mia Love, Thomas Sowell, Frederick Douglas, Allen West, etc. were just “token” conservatives. <sarcasm/>

    • toongoon

      And Cain isn’t half white either.

    • keyesforpres

      And I like Alan Keyes.

  • Rena Van Slyke

    She nothing more than a hypocritical racist b!tch!

  • Jim McCormack

    He lies- He hates us Christians. He is firing Christian Chaplains in the Services. He hate us and our soldiers. The ONLY president to NEVER ATTEND D-DAY CELEBRATIONS. He purged the good Generals and kept the gays

  • Nan

    Oprah is past her time. If anyone is racist its her. I hope her movie fails so she can crawl back in her hole.

  • Bob

    Oprah always pulls the race card before one of her movies or and important show is about to air. She of all people should be ashame of herself for profiting by using the race card. I put her in the same category as Sharpton and Jackson! Shameless……

  • Tom Hicks

    Fen B needs to shut her mouth, we hate him because he lies and has committed acts of TREASON against America.

  • CDS in Manitoba

    The following should be mandatory viewing for all past and present BHO supporters, especially from 13:00 onwards:

    Lots of good clips possible from that episode!

    • toongoon

      Excellent choice. I never saw that before.

      • CDS in Manitoba

        And that was back in 1975! Too many people must have forgotten about it.

  • Shay

    omg. what a load of bullshit. no one likes him bc he’s a crapy president who is ruining America. and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. good Lord people it’s 2013 get over this racist bullshit. I don’t care for him bc in my opinion he is part of the terror on America with his Muslim ties, not bcuz hes black. geez

  • PCpolicesuck

    What a totally out of touch idiot. People hate him for the crap job he has done. The lies and scandals. Couldnt give a lesser rats arse what color he is and “everybody’s thinking it”? Listen to yourself, that would include you Opra you racist old cow .

  • $1714278

    She’s ignorant……

  • ProVergent Media Strategies

    She came into prominence in the mid-1980’s when an economy turned around under a white guy named Reagan. She’s an idiot

    • PCpolicesuck

      Well said sir!

    • rwperkinsjr

      America made her one of the richest and most popular women in the world. Hmmm I guess it was only the black community that did that.

      Doesn’t matter if he is orange, he is the WORST “President” ever, white side included.

    • Anna Fabian

      By mostly white women too.
      seems the ones who scream this crap are the very most racist amoung us!
      color of his skin has nithing to do with it and they all seem to conviently forget he is half white!
      He is lacking in any morals, has wrecked our military and has shown such disrespect for them, filled our govmt with radical muslims, race baiting causing a lot of deadly harm to white ppl, destroyed our healthcare, left americans to die in bemghazi, seal team 6, irs, epa, nsa phony scandals and it a habitual liar.
      Do i need to continue??

      • Swamp Fox


  • Stanger

    OMG……I don’t like Obama because I think he is a LOUSY president, period!!!

  • flamengo1265

    I’m not racist…….I don’t like his white half either.
    But seriously, anyone who doesn’t agree with his policies is a racist? D-bag.

  • Mary Crohan

    It seems to me that the real racists are the ones who keep throwing the race card out. If all whites who don’t like Obama are racist, does that mean that all blacks who didn’t like Bush are racist?? It’s the same thing…

  • sallyjohanna

    I stopped watching Oprah when that massive Super EGO of hers started showing… and then became unbearable.

    I see, the OWN failure, the loss of fans and her failing “pet” project POTUS has not taught her anything or dented that ego!

    The NERVE.. to insult Americans like this!! Oprah helped the disrespectful Commie POTUS into office, by spending millions to elect “the first black” POTUS!

    Oprah it is too bad you are soooo racist….instead of just getting a black man elected….you helped elect America’s first “Tyrant” hell bent on destroying us….and yes…he is black! SMALL COMFORT!

  • rjcylon

    It’s the kind of thing no one ever says? It’s all liberals say.

  • keyesforpres

    Okra, the REASON O got to the White House is because he isn’t.

  • Mark Boring

    no one hates him because he’s black they hate him because he is a communist

    • keyesforpres

      Yup, we hate him because he’s RED.

    • sallyjohanna


  • johnos2112

    Yeah you are right Oprah. The NBA is 80-90% black and they make millions, the NFL has a lot of blacks that make millions, Arsenio Hall made millions, and countless others have made millions and are black. People do not support this man, who is half white BTW, because his policies are not helping this country get through its troubled times. Enough of this BS Oprah!

  • cjp

    OOOOOprah Winfrey such a disappointment, I used to think she was a great person, but instead she ends up being just another color blind person, always seeing color first, such a shame, if I did that I’d be a racist…so disappointing

  • living for truth

    Actually I hate the white liberal Barry.

  • Sherry Lynn Garrett

    Calling the Kettle Black?.

  • Dan K Daugherty

    Oprah…Get a freakin clue… The only thing your doing is promoting hate with your own prejudiced stone cold heart. I don’t know where you get all your facts, But it is the UNCONSTITUTIONAL UNAMERICAN Actions of this man that have people hating him. WORST president Ever!!

    • Swamp Fox

      She suffers from FDD. Fact Deficit Disorder

  • Michael

    She’s another race baiting asshole.

  • Kimber1911

    Why does it always come down to this ?? Because He is Black !!! NO you damn fool because he is incompetent,

    • Swamp Fox

      Purposefully incompetent.

      • Faye Stampe

        excellent way to say it —- and so true: purposefully incompetent!

    • De’Marquise Elkins

      Detroit is 82.7% African American, about half of the population of adults are
      functionally illiterate.

  • Donna Merola Basile

    your an ass oprah .. he rules our goverment to his liking regardless of color , race or for that matter anything to help the american people… your a racist.. been saying it for along time.. go out make your movies . tv shows but get over the racist shit and be an american.. you throw shit around all the time only when it benefits you plump ass….. one thing i can say is do you have a birth certificate from the united states of america … well why dont you with your knowledge ask the president to produce his… our country is a shame right now.. and as for your new movie… nah not worth my time…..

  • Bill in Tennessee

    No Oprah, sweetie, it’s not because he’s “black” (although even that part is in dispute). I hate 0bama because he’s an incompetent, arrogant, ill-tempered socialist who apparently hates America much more than it hates him. And isn’t your “race card” about worn out from overuse? You (and Al and Jesse and Barrack and Michelle) have played it so many times we can no longer read what it says…maybe it used to say “I have a dream” but we can’t tell anymore, it’s all worn and scuffed from playing it so many times.

  • disqus_dxMKtNzq3J

    Look, not everyone hates anyone because of their skin color. And as far as Our leader is concerned, people dislike him because he’s acting like a Ruler instead of Leader. And he is destroying America as a Free Country. Joseph Stalin would be proud of his accomplishments at turning America towards Communism. But he won’t be 100% successful. Thank God the American People woke up in time to his treachery.

  • VirusX

    “…it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

    Nobody ever says?! She must be the Canadian mayor’s crack dealer, and her own quality tester, saying that with a straight (blubbery) face. But, coming from the pied piper of Hell, who uses her stupid TV show to tell stupid people that Jesus is a liar, and that there are plenty of other ways to sneak into Heaven, this comes as no surprise.

    Oh, and I don’t like Obama, because he’s white.

  • SineWaveII


  • NewBard

    Well Oprah, how about “Blow Jobs” in the Oval Office? Does that qualify as a degradation and disrespect of the office? P.S. Very few people think like you Oprah.

  • Will Wyckoff

    No, Oprah, not everyone disrespects his office simply because Obama is black. Yes, there are people in this country who feel that way, but not all of us do. From what I can glean from his actions toward the citizens of this country, he doesn’t respect the citizenry, including blacks. I live in Arkansas (you know that state that is supposedly sooooo redneck and racist?) and I’ve found that the people in the area where I live are less racist than residents of the large cities in this country. What people here are disgruntled with is mostly what i’ve already said, We disrespect him, not the office, because of his disrespect for us. Read about his “health program.” Dig into it line by line and you’ll find hundreds of examples of his disrespect for the citizenry as well as for the whole country and the The Constitution. After studying that, we’ll see if you’re still willing to maintain your stance. You’re black, Oprah, in case you’ve forgotten that. And we, the People, love you to death as well as respecting you dearly. Do you think we could love one person of your color unconditionally without being able to transfer a similar feeling to someone of such eminence represented by the Presidency of the United States? If you think it possible, then, Oprah, your vision has clouded right along with your judgement.

    Will Wyckoff
    Mena, AR

    • Dan K Daugherty

      Well said!

  • fights

    Hmmm, then why do I love Allen West, Ben Carson, Mia Love, Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, etc.?

  • 正 施

    So when George Bush was being viciously slandered and ridiculed, was that because he is white? People do not care what Obama’s pigment is, people care about the policies that he endorsed which are causing Americans to suffer.

  • Swamp Fox

    That’s the last straw Oprah!!! I am taking you off my speed dial list!!! 😛

    PS: I don’t know what you are having done to your face, but you are starting to look like a black Carrot Top.

    • PVG

      Me too!

    • slave2liberty

      I hate lol’ing, but LOL!

  • 27Words

    If it wasn’t official for everyone before…. Oprah W is a complete and utter moron with race blinders on…. she’s sadly mistaken… People hate the statist, socialist policies, the snarky nature and utter lack of character and honesty… it’s people that support him precisely because he’s 1/2 African American that are the racists….

  • sallyjohanna

    Oprah is not finished….she is throwing fund raisers for Corey Booker, I guess he is her next “pet” project candidate for 2nd “black” POTUS…..he is qualified enough for her…he is black..PERIOD!

  • WhiteGuy2

    So by your measure, everytime your party has disrespected Bush it was because he is white. Not to mention every single left wing black organisation is seething with racism against Bush. This is how you think, and you are projecting your own thought process on the rest of us. No, the ones with defective character are you and yours.

  • Marridge

    Oprah now tries to find some relevance in the UK because in the US nobody cares about her anymore.

  • Swamp Fox

    I hear she is forming a new social group called The Nalc… which is the opposite of The Clan. They will wear black hoods with eye holes cut out and black full body robes. Sound familiar? They will make sure any crazy @$$ crackers are moved to the rear of the healthcare line, but stand first in the tax payer line because girlfriend Oprah say so.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Oprah has just called 50% of the country racist. Seems to me she is the one who needs to learn a lesson in respect for others.

  • teriquajones

    Please Oprah, quit stirring that damn pot. MLK worked so hard to unite our country and you and Obama are recking all of his achievements. If your are smart (which I once thought you were), you will take a good look at the demographics that support OWN. They are the same people who have supported you and made you rich.
    Please think about what you are doing; it effect a lot of us that would prefer some peace.

    • Steve Ashcraft

      I agree with your plea but you’re missing the point. Her job is to stir the pot. MLK’s legacy was real and good, the wave of racebaiting opportunists like Oprah, Jesse and Rev. Al are a disgrace to all who nobly and bravely protested and stood up alongside Rev. King. If America was racist towards a President “of color” then Barack Obama would have never received anywhere near the votes need to win. The permitted and endorsed separation for “Historically Black Colleges” and affirmative action plus ANY quotas are only destructive. CHANGE does need to happen. Change in the racist mindset of much of Black America’s leadership.

    • mike

      whites are the olny race you can be racist against and not get in trouble.

  • Watchman74

    I have come to find that those that are truly racists are the ones that see racism around every corner.


    I will not watch nor support her networks anymore and have not for several years. She told her studio audience one day that you can get to heaven through many ways other than going through Jesus. My Bible tells me Jesus is the only way you get to Heaven. Then she came out to say that we do not like Obama because he is black. SHe has no clue why I do not like him and I am fixin to tell her. I do not like him because he is a liar, is destroying our country, has made all the world leaders mad at us and the list goes on and on! I think I will write her a letter!

  • notsofastthere

    Oprah, for so many years people loved you trusted you, and took you in as a friend. Few if any knew just what a bigot YOU were. Obama on the other hand never made it past being just a community organizer. He was very easy to figure out.

  • Pamela Myers

    Obama, a black man, was elected President by the American people. Oprah, a black woman, is one of the world’s richest women, made so by Americans who watch her on TV and buy her magazine. Yet, somehow Americans are really racist and only seek to hold blacks back from achieving.

  • Marie Heaton

    Oprah, shame on you….if Americans were racist like you say he would not be in office…the problem is since he is the first African american elected as President he should of changed America like no white president has ever done…but no…. he is making himself the biggest liar ever in office….spending more money than any other president on their luxurious vacations…He is doing nothing good except destroying our country while aiding his muslum brotherhood. Making our lives miserable while he exempts himself and congress from his stupid Obama care plan. I’ts not the color of his skin that’s making him the worst President in history its the Anti-Christ in him that’s the blame …and everything the Man stands for… blue, purple, green, white or Black would not make a difference its his character not his skin color that we loath so much… the bottom line is your the racist bringing up his skin color…your the richest Black women that almost everybody loved at one time or another….people watch your shows because they believed in you and like or love you…not because of the color of your skin but because you were Oprah a good talk show host….See what happens when you defend a liar, thief and a cheat… put yourself right next to him as a bad representation of the black race…shame on you ….a billionaire and Obama in the highest position in the USA and you both along with other blacks throw in the race card when you find it convenient. with people like you america will always be racist in your eyes because it takes a racist to make a racist or shall I say accuse people of being racist.

  • Jd Buzz

    Oops!! She drank the wrong Kool-Aid again….some body better call Steadman, Oprah be trippin’ a’gin, yo!

    • Jazzee

      old Steadman is a ‘prop’ don’t you think?
      kind of like mooschelle is…..

      • Mike Mittleberger

        Steadman is a prop. A highly paid escort. Shes afraid her public would turn on her if they knew she like women.
        Aren’t celebs basically weirdo’s….♣

      • Jd Buzz

        I think old Steadman figured out she gotz bank but not willing to spend what it would take to civilize a street nucka…Steadman be like Ike Turner now….smack..SHUT UP BEEEYATCH!

  • WhiteGuy2

    Obamas corrupt coconspirators are circling the wagons. Ever notice how the corrupt are always willing to defend the corrupted. By any means they defend him. They are the jackals of our society and they are foul greedy souls. There is no wrong he can commit that they will not ignore. For he is of them and they are as he is,…..
    The corrupted.

  • ernst1776

    If I was ever prone to using the ‘c’ word this would be a good time.

    • DCD+in+Indiana

      I was thinking “cow.” What were you thinking?

      • K-Bob

        howbout “chucklehead”?

  • Bill Seat

    WHY are some Black people PROVING to be MORE racist than white people?
    Americans of all COLORS hate him for his criminal activity, incompetence and COMPLETE LACK OF CHARACTER!!! Although it’s a pretty good distraction from his FAILURE of Obamacare and ALL of his other criminal activity!!! I wonder how much she got???

  • curlylouis19

    If anybody is racist, it is Oprah. I’m still disgusted after seeing “The Butler”. She and Lee Daniels purposefully mislead audiences about that film which was nothing more than racial propaganda.

  • dipdawg

    Funny how racist America made her rich and she was not to insulted to take the money.

    • Jazzee

      oh amen amen
      and she should go back and do her stupid talk show and shut the hell up
      who cares what she says? it has always been about RACE for her except when she was gathering her BILLIONS
      disgrace she is

  • DHardy

    No Oprah it’s just you…We only h ate you because your black. We don’t hate any other blacks…Just You…

  • froggy19510

    If America was racist Oprah would be wiping white kids butts, and saying yessuh and no mam. She wouldn’t be a bazillionaire able to run around the world telling them how racist America is.

  • DHardy

    At least she isn’t out their claiming to be Jesus. that was getting a little strange..

  • Vegas Diceman

    I stopped watching her show decades ago. At the time she became the victim of everything her guest have. She became very BORING. The proof that she was not all that was when she started her own failed TV station. Also why does she help out people in African Countries but not the Children of Chicago. That would make her a Racist and a hypocrite in the same breath.

  • maury smith

    Opera, you are wrong! I knew years ago that while you tagged white people racists, that it was all long your own discriminatory hatred for whites. Now after the presidents many failures, you are doing a Campaign of Hatred to convince the world that white people are to blame. You are an evil participant in racism in this country and otherwise!! You won’t accept the truth because you are too busy blaming the whites who trusted this president to protect and guide us. How dare you you bigoted racist!

  • WhiteGuy2

    The race card is being used as Kryptonite to repel white folks from challenging Obama. Its a defence strategy that seems to work with the GOP establishment. It wont work against the Tea Party, and thats a big reason why they hate us so much.

    The Communist in the White House will be impeached.

    • curlylouis19

      It is ashamed that it’s working on the republican establishment. If those republicans had a backbone, they would respond by saying over and over that if it hadn’t been for republicans, blacks would not have their freedom, right to vote and civil rights. Republicans have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to civil rights issues.

  • DCGere

    Raaaacist, yawn…

  • aboutdat

    I actually think Obama is a prime example of an American who has shown the tendencies of a TRUE failure. Is his skin black? Oh, I really did not notice or care.
    He is really bad as President, and his skin color has not made the decisions for him,
    But you see, I respect people in the TEA Party, the people they have been supporting (with a few clunkers) are REALLY impressive Americans. TED CRUZ, MIKE LEE, RAND PAUL, etc. And how about that SARAH PALIN? she has been everywhere giving interviews and impressive as hell. I was once worried she would not up her game to her Potential. She has become just Awesome recently And if she wanted it, I think she could become s US Senator in Alaska or Arizona if she wanted it. That would drive the MSM crazy, and I think Chris Mathews (MSLSD) is ready to be committed right now with OBAMEcare imploding.
    WHAT a Party Chairman she could be, raising campaign funding the right way for the right reasons. Even as Co-Chair or something, she could MAYBE bring the 2 factions under the tent, and I am POSITIVE she would set some all-time RECORDS, and spread the funds out properly, or fire REINCE (that’s right, I said it) if he keeps doing the jerky stuff he has been doing,
    Afterr 2014 elections, if re-pubes do not band back together, we may have to force the issue, especially since I feel the DEMS are coming apart at the seams,
    See, saying your prayers does work, and I am going to keep on praying and hope
    people get the health care they need and deserve. We can fix the insurance deal if the PROGS get thrown out of office, and that is PROGRESSIVE RE-pubes too !
    OPRAH ?? I don’t much care for her since she seems to now say anything to promote her career, network, or people she supports I consider that being a fake and phony, no matter her skin color.
    SHE gave us O-BLAME-O remember, or at least supported him like he could do no wrong. Man, turns out he could do nothing right
    Turns out OH-BRA and Moochie don’t like each other? Racism is a nasty thing, no?
    Not enough room in the White House for those THREE egos, eh.
    Warn up the JETS for Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Cathy Jo Moore

    Dr. Ben Carson would make an awesome President and he’s black! It is charterer and morels that matter, not the color of ones skin! Obama has proven to be a high paid gun running thug Muslim who only cares about his Muzzie buddies! We want a President in there who loves America and cares about the people and wants to see this country prosper! Not try and destroy it! GO DR BEN GO!!!

    • curlylouis19

      I wish Dr. Carson and President Obama would debate each other, but then again, that might be too easy for Dr. Carson.

  • Dan K Daugherty

    242 Comments so far…I have read through as many as My eyes will allow and I can find NOT A ONE that supports the Spew that is coming from that Racist Mouth of yours Oprah!! I challenge you to retract your Race and HATE PROVOKING VOMIT

  • John Lukaszewski


    We hate him because he promised transparency and didn’t deliver. All of his records, etc.

    We hate him because he’s bankrupting America, financially and morally.

    We hate him because he’s incompetent.

    We hate him because he’s a liar.

  • Sunrise Miller

    First off he is NOT African American … Not sure what he is!!! I would love to see Condalisa Rice be president!!! Now she IS African American and a woman!!!!

  • BOC

    Yep…. millions of racists watched your shows and movies, bought your books, supported your causes, endeared your guests…. bet some of em are them there Tea Partiers too!…. no more though!

  • Janell Baines

    No one plays the race card more often than BHO. Let’s not forget, he is only “half” black. Being a smug moron has nothing to do with race. He is a smug moron who happens to be half black.

  • Sunrise Miller

    I think Condalisa and Hillary should run against each other!!!!

  • Poptoy1949

    Oprah is full of Bull. Now she is calling me a Racist ! She is the real Racist. I don’t like the White 1/2 of obama either. I don’t like him for one reason and that reason is that he is a Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Progressive Wolf in Sheep’s clothing Democrat. Hate him, No I do not Hate Him. But I sure as Hell don’t care for him. Had he run for President under the Communist or Socialist Banner I would at least respect him for being honest. But he did not. Instead he chose to tell a LIE and he has not stopped telling them one right after another since.

  • Sunrise Miller

    I can hardly believe you are saying this Oprah when Michelle won’t even let you come to the White House because she thinks you are too fat and not a good example!!! She could learn a few things from you and one of them is about class and grace….

    • Terry

      She isn’t classy and graceful when she says, “There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.” She just called ALL white people racists. She doesn’t speak for me.

    • Swamp Fox

      Keep coming back… there’s more great information to learn.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Americans are drownding in debt and taxes, our homes have lost so much value we cannot sell them. By the millions people are losing their health coverage. The cost of Obamacare is a 300% increase in monthly expenses. Yet,all Oprah seems to care about is,… the president is black.

  • $3273457

    So says the Black woman who has made a $3 billion fortune off of millions of White women who worship the ground that she walks on.

    Oh yeah, America is just SO racist. And she’s a regular Rosa Parks.

  • sybilll

    You know how people recall their favorite moments in TV ever, like the finale of M.A.S.H., etc? Yeah, one of my favs, after being a loyal viewer for years, was the day I turned off Oprah when she introduced Obama. Never watched again.

  • Russ Kinz

    What a bunch of bullshit!! Always playing the Race Card. Maks me sick.

  • imatellau

    ……largest TAX increase in the history of CIVILIZATION….. Hear that O? CIVILIZATION!!!!!!!!!
    It. Ain’t….. Got…. Nuthin…. To…. Do…. With…… Skin!!!!!

  • jds81051

    why does she lie like that? its Obamas lies and abuse of power aiding our enemies we hate more. he could have made a mark in the history books, now it will be a mark of Infamy!

  • shareit

    How can you say such a thing Oprah when Obama has gotten away with so many crimes because he is black. He needs to be impeached and tried for treason. He has damaged America and hurt our relationships with other countries. Not to mention Benghazi, Fast N Furious, IRS and the list goes on and on. Nixon looks like a choir boy compared to Obama. Each time Obama ran for president you saw a lot of blacks and whites supporting him, however when Romey and Mccain ran you didn’t see hardly any blacks supporting them. Have you forgotten Oprah that you had just as many white fans as you did black which helped make you a multi billionaire. I’m sure a lot of black and white people helped you get to were you are today. Shame on you. We need a black president like Allen West who will make people be responsible for themselves and not allow people to play the race card no matter what color they are. Shame on you Obama. Jackson, and Sharpton for playing the race card. It allows people who are irresponsible blame race for everything instead of being responsible for themselves. Like it or not he will be going down as the worst President in America, not because he’s black but because of his record. Jimmy Carter who is white will be glad to hand over that title. The USA will be like Detroit in a few years under Obama and we will all be slaves to the Chinese. By the way I am a licensed insurance agent and if I told a lot of people they could keep their doctor and health plan knowing they couldn’t I would lose my license, be fined and be in jail by now period !

    • Katerina Stamatopoulou

      very well said!

      • shareit

        Thank you. I added a few things since I my first post.

  • Tava2

    this stupid, stupid woman

  • clubgitmo

    Big fat O is nothing but a big time racist in the same mold as mooooochelle my bell, barry the muslim socialist, eric holder and all the rest of these clowns.

  • Guest

    The only racist I know is Oprah and Obama along with that jerk who is being impeached, Eric Holder. Oprah is such a liar and she has nerve to call white America racist when she makes racist movies that is full of dirt and lies. She should be stoned.

  • Obama the Racist

    The only racist I know is Oprah and Obama along with that jerk who is
    being impeached, Eric Holder. Oprah is such a liar and she has nerve to
    call white America racist when she makes racist movies that is full of
    dirt and lies. She should be stoned, Oprah use to be a good person but old age and bitterness has made her ugly now. She wears enough makeup to look like a street walker.

    • Linda Whitlock

      Funny how all of these highly successful individuals are black, a fact that SOME people can’t seem to stomach. But of course you’re not a racist, somehow they are. How exactly are THEY racist? Because they speak truths that you don’t want to hear by voicing truths that should have been spoken years ago or by starring in movies that showed the struggles of Blacks then and now? And how and why is Eric Holder supposedly being impeached? Because he’s doing his job by fighting voter repression, waging war on poverty, and ensuring that ALL Americans are treated equally? Yeah, those are impeachable crimes alright….but only to the warped minds of those who uselessly pursue it.

      • Obama the Racist

        Crawl back under your rock and stay there because playing the race card don’t wash with me given that more crimes are committed by African Americans and our prisons demonstrate this. So go pound sand you Oprah wannabe.

      • Obama the Racist

        Eric Holder lied to Congress about Fast and Furious and continued to lie even when confronted, if you learned to read the news online you would know that but reading would be a problem given that you must be busy smoking that crack pipe to think Obama and Eric are innocent victims. Just goes to show the mindset of some African American welfare people.

      • Obama the Racist

        That is funny in Georgia there are many more black people on welfare and or receiving government money and I bet you are in the numbers.

      • Obama the Racist

        Linda, I think you need to get into drug rehab because you have been smoking to much crack to believe that. Racism has decreased so much but much of racism today is perpetrated not by white people but is by black people who blame White America for the acts of our ancestors. Give it up already as we had nothing to do with what happened when we were not born or young children, we didn’t have slaves and don’t today. I have many African Americans on my board of directors, and employ several African Americans in the business I own and respect them highly. When I hear racist comments it often comes from African Americans and when it comes from those that work for me they are counseled about this and if another incident happens I let them go, it don’t often come to that but I don’t condone or tolerate hate. As I said I think you need to get help with that addiction because it appears that your brain cells are diminishing.

  • Obama the Racist

    We don’t hate Obama because he is black, we hate him because he is A. a racist, B. a liar, C. a criminal and d. he is trying to destroy America. That is why we hate him, but this hooker, Oprah wants to make it about race which is typical of a racist cow like her.

  • Dan K Daugherty

    I’m still not seeing any comments in support of your accusations Oprah!!


    • Swamp Fox

      She just called me in tears. To make up for her low-life, racist-based comments she has decided to give all visitors of The Right Scoop a free Tesla car.

      • Dan K Daugherty

        The problem with people who make Public accusations…They rarely retract or apologize for their monumental Mistakes… Exactly Obama’s problem…Too much pride in being stupid…. The REAL stupid part is…HE KNOWS we are right!!! as does dear darling Oprah!!

        • Swamp Fox

          Oprah is an obvious stooge, Now Obama, he is not stupid… nor is he making any mistakes. His actions and words are both quite calculated, intentional and are executed with a definite purpose.

          Is he as smooth as he thinks he is? No. Is he as devious, evil and a hater of America as many say he is? Yes, in this there is no doubt and plenty of proof.

          • Dan K Daugherty

            I agree Swamp Fox

  • Dysfunctional-Veteran

    Pssshhhh!!! What a load of garbage.

  • conservocop

    You literally introduced this half – black sucker to America as being presidential material – who heretofore was an unknown until you gave him your grand stage. And you now know damned well , like most of America does , that this guy is purposely destroying this country with his ‘ death to America ‘ mentality. History has it that you were in that crackpot Reverend ( the muslim ) Wright’s church and subsequently bolted. My first major red flag that we had a problem in Obama was when he sat In this hybrids church for 20 years and said he didn’t hear most of what he said. That was his first big whopper !! Everything out of his mouth from that point on has been a lie … period !!! And he has gotten away with it for so long because 70 % of his voting base is braindead, … and the white people in the country have been put on a guilt trip by the celebutards , and the media. Things are going to hell in this country, and your recent comments signal that Obama and his cabal are losing all credibility. The only people who would still view you as a viable entity would have to be total morons !! The country was ready for a black president – but not this ‘ crap sandwich ‘ in a thousand dollar suit !!

  • freedomofspeech

    I don’t care for him because he is a tyrant and dictator, be that black or white, I don’t care, I don’t like all the broken promises and demanding people buy into this affordable health care that is a rip off!

  • Oliverio Bagaco

    She is another who don’t like the reality, is not is color but is political believes, can she tell me when is the last time did he tell the truth about anything, this man is danger not because is color you dam lucky ass.

  • FedUp

    No Oprah, we cant stand either one of you because of your idiotic liberal Ideas! Has nothing to do with your skin color, just that of your soul.

  • FedUp

  • mediaaccess

    Can I use ‘hate’ yet. Let me try some nicknames. BrainDead Oprah, Washed Up Oprah, Rich Oprah on White Man’s money (’cause it surely isn’t dem black folk who gav dis girl her doe. Commie Oprah, Bizarre Stupid Head %!+/ Oprah!

    • Swamp Fox

      I assume you have a strong execration for the stooge-lady.

  • Nukeman60

    No, I don’t hate Obama because he’s Black. But I DO dislike Oprah (I reserve the word hate for Satan) because she’s stupid. And you just can’t fix stupid.

    • Swamp Fox

      Are you sure it can’t be slapped out of someone? Just curious.

      • Nukeman60

        Well, we can always try. It could be good therapy. I’m sure it’s not covered under ObamaCare, though, unless it’s under abortion coverage.

        • Swamp Fox

          I’m a fair man… do we flip a coin to see who administers this test therapy first? Heads I win; tails you lose? Hmmm?

          • Nukeman60

            Ahhh, I see you found Barry’s lucky coin, given to him by George Soros. It was the first coin he ever stole.

            • Swamp Fox

              Thanks for the good night laugh. Stay safe and well.

  • plus_tips

    Obummer is African American what? Marxist, Redistributionist, Dictator Lite, Maybe? He’s hated because he hates traditional American Values and undermines it everyday. He’s waged war on the American People unlike any other DemonCrat President. He treats Enemies as friends, and friends as Enemies, that’s how twisted he and his Party have become.

  • Adrenaline Junkies

    how bloody dare her

  • giveususfree

    I don’t hate Obama, I don’t know the guy.
    I DO hate his policies stemming from his far Left political ideology. I don’t hate that he’s black, I hate that he’s deep, dark, crimson socialist RED.
    Deep, dark, crimson socialist red white guys suck, too. Okay?

    • Roy Elsworth

      don’t ever go into defense mode attack because if you go into defense mode then the liberals will jump all over you. make them provide evidence they can’t the Late (Andrew Brietbart) said that.

  • Passionate American

    It has nothing to do with his color it has everything to do with his hate (yes I used that word) of Capitalism, Christians, and Conservative values. I haved BIG ISSUES with his being able to commit crimes against the American people and no one in Congress has the guts to bring charges against him (Because of his color).

    • Linda Whitlock

      What “crimes” has he committed? Getting a law passed that will give ALL Americans affordable healthcare instead of the substandard care they have at the moment or none at all? The hatred we see is how members of the GOP can hold hearings and waste tax payer dollars discussing a website. Really? How about working and passing some laws that will assist the American people instead of obstructing EVERYTHING the president does? They have NO solutions on any issues. And the so-called charges Congress has brought against him have no basis at all. He’s black and he won a second term. Get over it!

      • Passionate American

        Linda, you keep drinking that Kool-aid and when you have to pay 66.26% of your income for his health insurnace you get back to me because if I took out his insurance right now that is how much I would have to pay! There are so many counts that he has against him that are treasonous last count I saw was 52! Not even the least is Benghazi, then the spying on the American people through NSA, If you need more I will be more than happy to list the rest for you as well. And FYI if you did your own research and not just rely on the Media you would not be living in your rose colored world and be just as scared as the 64% of the nation that is not happy with his choices!

  • plus_tips

    Bigoted Americans are apparently Racist and Hateful towards a DumoCrap Marxist Black/White President who wants to shred the US Constitution and spits on the American Flag by forcing them to buy something against their will. If that’s not Gangster Gov’t, then what is?

    • Linda Whitlock

      And you just made Oprah’s point. Marxist? Spitting on the Constitution? Gangsta Gov’t? Yup, those aren’t racist remarks at all.

      • McCabe

        Actually, no they aren’t. What reference to ethnicity can even remotely be derived from those descriptions?

        • Linda Whitlock

          Really? “Gangsta Gov’t”? Where was this term derived? Also the fact the NO other president in the history of our nation has been labeled such derogatory names…Marxist? Really? Do you really need me to tell you what YOU meant by these terms? You said them, stand by them because they’re obviously how you feel and EXACTLY what Oprah is talking about.

          • McCabe

            I see, so to make anything less than glowing, warm fuzzy statements about Obama is racist…..Got it. Your memory must be short. People called GWB every name in the book, but I’m sure that was fine with you. You seriously need to take a look at your double standards.

            • Linda Whitlock

              Was GWB ever called a Marxist, socialist, un-American, questioned his citizenship endlessly and needlessly, a monkey? Was impeachment ever something that was talked about endlessly for him? On the night of his first election or his second, did the Dems meet secretly about making him a first termer or obstructing anything that he does? Was Barbara Bush ever attacked for her initiatives? Was she called a monkey, ugly, big butt…so on and so forth? And if you call those statement “warm and fuzzy”, you’re surely living in an alternate universe like many of the GOP. Did GWB get criticized? Certainly and rightly so since this mess was inherited from him. But to the extend and disrespect as President Obama, the first BLACK president? No comparison and don’t even try to make one.

              • McCabe

                I’ll admit that “monkey” might be racist depending on context, otherwise, you have nothing.

                • Linda Whitlock

                  Well, luckily for me and people like Oprah and others who have yet to speak out, we don’t need YOU to tell us what the truth happens to be.

                • McCabe

                  You obviously need someone to reveal the truth to you. Do you think someone saying “White Power” is racist? Of course you do. Do you think someone saying “Black Power” is equally racist?

                • Linda Whitlock

                  Hey, you proclaim “white power” every time you try to discredit this president. You proclaim “white power” by thinking voter repression is okay or by saying the you “admit monkey MIGHT be racist depending on context.” You proclaim “white power” by thinking this president is less than you and deserves the disrespect her faces everyday. I don’t need anyone to reveal the truth to me, but you certainly do.

                • McCabe

                  WOW! You are far to delusional to even try to converse with. Seek help.

                • Linda Whitlock

                  Yeah, another GOP tactic…..calling the kettle black. Done with you,

                • McCabe

                  One who conjures up racism where none exists is the true racist.

                • Linda Whitlock

                  And one who pretends there is no racism while practicing it is called a hypocrite.

                • McCabe

                  You have just made my point. Thanks.

                • Linda Whitlock

                  Oh you made mine like five dumb comments ago.

                • McCabe

                  I know you are, but what am I? Na, na, na. Are you twelve?

                • Linda Whitlock

                  Are you? If so, that explains a lot. Go to bed and leave the grown up discussions alone. Apparently you can’t handle them.

                • McCabe


                • Linda Whitlock

                  Yes, you are, now tuck your tail between your legs and go away. Bored with you now.

                • McCabe

                  You have nothing, you know nothing but hatred. That’s no way to live. I hope things change for you as you grow older.

  • Roy Elsworth

    !opreah you have allaegations of hate for american people and accuse them of racisist then provide the evidience. don’t just say it because your man isn’t doing that good . I am sick and tired of being called a racist and frankly I think that you should do some research about obama care befor you start spouting off at the mouth. and because I say something against president obama is because my views are diffrent then yours. it has nothing to do with his color.

  • mder4thegov

    Oprah, we love Ben Carson and Allen West.
    What color are those guys?

    • Johnny Right

      We hate blacks, Oprah? Oh, by black you mean liars. Yes, yes, we hate those.

    • Linda Whitlock

      I guess you love Clarence Thomas too, huh? Of course you love these clowns. You don’t have a problem with them because they don’t have a problem denegrading their own race and displaying buffoonery the way you think all black people behave.

      • Mr. Ed

        I take it that you don’t like conservative African Americans?

        • Linda Whitlock

          There’s nothing “conservative” about Ben Carson, Allen West, or Clarence Thomas. These individuals are extremist teapartiers that spew ignorance and division and have an obvious hatred towards their own race.

          • skypilot77

            When the word “conservative” is used in politics — its intent is in reference to their views on the US Constitution. Conservatives are conservative because they believe in the faithful following and execution of the constitution.

            You are trying to make a distinction between conservatives and the tea-party. There is not difference.

            Republican does not equal conservative, though there are some Republicans who are conservative. Most Republicans have demonstrated to be non-conservative, thus the fracture within the Republican party. The Republican party has traditionally held to a conservative point-of-view. This is no longer true. The fracture is between liberal Republicans — who have changed the focus of the party. And the conservatives, or whom you refer to as the tea party — who are upholding tradition conservative, traditionally constitution views.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        They denigrate their own race by showing conservative values? Because they educated themselves in spite of hardship? Because they dared step off the Democrat plantation? People like Jackson, Sharpton and Winfrey are the new overseers.

        • Linda Whitlock

          Conservative values??? LOL! They are extreme teaparty members. Nothing “conservative” about them unless your definition of conservative is to behave irrationally and spew ignorance at all cost.

          • Linda Whitlock

            Also, Oprah was the darling of your communities until she had the audacity to buy her OWN network, and then suddenly she became all the hateful names people are calling her on this site. It was okay when she was just a talk show host. But now the owner of a network? She no longer knows her place, right?

          • Dr. Strangelove

            Explain “extreme”. Give us some examples of their “irrationality”. I think you can only parrot liberal talking points and not back up your statements with fact.

            • Linda Whitlock

              The examples are endless my friend. And you only need commonsense to see them, not talking points although that’s certainly a tool the GOP uses daily. 1. The Government shutdown and the U.S. nearly defaulting while the Ted Cruz and the rest of the GOP demanded the president dismantle a LAW. Was that rational? We lost over 44 million dollars in revenue. Yet the GOP claims to be concerned about jobs. They put nearly a million people out of work, but they’re concerned about jobs and the economy??? I think not. 2. The GOPs obsession with the ACA and holding needless hearings on the status of a website. Really? Is this how they spend their time instead of working and passing laws that will assist the America they so love? Also, where is their healthcare law? They have NO solutions as usual. 3. The GOPs obsession with women’s health, no birth control, trying to deny a woman the right to choose, and in our state a proposal to place restrictions on a woman divorcing her husband. These aren’t “family values” unless you’re living in the 1800s, an era that many of the GOP appear to prefer. I could go on but the buffoonery is endless.

              • Dr. Strangelove

                The Dem’s shutdown the government by refusing to compromise. Comrade Obama himself said he would not compromise. The people, not just the R’s are against the ACA, it’s bad law and causing thousands of folks to lose their insurance. And if you call murdering unborn babies “right to choose” you’re an obviously brainwashed, kool-aid drinking liberal who won’t be convinced by those inconvenient facts. Goodbye. I won’t continue to argue with a troll.

                • Linda Whitlock

                  LOL! Really? Since when does ANY part of the Government have the right to shutdown the Government simply because you don’t like a law? If you don’t like a law, you go through the proper channels to change it. The law was passed, it was upheld by the Supreme Court, and the president was re-elected because of it. How does Ted Cruz and the gang have the right to put people out of work because they were throwing a temper tantrum like a child not getting their way. The president and the American people will not be held hostage by the whims of the teaparty. The president was absolutely right in not “negotiating”, if that’s what you want to call it. The GOPs definition of “negotiating” is dismantle the entire program because we couldn’t do it legislatively. And YES I call it the right to choose. You don’t tell me or any woman what to do with our bodies. You’re so about giving people the right to “choose” unless it conflicts with your own warped beliefs. Isn’t your opposition to the ACA about people’s so-called “right to choose”? Yet when it comes to women’s bodies, you want to place laws about whether or when she decides to give birth. Can’t have it both ways my friend. Also, what are YOU drinking? Goodbye to as well!

                • Junk Mail

                  if you like don’t like a law, you go thru proper channels to change it? like the pending executive order to bypass elements of the health-care-disaster? like that kind of proper channel?

                  if you re-read the news, the govt shutdown b/c the SENATE refused the last bill offered by the house. that’s right, the SENATE refused to compromise. and dismantling the entire bill wasn’t even being discussed, just two simple issues.

                  and what were the only two points in those mean old republicans demands? only to make the politicians on the hill endure the health-care-disaster on the same level as the rest of the country….ie prevent lawmakers and staff from getting subsidies AND to delay the individual mandate for one year b/c they felt the program wasn’t ready for prime time.

                  funny…now quite a few non-republicans have realized the entire program was not ready for prime time and are demanding delays in the individual mandate (penalties) b/c the people can’t even buy the health care that has been forced down their throats!

  • A Patriot

    Do I hate Obama because he is Black? No, I don’t. I don’t hate him at all. But he is the lousiest, most smug, self-centered President I have ever lived under. He is determined to destroy this country as we know it. He has stated so himself. His policies are so totally against the Constitution, he is so totally attempting to hold to that campaign promise: to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE this country. Hate him? No. I have a mixed race son, I have dated girls and women of many races and cultures. I grew up with a best friend who was as black, even blacker, than Obama. I have lived with, eaten with, worked with, soldiered with men and women of many races and cultures. HE is the hater. He hates everything this country stands for, and is determined to bring us all down to his level. HER NEEDS TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, FAR, FAR AWAY. And the sooner the “gimme, gimme the freebees” crowd realize that he is the Pied Piper, and they are the rats, the better.

    • Lumina Hajito

      So you want Bush back? At least Obama has given some credibility back to USA. from Sweden!

      • FrancescaPadovese

        Some credibility? Really? You live on another planet not Sweden! He lost the Middle East, he lost Europe! Obama is a liar and a fraud and I’m not a racist!

      • Mr. Ed

        No Lumina, nobody in their right mind would want Bush back. He is the one who got the down hill slide of American Freedom in high gear in the first place. Obozo promised change, but instead he just kept on the same path of destruction. The only change was that he went from a jog to a full blown sprint to the finish line where the American People are the losers.

        The only other real difference is that the controlling power in the government has shifted from Middle Eastern Jew to Middle Eastern Muslim.
        Also, his majesty has, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, as much credibility as a crack whore that lost her last $20 bag 3 days ago.


    I think she needs to shut her mouth, she has a lot of money and influence and if people were racist she wouldn’t be where she is so now she is showing her ignorance. We have a black man in the white house and a black woman with her own television network, that’s not America being racist, the blacks being racist against whites. I live in Ct where there was a black judicial judge who got drunk and called a state police (black man) the N word, so I want to know whos racist and yes she kept her job but I can tell you if it was a white judge she would have no job. I’ve never seen such a double standard in my life, its disgusting and people are tired of the race card, its becoming the ace of spades and were all loosing the game for sure when people in this country force others to accept them because they are a certain race. We americans are just that AMERICANS AND ITS DISGUSTING HOW SOME RACES FEEL THAT THEY CAN EXPECT TO BE TREATED DIFFERNTLY BECAUSE THEY CONJOUR UP THIS NOTION THEY ARE BEING TREATED DIFFERENTLY, NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE VOTED IN A BLACK PRESIDENT AND NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE WATCHED YOUR SHOW. YOU NEED TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH LIKE YOU SHUT YOUR SHOW CAUSE YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER VIEWER SO YOU CAN KEEP TO YOUR (OWN),,,,, SHOW THAT IS. WAIT I BET NOW YOUR GONNA CALL ME RACIST OPRAY RIGHT. OH WAIT DID I SPELL YOUR NAME WRONG TOO NO YOU O PRAY OK. BYE…

  • Katerina Stamatopoulou

    oprah, says in the interview that a senator gets up and calls Obama a lier and this is disrespectful to the office which is provoked by Obama being black. this is so absurd!….No Oprah THIS is POLITICS and you should stop getting involved cause you are making an ASS of yourself ! She mentions the incident in Zurich in another interview as an act of racism.This has happened to me and im not black.that wasnt about colour it is another type of racism.class racism. obviously she HAS A COMPLEX.

  • Craven Moorehead

    the only racist is the pathetic race baiters like oprah and obama….can this p.o.s explain this?…its 2014 and a billionaire black woman is still claiming racism?….white people have had it….heres a list of reason to hate obama….from this day forward i will boycott everything oprah…im sick of the race card.

    1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative and
    pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election. Questions are being
    raised about why this occurred, who ordered it, whether there was any
    White House involvement and whether there was an initial effort to hide
    who knew about the targeting and when.

    2. Benghazi:
    This is actually three scandals in one: The failure of administration
    to protect the Benghazi mission; the changes made to the talking points
    in order to suggest the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video;
    and the refusal of the White House to say what President Obama did the night of the attack.

    3. Keeping an eye on The Associated Press: The Justice Department performed a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation.

    4. Rosengate: The Justice Department suggested that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and subsequently monitored his phones and emails.

    5. Potential Holder perjury I:
    Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he had never been associated
    with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when in fact
    he signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal.

    6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme:
    Federal agencies allowed weapons from U.S. gun dealers to “walk” across
    the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. The ATF summarily
    lost track of scores of those weapons, many of which were used in
    crimes, including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian

    7. Potential Holder perjury II: Holder told
    Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently heard about the Fast and
    Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he may have known much

    8. Sebelius demands payment: HHS Secretary
    Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate.
    The money would be used to help her sign up uninsured Americans for

    9. The Pigford scandal: An Agriculture
    Department effort that started as an attempt to compensate black farmers
    who had been discriminated against by the agency but evolved into a
    gravy train delivering several billion dollars in cash to thousands of
    additional minority and female farmers who probably didn’t face

    10. GSA gone wild: The General Services Administration
    in 2010 held an $823,000 training conference in Las Vegas, featuring a
    clown and a mind readers. Resulted in the resignation of the GSA

    11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World: The agency wasted more than $6 million on two conferences in Orlando. An assistant secretary was fired.

    12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act:
    A U.S. special counsel determined that Sebelius violated the Hatch Act
    when she made “extemporaneous partisan remarks” during a speech in her
    official capacity last year. During the remarks, Sebelius called for the
    election of the Democratic candidate for governor of North Carolina.

    13. Solyndra:
    Republicans charged the Obama Administration funded and promoted its
    poster boy for green energy despite warning signs the company was headed
    for bankruptcy. The administration also allegedly pressed Solyndra to
    delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.

    14. AKA Lisa Jackson:
    Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used the name “Richard Windsor”
    when corresponding by email with other government officials, drawing
    charges she was trying to evade scrutiny.

    15. The New Black Panthers:
    The Justice Department was accused of using a racial double standard in
    failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who
    appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in

    16. Waging war all by myself: Obama may have
    violated the Constitution and both the letter and the spirit of the War
    Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.

    17. Biden bullies the press:
    Vice President Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage,
    including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter
    delete photos, and editing pool reports.

    18. AKPD not A-OK:
    The administration paid millions to the former firm of then-White House
    adviser David Axelrod, AKPD Message and Media, to promote passage of
    Obamacare. Some questioned whether the firm was hired to help pay
    Axelrod $2 million AKPD owed him.

    19. Sestak, we’ll take care of you:
    Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an
    intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would
    accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for
    dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter

    20. I’ll pass my own laws: Obama has repeatedly
    been accused of making end runs around Congress by deciding which laws
    to enforce, including the decision not to deport illegal immigrants who
    may have been allowed to stay in the United States had Congress passed
    the “Dream Act.”

    With three-and-a-half years of Obama’s second term remaining, there is no telling how many more scandals will erupt.



    Remind me the oj Simpson trial

  • Craven Moorehead

    i farted.libtard response,”youre racist!”…..when does this stupidity stop? no country on the planet has been as kind or giving to immigrants and blacks.

  • Aly

    Is oprah not the richest paid female celebrity in America? quit your crying “racist” and help the starving men,woman and children in America.


    I think they should take a poll of how many people are on assistance and for how long they have been on. I was on, it helped me when i needed it. I didn’t get my nails done or rape the system. I went to school for free got a education and now own a business and work hard. I had one child, didn’t have more and dig my hole deeper and yep i fought to get child support in place cause i wanted off the system. If you gave me a drug test i would have passed. I lived in housing, was depressed, have fibromyalgia……..take a poll, straight down the line, all the races and and i want to see who leads and how long they been leading…. So i guess i’m gonna be called racist again, you tell me when in this paragraph i mentioned blacks except right there………….need i say more!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • K-Bob

      Please don’t use all caps in your comments.

  • Linda Verba Bassett

    Wait…I thought she diassoiated herself from the Obama’s this last term????

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Oprah Winfrey has been a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. She thinks
    that both he and the Office of President have been treated with
    contempt because of the colour of his skin.”
    You’re the ‘racist’ Oprah. ‘OWN’ it. 😉

  • Guest

    Democrats / Liberals #1 narrative lie, accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of – “projectionism”, and have been guilty of for over 150 years from Slavery of the Confederacy, to legally legislatively Instituting and maintaining Segregation and Jim Crow, to creating the KKK, and giving it political cover, etc, etc.. Yet, they will never admit that truth, right Oprah, and have tried to play revisionism for 50 years now. On top of the fact that they, delusional demented, and deranged anti-American Democrats, aka socialist marxists, who make millions, if not billions of dollars off of the very economic, social, and political system they incessantly vitriolically attack day in and day out- ie; Extreme Leftist Hypocrisy.

    Deal with it Oprah. ie; up yours

  • TeaPartyReaganConservative

    Democrats / Liberals #1 narrative lie- accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of – “projectionism”, aka Lie, and have been guilty of for over 150 years from Slavery of the Confederacy, to legally legislatively Instituting and maintaining Segregation and Jim Crow, to creating the KKK, and giving it political cover, etc, etc.. Yet, they will never admit that truth, right Oprah, and have tried to play revisionism for 50 years now. On top of the fact that they, delusional demented, and deranged anti-American Democrats, aka socialist marxists, who make millions, if not billions of dollars off of the very economic, social, and political system they incessantly vitriolically attack day in and day out- ie; Extreme Leftist Hypocrisy.

    Deal with it Oprah. ie; up yours

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Blaming Bush for failure doesn’t work? Roll out the race card.

  • American Girl

    Use to respect her, but never knew she was a racist.

    • K-Bob

      She used to behave like a winner: someone who ignores the skin color and charges ahead to success. Ever since barack, she’s decided it’s 1961 all over again, and she’s determined to find, create, or re-enact her personal version of Selma Alabama.

      • LuppersMom

        The 1960s racial unrest reenactment is itself a burgeoning genre of movies and children’s books. Kids today can tell you about MLK and Ruby Bridges but have never heard of Napoleon, Washington, Franklin, Pasteur, Mendeleev, Beethoven, Newton, or any other pivotal figures in Western history.
        Last year a fifth grader explained to me that Oblamao freed the slaves. Seriously.

  • K-Bob

    I firmly believe many Americans are Racist.

    Just like Oprah, and all of her skin-color-obsessed friends.

  • $73426719

    Folks, don’t get too worked up about this ragged, overused new-age hussy. I’m in the UK and I don’t even watch the BBC let alone hear the kind of trash they allow this tramp to spout. But I have to say, not all my fellow Brits are clever like me, so some would not only have watched this interview but they would have believed her piffle too.

    However, as a black dude, I feel so sorry for white folk in the West today. In a bid to recompense for the misdeeds of the past, the tables have been turned to such an extreme that whites are now themselves under persecution: not allowed to have an opinion about anything lest they be seen as racist, and the fruits of this are everywhere now.

    I believe it started with race equality laws intruding into the private sphere; I’ve said it before: the root of proposals such as ENDA and that degrading policy called ‘affirmative action’ in the US and termed ‘positive discrimination’ here in the UK, come from the passing of so-called ‘anti-discrimination’ laws to force employers to hire people of certain ethnicities. Yes, America needed to come out of racism but you can’t force an attitude onto someone, let alone a decision concerning his/her own business. If I wish to only hire blacks, yes by all means, label me a racist and protest against me in whatever legal way you can; but do not use the force of the law to make me behave a certain way with my own private property! How is that American (or even constitutional)?

    This is where I believe the communist professors of victimology won a decisive victory and the fruits of it embolden the likes of Oprah Winfrey.

    • colliemum

      Hi, fellow Brit!

    • Go2guy

      well written

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I am going to reiterate my statement that I can’t wait for one of her disgruntled employees to say eff the confidentiality contract and write a tell all book. Can you imagine working for this d-bag? I’ll bet she really cracks the whip. Oops, was that racist? Sorry, Okrah.

  • $73426719

    And besides, Americans don’t hate Barrack because his face is black. Rather, they hate him because his heart is.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Good one, mate.

    • kong1967

      D’oh! I give you a 10 for that.

  • John Doll

    She is an idiot. She is race baiter. She is a racist.

  • colliemum

    Well, I can tell you from this side of the Big Pond that neither Oprah herself nor this interview have made any lasting impression, nor has this led to a generalised outcry in the MSM or on their blogs.
    This was a perfect Oprah-Yawn, that’s all!

  • Don Holmes

    how he get elected if that was the reason, couldn’t be the job he is doing and his lies

  • kong1967

    Yeah, we’re so racist we made you the richest woman in the world you dumb bit**. Must have been the white half in you. Oh, you don’t have that half? Dang, now I’m perplexed.

    I am SO sick of them playing the race card on everything. You didn’t vote for Obama? You’re racist. You don’t like Obamacare? You’re racist. You want voter ID laws? You’re racist. You disagree with Obama’s policies? You’re racist. I just typed this comment. I’m racist.

    Hey, Dems, I have news for you. Someone who sees everything in the terms of race is a racist. You better look at yourselves in the mirror.

    • Linda Whitlock

      YOU MADE her the richest woman in the world??? Really? Who are you referring to because I believe Oprah has fans of ALL races, so why are YOU taking sole credit for her success? Maybe Oprah is successful because she had a product that YOU wanted. So I guess since YOU made her rich she doesn’t have the right to speak her mind like you have in such an unflattering manner? Newsflash! Watching and supporting her show does not give you the right to call her a “dumb bit**” because you disagree with her.

      • ryanomaniac

        Why would disagreement with Obama be racist though? Obama isn’t black. He is white and you should stay out of white folks’ business cause you know nothing about the white community. I’m offended by your comment.

        • Linda Whitlock

          The grown-ups are talking now. When we want you to speak we’ll give you permission.

          • Snailmailtrucker

            Are you aware that Obama is 50% white, 44% Arabic, and 6% African black…and 0% American ?
            He has nothing in common with African Americans whatsoever ….but 90% of blacks who voted voted for this phony piece of trash….what does that say about 90% of American blacks who voted?

            • KenFedUpWithPC

              It doesn’t matter to her. He is the correct color for her purposes. The fact that he is an incompetent fool matters not.

              • notebene

                I agree with everything but the “incompetent fool” part. Odumbo is a despicable liar that used people to get where he is and he was quite shrewed at playing the game and surrounding himself with deceptive people to keep him in it! The low info folks that bought his crap hook, line, and sinker…and are still defending him are the fools!

          • Zach Martin

            Who needs your permission to do anything?

          • notebene

            So by your logic, anyone that says Odumbo is black should be considered a “grown up”, but anyone that recognizes his other ethnicities isn’t? Wow…you are the real racist here!

      • Snailmailtrucker

        Sorry Linda….your RACISM is showing !

      • 6Cinnamongirl3


      • ounceoflogic

        Where is the ignore button?????

      • kong1967

        I was not taking credit personally. It’s the general “we”, as in America. We’re so racist we voted Obama in for office. Pulling this race card bullcrap is getting old. If you don’t realize that you’re being played as a victim for the gain of others you’re an idiot.

  • Ken

    I am sure that there are people out there that hate Obama because he is black. However, I am also sure that there are many MORE people that hate him because he is a Lying, Socialist out to destroy America…

    • McCabe

      Obama is likely the worst president in US history. There’s no racism to it.

  • ryanomaniac

    Oprah, I dislike like him because he is white. If he is half black and he is considered totally black then why can’t he be a white man? That’s what I’ve said to people who have made the accusations of racism. It blows them up when I call him the 44th white president.

  • Vickie Rahn

    The race card is the crutch of the African Americans. Whenever they feel they don’t have a leg to stand on, just pull out the old race card.

    • Linda Whitlock

      And denial is a crutch for anyone who practices racism whenever they’re exposed. Who are you to proclaim what African Americans feel? And you only talk of the “race card” when you’re called out on it.

      • Vickie Rahn

        I’ve read your comments here and disagree with much of what you have said. You wont convince me to feel sorry for you or agree with the racism theories you are speaking of. Stop hiding behind your skin color and using it as a crutch. Most of us don’t care what color you are to begin with.

      • dude

        Geez get out of here Linda Whitlock. You obviously can only see things one way…YOUR way. Go somewhere else please because your mind is so closed up you see only one color. Your own. Sad dear. Very sad. You’re obviously one of those folks who’s not racist…but really is sooo racist. Again, if you can’t handle the truth, go somewhere else. Your ranting and raving and pathetic attempt to sound smart and like you know what you’re talking about is sad and pathetic.

      • notebene

        And projection is the card of those claiming “racism” every time things don’t go their way and they are called on things they are responsible for! Voting for a leader because he’s the right skin color is the biggest example of racism I have seen recently, and defending him on that skin color instead of calling him out on his betrayal of the citizens of this nation actually proves your incompetence!

      • ounceoflogic

        Linda, do you see that you denied Vickie’s claim about the race card. That’s denial. Then you claim “how could she know”, when you know nothing about her. Your response proves her point.

  • Maxsteele

    She doesn’t mind taking the “man’s” money though does she? In all the years of Oprah telling everyone how to live their lives and giving away free cars to her fans I have never, ever, seen or heard her doing a single thing for the black community in America. Oh, yes, she briefly gave some money for a school in Africa when it was all the rage for hollywood actresses to go and adopt African babies. Yet, since that fad has ended she has done nothing else. This woman is a publicity hound and does not have a single moral or ethical bone in her body, she disgusts me.
    How many yo-yo diets has she been on and every time she loses weight she raves about how great this new fad diet is then when she gets fat again she blames the diets for her getting fat and destroys those peoples careers. She is a nut job plain and simple. All you middle class women who cheered her on for all those years are now reaping what you sewed.

    • ebturner

      Umm…I beg to differ. I don’t like Oprah either but it’s not true about
      her and that school in Africa. Just a few weeks ago she was holding an
      auction from which all proceeds would go to that school.

  • ounceoflogic

    The most successful woman (not black woman) WOMAN in the history of this country plays the race card. Oprah… hope you got enough already, cuz you’ve alienated more than half of your audience with your newly found o’bama-racism.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    I disrespect him and you because you are both liberal RACISTS !

  • john@newlifedevelopmentgroup.c

    Let me think about that. Black population 15%, Obama elected twice by over 50% and our nation is racist, holding the black man down. What about him being grossly incompetent and a liar. No it’s because Obama an her nibs are the racists. Weak and an old story that has no legs.

  • muckfexico2

    Someone should look a her…………….many dislike her because she is a nut case.

  • picric_acid

    Lady, the only reason you support this guy is BECAUSE he is black.

    If he were white with so thin a resume, he would never have been nominated in the first place.

    • obladioblada

      So, very, very true. Obama’s election was the most racist act in American history.

    • Peter_Grynch

      Great point and many Oprah fans were shocked when Oprah threw Hillary under the bus to support Obama. Her show ratings tanked after that racist choice.
      I guess Oprah just couldn’t bear the thought of a female president. Obviously, Oprah is a raging SEXTIST!!!

  • Paul

    No, we disrespect him because he is a douche bag.

  • vincehugh

    If Americans hate blacks then how did Oprah become so popular, and how come so many ‘whites’ voted for Obama than Romney? Obama is disliked because he is incompetent. Actually the reason he got elected was because he was black!

  • melanie faulkner

    We treat all presidents who break the law, lie to us, and cheat us with the same contempt no matter the skin color Oprah!! Remember both how both President Bushs’ were treated? Reagan was shot for Gods sake!!! So your lies about it being racism, because Obama is just another loser half white president just like many before him!!

  • moronibreitbart

    Opra’s overt rasism is in full view of any sentient being with the ability to discern right from wrong. She is a pretentious blowhard who has found fame and riches directly from her asserted position as one of the prominent race-baiters in the Republic who feed off the ‘victim’ status that keeps the black community exactly where it’s designed to be by Sharpton,Jackson, Farrakhan, and Winfrey. All derive the same result from different strategy. If you voted for Bammy because he is kind of half Black, that makes YOU a racist too.

  • manmadedisaster

    The opposition never shows respect to the president. Did Democrats respect George Bush? No. Did Republicans show respect to Bill Clinton. No. The charge of racism is just a way to silence opponents who disagree with Obama’s policies, not the color of one skin

    • CynthiaCoG

      More importantly the Republicans were not doing world tours saying Americans are racists. This is just disgusting, all to increase her coffers…

  • Bruce Livingston

    Where does this notion come from, that if you’re black you are somehow left behind in society? Society has gotten to a point where we all go out of our way to give special privileges to people solely based on the fact that they’re black. This in and of itself is incredibly racist, and frankly condescending and demeaning to blacks, somehow suggesting they are weak and incapable of achieving things without the help of the white man.

  • 17_woods

    O plays the R card. What a surprise!

  • Snowman 54

    “She thinks that both he and the Office of President have been treated with contempt because of the colour of his skin. ” What? You don’t remember the left hanging GWB in effigy, making movies about killing him, the monkey comments, criticism of his intellect and so on? No, the left drew first blood in that argument. But to the point. Sorry Oprah. Has nothing to do with his race. Has everything to do with him destroying the United States from the ground up with his actions, thoughts, policies, practices, procedures, methods, and ideas. In fact one of your acting brethren (Alec I think?) used late night television to promote the idea of organizing a mob to go to the Naval Observatory to drag Dick Cheney out of the house to hang him?? VERY short memory.

  • canuck

    She should be aware that assholes come in many colors.

  • Pat Tracy

    Why does anyone pay a bit of attention to this racist hag?

  • Unreal Uknow

    Actually i bet he is a pretty cool guy personally, but in his position, the biggest problem with Obama is that he is a massive liar. He can’t be trusted.

  • tjrad

    Wow so it’s the race card again with her. To bad she can’t see it the way it is. People claim to want to be judged on their merit then if they don’t like that judgment it becomes racist. Guess who the racist is Oprah, it’s you. You are being racist by claiming that most who dislike Obama do so because of his race. No, they do so because he lies on unprecedented scales even for a politician, he blames everyone else for his failures. In 2008 he promised to lower the debt now it’s 9 Trillion Higher. He has hood winked an entire generation by saying one thing at the podium during his constant campaigning while doing another behind the scenes. He is a fraud a liar and a cheat, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, he is being judged by the content of his Character and that is not racist, it’s the exact opposite.

  • Retired_Marine

    I guess being a habitual liar has nothing to do with it, huh Oprah?

  • DPC Commentary

    She’ll tell any lie to cover for his incompetence.

  • Peter_Grynch

    Worst foreign policy in my lifetime.
    Worst economic policy in my lifetime.
    Worst energy policy in my lifetime.
    What the @#$%^&* does skin color have to do with anything?
    Anyway, since Obama’s mother wasn’t black we should refer to him as a “Halfrican-American”.
    Next Oprah will be explaining that many Americans hate Jane Fonda because she is too white!

  • H J

    When all else fails whip out the race card. What explains your stratasphoric success in racist America Oprah?

    • bobdog19006

      I’ve pretty well had it with celebrities throwing racial accusations. Just how “many people” is she talking about, exactly? Ten? 150 million? 300 million? Everybody but her and her friends? Just Republicans? Just Tea Party people? What number is she talking about, exactly, and where did she get her information?

      Is all disagreement with Obama “proof” of racism? Give me a real number based on fact, and tell me where you got it or shut up. Or does Ms. Winfrey have a racism problem of her own? I’m sure there are some, because statistically there always are “some people”. But if America is such a racist country, she seems to have done all right for herself.

      Personally, I don’t know anybody who objects to Obama because of his race. Nobody. That dog just don’t hunt any more. I guarantee you that it’s a lot smaller number than she thinks.

      The fact is that black has very little to do with it. He just sucks as president. That doesn’t make half the country racist.

  • obladioblada

    Thats the problem: is he African or American?

  • thankgodimretired

    If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny

  • Bruce Livingston

    This is just insane, it is quite frankly the opposite of what she said. He has gotten a total pass on things that a white guy would never get away with, everyone has this perpetual fear of being labeled a racist, so they all hold blacks to a lower standard. So dishonest.

  • Jim Robinson

    B S.

  • bluemongoose

    Bluemongoose says many American’s hate Obama because he is a socialist hell-bent on eliminating our liberties. He continues to say that now Oprah is a race-baiter out of desperation to save her savior and liberal extremism.

  • Teresa DeBerardinis Huggins

    I’m done with you Oprah… really? How dare you lump every person who disagrees with this president’s horrible policies with race… How about you credit us with being informed…I could give a rat’s rear what color he is. Every person like you, that continually bring up this falsehood prove that this country was not ready for a black president and it’s not because of people like me who don’t like his policies, it’s because of the far left liberals like you who keep reminding us that he is black..

    • arlngkent

      Well said.

    • James V.


  • arlngkent

    So if you’re black, you can f-up everything you touch and no one can say a word as they would obviously be racist?

    This clown has no business being in charge of ANYTHING important.

  • Brad Jeter

    Do not go away mad Oprah, just go away!!!!! History has proven that ME attitudes eventually fail because your ego becomes bigger than yourself. Your new TV station is a disaster because your sponsors did not follow you. Remember, you did not give all that stuff away on your old show…..your sponsors did, although you always took the credit. Nope, your back to where you belong……Just go away!!!!

  • seanmahair

    The hypocrisy of this woman and her ilk amaze me still. We don’t “dislike” obama. Many of “us” distrust him, are afraid of him, abhor him, doubt and question him, not because he’s black but because he’s proven himself to be a liar, a cheat, a fraud, an imbecile, a moron and a thin skinned hypocrite. Black, white or polka dot you can’t continue to lie to people and hurt them and continue to think people will allow you to harm them. It’s just common sense.

    • Robert Capps

      Of course he’s a liar. You can’t push a Socialist Utopia on Americans without lying to them and giving them free goodies. But watch out. If his popularity falls to the point that even the low info mofos who voted him into office turn on him too, he’ll shut off the EBT cards just for spite.

  • DocBarry1

    She made her billions and now she is letting us know her true colors – what has happened to her – we saw her dis Gov Palin during the 2008 campaign and now she is doing this – not right

    • Sayit1

      That is the day I STOPPED watching her.

      • whodat1

        And no doubt she’ll blame her drop in viewers to racism too.

        • Sayit1

          See.. funny thing about respect, it goes both ways. I don’t watch people I do not respect.

  • LuppersMom

    Another professional race baiter, making a fortune at it.

  • Ltpar

    Oprah, you are dead wrong and with a statement like that, demonstrates your own racial bias. Conservatives have hated the “Great Pretender” since Day One, and now Independents and moderate Democrats are starting to wake up and join the pack. The simple truth is, people do not like Barry Soetoro because of his constant lies, gross incompetence and the misfits he has surrounded himself with.

  • Jeff Roth

    Really? The disrespect comes from the bad policy created by this administration.

  • Bossman

    Its not like everything and I mean everything that obama touches turns to crap… name just one thing that he has not screwed up…..that is why Americans hate him… they hate phonies, they hate failure, they hate hypocrites, they hate liars…. that is why obama is hated.

    • Sayit1

      America Hates a Loser.

      • Bossman

        …. but the tide is turning, Losers are becoming trendy so more and more people love having the rest of society propping them up.

        • Sayit1

          Otherwise know as ANTI-AMERICAN in thought and deed.

  • Mans Viedoklis

    No-one respects caught liar.

  • Loobie

    Please just shut up baby hippo

    • Jeff


  • mardec

    Oprah, say it ain’t so…I really like and respect you but now your say this like it’s true?

  • $15811346

    I’m sorry Oprah that you see life in only two perspectives – being black and being a women. If someone criticized Bush, you’re being politically progressive. If someone criticizes Obama, you’re a racist….America is finally waking up to the hypocrisy of people like you.

  • James V.

    No Oprah, we despise him, not because of his skin color, but, because of his Socialist, Liberal ideology and his INCOMPETENCE as the Leader of the Free World. Oh, and Oprah, we think you are a White hating racist. Go away, America is fed up with this crap and we are not going to take it any more.

  • Terry

    Can’t she leave race out and quit using it for an excuse. We disrespect him because he is incompetent and for no other reason. Damn wish they could just accept that people judge the president on his performance and not his race.

    • JDanielBoone

      Well, for me personally you have to add dishonest, corrupt, lawless, divisive, and the most destructive president in history. His skin color is about the only thing that I don’t dislike about him.

    • Sayit1

      We disrepect him, because he ignores half of the electorate, and the majority of the Constitution.

  • msullpa

    Nope. I hate Obama just as equally as the last white old fart before him.

  • Tiberiusduck

    The reason the race card is always pulled by the black community is because Barrack Obama has turned out to be a total disaster in the making. The black community simply can’t handle the fact that this man has single handily done more harm to this country then any other President before him. Their hopes and dreams were dashed when reality started to set in and the country started to and continues to spiral downward. It is unthinkable that the first black President be viewed by history or more specifically by the black community as a complete and utter failure and detriment to this nation’s economic survival and freedom.
    Black or White, a failure is still a failure.

    • typicalwhiteguy

      Blacks also have a problem admitting that the fraudulent poser has harmed their race much more than any other. If he can get amnesty rammed through, blacks will be disproportionally harmed.

  • Barbara Henderson

    Conservatives oppose collectivists of any skin color. Duh! Furthermore – the man is a bully and a liar. Oprah needs to move into the current century – Obama has been given every opportunity – and blown it all. He is a bully and a liar – and people like that are not respected by anyone.

  • Bill Lumbergh

    I hate him because he is a communist dick-tater.

    • Steven Tibbs


  • espy

    Oprah has shut her ears to any and all valid criticism of the President and has decided to accept the easy answer that any and all criticism directed towards the man is due to the color of his skin. Its the lazy person’s response. And Oprah, and those that agree with her, are being mentally lazy. She already held this opinion long before criticism of the man became mainstream and now continues to promote this viewpoint. She is unfairly labeling those of us that criticize the man as racist and ignoring the actual criticism in favor of defending him, even if its a defense that is dependent upon ad-hominem attacks against those criticizing.

    The best description of what she’s doing is, if I were in a debate and rather than answer my opponent’s question, I attacked him on grounds of his race, background, religion, or any of a number of criteria that had nothing to do with the argument.

    • Sayit1

      Oprah is not as ” deep” as she thinks she is.

  • Bossman

    The race card baiting is just breed into them…. no mater how successful, what level they rise to, once it goes bad they pull the card out & play it because they know that a lot of dumb white people have “white guilt”. I don’t so that card won’t work on me. I see you for what you are.

  • Bleau Gumms

    And you’re only worth billions because of the color of your skin

  • Jeff

    Racist beeoch

  • Obamasucks69

    No Oprah Winfrey that’s not it at all….Nobody like’s a liar, most people knew it in 2008 before the election, but you blind followers elected him anyways…..and look what a stellar job he has done….you can tell he was only a community organizer, his experience shows………

    Remember vote out every democrat in 2014 make them pay…..

  • Banta SINGH

    That may be in some cases but there are also folks like me who had high hopes. I had hoped (from him) a MJ kind of performance (Magic, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordon). However the man is totally clueless and incompetent. No one can imagine how deep hole he is going to leave the country in once he gets on his lifetime pension plan.

  • Al

    What a complete idiot – I disrespect the guy because he’s TRYING TO MAKE AMERICA A SOCIALIST COUNTRY AND BECAUSE HE’S AN ARROGANT S O B WHO LIES EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH – not because of the color of his skin

  • sickofmisinfo

    Orpah is wrong. This guy ain’t even black.

  • Titus Bass

    Opie, that is what’s known as beating a dead horse. No, we hate him because he’s a Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Soros puppet who hates the Constitution and the freedoms it recognizes… and he’s stupid.

  • Jeff

    Silly knee grow

  • Independent “Terrorist”

    I guess skin color gives you a pass for being stupid, arrogant, incompetent, and a collectivist. Oh..ok, I get it.

  • mapoffla

    If Americans are so racist, how did you become a billionaire Harpo ? Legitimate criticism, with an abundance of evidence of impeachable offenses, makes zero worthy of all the heat he is taking. The only thing that saves him from a jail cell in Leavenworth is partisan politics. Your accusations tend to implicate you as a bigot. I wonder how well you would have done financially if people knew that about you when you were a newscaster in Baltimore….

  • Kevin

    Sorry Madam O but we dislike King BO because he was totally unqualified to be the president before 2008 and half this country is still clueless that he is still unqualified to be a president. I forgot to mention he is destroying and alienating this country also.

  • Wmn04Ken07

    She can believe that if it makes her feel better, but the fact that he has chosen not to represent all Americans in his job as president is most likely the reason he is not respected. Besides, we know he had a white mother and white grandparents. Hello!

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    For years, Americans have said their concern with this president is not the color of his skin but rather the color of his ‘ideology’: red.
    He’s only half-black, so who’s she trying to kid here?
    Orca Windbag is proof, no good deed goes unpunished. Americans, as no other nationality, bought her nasty, resentful, ingrate act and made her stinking rich. This is how she thanks them?

  • Kevin

    Sorry Madam O but we dislike King BO because he was totally unqualified to be the president before 2008 and half this country is still clueless that he is still unqualified to be a president. I forgot to mention he is destroying and alienating this country completely.

    • Robert Capps

      Roger that, Kevin. Oprah is so wrong… we who are opposed to Obama don’t agree with his vision for a Socialist Utopia USA. Period.

      • Kevin


  • John Smith

    Partially true….only because his RACE has been thrown in our faces and used to divide this country ever since the beginning on his first term. He decided to make it a factor by playing the victim, and now many of us despise him for it. That aside, there are more than enough failures and deceit within his administration to make people despise the man regardless of his skin color.

  • Steven Tibbs


  • micrappoogle

    Did the tree bark just talk? Because it smells kind of reeks in here.

  • iqdou

    she is just so out of touch and has her head in the sand. Many Americans have no respect for him because he’s a liar. Period.

    • Dimart45

      She’s just trying to blame others because she made a poor choice. She is a liberal after all.

      • iqdou

        I knew before November 2008 he was a liar. I couldn’t believe others couldn’t see right thru him. Then I realized many were just ignorant and blinded by their liberal brainwashing or their racial bias. I lost respect for MANY of my former friends when this POS was voted for again in 2012. I pray every day someone finds a way to get him OUT of the white house.

  • Genna2

    Sour grapes, Oprah! She believes her popularity began to decline after the 2008 election, during which she actively and enthusiastically campaigned for Barack Obama. She’s right, but her popularity declined because she became a political activist, not because she supported an African American. To her detriment, Oprah forgot about her audience and why they liked her. She was the female version of Every Man until she took political sides in a very visible way and used her popularity and influence to promote her personal politics. Most folks know she’s a liberal Democrat, but she never made that part of her public persona until 2008.

  • Tommy Tomhan

    She is a racist idiot!!!! If we don’t like his politics then we must be racist?????? I and most on the right have voted against every Democrat our whole lives and color made no difference.

  • hdevo

    The disrespect comes from the lies the deceit, the corruption,his Ideology .You are clueless .Color has nothing to do with it. its about the ability to lead which he does not,He does not take responsibility for his actions.Constantly blaming others.He is weak, a empty suit .His lips move lies come out.He has been coddled for 5 years by a over protective media ,The truth will set you free >>>>He is a FAILURE

  • Sayit1

    Yeah O- it has NOTHING to do with the fact this is the most unqualified President the US has EVER had. Racist. Woman.

  • joodles13

    excuse me Oprah, where were you when they disrespected George Bush. I would call that racist for not defending the office, period.

  • Bossman

    Funny how this FAKE person that has fooled many American white people, gets out of the country and plays the RACE CARD…. she did this again a few months back on buying a purse I believe in a Swiss high end retail shop. Now again…. wake up America women this person deep down hates your skin color….

  • Dimart45

    You chose a loser Oprah. All your racist nonsense cannot erase the fact that Obama is a lousy president. A president , shouldn’t be elected because of the color of his skin or his/her gender but because they are qualified – and he clearly wasn’t. Sorry but when you choose a bad one you can’t blame others. Well, obviously you can, but you won’t be taken seriously…

  • Lefty_Thorn

    Yea, that’s why Orca. Idiot.

  • myvoice2

    The only people watching her are people sitting home on welfare

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    It must be so hard living a life of such terrible oppression, huh, Oprah? It must be so very difficult to live off the billions you made from peddling a no-talent, ingrate, nasty act, eh?
    You expected your hero to make you a senator. He didn’t. So now you take it out on us?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nothing so pitiful as a washed up starlet.

  • pixxa

    Nah we disrespect socialism and communisim, and the deceit that goes with it. We also disrespect people who are stupid enough to still play the race card.

  • b4youb4me

    It’s their way of excusing his laziness, his lying, his arrogance, his complete incompetence, his lack of character.

  • Kyle Wickersham

    I do not dislike him because he is black. Everybody is not thinking it. I am not. I dislike him because he constantly does things that are against our national law, the constitution, and his actions are resulting in less freedom for the people of this country. Our government was created to protect us from big government; to give us freedom. Any leader of our country that consistently takes away our freedoms, whether black, white, mexican, male, female, or a freaking zebra….is crap! Period.

  • Someonereadingthis

    Right. Because no one ever disrespected George Bush. Or Bill Clinton. Or Ronald Regan, or Jimmy Carter. The office of president was treated with the utmost reverence until Obama showed up.

  • Southern Yankee

    Oprah you are incorrect I disrespect the white side of Obama.
    Your network has already been blocked on my system.

  • lax

    saying that is like saying that everytime you criticized GW it was because he was white…
    so with that oprah, you show yourself to be exactly what we all knew you to be…a racist in kind.

    • Al Barrs

      Some of the worst racists in America are so called black. What most of them forget is that most are Mulatto like Obama with ‘white’ blood surging through their veins…

  • Dencal26

    Oprah is just another racist

  • bandi9

    she is irrelevant. my dislike for him has NOTHING to do with race. He is incompetent, and narcissistic, egomaniacal, and lazy.

    • bandi9

      and a serial liar

    • Al Barrs

      bandi9, you forgot sociopathic…

      • bandi9

        my bad. you are right, i did

  • SMoYo

    So, Oprah, Obama disrespects the office because he is black? That’s what you said.

  • John

    One Racist backing another point blank. Guess what Oprah even Blacks are starting to see the guy is just an empty suit and liar. So much for the first Black President whos record is worse than any before him. So policies of his own making are our fault. Any one who watches this Moron needs to quit and get your friends to quit. Yea That starigh Demorat pary vote got his arse in trouble. See this ain’t Chicago and getting away with stuff is not so easy. I think you have played the Race card enough most people tuned you out and the rest wil also period and not Oblammers Period.

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    When in doubt, play the Race Card. Is that it, Oprah? That the thing? Can’t win on the facts, and reality keeps getting in the way of the great communist con-job, so whip out the ol’ Race Card?

    Sorry, the American people aren’t buying it anymore. The 70s are long gone.

  • DoctorJNB

    No, many Americans do not respect Obama or Oprah because they’re stupid. Color has nothing to do with it.

  • Robert Steed

    Idiots race-baiters, like Oprah, have no response to to rational
    opposition so they resort to name calling like a middle school kids. We
    don’t see color . . . we see corruption, socialism, corporatism and
    fascism and you WON’T SHUT US UP with this lame BS.

  • ClinkinKY

    Uh huh, right Oprah. And you are worth $2.9 Billion because the American people hate you.

    • dygene

      Bingo! Folks we have a winner.

  • scboy

    Did Oprah consider his other qualities because they apply much more? Liar, marxist, incompetent lazy. Still attempting to defraud the American public. Many criminal issues. I don’t care if he is white arab black

  • SaneSage

    This is the ultimate spin. Oprah wants us to ignore the political reality we are living now. Let’s forget the 7 trillion added to the national debt. Let’s ignore the millions who lost health insurance because of Obamacare. Let’ ignore the declining prestige of the US in the world. Let’s ignore the increasing poverty rate and food stamps recipients.
    For God’s sake! Americans do not hate Obama because he is black.
    Americans elected Obama because he is black. And they deserve what they got.

    • Aaron J Tuttle

      That pretty much sums it up.

  • myvoice2

    oprah who?

  • Risk A Devil

    No it is because he is an obvious liar! I voted for this guy in 2008 but I am racist? I bought into hope and change but I don’t like the change and my hope is as low as it has ever been. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It is time for all folks who voted him back into office in 2012 to admit their shame.

    • Bossman

      it is real shame…. how could so many been fooled… this guy takes pages out of every 3rd world dictator rebel in Africa…. they stir up the masses by creating class war fare and never solve any problems, just create more and raid the treasuries of their respective country……what obama has done is the very same thing.

  • John

    QPRAH F Off racist biatch. Note The former USA now named ZIMBAWEE II in honor of Robert Mugabe who did so much to destroy.

  • Jim Smith

    I disrespect you for the Stupid Comment OPRA!

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    If we’re all so racist, how’d this guy get where he is? How’d you get so stinking rich from peddling your stupid, sullen, resentful, race-baiting, commie carny shill?

    Ever hear of protesting too much, lady? Americans have seen thru the hundred year long communist grift, and they’re no longer buying it nor paying attention to those who pimp it.

  • HIStory Indeed

    Visit parks, watch what goes on at the playgrounds. Racism doesn’t
    exist at that level. Racism has to be fueled and fomented by adults
    with an agenda. Oprah simply provided the opportunity to prove my point.

  • Jim Smith

    Black, White or Green Skin he’s doing a Horrible job, you and Obama need to get over your Skin color!

  • FlyntLoc

    If I don’t buy a ticket to see her film, and rave about how wonderful it is, will I be tagged a racist?

  • Wayne Beaver

    Obama is only half Africian, zero American.

  • 24601

    Let me say it this way: If you aren’t, at the absolute least, suspicious of his motives, you haven’t bothered to look past his skin color.

  • espy

    Racism isn’t a one way street Oprah. Its only ever commented on when its white against black. Any other time its ignored. The only people clinging to racism are those that still want to use victimization as an excuse. And it is an excuse. How long are we supposed to act like people are victims because their ancestors were enslaved? Yes it was horrible, but did it happen to those people currently using it as a defense for their actions? No. Its an excuse and its time people grew up and started treating one another as equals. None of this affirmative action, PC BS. If we treated one another with respect instead of acting as if race defines a person the country would be better off. “Judge not the man on the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”-MLK.

    Until the day comes when people actually do what MLK said, instead of hiding behind race as a shield and using it as excuse, we’re never going to advance. Acting the victim is not going to advance a person’s position in life.

    • notebene

      Well said!

  • dtom2

    Oprah you Vapid nitwit, these are the same Americans who made YOU a freakin’ gazillionaire.

  • joepars

    Oprah! Incompetence isn’t a color. Obama is a liar, par excel lance, he is simply loosing it. The American People can see with their own eyes that he is failing. Shame on you for playing the Race Card. How about being honest, for once. You know he losing control, and is on the cusp of having a failed Presidency, too.

  • Benebeth

    Is that how it works for Oprah? I cannot believe she is sticking up for a disaster because of his color yet is throwing white people under the bus and we made her a billionaire. Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter ever was and that is saying a lot. Oprah gets paid to talk not to think. She has it all wrong.

    • thisnamealreadyexists

      It’s similar to people being opposed to illegal immigration being called racist. But isn’t it racist to support people who are doing illegal things because they are the same race as you as in La Raza and various latino groups that support it. Would they support illegal immigration if it were say, 20 million muslim arabs in the US illegally. Doubtful. Racism comes in many forms. Supporting the actions of someone based on their race is just as ‘racist’.

      • Benebeth

        It has always been about America, not his color. I’m no kid and I have never seen this country in such disarray. Is there a solution? I think there is no quick fix and it will take decades to undo what the amateur has done. God help us all.

  • Crusader06

    I didn’t like the man to start with simply because he was a product of the Chicago Democrat political machine. Color had nothing to do with it.

  • justfedupwithstupidity

    Nice try Oprah but that is an overused excuse to justify the failures of the first black President. Question ? So what’s your excuse for all your success and billions?

  • LCDR USN Ret

    Au contraire Oprah. I hate him because he is an enemy of our Republic and a Communist at heart who seeks to destroy the Constitution and America. I would vote for Ben Carson in a New York minute. Has nothing to do with skin color.

    • felicityva

      I would as well. I love Dr. Carson.

    • John Geyer

      Exactly so.

  • CincinnatiMike

    Oh please, please give it a rest!!! Don’t you just hate when millionaires that got their opportunity and made their millions, if not billions of dollars, whine about how the people who created the wealth treat them?
    Obama is disrespected because he’s unqualified for his job, performs it excedingly poorly both domestically and internationally, and is childishly arrogant. He shows only rudamentary understanding of economics (if that), doesn’t listen to his own cabinet and staff (such as they are), has limited negotiating and trust building skills, has no respect for this country’s history, governing system and Constitution, and has whipped up racial and class hostility to the point of serious social unrest .The only thing his color got him was a second chance at geting it right from the eternally guilt-ridden white liberals, something he’s failed miserably at.

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    Even if Doperah were twice as smart, she’d still be stupid……………..

  • Clover11111

    She also said in the interview which BBC played on its radio network that a senator and not a congressman called him a liar at the state of the union address. It’s clear that she in selling that movie she’s in, proudly paints the picture of racism in the US. To think of those white housewives who made her what she has become, just to throw them under her bus

    • Bossman


      • OverUnderSidewaysDown

        Well said!

    • John Geyer

      She has made an important contribution by showing that the ugliest women can be made charming and attractive.

  • Mike Brown

    People who go around making claims of racism should look in a mirror. Did you ever think he might just be a bad President?

  • georgedixon1

    Racism as an excuse for incompetence is part of the incompetence of the democrats and their Wholly-Owned-Voter-Plantation

    Oprah is simply dancin’ for her massa…Liberalism, as she sings the african songs of excuse.

  • kenfro

    Opressed Oaphrah givin away those Pontiacs for ratings enjoying the ultra high life watching your Messiah in Washington botch everything he and Moochelle touch. Trying to turn the tide on Barrys Bumbles by deflecting the real issues through the old and overused race issue. Bonding the brothers with a cause they can count on to keep the money flowing. The cycle remains unbroken and you are one of the reasons Oaphrah.

  • Sayit1

    I just want to point out.. that now that Obama wants to extend Zerocare for a year. He should now be considered a ” Terrorist, Bomb strapping, Racist, teabagger Bigot”.

    Everybody clear ?

    • John Geyer

      Sayit, you need help. Ranting that kind of crap helps nothing.

      • Bossman

        the point is that is what people were called for opposing this piece of crap on his healthcare law…… even those who tried to save America from this pain by asking for it to be delayed.

      • notebene

        I believe you are misunderstanding what he means. That is exactly what they called Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee when they made a stand to defund Odumbocare in September! The left also used that to describe anyone that supported them! This poster is merely turning their words on them!

      • Engage Gray Matter

        He was being sarcastic as those are the EXACT phrases used by members of the Democratic Party when Cruz tried to get the roll out delayed for a year. Harry Reid the Senate Majority Leader was at the fore front of the name calling and finger pointing. And now they are doing EXACLY what Ted Cruz suggested meaning we didn’t need to shut down government after all. Its morning again in America. Time for you to wake up. In fact, we were warned as early as 1961 about the ills of socialized medicine. If you dare to know the truth….

        • John Geyer

          Gee, sarcasm on the ‘net needs to be labeled or people like me just don’t get it. :o)

          • Engage Gray Matter

            My apologies if I offended. : )

      • Sayit1

        I am simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left. Here is a cookie .. calm down.

  • Ned Lofton

    Then why isn’t Oprah disliked because she is black? Oprah is loved and admired in America, BECAUSE SHE IS COMPETENT!!!!! Obama is the PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. and doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing. THAT’S WHY many do not “like” him.

  • Betsy Smith

    In order to effectively improve anything you have to first recognize it for what it is.
    It is not racism. It is a strong disagreement with how our President chooses to govern.
    You must start with the correct premises before you can address any issue accurately.

  • Robert Zola

    I hate OHBAMA because he is a moron!

  • felicityva

    She wouldn’t be as wealthy as she is today if we are as racist as she claims. I don’t like him because he’s stupid, lazy, incompetent and a liar. She only voted for him because he was black. Now who’s the racist?

  • Aaron J Tuttle


    • john

      buddy of Rodman in N. Korea isn’t white – so when we put him down, we racists too?

      Yep. He is sooooo nice:

      TOKYO — Kim Jong-un’s former girlfriend was among a dozen well-known North Korean performers who were executed by machinegun, it was claimed Thursday.

      Hyon Song-wol, a singer, rumoured to be a former lover of the North Korean leader, is said to have been arrested In North Korea on August 17 with 11 others for supposedly violating laws against pornography, according to reports in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

      All 12 were executed by machinegun three days later, with other members of North Korea’s most famous pop groups and their immediate families forced to watch. The onlookers were then sent to prison camps, victims of the regime’s assumption of guilt by association, the reports stated.

      • Bossman

        So many on the left would love North Korea more than America…. I just wish we could help them get there.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Something this idiot will never understand. It’s not about the color of his skin. It’s about the content of his character. Which, by the way, sucks. Stopped watching oprah after Hurricane Katrina. She LIES!

  • John Whalen

    Sorry Oprah but the race card is just a smoke screen for the fact that Obama is incompetent and hell bent on destroying America as we knew it!!

  • james urban

    Oprah playing race again! Don’t you have anything else?

  • Al Barrs

    Obama is NOT an African American…is Oprah blind? Obama’s mother was WHITE, Ann Dunham, and we don’t officially know who his actual father was, except that he was black. If he was the son of the Kenya, African citizen Barak Hussein Obama, the student, he is not a “natural born citizen” of the U.S.A. Obama is by his own admission of who his mother was is a ‘Mulatto’, half black and half white. That doesn’t make him an African American…just an American who denies the major part of his heritage. If he was the son of Frank Marshal Davis, the black Communist Propagandists, who mentored and taught Obama he is still a Mulatto… There is an old saying that you can’t run away from your heritage, you can only deny it…which Obama has done because it didn’t fit his socialist way of thinking.

    • Grandma_of_Four

      VERY well stated! I have long felt on the RACE check list on oh so many forms, there should be a MIXED Heritage box….of course, THAT could be a mess as well as we all are of some kind of MIXED Heritage. I am Welsh, Irish, Scotch!

      • Engage Gray Matter

        The government is the largest discriminatory body in the world. You can not fill out any form without race being a factor. Job application, Census, etc… We can not move beyond color of skin and on to content of character as long as government supports and advocates separating citizens along racial, sexual, gender, or religious affiliation.

  • jm

    The funny thing is tha Oprahs comment is racist. To make a sweeping statement about a group of people that don’t agree with the President and label them as a being something as a group not as individuals is the root of racism.

  • init4real

    Note to Oprah: everybody is not thinking that. They’re thinking how this country is going down the tubes while being led by an inept president. When he first said cute campaign phrases like ” Yes We can” and “I’m going to fundamentally transform America..” people were hopeful. But now they’re seeing exactly what he meant: Yes we can..(bring America down) and I’m going to fundamentally transform America…into a fourth class shambles ripe for revolution….”
    No one likes a Liar in Chief. Get off your high horse Oprah…everything isn’t about race…

    • john

      facts for and idiot? Lost case.She gets her opinions from leftist sites.

      BTW – some statistics:

      Average IQ of white – 100
      Average IQ of black – 80

  • Indianared

    I used to have enormous respect for Oprah – not anymore. When she has to use the race card to excuse incompetence that is inexcusable. The dislike of Obama comes largely from his inability to govern, his ability to cause derision and his absolute arrogance, it has NOTHING to do with his skin color and if she can’t see that in him maybe SHE needs to look beyond skin color!!!

    Maybe she needs to refer back a few years when there was a level of disrespect for the same office with a white man sitting in it. Furthermore, to say this on the world stage seems cowardly! I wonder if she would have the nerve to say this if she still had a daily talk show!

  • Mark edward marchiafava

    My disgust for Emperor Obama has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    what a douche bag. How bout policies created, Bush did same hes white. I detest all the RHINOS color has NOTHING to do w anything. She went down the tubes yrs ago when she started her Rhetoric.

  • JiminGA

    All racists claim racism is used against them. Racism sure didn’t stop Oprah from becoming wealthy, and reverse racism got Obama elected. Sure, some dislike him because he’s Mulatto. Some dislike me because I’m tall….big deal. But most that don’t like Obama object to his politics. After all, Obama’s Marxism runs counter to America’s founding and past success.

    Oprah has become just another race hustler claiming victim status. Yawn…..

  • lopagus1

    this pig voted for the community organizer because he was black…no other reason. and that’s not racist? what a fat, ugly racist fraud this cow is.

    • ImBackBishes

      Here’s a secret. Blacks are the most racist group in the US, pass it on.

  • thisnamealreadyexists

    Yes that’s it. Forget that he’s an incompetent liar who has made a complete mess of this country and is despised around the world. And it only took him 5 years. But America, who elected him …TWICE….is racist. Maybe it’s time for Oprah and black people in general to understand that sometimes you get criticized and you just HAPPEN to be black. Being black doesn’t make you above criticism.

  • Merovingian

    No he’s hated because he’s a globalist pig. Just like you, Oprah.

  • KERR

    In other words, if America wasn’t racist, B.O. would have received 100% of the vote.

    Ah, the race card, you lose.

  • john

    listen you fat cow – we hate idiots, regardless (for you: irregardless) of their skin color.
    Oprah – kings “allows” , and now FuBar Ack “allows” us to keep nonexistent/illegal policies.
    Both of you should join Densa Club.

  • 75

    I think its more about how the country is doing as a whole…

  • RK

    Simply not true, I could care less about his race. I disrespect him because he is an arrogant ass who has absolutely no respect for the rule of law, the Constitution, or anyone who challenges his position or policies. He is completely unfit to be President.

  • karryokie

    FDR was wrong:July 2,1964,not Dec.7,1941 is the day that should live forever in infamy-the day the so-called Civil Rights Bill was signed by LBJ.There were good reasons for segregation,some of which are becoming more apparent day after day.

  • bxdanny

    She is obviously correct. How many comments on forums like this one call the president “Obongo” and similar names? The obvious point of such terms is to make fun of the African heritage of Mr. Obama. That much seems undeniable.

    • ImBackBishes

      I prefer “Ovomit”, non racial.

  • Mark edward marchiafava

    My wife is sitting on the couch,BEGGING me not to call Oprah a fat, racist cow. Out of respect for the bride, I won’t.

  • 75

    Isnt he white? or at least half white

  • TexasVetgal

    Is that so Ohprah… Maybe its because he is stupid as a box of rocks… Or could it be because he is a pathological liar.

    Why is it the American people are racists according to black talking heads (liberals) when everything this idiot has done has damaged the Nation, destroyed civil rights, and bankrupted the Country.

    Oprah is as sick in the head as SPLC, or other race baiters on the left.

  • losingusa

    Her ignorance is appalling. Who cares if he is red yellow or pink with polka dots, Can’t she see what he is doing to America?

  • John Geyer

    Oprah, racism hasn’t stopped you from making multi-millions off this society you seem to hate so much. It’s highly doubtful that Obama would have been elected if he were not black but disliking him can be attributed to his incompetence, no need to bring skin color into it.

    • ImBackBishes

      Never made a dime off of me, never watched her show, but I’m a white southern male, what do I know.

  • ou812

    Oprah.. you are an idiot,.totally lost respect for you. I thought you were a smart woman.. never saw you as smart black women.. I’m an American Hispanic and I can’t stand this presidency not because he’s black,,, but because he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing… he’s just a puppet. There are blacks who don’t like whites and hispanics and asians.. there are hispanic’s who don’t like blacks, whites and asians.. there are whites that don’t like blacks, hispanics , asians.. You Harpo , are just an ignorant woman now.

  • Tom Smith

    Oprah, another racist extraordinare. When we allow people to separate themselves from humanity because they are chosen we see the results.Oprah would have been a chosen black in Africa. She would have been one of the blacks that sold blacks to those jewish ships out of Boston and NYC.

  • KERR

    because he is a incompetent, lying, douche bag, leftist

  • Al Barrs

    “Racism” is Obama’s socialist followers fall back position when all else fails…it’s their safe rat hole…what they, and Oprah, say and claim can’t be proven and it just shows their racism and ignorance… It’s akin to throwing hand grenades and then ducking behind a boulder…

  • LifeLiberty

    Race has Nothing to do with Anything!!! It is something I have seen used by mainly blacks, throughout my lifetime as a fabricated claim by those who want to blame someone else for their lack of ambition and drive. Way before Obummer became president I would hear racist claims in my school and community and as I got older, across the country. I always felt defensive by those claims, because I, and no one I knew went around thinking less of a black person. The only time I would hear these claims, were when they were made by Blacks. These things never entered my mind, until I heard them from black people. I started to feel like “Racism” was something perpetuated by blacks themselves. If they would just stop talking about it all of the time it would become/is a non issue. You hear blacks say about the “white man, keeping the black man down” That is something else I never understood. There are so many successful blacks in the world who worked hard to get where they’re at. Just like anyone who is successful, regardless of their race. Everyone has the same opportunities, if they have the desire to achieve.

    The more I hear from this president, the more I think part of his “fundamentally transforming America” has something to do with reparations. Plus I do believe that he hates America and everything We stand for. That has nothing to do with the fact that he is black for Gods sake. Anyone who holds the office of Presidency should not be permitted to do and get away with the stunts he is pulling!

    • OldNavyChief

      Bravo Zulu!

  • eric_in_NJ

    Most folks I know criticize him because he is doing an awful job as POTUS.

  • The Shadow Knows

    I really thought she was smarter than that.

  • irishmom58

    actually no, I have lost respect for him because of his consistently finding it hard to be truthful. I lost faith in Bill Clinton for the same reason during his presidency.

    Why isn’t Ms Winfrey making these comments to US media? Because it is not true and she would face a backlash of opinion.

  • Grandma_of_Four

    Oprah…give me a break…he is out of control, has no idea what he is doing, is disconnected, is acting like a dictator, is inept, LIES!! Has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT that he is of MIXED background! I taught in a school with a large population of African American teachers for over 20 years and they are all WAY ahead “president” “O”BLAME”R” in truth, honesty, integrity!!!!

    • ImBackBishes


  • Leland Williams Jr,

    Patently false. Typical “Racial Sensitivity” emotions. Obama is a very intelligent guy. It’s just that he is dishonest, a socialist, and an extreme left ideologue. UnAmerican.

    • SteveC73

      “Very intelligent guy” . .. . based on what? What has he really done by himself and not through affirmative action or a teleprompter?

  • americalsgt

    and so, because Obama is deceitful and black, black = deceit, and deceit = black, and this makes my respect for Col Allen West null and void. Is that how this work oh Opra One?

  • rosalie911

    And naturally the fact that people criticized George Bush was because he was white. Oprah, your words are very disappointing, I expected more from you but I guess race trumps common sense. Your guy is a complete disaster most of us would feel the same if he was white. Race has nothing to do with his incompetence. You Oprah are the racist.

  • Phocus Please

    Oh PLEASE, will you people ever stop waiving your skin color flag. We elected the incompetent MAN twice. Call us stupid, but don’t say we hate him because of his color. Wake up and see what your champion is doing to a great nation. Fool.

  • jb

    I am not aware of any Africans being born in America ,unless of course they were on vacation . Nice Oprah 52 cards in the deck and they are all the race card .

  • sane_politics

    Oprah probably thinks like Jamie Foxx and refers to Obama as her ‘black Messiah, Lord, God, and Savior’. Enough said.

  • tbutler01

    FU oprah! Porch monkey!

  • noodles5

    That is why you are the richest woman in the world, Oprah, because white people disrespect you because you are African American. C’mon lady. Drop the race card and tell the truth. The man is an incompetent liar and is hell bent on destroying this country. That’s why nobody respects and likes him.

  • Engage Gray Matter

    No Oprah. Many (I would posit the majority) are angry that Obama along with other sycophants in the Democratic Party are willing to put self ahead of country. And trust me, we are just as upset at RINO’s like McCain, Boehner, and Graham. Their naked grabs for power, disregard for Constitutional rule of law, incompetence and push for government intrusion into our lives is anathema to our way of life. Skin color you say? You’ll have to ask the 98% of blacks that voted (sometimes twice) based on the color of the man’s skin for being their motivator for electing a President.

  • Kulcuda

    As noted O you voted for O only because he was (African American, Black, Community Organizer and was like you) you did not support him because of the senate work and leadership he showed, bills he forwarded or the fact he was a brilliant politician. You lose. He is treated with contempt becaue of what he has done to the country, constitution and rule of law. He is a liar to the utmost degree, has other losers pulling the strings, cannot speak for himself in any articulate manner without a teleprompter and the likes of you and the media have only the “Race Card” to use to cover his ineptness…the truth would be better and help in your defense. Until then just shut up.

    • FLSteamer

      Perfectly stated, Kulcuda!!!!!

  • DumpEmAll!

    Obowman is African-American?

    Isn’t he Kenyan-American? Or Hawaiian-American?


    How about Incompetent_American! Or Chicago-American!

    How about Liberal-American or Socialist_American

    Oh, Ken Ya See,

    everybody sing!

    • ImBackBishes

      He’s no American, in a pig’s eye.

      • Guest

        Sho nuff is,,,
        He has a burt certificate to prove it.,,,,

        and his subjects sing the new anthem!

        Oh Ken Ya seeeee, the Obowman King,,,,,,,everybody sing.

  • ImBackBishes

    That’s in addition to being incompetent, a commie, a narcissist……..

  • whodat1

    Ms. Winfrey, I have to tell you that your Race Card is overdrawn and has therefore been declined.

    • marie lopez

      Oprah, do you really think Obama would have been elected if he was white?

  • beachmom H

    So, just because you’re black you’re allowed to lie, spend other people’s money recklessly, try to turn the United States to a Communist paradise and shred the U.S. Constitution?

  • H. Johnson

    I’m not certain why Oprah’s opinion about anything is relevant. We oppose Hussein Obama because he has demonstrated that he is a liar and that he is not qualified for the position he holds. His associations with known terrorists, criminals, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other supporters of radical Islam, indicate a person of questionable character. The fact that he and his wife have taken great pains at taxpayer expense to seal his school records is certainly a reason to be suspicious. Last but not least is his open disdain for our ally Israel and his obvious support of radical Islamic causes, to included arming and assisting Al Qaeda related groups in Libya, Syria and who knows where else. No…it’s not his skin color. I would support Herman Cain, Allen West, J.C. Watts, Clarence Thomas Walter E. Williams or Thomas Sowell for any position of trust. They are men of honor…Hussein Obama is not.

    • volitans

      Yes, and add Dr. Ben Carson to your list of eminent and accomplished black men.

      • H. Johnson

        Correct. Thanks…

  • Handsome Smitty

    I’d bet there are more who won’t criticize Obama because of his race – which is just another form of racism. Look, the guy’s a Marxist, and has flat stunk up the country. He’s relied on his personality and outdated political theology and that’s the roots of his failure. Skin color doesn’t make a guy an idiot, actions do. Just like the words coming out of her mouth reveal her Asa racist herself.

  • duh_swami

    Racists like dogs, always smell their own first.

  • CBinMd

    I love how Oprah says that there is a level of racism that “nobody” ever speaks of, when that is all I hear about ANY criticism of “Dear Leader” who can change laws with the wave (waive) of his imperial hand. P.S. I am not racist.

  • Cristóbal Colón

    WRONG OPRAH…..he is Irish-American ONLY, so says Morgan Freeman, so it must be because like YOU HE IS CLUELESS and as UNQUALIFIED as the day he took office in 2009. Respect is EARNED and since the guy has not EARNED ANYTHING in his life and ONLY BLAMES all his failures on everyone else (yet fires no one) he has NOT earned any respect.

  • RLB63

    We would not support an open member of the kkk. If they had their own tv show the public would boycott it. Why because the USA hates racists. So why are we supporting the Oprah network? She is a major racist. My adopted daughter is half black. My grandkids are 3/4 black. They have more African American heritage and darker than Obama.

    Why as Americans do we keep watching this racist’s network that is called OWN?

  • Dan

    It’s easier to pull out the race card than it is to admit you’re a lib-tard that supports a dullard.

  • Will Rogers

    Nobody likes habitual liars Oprah…it has nothing to do with race. So quit race baiting.

    • allah_speaking

      Or is it that all blacks are habitual liars? Time to mooch off the government for some grant money to find out.

  • DumpEmAll!

    Been on the Snow again, have ya, Oprie my darlin’

  • FLSteamer

    Race has nothing to do with it, Oprah. He lies, deceives and actively destroys those who he disagree with. Turning the IRS on conservative groups has nothing with race.

    Your favorite BM is actively destroying the USA.

  • Divegoddess

    No Oprah, it’s not the color of his skin, it’s his incompetence!

  • mike_smith

    No Oprah, we disrespect him because he is an inept, incompetent, inexperienced, anti-American, socialistic, muslim-leaning, ex-lawyer doofus. No one cares about his skin color, we worry about his defective brain.

  • Bossman

    Now that obama has been proven to be a LIAR, what else has he lied about… Benghazi???, the IRS scandal????, Gun Running to Mexico??? His Birth Certificate??? many, many more. how can you believe anything that comes out of his lying mouth?

  • SteveC73

    And George W Bush, too. . . oh, wait. W got trashed because people disagreed with him, right or wrong. So why can’t that be the case with Obama, you nitwit?

  • Mike Person

    Any white person should be ashamed of every watching Oprah the racist. What is it with these people and their race crap. SO SICK OF IT.

  • wolfh

    I disrepsect him and not the office of the President because anyone who fails to disclose his College Applications and grades to the American People lied again when he says I am an open book when you are the President.

    • Cristóbal Colón

      EXACTLY — What is BHO hiding in the college records?????

  • doug

    She is so uninformed

  • Lynn

    Obama is Mulatto, I dislike the White and Black side of him. Oprah, this is nothing more than another CHEAP excuse to attempt to uphold and defend this piece of trash.

  • KERR



  • justfedupwithstupidity

    Not criticizing him because he is black is even more dishonest Oprah. Does his African roots exempt him from competency and honesty? Apparently you think so.

  • JBJB2012

    Hey OPRAH — here’s a partial list of African Americans who deserve and receive plenty of RESPECT from “many Americans”:

    1. Dr, Benjamin Carson
    2. Allen West
    3. Thomas Sowell
    4. Clarence Thomas
    5. Alan Keys
    6. Tim Scott
    7. Angela McGlowan
    8. Chelsi Henry
    9. Crystal Wright
    10. JC Watts
    11. LL Cool J
    12. Don King
    13. Wilt Chamberlain
    14. Condoleeza Rice
    15. Herman Cain

    Shall I continue…?

    • Cristóbal Colón

      JBJB – You are a fool, those are conservatives, therefore they are really white and don’t count.

      • reread

        You’re right. If you are of the opinion that the social compact should be conserved and not experimented with, for the future generations (to have the same chance at success as we had), then you’re white and racist and ignorant and kkk and teabagger, regardless of pigment of your skin.

    • sis34

      Please do! You can add Star Parker

      • JBJB2012

        16. Booker T. Washington
        17. Frederick Douglass
        18. Harriet Tubman
        19. Josiah T. Walls
        20. Sojourner Truth
        21. P. B. S. Pinchback
        22. Ida B. Wells
        23. William Thaddeus Coleman Jr
        24. Mary Terrell
        25. George Washington Carver

        • JBJB2012

          26. Star Parker
          27. Stacey Dash
          28. Amy Holmes
          29. La Shawn Barber
          30. Michelle Bernard

          Again… a partial list.

  • Thron

    In other words, white America respected Obama in two elections before they disrespected Obama because they realized he lied and ObamaCare is a dead program regulating, spending, subsidizing, taxing and destroying the nation’s health care delivery system.

  • Barack Obozo

    A racist in 2013 is someone having the social courage to call a spade a spade ….. Oprah aside …….. far aside!

  • Craig Branham

    Maybe, just maybe Oprah people disrespect Obama because he shows utter contempt for average americans. Personally I could care less his skin color and I have a granddaughter that is mixed just like Obama is….race card is always excuse #1 for progressives.

  • allah_speaking

    Smoking hopium…or is that O-pium… NO difference… Honestly, I didn’t vote for the snake oil salesman because of his words…and now that he’s been in office for 5 years, deserves nothing less than impeachment.

    Vote out every Democrat possible in 2014 and again in 2016. These people are a scourge to the American way of life.

  • Jake UMBC 2003

    Obviously, that’s it.

  • Kevin Taylor


  • West_Coast

    Government is the new “race”. The media has been masterful in elevating race to the same level as government. Criticize the president = racism. You can see the media shifting ever so gradually in elevating Hillary to the same level. It won’t be the same orgasmic experience, but they’ll do everything they can to suppress her very public past which should immediately disqualify her just like it should BHO.

  • Ironbutterfly 51

    Oh how soon Oprah forgets that the only reason she’s rich is because she was a token black. Same reason Obama is president…..that and stuffing the ballot box of course.

  • David Funk

    Dear Oprah, I disrespect you because you are a racist.

  • JohnQ2

    People disrespect the president because he disrespects the American people on a regular basis through condescending and patronizing speech, lies like a sociopath, and disrespects HIMSELF by getting involved in things that should be beneath the office of the president. None of the disrespect such as it is is due to him being from mixed race parents…

  • mike_smith

    Oprah, we disrespect him because he is an inept, incompetent, inexperienced, anti-American, socialistic, muslim-leaning, ex-lawyer doofus.

  • DeathTOU863

    A liar has no skin color…

  • imissAB

    No, he sucks as a President, period.

  • 24fan

    She has no idea she’s the one being a fool. So trivial she has so much money and yet she thinks ill used. I don’t give a flip what color he is he could be north Korean and I’d still despise this regime of his

  • justoneofmany

    Oprah, sorry sweetie, but you are completely incorrect, wrong, in error, thinking out of your butt. People do not like, respect, nor do they want to hear any more crap that crawls out of his mouth. Absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin. Has everything to do with him not being smart enough to have a clue how to properly be a President of our United States of America. He disregards our Constitution, he is erasing our History and corrupting our Country. ie: he is stupid, and Americans hate him for lying to all of us, about everything. Nothing to do with the color of his skin.

  • arggie

    Maybe Oprah Winfrey is saying this as a way to sooth Barack Obama’s hurt feelings. He can understand that people may hate him because of his race but what he can not wrap his mind around the fact people hate him because he is ruining lives and just may be the single reason our great country has gone down a disastrous path from which we may never recover.

  • Agent__86

    Don’t racist blacks say the strangest things?

  • $35730304

    Oprah’s being ridiculous. We don’t like the politics of John Kerry, for example, any better, and he’s an old, pale New Englander.

    • Craig Branham

      Old horserace is just as bad for america as Obama is.

  • elizabethrc

    Oprah, Girl, you need to get over it! That canard is so old. People hate Obama because he is an exposed liar, fraud, incompetent and thief. Thief because he is completely intent on stealing the money hardworking people have honestly earned (now that’s a word he’s probably unfamiliar with) and because he is stealing our right to choose on so many levels, like selecting our own health care plans and doctors so that it can be given to people who do not want to work, and want the government to take care of them.
    The real racist here first and foremost is Obama. He is so obviously anti-white that is is now inescapable. The black community has used the favoritism in the White House to attempt to take over the conversation about race. It is just not the issue it was decades ago, though that community is doing it’s best to make it the most important issue in America.
    When people like Oprah, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Muslim brothers, most of the black members of Congress keep pushing racism down our throats, they are making themselves irrelevant.

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    “Oprah Winfrey tells BBC many Americans hate Obama because he’s BLACK”

    So anyone who disagrees with the community organizer is a racist?

    Now Doperah, who’s being a racist?

  • gAWD

    Respect is earned, and b HUSSEIN o has proven to be untrustworthy. His word is worthless. He IS The LIAR IN CHIEF.

    B U C K O F A M A !

  • oneanswer

    I think oprah needs to stick to being a talk show host and stop trying to being a racistwho sees “racism” whenever someone disagrees with her guy.Contempt? How about Michelle and Obama both showing utter contempt for our constittution,our military,the office of president,the list goes on. He shows our constitiution AND our military complete disgust. He claimsto bea christian when everybody with half a brain cell KNOWS he’s MUSLIM! He lies he lies he lies! He HATES The U.S. and his “change” he alwasy talked about wasto destroy this country as we know it. So,you tell me Oprah, is hatred of America a “black” thing? If it is then Yeah I really don’t like any “race” that wants to destroy my country. If it isn’t,then stop puking out the “race card” eveytime someone disagrees with Obama. He is a horrible,unfit president and that’s not based on one bit of his color. Infact,You’re defending him BECAUSE he’s black.That makes YOU the racist.


    This is getting real old Oprah, we (I) do not disrespect him because of his color. Get a grip, I just don’t like his policies, nor his tactics, nor his divisiveness. You , of all people should realize that being the “very successful” black woman that you are, did you get there by just having blacks watch your show ? Nope!

  • Templar8

    Oh, please. This old record is so boring and unimaginative. Come up with something new Ms. Winfrey, if you can.
    What is the Dems always say? That’s old news. Move on. What difference does it make?

  • Absolom Humblebug

    Liberals are insane. They constantly throw out generalized accusations of racism with no evidence apart from what “everyone” knows.
    Why doesn’t an interviewer call her on this claim?
    Reporter: “Who are you talking about, specifically? Oprah, tell me the name of someone who you believe disrespects Obama because of the tint of his skin,we’ll bring him on the show and you can debate him, Oprah, and then we’ll all vote to see which of you is the most bigoted and ignorant ass!”

  • golphin

    To anyone who knows anyone who watches ( or subscribes to) this shrew.

    Stop it! She needs to be relegated to persona non grata.

  • michael keenan

    we respected you and not white

  • Kulcuda

    By the way I admire and support Condolezza Rice, Alan West, Dr. Carson, Mia Love, Alan Keys, Herman Cain, J C Watts…the list can go on as you well know and by gosh wouldn’t you know the are all African AMERICANS…people with conviction, honor, integrity and above all character…something so sorely missing in the one in office. Oprah it is not about race it is about incompetence and worse.

    • furytrader

      Don’t forget Thomas Sowell, probably the smartest and most articulate voice in American libertarian thought today …

      • Robb Cobb

        And Walter Williams. Also somebody above mentioned Ken Hamblin. Used to listen to him all the time.

        Had a young woman “of color” standing in the hall of our local college the other day spouting off this same nonsense about the reason Barry is getting so much flack over the health care debacle is ONLY because he’s black. When I disagreed with that assertion and gave my reasons, then all of a sudden I was racist too. Amazing. Now I’m confused. Since Barry is half black and half white, is it possible to limit my racism to his black side? How does that work?

  • Ironbutterfly 51

    Affirmative action obviously doesn’t work in the long run, only the dumbest blacks are guaranteed success in America.

  • Agent__86

    I couldn’t care less what Orca says. I never watched the O-bagger show anyway.


    She’s still mad because some French shop keeper wouldn’t put a $30K purse into her grimy man hands.

    • banderlogtorpedo

      so she claimed

  • Just Visiting

    Well, well now, don’t ya’ll know Oprah, ever the seer, ever the prophet, having spoken, always shows her racist backside to anyone not African American.

  • rural_americans

    I have always appreciated Opra’s business sense and philanthropy; but she’s off her meds and out of the realm of reality with her racist harangue per Obama. Give working people some credit for not trusting a lying Chicago thug – regardless his white ancestry, the boy is a pathological liar.

  • furytrader

    Whenever I hear this argument that conservatives especially don’t like Obama because “he’s black,” I say, “Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton how easy the Republicans went on him because he’s white?”

  • Gary Nelson Harper

    What she says is true for about 15% of the people who don’t like him. The remaining 85% don’t like him because he threw an ill conceived concept of social medicine into our laps and then said, “You guys pay for it.. and while you’re at it.. pay for those who did nothing to secure their future”. He uses the IRS to attack his enemies, and has allowed Holder to remain in position after Operation: Fast and Fubar. His wife blows money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. He felt obligated to mention his son by another mother, while Fukushima Tepco unleashed the biggest wave of radiation ever recorded. The radiation is just starting to arrive. Would you like some salmon for dinner? No? I didn’t think so. He did not take action to expedite the remediation by British Petroleum to seal the broken cap in the Gulf, but had time to drink a beer with a cop and a citizen over an altercation on the citizen’s porch. No Ms. O… We don’t like him for other reasons….Being black is a step up from where he rules from.

    • Cristóbal Colón

      If that’s true those 15 percent are Democrats, you know the ones that started the KKK, you know the ones that jailed MLK.

  • OldTimerUSNCB

    I guess everybody noticed she kept the Race Baiting down until her show went off the air. Anybody other than a blind Liberal would have looked at his track record before and after he was elected would see the real Socialist in him. In the last thirty years until Obama was Elected only at the most 31% of Blacks voted when he ran 94% voted does that mean 63% of Blacks are racist. These Black Liberals and so called Black Preachers have trashed ALL Black Republican’s in the last ten years. This Ole broad made Billions of the Welfare crowd sitting home and watching her show everyday and haven’t see a dime of where she made it any better for Black kids in THIS Country.

  • zgore

    From the same hole that ripped Bush because he was white. Oprah you are a RACIST!

  • Ann Ebling

    What a racist she is!

  • CasuallyObserving

    And yet she, being black, became one of the richest women in this racist America.

  • charliemiller

    Oh and just why did 90+ % of black voters back Obama?

  • banderlogtorpedo

    Oprah, I have a great idea for a riveting “Come To Oprah Meeting” like you had with James Frey. Book Obama for a couple of hours and ask him one question, “Is Frank Marshall Davis your father?”. I know a polygraph won’t do, because he is a liar without a conscience,but maybe you could use your massive social clout to get him to submit to a DNA comparison with Davis’ son, who lives on Maui, and any of the Kenyans, like the “brother” who lives in the shack, and the illegal alien “aunt” and “uncle” living in Boston, I believe. I am sure you are aware of the story, every media figure in America is, but wouldn’t that be a really great “get”? Oh, and world class psychotic con-men come in all colors and they are justly despised by reasonable, unprejudiced people who judge them by what’s on the inside, not the outside. Looking forward to watching that show.

  • Robert Courtney

    No Oprah, not EVERYBODY is thinking it.
    I detest Obama for his Socialist/Marxist policies ruining the America I grew up in, and LOVE!
    Oprah is a typical racist pig, always has to blame white folk for the lies and corruption of Obama, just because he’s black.
    NO personal responsibility for a Black. It’s become obvious that MOST Blacks are like kindergarteners.
    Self centered and have no idea of reality.
    I have put that “raaaaacist” nonsense on the same Fairy Tale shelf as ‘the Little Boy That Cried Wolf”. Same story, just different victims. Whites.

    • mstrdiver

      Just like the scam nothing of a movie she was just in called “The Butler”. Even the man on whom the movie was loosely based didn’t like the blasted thing and wasn’t going to go see it. Ms. Winfrey, enjoy your billions and stay out of politics, it is NOT your forte.

  • Roy

    What ever your Race is has Nothing to do with deceiving All Americans. So Oprah Winfrey you need to get a life and accept facts not fiction. Always try to put race into everything. Instead facts that everyone is being affected by a faltered law with deception

  • MinistryofFear

    That fat phuck is about as relevant as Jesse Jerkoff is

  • heidihoneighbor

    Oprah is always the victim but never the bride. She needs to get over herself.

    People dislike those that inflict pain and fear on the country. Regardless of color or what parts you have.

    People dont like Oprah because shes an instigator she has to keep the chaos brewing.

  • Hoss51

    Arrogant *itch, no….it’s because he’s a racist just like you are…………. and worse an avowed socialist and redistributor of our hard earned money to those who do nothing to earn it!

  • LeisureForeigner

    Dear Oprah, Some people disrespect our Dear Leader because he is a fibbing Marxist who occasionally wipes his rear with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America (notthatthere’sanythingwrongwiththat!). No one has time to go around hating everyone because of their skin color. Try thinking of it this way: There are too many exceptions to the rule and anyone (being honest with themselves) can figure out that you can not judge a book by its cover. Ken Hamblin always said, “Two diametrically-opposed cultures cannot occupy the same space.” That is some food for thought.

  • Snooper1

    Oprah is a leftist race hustling phony. She became rich by conning middle class white women into believing she cared about them. Then she takes off her mask as reveals herself as a limosine liberal race pimp.

  • Bytor

    What many people are actually thinking is, there is nothing magical about being black, or an “African American”, or whatever PC ID is appropriate for the moment. Because if they, without exception, are all so wonderful, then why is one of these magical “African Americans” most hateful, arrogant, dangerous, malicious, destructive, and treasonous individuals as the leader of this country? Logic dispels the lame argument of racism in about 2 seconds. He is about the worst example of what an honorable respectable “African American” can be.

  • Mark Luersen

    And he was voted in because he was white? *BEEP* Registered data… not computing… evacuation planet Stupidity… self destruction imminent in five seconds…

  • DapperDon

    Oprah, honey, sweetie, that race card has past its “use by” date. The reason so many people disrespect Obama is because he is a lying, corrupt, incompetent, poor excuse as a President.

  • Shannie Gunter

    This is why I have lost respect for Oprah. After all the years we have watched her… now she comes out of the closet playing the “race card” any chance she gets. The public does not care for Obama’s policies and “Obamacare” . It does not have to due to the fact that he is part black and part white. Any President in office will have some of the people unhappy – claiming it is because of his ethnicity is just plain wrong. You can’t cry “race” every time something does not go your way.

    • sadgurl55

      Right, Shannie, it’s so Sharptonesque.

      • MPE

        GOOD one!!

  • BarrySucks

    Must be great to be black. Any personal failing can be blamed on race. I guess Oprah must chalk up her success to all that racism too.

  • jcarsc

    Get off of it Oprah. When someone is this corrupt, it does not matter what color color he is.

  • annarondac

    She can’t say this in America. I’m so sick of the race card. These people have no idea what discrimination is.

    • Jack Adams

      Send them ALL back to Liberia in Africa…. And they would soon find out!!!!

  • clydeconkey

    WRONG, Harpo! We dislike Barack Pinnochi Obama because he is an inept, corrupt, lying person. The color of his skin has nothing to do with it. But you can hide behind that all you want. It only makes you look childish.

  • Larry Farlow

    Yeah Oprah I’m sure that’s it. Couldn’t be his incredible incompetence, disregard for human and civil rights and his megalomania.

    • Jack Adams


  • OldTimerUSNCB

    She must have missed her Libo suction treatment last week.

    • MPE

      Probably stuck the hose in too far and got the gray matter this time!!


    There hasnt been anything more racist or vindictive then what the likes of Oprah and other race baitors have done to former President Bush.

    President Bush didnt make a lot of people happy but he was never racist in tone,he worked with Democrats in congress (That was his biggest mistake),he went through one of Americas most troubling times with 911 and Hurricane Katrina.He was mercilessly accused of hate and racism the entire eight years he was in office, all of which was unfounded.And this verbal and editorial abuse of him continues still today.

    Oprah and so many Black leaders and Black socialites are destroying the relationship of the different races and they have single handedly taken America backwards and driving a wedge between any harmony that could take place and would take place if they just went away.
    If they want to see what real hate and racism looks like,they simply need to look in the mirror

  • CousinEddie

    Gee Oprah, like we have never heard this one before! Progressive knuckle-draggers use the same old tired cliche`s while the country is being laid to waste. Get a clue.

  • K Shaw

    No, we don’t like him because he wants to tell us how to live every single aspect of our lives, tell us that we are nothing special, will not protect this country’s citizens from the forces of terrorism, only condemns white on black racial crime, will not encourage people to achieve their full potential and stand on their own two feet, will not support traditional family values and finally, because he thinks that the government can and should do everything for an individual from the womb to the the tomb and wants to control the lives of every citizen in this country in order for his party to remain in political power. That pretty much sums it up.

  • thisnamealreadyexists

    The Obama administration reminds me a lot of the Nixon administration in their deceit, their paranoia and their arrogance.

    • Doug Hansen

      Wasn’t it Presidnet Nixon who said, “It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you”?

  • mediaaccess

    I just wanted to come back to this page, not to watch the video again, but to read and like the comments – the kind of comments I was expecting to find.

  • Redpenmaster

    Have another donut Oprah. We disrespect you because you are fat and stupid.

  • Doug Doakes

    Obama is Detroit-incompetent, and Oprah is racist-rich who conned her base of white working class women.

  • Marine Corps

    I could care less what his color is. I don’t vote for the color of a person’s skin and it looks like the majority of American’s don’t either or he wouldn’t have been elected two times… there goes your theory. I didn’t vote for him because I smelled a rat; backed by George Soros, a meglamaniac, dangerous, and a Socialist/Communist. Obama, his puppet, has followed EVERY tenet of a Socialist and has now put the country on the brink of disaster with Obamacare, promising preschool for all, “free energy”, etc. Jimmy “Peanut” Carter is happy because he is no longer considered the worst president in the country!…..and I forget what color he is!!

  • Ralph Holiman

    This is what happens when you let entertainers talk about government and other subjects they know nothing about.

  • fgbvzdf

    We do not respect Obuma because he is ruining our beloved USA. Just take a look at what is happening here. He is the worst President since Jimmy Carter; I did not respect Carter, and he is white. I do respect Colin Powell, although I do not always agree with him. Did Oprah notice that he is black???
    Color has nothing to do with competence!

  • snapperman

    Oprah, I’d say it’s the other way around…many Americans disrespect African Americans because of Obama.

    • wowlikewow

      Right on!!!!

  • Artcraft Printing

    Not again….do you think it might be that he is trying to destroy this country? Why is everything race with these window lickers?

  • Ken

    Arrogant trollop….we disrespect him because he is incompetent. And lets use the correct words for Obama that all the liberals used for Zimmerman during his trial. As they called Zimmerman a white-Hispanic his murder trial, let call Obama what he is, a white-Black. As for his tenure as president, when people would rather have Jimmy “The Peanut” Carter as a president vs. Obama, then you KNOW the wheels have come off the wagon!! Happy Friday All!

  • TehGrumpyOldGuy

    Oprah Winfrey, showing her true self and joining the ranks of Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton… I thought she was a better person then that.

  • sadgurl55

    No, Okra Chimpfrey, most voted for Barry because he was a smooth talking negra, we want him gone because he’s an arrogant, inept, and lying communist. Done.

  • ADLoggy

    Oprah voted for Obama simply because he is black. So who is the real racist, Oprah? I vote on the content of a man’s character.

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    “Oprah Winfrey tells BBC many Americans hate Obama because he’s BLACK”

    I wonder if these ‘many Americans’ are the same ones who made Doperah a multi millionaire?

    When in doubt and all else fails, break out the race card………..

  • $61720679

    I don’t respect him because he is a liar, he is incompetent, and he is malevolent. He has deceived millions of people in order to force his ideology down the throats of America.

  • Jack Adams

    He is also a dangerous socialist amateur **Cowboy Clown** as well!!! I’ll have a Champagne party and fireworks the day the Odummer “clan” take their last walk out of the W/H!!!!

    • Tin Can Sailor

      Agreed. But just like the Clinton’s, they will vandalize the place on the way out.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      Absolutely. Regardless of who wins the next general election, there will be a great celebration when we watch the Obama family take that last walk to Air Force One to mark the end of tribulations for our nation. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last. I imagine their will be more parties than on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • cliffojm

    Further proof that The Limbaugh Thereom is correct…blacks do not associate Obama with his policies, they see his skin color, and only his skin color, they simply do not associate the man with his ideology, allowing to play the race card at will.

    • OverUnderSidewaysDown


  • gatormom45

    What is wrong with this lady? She is a racist troublemaker.

  • Marion Lambert

    I don’t care if he is purple….he is a freaking idiot!

  • Restless_1

    No bitch!!! Only the victim class is thinking it.

    Was all the disrespect heaped on Bush and his administration racist?

  • sgfan

    Oh really, Oprah! And how much are you and BO worth? And explain to us how you got there. BO certainly didn’t get there on his own merits. Were he white, he would still be a lowly community organizer in Chicago, working the gay bars at night. Cry me a river about how tough BO has it.

  • cbarr

    she has it backwards….that’s what everyone (her,the media+friends) say but nobody is thinking….just a lame tired excuse that wore out long,long ago.

  • MPE

    oblamer is black AND white and RED all OVER that’s the color I hate!!

  • Scottsdale Al

    And people disrespected G.W.Bush because he is white. Accountability and incompetence are race neutral. Get a clue Oprah and get off of your race baiting soapbox.

  • JimmieMee

    but a lot more disrespect him because he is an egotistical “went to” harvard snoot who knows less that half of what he says he does….which leads to launching a relatively simple web site with out running a “successful” check….Yes he is that dumb

  • freedomfighter01

    Apparently Oprah believes that the president is inept, incompetent and DishOnest because of the color of his skin. I find that amazingly disrepectful. We know the Bush whitehouse was treated in the same fashion so it must be for the same reasons, right? I expect better from Oprah, so disappointing.

  • danadee

    Oprah, the ounce of respect I had for you is just that–had. You certainly have to know better. We gave this man a second term, for heaven’s sake. Why in the world would we have done that if the color of his skin bothered us? No . . . your rhetoric is put out there just to make us feel badly for judging the man by his record, which gets weaker by the day, and for his lies, which negative impact is being felt stronger by the day!

  • abbeyc

    No Oprah, we disrespect Obama because he is a liar and a Communist in drag. AND, he doesn’t function. We would LOVE Ben Carson!!! But YOU wouldn’t.

    • iqdou

      I YES! I’d take Ben Carson in the White House RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  • procopt

    I disagree with Obama’s policies. I disagree with his socialist agenda. I dislike the direction he is taking my country. I guess that makes me a racist! That must be my problem since I disagree with Obama on everything! I couldn’t possibly be that I do not like his agenda. I have difficulty supporting people who LIE for political gain. Yes I am calling Barack Hussein Obama, the first Afro-American President of the United States, a liar. His actions are a disgrace to this country and to his race!

  • Mac Harris

    Oprah, we treat Obama with contempt because he is contemptuous. We treat you that way because we thing you are a no talent dumbass.

  • JohnGaltDurham

    Obamanation’s race has nothing to do with his incompetence. It is more likely a black consrrvrative will be ridiculed by the black coomunity in a racist manner than Obama would be by anyone because of his race. In fact Obama, a man with no record we know little about, wss elected because of his race, not in spite of it. Blacks voted for him because of his skin color, and most everyone else voted for him because they felt guilty about voting against the black man. If Obama were white and all other things being equal, Obama never would have been elected president.

  • Alexis

    Oprah Winfrey is fully entitled to wallow around in her more-than-usual allocation of protoplasm as much as she wishes. She doesn’t understand that all of that ‘fat’ is merely the visual, physical, matter-projecton of her self-hatred, which she re-allocates to society thru her racism. So be it. She, Obama, Holder, Jackson , Sharpton – and that crew in the Congress, dish it out, but can’t handle having it handed back to them on the same level. They are accustomed to assaulting polite people – who have for too long ‘politely permitted them to run amouk without accountability’. Those days are gone. The ‘new Noblesse Oblige’ is to shorten the relativity curve between ‘assault and payment’: That is to say, shorten the SpaceTime measure of Newton’s 3rd law of motion — with a little gerrymandering of Space and Time. AKA, calling a Spade a Spade – and, Fighting fire with fire. There are many ways to do this.

    Actually, she and Sharpton, who said the same thing within the past 24 hours, have finally gotten something about ‘race’ right. ‘It IS’ Obama’s, Holder’s and her race that drives hatred of them, just as it is their Black-racist identification that drives their hatred of Whites. They all ‘hate Whites’ – as well as The Constitutional rights that White men created for this country. That makes all of them ‘hateful’. Period.

    Every single ‘time’ any of them violate our Constitutional liberties, with their sick agendas – they are unconstitutionally rewriting the laws of the land. Each time they do this, they are setting the Master Clock of their subconscious Mind’s ‘Memory Black Box’ on High Speed. There is a Big Brother bigger than Obama and Holder, keeping a ledger ‘in their sick heads’: The Time-Keeper of Memories. ‘Memory conserves the energy’ of our thoughts, words, and actions – positive and negative – in a place where they cannot be deleted – not even by them, except as they are ‘replayed in our life’s experiences exactly as we wrote them for or against others’. Each time these pigs destroy the individualism of liberty of any other human being, that Clock’s stroke of Midnight draws closer. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and Winfrey are creatures whose Memory Black Box keeps a ‘Kill List’ recorded in their psyche, entitled, “Here is your destiny, Little Killer”

    No one need take my word for it, better minds than mine have proven it – such as Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion: “For every action there is an equal and corresponding reaction”. The Mind’ is pure Energy, its product is ‘Thought’ – Energy conserves itself.

    Goodgle: “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”
    “Treason & Shroud; Iran Escorts Obama to World Dictatorship thru Straits of 2012”

    • ray

      Golly gee there Alexis, you shore are smart or sumpthin. Wouldn’t it have been easier, but less impressive, to just say that he has proven to be incompetent both domestically and in foreign affairs?

  • Susan DeStefano Erdmann

    Oh please how condescending of Oprah!!! We don’t like Obama because he is incompetent and was never really qualified for the job!! I would say the exact same thing about Jimmy Carter!!

  • Robert Oppenheimer

    As I’ve posted before, I can’t resist saying it again:
    This is what happens when you get a likeable, popular guy into office. Everyone wants to accommodate his every wish. Then all of a sudden, he pulls out the “oath of allegiance” that nobody dares refuse to take, and everyone’s trapped into obedience. (In Germany it was the “law of the land,” including the so-called sieg heil salute. Nobody was exempt; everyone MUST comply.) A great old ’80s ABC made-for-tv movie covered this (was it called “The Last Days of Hitler?”) with Rutger Hauer, John Geilgud, Blythe Danner and what would now be an all-star cast, with a tour de force performance by Derek Jacobi [sic] as der Fuehrer. I think it’s still up on YouTube. (And it was actually better than “Valkyrie”.)

    As for Oprah, after being soundly rejected because Michelle “didn’t want no rich fat lady hanging around” the White House, I’m surprised she’s still carrying his water.

  • RecklessProcess

    Being black has nothing to do with Obama being a progressive totalitarian fascist who is willing to lie to advance his anti-liberty agenda

  • Stephanie Payne

    What is it about these black celebrities and politicians that cause them to pull the “racism” card every time something they don’t like happens? Is it because the feel a certain privilege not afforded to others? Or perhaps it’s the exact opposite: they have a deep-rooted sense of inferiority because of their race. Let’s also note that (oddly) these are the same people who can’t help but lecture the rest of us about interracial harmony. One thing’s quite clear at least… they know the “dog whistle” their base can hear loud-and-clear.

  • wowlikewow

    Barrack Obama isn’t ‘african american’, Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

    Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners. Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah. ~ Dr. Jack Wheeler

  • NickySantoro

    It never fails. When the going gets tough, the race card gets played.

  • Don Stegemoller


    let us clarify this for you.

    He is disrespected because he is ANTI-AMERICAN, not african american.

    • suckcnn

      Beautiful….the truth floats to the top…O is the biggest mistake America has ever made..,It ranks right up there with Calif. electing SanFranNan

  • scott young

    I don’t hate the man. I would like to sit down and have a beer with him(hard cider for me). I hate his policies and what they are doing to this country. He is destroying the America that I love, and the lemmings will follow him off the cliff.

    • MPE

      Then I’d get up thank him and pound the dog crap outta’ him!

    • Bossman

      why would you want to have a beer with someone determined to destroy you…. it would be like a Jew having a beer with Hitler…. A capitalist having a beer with Stalin…. obama is that bad….

  • Sum_Ting_Wong

    Obama was born, raised, and educated white.
    What you talkin ’bout Oprah?

  • Bftsplyx

    White people elected Barack Obama. Barack Obama is hated because he’s an inept, lying, socialist buffoon.

  • wowlikewow


  • suckcnn

    Dang…I thought it was because he can’t tell the truth and doesn’t care if he lies

  • DieselBoatMan

    This cow faced idiot sees racism in everything. Go back to Chicago, enjoy your money, and most importantly. shut-up already!

  • R Sr Simon

    Race is not the issue. You blacks always have to interject race into every discussion. Obama is incompetent and was never qualified for the job. The only racism here is that over 95% of blacks voted for his incompetence not once but twice!

  • John Q. Jones

    Whisper it…her last name…”Whiiiinfreeeey….” Sounds like a dainty flatulent but twice as deadly.. She’s made of lesser stuff, no doubt. Cowardly HAG!

  • Jim Coles

    No, Oprah … it’s not his mixed-race heritage Americans are increasingly coming to disrespect — it’s (a) his socialist politics and (b) his complete & utter incompetence at managing the nation.
    There might be a few idiots who think in racial terms but those people are far outside the norm in our nation … oh, wait — you think in racial terms so I guess that you’re outside the norm.
    Pity … you could use your influence for good instead of spreading disharmony.

  • Tin Can Sailor

    No, I have no respect for him because he is an arrogant, pompous, lying, Stalinist weasel. The same applies to his administration.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      As a former (retired) sailor I for one am glad I retired when I did and did not have to have Obama’s signature on my Retirement Certificate. I feel bad for those men and women who have served this nation so honorably over the past 5 years that they had to have his signature on a document so many poured their hearts and lives into to earn.

      • Tin Can Sailor

        Concur 100%!

        • Engage Gray Matter

          And thank you for your service. And I mean that sincerely. Its not just a platitude. Many, including their families, have sacrificed their time and energies serving the nation, and some gave all to secure the blessings of liberty that we may have the right to disagree with this President or any president without fear of reproach. Oprah’s comments are offensive and only serve to stifle debate which is a necessary component to living in a free and open society. Shame on her.

  • Guest

    Sorry, but I think Americans are smart enough to realize that African Americans generally aren’t as stupid or incompetent as Barack Obama.

    • howmchbscnutak

      yes but it has been my experience that most can not get past the color of their skin when it gets down to where the rubber meets the road.

    • Tosheba

      Generalizations are patently racist, are they not? Don’t tell that to Oprah, she and those like her paint with a pretty broad brush.

  • Dannito

    And many more hate him because he is a blithering idiot. Oh, and a liar.


    You are absolutely wrong! You speak from your own prejudice viewing opinion!
    You know nothing about the history of America and all the people who built America.

  • Clifd

    No nation has done more to help blacks than the USA. If we are racists, maybe more nations should become racists, it would help them to advance everywhere.

    • Itstoolate

      with only 12% population, it seems to reason that white people elected the whitey hater. Well they tell us white females pushed him over the top. Therefore, who are the haters, the numbers say “BLACKS”

  • tiotaco

    oprah has lost it–her fat has gone to her brain. Why don’t those “disrespectors” disrespect Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Carson–the answer is because they are smart, honest and competent. obama is none of those.

  • SRussell55

    And THEY hate whites.

  • Beelzaboozer

    “… it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

    Uh, wrong. It gets said….A LOT! And it’s BS. But you’re correct about one thing, Oprah. There IS “a level of disrespect for the office that occurs”, but it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It’s “the content of [his] character” and his policies. Get over it. He’s an empty suit and a charlatan.

  • Ismaelitillo

    That is what Oprah has in her mind: skin color. She is always talking about race, making belive that she is a victim, when in a very short time, from obscurity, she became the most famous tv personallity in USA and twice a billionaire!!!! Tell me, is USA a racist nation? Well, she seems to be a very racist person and not a very generous woman when she was able to accumulate that much money in such a short time. She hates being black, she hates being fat, she is a very unhappy, bitter woman, that’s why she talks so much about race and prejudice, because that’s what she has inside. She is so full of nonesense and stupidity, living in a very pampered world, talking so much garbage and taking that air of compassion and wisdom, when she is all the opposite. Do you remember that “racist” experience in Switzerland? Pathetic!

  • Robbypoo Lively

    Now wait people! oprah is black and therefore, she knows what is in White peoples’ hearts. And from because she was a former slave (in the movies) she is also knowledgeable of what is in White peoples’ hearts and minds. Of course she is not playing the race card!

    • Tree

      hey if there were no slaves most of the black actors wouldnt have a job —-hahaha they are deep down inside happy since it really wasnt them to begin with. So now tell me, do you really know whats in my heart or are you a fucking BS’er trying to get headlines again fatty? If they can make fun of Christie’s weight why can we not make fun of hers? With all her MONEY (BS we are racial) do something!!!! To ALL you BLACK sore losers panicking you DO NOT know what I am thinking – if you did then why do you make so many many many mistakes?

    • Itstoolate

      People like oprah want to be white so bad that they cannot stand it. Thats why they hate, jealousy. Black men only want blonde white women, hmmmm. Bottom line…..Mark of Cain….

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    “Oprah Winfrey tells BBC many Americans hate Obama because he’s BLACK”

    Wonder if Doperah feels the same way too toward America since her own cable show ratings are going down the toilet?

  • $78965257

    No you stupid women I hate Obama because he is a Socialist puppet for George Soros and a narcissistic little dictator wannabe, pathological liar who hates America for what she stands for you stupid, stupid women. Thats why I hate him.

  • GSR

    Barry Soetoro is Black? Dayum. I thought he’s bi-racial. His White mama and grandpappy were left wing radicals, his Black side of the family were Mooooslims and communists. What a family!

    • MPE

      The white side were just commies!!

    • Itstoolate

      How would you react if your mommy was a whore, one of those white women who could only get laid by low life black men…He came from white scum, and black scum….and if it wasn’t for the fact that the Saudis created this low life, he would have been a scum….

  • Mark edward marchiafava

    My wife is sitting on the couch, BEGGING me to not call Oprah a fat, over-bearing, racist cow. Out of respect and fear of the wife, I won’t.

    • atkron_112

      you’re a good man.

      • Mark edward marchiafava

        tell my wife that. Please.

  • MrSottobanco

    Oprah is a delusional disconnected b*tch because she is a rich and inherently hates caucasians. Thank you 0prah for pushing for that demagogue 0bama. I hold you as well as all others who voted for that tyrant metaphysically responsible for all of the hardship he has caused, the people he has bankrupted and those that will die early because of his inane leftist plans. I could care less about the amount of melanin in his skin. The depravity in his and your heart is the cause of ALL due derision. (Aside: Hey 0prah. I met one of your blood relatives. She is on welfare. You cheap tramp.)

    • Juan Outtamany

      She should also come out of the closet

  • Juan Outtamany

    Go count your billions. Stop obsessing with everything that happened prior to 1860. The people don’t hate Bama because he’s black. They hate him because he’s a disingenuous clown

  • volitans

    And why would anyone be interested in anything Oprah Winfrey had to say on any topic?

  • Mario Valenzuela

    operah. you are such a piece of trash. Good thing I never watched your show with your epic fail ratings. Maybe if you put some pro liberty things on there you would get high ratings but no you must put leftist feminist bull shit up there that is not helping anybody. Then on top of that you get quack doctors that don’t do the society any good at all. So tell me this you piece of filth why did you meet with bill gates, Bloomberg in Charleston? Bill gates wants me to take vaccines and gmo, Bloomberg wants my guns and what sinister plan are you trying to make me do? What a piece of trash.

  • Michael Wright


    • Juan Outtamany

      get it…. “sheet” She’s black KKK

  • Dean Johnson

    “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs.” How does this comment explain Bush Derangement Syndrome?

  • Bunky

    I despise obama because he’s an socialist idiot.
    Kind of like ooooprah.

  • Maud St James

    Amazing how whenever there is criticism, the race card is always played. To the blacks, it’s always about race, but to the rest of the world it isn’t. It’s about incompetence, socialism, dishonesty… the list goes on and on, but race isn’t on it. Conservatives love Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Condoleza Rice… but these are conservatives, and therefore not ‘black’ according to the black racists. It’s not about race – it’s about socialistic liberalism.

    • howmchbscnutak

      spot on for them to be honest about the current joke in the white house is more than they are capable of

  • Sail445

    Oprah, don’t judge Whites by your disgusting racist attitude.
    People are disgusted with Obama because he has no ideas what he’s doing and he’s destroying our great country.
    He’s playing god and disregarding our constitution

  • Disqusted1776

    I am so sick and tired of hearing these media drum beat of “your a racist if you dislike Obama”. This country is pathetic, our media is controlled, both parties are controlled, just wake up for gods sake.

  • Doug Hansen

    The color of his skin means nothing to me, although I’m sure it means a lot to others. I don’t know the man so I can’t “hate” him – but I do loathe his policies and his desire to “fundamentally transform” our country. His past ….accomplishments… are nothing worthy to hold the office he does. He is, indeed, “the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of this country” in the entire history of The United States.

  • KLeC

    Really? As a conservative with a lot of like minded friends, ethnicity is never even raised. Lack of real world experience, aloofness, ineptness seem to trump race.

  • Tree

    dont do things until you get them right, do things until you get them wrong

    um…….whatever happened to proving oneself? Ospoiled never had to do anything to get where he is – why? because he is african american!

  • Evander Hostmeyer

    Since we are so racist, maybe she can stay in Europe.

    • GB

      Hey they won’t sell her a purse because she’s black so….they probably don’t want her either… (of course it couldn’t be because she is a biotch…nahh)

    • SmokeRanch

      Like Tina Turner?

  • Remo Williams


    Nah. I just don’t care for communism.

  • wabbott

    Oprah, please don’t project your insecurities and race-obsessed narrative onto America. Honestly, can you see into the minds of Americans? People don’t like Mr. Obama because they rightly perceive that, like his predecessor GW Bush, he is hurtling America toward disaster. He is obsessed with nothing more than “spreading misery evenly”.

  • antimarx

    Probably the ONLY positive thing about the Obama presidency is that it has exposed the deep, disturbing, pathological racist hatred that black people harbor towards all white people. They are the most despicable racists on the planet.

  • 57thunderbird

    Any time one of these buffoons play the race card,they have run out of options to support their argument,thus they have lost the argument.Lame.

    • HammerLibs

      She obviously wasn’t on the debate team in school.

      • 57thunderbird

        I would say that is abundantly apparent. :-)

  • HammerLibs

    Oprah, to see the racist, I suggest you look in the mirror.

  • Curly

    Excuse me, Oprah, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is more of the same deceit that Obama can’t be criticized or your a racist. By now the world is onto Obama and her going around calling Americans racist will only make her look like a dupe.

  • Attila

    Could people dis him because he’s a Lying, Incompetent, Unqualified, Marxist Bag of Obama?

  • Mystick

    I disrespect Obama because he’s a liar, he soils the Office of The President with his behavior and associations, he pushes authoritarian policies, and he’s a clear token puppet. Has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Swing and a miss, Oprah.

  • $20430660

    Dear Oprah: I do NOT care about the color of your buddy’s skin. I care about what he has done to this county in the name of Communism and tyranny. He is a LIAR who is drunk with power and needs to resign. Period. PERIOD.

    Your comments are exactly why this country is more divided under Obama than ever in history.

  • The Outlaw Josey Wales

    I’m sure that she didn’t make her fortune from the black community…..FAT LOSER!

    • 57thunderbird

      And the black community did not get Obamao elected either..

  • HammerLibs

    Hello, half white, duh.

  • lostvyking

    In how many racists nations can a black woman get her own TV show let alone garner a large enough loyal viewership to become a billionaire? It must be difficult for her to look in the mirror each day and realize that she is the success she says this nation keeps black people from being. In fact, she is proof that what she is saying has no basis.

    • Curly

      Good point. Think of all the racists it took for Obama to be elected. For some blacks, you’re racist just because you’re white.

  • jazbond007

    No, because he is an egotistical, incompetent, socialist liar. I am judging him by the content of his character.

  • howmchbscnutak

    Wrong Oprah we don’t like him because he is an incompetent and not qualified to be president (not to mention he is a Marxist) you and yours were the only group that were affected by his skin color to the point of becoming blind followers regardless. There was no vetting, you and yours helped cover up lie after lie after lie attributing to the faster and more enhanced decay of what was once the greatest country in the world.

  • reality

    I don’t have a problem with the color of his skin, but the content of his character.

    • MPE

      AND his politics!!

  • Calamity Jane

    Oprah……Obama has become an anathema with the American people not because he is black, but because he is an incompetent fool that pushes blame and obfuscates every issue. He has a keen ability in creating situations that stir controversy. He then stands back lecturing the parties involved as if he is above it all…….Those are just a few of the reasons why Americans hate him…..(at least the ones that didn’t vote for him)

  • Tosheba

    Please take that tired, victim mentality, race baiting, Obama victimizing, self serving, hypocritical political racial rhetoric and put it in a big fat glass bowl and sink it to the bottom of the ocean and then bust it open so it can no longer survive as it dissipates into nothingness. The ‘weary whine’ of the same old, same old crowd, no longer works for those with an I.Q. higher than a banana. We get it. America has spent well over 65+ years in a vain attempt to make up for her indiscretions. Those that have benefited mightily in many ways, free college scholarships, political correctness giving them unfair advantages, ad nauseam, social programs up the wazoo, and the remainder of the list that is long enough to stretch from Earth to Moon and back again, has gone completely and wholly unappreciated or acknowledged. Enough. If those that pull the race card were not such rabid racial hypocrites, it might almost be entertaining, but it’s not. Respect, Oprah? Don’t pontificate or try to school us about ‘respect’. That’s exactly what the racial whiners do not reciprocate – ever.

  • Dan

    I don’t disagree with Obama because he is 50% black. I disagree with him because he is 100% liberal/socialist. He lacks any real work experience (Really people what would you hire a community organize to do, What skills are required to be a community organizer) and he is incompetent. Oprah you can try to cover up his failures by calling me a racist but the truth is Obama is a failure and I am not a racist. I judge people by their accomplishments and not the color of their skin unlike you.

  • MPE

    Don’t forget DOPErah oblamer WANTED this job, he got it and look what a piss poor job he’s done and it’s due to his race? How’d you make so much money again? How much have you paid in taxes? How stupid are you?

  • JBJB2012

    Hey BBC — Oprah Winfrey is LYING to you.

  • Jsac2

    I believe her statement reflects the true racism that most blacks harbor against not only whites but other groups. We are familiar with what’s next regarding the President. His supporters will bring up the race card, his political group will blame insurance companies, and then the republicans will ultimately be blamed and the MSM will go ago with it. Mr. Obama was trying to provide health care for the poor, while screwing up the complete health care system. Shame on those that voted for him.

    • WI_Hoosier

      I have only one problem with your post. Obama was never trying to provide health care for the poor… it was and is about gaining single payer health care so that we are all on the dole.

  • Ernest

    Blah, blah, blah – He wears it on his sleeve like most of you ‘African Americans’.

    • MPE

      He’s a HALFrican- American! But he’s all MARXIST too!

  • GB

    So your disrespect for Bush was because….he is white? I am sure it can’t be that Ovomit is a loser, Al Sharpton wannabe…nahhhhh.

  • roycat

    no, just because he’s incompetent.

  • DavVictor

    Sorry, we just don’t like him because he’s bad for the country.

  • Booshcat

    And I disrespect you because you are an ignorant, fat, negress

  • HowardB1

    What does a Liberal/Progressive/Democrat do when faced with the obvious failure of one of their stars? Whoop out the old Racist/Sexist/Homophobe card of course….They never leave home without it.

  • BeagleDawg

    Obama is an incompetent moron, who would lie when the truth better fit the occassion who happens to be black.

  • Boondoggle

    She just can’t “get” that his policies are the issue. Race is always the issue for her, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama.

  • Anastasiagirl


  • Eunomia2013

    I prejudiced against corrupt racist scumbag politicians from Chicago. I’m also prejudiced against know-it-all celebrities who think that because they are successful in show business then that makes them an expert on everything.

  • 0hw0w

    I feel sorry for those blacks who are so intellectually-challenged that their first-line defense is to throw the race card. Obama is an inexperienced, arrogant, incompetent, bully who is completely out of his depth. He will go down in history as being a horrible president who rose to power on nothing more than the color of his skin and white guilt. I voted for him in 2008 primarily because it was either him or a doddering old man and secondarily I thought it would be nice to break the stereotype. Hindsight is 20-20 and as it turns out I should have voted for the doddering old man. I will never for the rest of my life make that mistake again.

    • maxtor51

      i also think that after he is completed his presidency, how every that may be, that the american people will find out so much stuff about him that it will make their hair stand on end….a lot of things will come out and will expose him for what is really is!!

    • Dino Ierardo

      Amen Brother …. but, I managed to suspect the contretemps and mystery of his vetting documentary imprint as a warning to vote neither for him, nor the doddering old man: who sans his POW hat, was just another empty suit.


  • The Outlaw Josey Wales

    It just makes it easier to blame his stupidity and phuckups on his color.

  • 1racechaser

    YO BEECH, it’s because he’s stupid that we hate him.

  • putupjob

    racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

  • Sail445

    Oprah it was White people who made you rich.
    It wasn’t Sharpton or Jackson
    OUT THERE that bite the hand that fed them

    • Scott

      And like Sharpton and Jackson, she will sink with the ship.

  • JohnnySunshine

    More black fetuses have been aborted than there are blacks living in America. Obamacare will accelerate this this tragedy. Who is the racist?

  • blacknblue2

    I am so “F-in” sick of this color card crap! I could not care if he is black, blue or green, he is a liar and a terrible President. Maybe if he hadn’t spent so much time hitting those golf balls he would have known that the ACA website was not working.

    There is a long list of tension and doubt in his administration, remember in his first year Obama said Health Care deals will be covered on C-span to the Benghazi debacle. He is much, much worse than GWB and I thought GWB was not a good President. GWB created Part D Medicare – a multi-trillion dollar unfunded government liability and the Patriot Act — I was not thrilled. But Obama has gone much, much further than GWB.

    No Oprah it isn’t the color it is the man.

    • Truepatriot

      Well said. My sentiments exactly.

  • DHardy

    Being Bombastic is all Oprah has left. she has learned that negative attention is better than none. She’s about as popular as mud pancakes these days.



  • grassy knoll

    americans hate obama because hes a shittbag.

  • wowlikewow

    The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance. He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively. ~ Dr. Jack Wheeler

    • Doug Hansen

      What a horrific electoral experiment gone terribly wrong – twice.

  • OustObama12

    It is sad that Oprah has resorted to this kind of tactic to further the Obama race-baiting.

    One more time for slow liberals… we do not approve of the job Obama is doing. It has nothing to do with skin color. It is all about how he is wasting taxpayer dollars on vacations while his policies are putting people out of work. It is all about his not taking action in finding and bringing to justice those involved in the massacre at Benghazi. (Include Hillary in that category, too.) It is all about “fundamentally changing” the best country in the world and trying to make it a Third World country.

    No, Oprah, we don’t dislike Obama because he is black, we dislike him because he does not have a clue about how to run this country, no clue about economics, foreign policy, domestic policy, fiscal responsibility, and how to relate to the taxpaying American citizens.

    For a successful business woman to choose skin color over truth says a great deal about Oprah.

  • Walter Bellhaven

    Oprah, most people that have a problem with Obama would gladly vote for Col. Allen West … so that excuse doesn’t fly.

    • Michael David Davis

      But West is an Uncle Tom. He’s not down with the cause. Therefore, he’s not legitimately black.

      • Walter Bellhaven

        once you wander off (or were never on) the Liberal reservation you’re persona non grata to the Left.

    • maxtor51

      you are so correct!! i would vote for Allen West in a heartbeat. he has a proven record of leadership but got railroaded during the incident invollving him and war prisoners/terrorists. he got what he went for and probably saved a lot of lives and never harmed one person, but he just done it in a different manner. he is retired from the military and so am i so that makes him a military brother in arms.

      • Walter Bellhaven

        he’s pretty much the antithesis of the current resident of 1600 Penn Ave, which is exactly what we need.

        • maxtor51

          yep, you are correct…West has a lot of commone sense and leadership traits which the resident never had…it was like taking a auto mechanic and putting him in the oval office with no personal training/experience at all. it couldnt turn out any way but bad!!

    • Scott

      I am white and he would have my vote, every day of the week.

  • Itstoolate

    I have been waiting for this. Ok– Up until odumbo I was not a racist, I was not a racist. Then from the lamestream press and odumbo, if you disagreed with the antichrists policy’s you were a racist. Odumbo has set the race relations back 50 years, hoards of blacks are killing everything in their paths and Odumbo says if he had a son he would look just like the perpetrators . I am so sick of everyone being called a racist, that I cannot stand it. We all know that odumbo and moozshelle hate the whiteys, and what I have learned over the last 5 years is that the ones who are racist are the blacks. Keep it up odumbo, your about to cause a race war, and with only 12% of the population, the odds are not good for your special peoples…

  • Purplesuiter

    Keep playing the race card you fat ugly sk ank b itch because you are going to believe it no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

    I could care less if he is PLAID, he is an incompetent f’ing moron who couldn’t poor water out of his boot even with instructions printed on the sole.

  • disqus_ho2ubAlnyr

    Now let me get this correctly; Obama is hated because he is Black? Is he not half White? Was he not raised White, since he never knew the poverty or community of Black America? So what does this have to do with race, and by the way I am a man of Color. Obama is a liar, and incompetent and he is only half-black. Also note he was the least prepared to be President of any President in recent memory: Carter, Governor of Georgia, Reagan, Governor of California, Bush I, former head of CIA, Clinton, Governor of Arkansas and Attorney General of that State, Bush II, Governor of Texas, Obama, Community Organizer, in a Community that is still impoverished and has the worst schools in the U.S.! Obama never had to develop a payroll, then he was elected to be CEO of the largest employer in the U.S.. Obama was elected, because he played the Race Card; and he has now played that Card out. Oprah needs to go back in the closet and deal with her failing to admit that if she is not a Lesbian, then she is just a woman who cannot maintain a meaningful love relationship with another human or control her weight.

  • SocialistPig

    Here comes the race card.

  • whisper

    It is Oprah’s remarks like this that made me stop watching her a long time ago. The ones who claim others are racist are the ones looking at color more. The rest of us are spending a lot more time listening to what people say. The evidence is clear, because a lot more African Americans are finally listening to what Obama has been saying and beginning to realize they bought a fictitious bill of goods when they elected him. The pedestal is clay and they now see it. This isn’t racism, it’s realism.

  • HScottM

    Obama has proven himself unworthy of respect time after time.
    Oprah is clearly a racist if she can’t see that.

  • tempusfugitone

    Nice try, Ms. Winfrey!
    Actually, Oprah is disrespectful toward non-minorities, with her sweeping generalizations.

  • seabehr

    To me, respect is earned, not automatically given whether you are the newspaper carrier or the POTUS. I had no respect for Nixon, felt sorry for Johnson although he led us into his own mess, but the current president originally had my respect. But when you are the CEO of a “company” that allows tons of guns to be covertly sold that end up in Mexico, so you can promote a gun control agenda; have a blind eye toward the IRS running rampant against political groups that don’t share your phiosophy; be indignant toward Bush with his actions with NSA and look what has happened on his watch; Bengahzi; and now the healthcare fiasco. He promised the most transparent administration, but now I think we can see through him! For a president that is supposed to be so smart, it seems he doesn’t know anything going on around him. How can that be respected?
    Whenever anyone is critical of our leader, they pull the race card, but if you are a black Republican, fellow blacks label that person as an “Uncle Tom” or worse.

  • iqdou

    I would like to know whether the big mouth yak will read any of these comments. Would give her just a little insight as to what Americans really do think of her narcissistic, arrogant, pathological lyinga$$ hero, right?

  • Michael David Davis

    Oprah, go f*ck your fat self

  • brimestein

    No Okra, I don’t respect you or your narrow minded opinion.

    I don’t respect the Communist that occupies OUR White House.
    Color and / or race has nothing to do with it.
    If his 50% white side was his dominant feature, would you still call him black?

  • GeorgeRA

    OOOpah is as phony as that hair weave that she has glued on and pretends it’s her real hair.

  • Henry Bowman

    Only in america can the (formerly) most influential woman be black and claim that the people who twice elected a black man to the most powerful position in the world are racist.

    The mind boggles.

  • Major Remington

    Play the race card in three…two…one….

  • Retired vet

    No …. we disrespect him because he violates his oath of office at will. We disrespect you because you are a racist for such a ridiculous assertion.

    Tell us, why do you support him, if not for his color?

    Really Ms Winfrey?

  • dtom2

    Hey Oprah… since Ovomit is the only candidate you ever endorsed and campaigned for and he happens to be BLACK like you doesn’t that make YOU the racist? People who live in glass houses…….

  • Wally

    Maybe OW …. but BO ?….

    • MPE

      Something stinks and I think it’s BO!!

  • Crewjobs

    Mr. Obama’s communist bigamist father who abandoned a pregnant wife in Africa, was 100% African. Obama’s knocked up hippie mother was white. There are no African Americans in this picture.

  • whisper

    Dear Oprah,

    You are full of crap. Your head is in the sand. And the words you speak are just as garbled as Obama’s. We are not listening anymore.

  • Curly

    Oprah, stop using your celebrity status to stir up hate and racial division. Shame on you.

  • WI_Hoosier

    Oprah… just STFU! You’re black, weren’t you the lead/host of a popular TV show?

  • Liam Connaughton

    No because he’s stupid, socialist and racist!

  • SmokeRanch

    Oprah has the right to her opinion but that doesn’t make it true. The president just happens to be an empty shirt and his performance proves it. The guy had never done a thing in his life to qualify him presidential material. But then again blacks like Oprah only see the blackness in Obama and not anything else.

  • JoeKlip

    The hated him for being the ruthless Chicago gangland boss.

  • John Markel

    What a stupid, bitter, bigoted woman. The simple are so easily seduced by smooth talking marxists.


    just watched group called PINK POWER!! A couple hundred and not 1 black person in the crowd. Likely they are out planning a flash mob party at the mall tonite!

  • maxtor51

    it is not that he is african american why they disrespect him…he is a chronic liar and
    incompetent and that is why they disrespect him. he hasnt done one single thing to help the people of this US! everything he gets involved in ends in disaster.

  • y_sufferfools

    I guess inept, feckless, duplicit and arrogant has nothing to do with it? By the way, Oprah, I have no respect for you either as a lying race baiter, welcome to the Jackson-Sharpton club, you can be the fat only slightly less stupid one.

  • Cheryl

    Her success is contradictory to what she is saying. She’s racist and a fool.

    • 57thunderbird

      Her followers are even bigger fools than her.

  • 57thunderbird

    Why do the liberals always conveniently forget that B-rack is halfrican?

  • disqus_TPKKJbe5C6

    Wow, its amazing you are not allowed to disagree with this president without being called racist. I guess if he is lying to you face you are just supposted to take it cause if you dont your racist. WOW! Good work Oprah

  • Edward Boothe

    The rest of them despise him because he is a liar, a con artist, a wannabe Communist, and has made our beloved country the laughing stock of the world.

  • 76Ag

    He’s just an idiot. It has nothing to do with color.

  • Kevin Groenhagen

    If Obama were all white instead of just half white, he never would have been elected in 2008. There was very little difference between Obama and Hillary on the issues, but from South Carolina forward, Obama began receiving 80 percent or more of the black vote. His campaign made the conscious effort to promote him as a black candidate in S.C. by putting Michelle on campaign buttons and having Michelle do more speeches for the campaign. It is a fact that blacks are more likely to vote for members of their own race than whites do for fellow whites. Racism in this country is more evident amongst blacks, including Oprah.

  • NaMoNai

    The fact that he looks a little bit african is probably the only thing about Obama that isn’t a lie.

    The fact is that that is also, probably, the only thing about him that people DON’T hate.

    It’s everything else about him that’s dishonest and detestable. And most of what he does.

  • Steve

    Oprah you’re a sanctimonious hag, how about we don’t care. No really that guy Dr. King said some good stuff.

    now if you could look that up.. We don’t like skippy cause he is an incompetent BOOB!

  • Big Ed

    Pure BS.. He was elected and then re-elected, BECAUSE he is Black. If he had been a white candidate, the press would have mauled him over his back ground. All the covering up, all the questions, all the lack of real experiance.

    To say now that he’s a failure as a President because of racism is pure BS

  • grassy knoll

    good lord remove this stain of a woman from the public eye.

  • David Ross

    Is there any chance someone can kick this racist commie-supporting woman in the teeth already?

  • mondolibre

    I guess that’s why they elected him President.

    /dem-statist logic

  • Sean Kensington

    Oprah is a blowhard and a dipshit racist her self. She can get down on all fours and blow me for all I care.

    • MPE

      If she was a MAN oblamer might meet her on the Down Low…..

    • Raydonn

      Yuck, you’ve got a stronger stomach than most……I don’t want that beast anywhere near me…..

  • NaMoNai

    Oh. And BTW. Oprah is a racist tool.

  • JD

    This is so weak. Are there people who are racist and don’t like Obama? Obviously. But is it really a major reason why his approval rating is low? Of course not. The last time I checked Ms. Winfrey, President Obama was elected TWICE by the American people. Now call me crazy but this tells me that you are jumping the shark a thousand feet with your assertion. Not only are you selling the President short with this crap but black people in general, what a cop out.

  • Ironman

    For being so successful Oprah can sure be an idiot. She can’t comprehend how people can differentiate between his race and his actions. I’ll make this simple for you Oprah. “People don’t like Obama because he’s black” isn’t the reason. People don’t like Obama because he’s an arrogant elitist POS Liberal.

  • Falconflight

    Is there anything more predictable than a Leftist utterance? I mean really.

  • Truepatriot

    He is a bald faced LIAR. He lied in the campaign, he is still lying every time he opens his mouth. A lot of gullible idiots believed his lies, but many are now waking up.
    Who gives a shit if he is black (half black), he and his administration are one big disaster. Frauds, charlatans, con men. Just like dopra the nut job.

  • getinit56

    Using a descriptive attribute in a derogatory manor after the initial disagreement is not always racist. Chris Christy comes to mind. What did you think when you heard the name? Are you prejudice to fatter people or does the fact that he’s who he is lead you there? My point is there’s a whole lot less racism, and a whole lot more disagreement than people like Oprah are making things out to be. Even to the name callers.

  • David Ross
  • Cody Silver

    Oprah is losing it!!!!

  • hayjim

    I despise this man and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It is all about his character and actions.

  • REVÖ

    He is brown (like Oprah and pooh). Not black. People badmouth him because he is an amateur and a fraud.

    • Raydonn

      Perhaps there’s a correlation between the two…..

  • staff office

    What a f’n POS! He was elected because he’s BLACK!! You’re irrelevant you pig.

  • nunya fknbsness

    am tired of this african-american bs…
    if you were not born in africa , you cannot be an african american.

    stop with the bs lies.

  • grassy knoll

    obama makes george w look like a brain surgeon.

  • David Ross

    It’s not Obama’s BLACK side, it’s his RED side that has everyone pissed.

  • Howard M Ccomber

    Fix you own house Oprah before you call the entire nation racist. The black community needs to evolve! This is not a referendum or assault on his color, rather, a logical debate about his policies and how he is running the country. Of all the people to come out and make a statement like this she be slapped upside the head. As for the peanut gallery who may agree with her, grow a brain and realize the facts before you jump to conclusions and thro racial accusations around.

  • acidulous

    Her comments on their face are ABSURD. How does she know what EVERYONE is thinking? She reads minds? It’s about time someone called these RACISTS out because of their PROJECTION. She has made an ugly accusation and all she can offer as “proof” is what she THINKS (feels)? Hey Oprah – all those people you are accusing have made you one of the WEALTHIEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD. I always SUSPECTED you were a racialist deep down. Thanks for the PROOF. Notice I said I suspected? I didn’t say I KNEW?

  • Seasoned_reason101

    You are past selling beauty, cooking, and crap psychology tips to soccer moms now Oprah. You are talking to rational adults. Were you around to see the contemptuous slurs hurled at Bush? Was THAT being respectful to the office of the persidency? Do you imagine 95% of black voters supported Obama because they favor a socialist/communist government or because he is black?


    Oprah your a racist he is a mulatto his mother was white.African yes American who knows he is too scared to prove it especially in his hate for the constitution and tactics on the American.

    See Oprah doesn’t have to worry she runs with the elites and she has plenty of money to cover her medical.

  • halfcafmom

    Hey women……… where do you come off making statements like that? You don’t know anything about white people. We don’t HATE Obama because of his skin color….PERIOD. He is just plain Marxist. We DON’T want America to be a Socialist Government but he just doesn’t listen. Now…. does that make any sense to you because that IS what White People WANT. SKIN COLOR DOESN’T COME INTO THIS. I know you are smarter that what is coming out of your mouth. For gosh sake thing.

  • Fedup

    No, Opey, we disrespect him because of his disrespect for the Constitution and the values and traditions that made this nation the greatest place on Earth to live! We disrespect his attitudes and actions; we disrespect him because he’s a communist!

  • Alexis

    Pesky twerps, these Black racists. They just keep bull-dozing their way into their self-hatred, coming out at the other end transferring it to those of us, who haven’t either time or incentive to ‘hate’ anyone – but, do hate ‘the sick energy dynamics of their sick minds’. It isn’t good for the environment.

    She, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, the entire Black Caucus, Russell Simmons, that ‘Jay-something crack dealer’, that film producer from the Bronx, with the bi-focals who loves to hate Whites – on and on – (ah! Spike Lee) – all have ‘slave’ written across their foreheads. It’s the beta decay of their mind’s self-perception, blasting from those small brains floating just behind ‘those eyes’ – that roll around looking for something on the planet, that looks, talks, and acts like them – and, when the eyeballs have gone full circle, settle back on themselves – and their sick leader floating around in the Oval Office (when one of its hind paws isn’t anchored on top of the desk) . He has the same self-identity problem – he just bluffs bigger, and tries harder to cover up his embarrassment of being so insignificant.

    Just as there is no amount of money that will cover up the protoplasm of Wnfrey’s mass, there are no titles that cover up a thin-skinned creature, with a pulsating desire to fulfill a dream of being America’s 1st Fascist dictator – but, who is stuck with acting out his slave-mentality – while trying desperately to feign a demeanor that looks like a real-life POTUS. That is one sick psyche.

    Oh, and then too, there are those 99% of Black slave racists whom this crowd keeps bound, barefoot, and pregnant on Urban Voting Farms.

    Get over yourselves. We’re sick of hearing your lies. Everyone knows that you hold on to your racism – for profit. Every time your precious-racist bank account averages drop below your max-profit projections, you ‘raise another Slave drama’ – stump a film on racism, have a bogus rally to claim a Black killer wasn’t a killer, because he got himself killed instead, and so on – just to re-fill the coffers. Black Racism is the largest industry in America – outside of Finance Capitalism; it is your dirty little secret, to sabotage and extort your livelihood from those who are dumb enough to pay you for, and pay you off for, your well-planned dramas – from The Thing in the Oval Office on thru your Scarab infestations throughout the Congress and the welfare-state’s cosmos. You’ve miscalculated: the White public knows the definition of “slave”, “extortion” – and “dumb”. It recognizes all three when they see it – in any race, or color. The White public is not all deaf or blind. Nor is it dumb enough to be mute when you race baiters are too dumb to know when to be.
    . . .… “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

  • mdavis223

    Bullshite Oprah. 61% of Americans disapprove of his job performance because he is a lying, cheating, thieving politician. It has absolutely nothing to do with race except that he is living up to the social expectations for blacks in America. Understand honey, it’s not a stereotype, it’s a description of the suspect.

  • Edward Boothe

    I hope Winfrey reads these comments.

    • MPE

      I’d rather she choke on them!

  • FiftiesChild

    Since when is disrespecting a liar racist? Anyone, and I don’t care what race, gender, age or anything else does not deserve respect or support when they lie.

    • Lebowski genmay

      She’s just following the liberal play book. If you can’t defend yourself or your party members based on facts, make up a bs outlandish claim that is purely emotional.

  • Cheryl

    Can anyone name one thing he has done that’s been either (1) good or (2) successful?

    • MPE

      Wrecking the economy AND the health care system!!

    • OverUnderSidewaysDown


    • nunya fknbsness

      when barry soetoro was in the senate , he sure could vote present a lot…
      except for partial birth abortions , he always voted for that…

      • MPE

        Too bad his mama didn’t act like a bird and SWALLOW!!

  • hihellothere

    kniggah puhleeze.

  • Rick Joseph

    It’s unfortunate Oprah would turn to this old saw of racism against “poor old Obama”, it really is a yawner at this point. The truth is if Obama was all white instead of half white, he would have never been elected the first time, let alone a second. He had no accomplishment, no experience and no big solutions or ideas to our nation’s problems. He was elected to office on a cult of personality precisely because he was half black, could read a TelePrompTer and promised an ambiguous “Hope and Change” mantra. No similar white candidate could have survived their party’s primary. Even worse, Obama’s incompetence since he has been in office is chilling and unfortunate, although easily predictable.

  • Hardworkinguy

    He is being judged by the content of his character,not the color of his skin.

    Isn’t that exactly what you wished for? You should be ashamed.

    I used to like you before you joined the Jackson-Sharpton Cartel.

  • Niteworm

    That’s a dam lie. He was elected by white people who’ve been told all their lives they should feel guilty because they are white. He’s hated because they now realize he is a communist bent on destroying everything this great nation stands for.

  • Puckerbush

    Eat shiite Oprah.

  • agreatsign

    After her phony purse shopping discrimination claim failed to keep her in the public eye, it’s time to once again throw out the race card.
    The Oprah needs to keep in mind that after selling her fans on the failure known as Obama, no one believes a word she says.
    Both she and Barry now have zero credibility.

    • Waiter_1

      I have to ask the obvious question here please
      You say that they both “Now” have zero credibility

      Can you give an example of when either one had any to begin with?

      • agreatsign

        To be completely honest, I cannot!

        • Waiter_1

          Maybe you know somebody then that can
          Maybe even you know somebody that knows someone?

          Don’t ya think this is pretty serious stuff?
          I mean this is our very own preeezy stompy feet
          Someone has to have known him when he had credibility? One would think?

          Kinda like those “stimulus” jobs?
          Never met anybody that knew anybody that had one

          Maybe one of them trolls could tell us?

          • agreatsign

            Unlike his bot supporters, I did some investigation into his background and knew going into it, that he was nothing but a wet behind the ears community who had been elevated by others to his position and all without lifting a finger on his own.

            He hasn’t accomplished anything, or done anything that has had anything other than a negative effect on the nation.
            I still wonder what anyone sees in him.

  • Kj

    The woman who started her career ,hating Real Men and Obama not being a Real Black Man ,both have hoodwinked Most of Black America today .This has got to be her way of dealing with her shameful support of the Worst President in American History ,

    Flash forward ,Oprah joins, Over Eaters anonymous , to battle 100 lbs Elephant

  • LibertyTrain

    What a disgusting comment to say that because we don’t like the fact that he has bankrupted our nation, lied for three years about Obamacare not to mention the Benghazi, IRS, fast and furious and Solindra scandals that we are racists.

  • bobthemoron

    No “O”. We don’t like him or you because both of you are Liberal/Progressive/Communist idiots. Only country in the world where you could have the success you’ve had and you still call us racists. Shame on You.

  • Al Simmons

    Out comes the race card from the fat bitch. They must be getting desperate.

  • Greg

    So typical. When you got nothing fall back on “its racism”.

  • DemocratsHateAmerica

    Bull, I respect Colin Powell, Colonel Allen West, Herman Cain, Dr Ben Carlson and they’re black.

    • julietsm

      Colin Powell is another one who says we don’t like Obama ’cause he’s black.
      What great times these be for the race pimps.

  • BuhByeBarry

    Of course the disrespect could have nothing to do with Obama;s incompetence, repeated lies, dishonor and (his not so secret anymore) socialist/communist intentions. Apparently, Oprah has been permitted to waddle around the WH again.

  • mdavis223

    Just like the Jews shout antisemitism at the tops of their lungs when anyone calls bullshite on them, Oprah is playing the same game. We don’t hate Obama because he’s black. We hate him because he is an incompetent, lying thief. Oprah is the only one playing the race card here. So who is the racist? Me tinks it’s the fat lady making all the noise.

  • rowdygirl726

    I wonder how she became so rich in a country full of racists?

  • Yukiko

    Obama is an ignorant, criminal, megalomaniac and doesn’t belong on the American political scene. That he is black is of no more importance than the color of another criminal megalomaniac, Hilary Clinton.

  • TxnFl

    Typical Progressive B S. We disagree very strongly with becoming a Socialist/Communist nation. President Obama has steered us toward that as quickly and determinedly as he possibly can. He disregards laws and our governmental process of him enforcing the laws at every turn. He is acting more like a dictator than a president. Should we turn a blind eye to all of this so as not to offend anyone because he is half black? If Oprah wants to be taken seriously she needs to come to the table with more than racism.

  • nosocialism29

    No Oprah, he is an INCOMPETENT SOCIALIST. I would vote for DR. BEN CARSON or ALLEN WEST any day. Quit shoveling coal on the race war you and the president keep trying to create

  • Lebowski genmay

    So for the 8 years Bush was in office, Oprah and her kind were disrespectful to him because he was white.

  • Syn de Nial

    I hate Obama cause I believed in his change campaign, I believed in him. I believed his lies. it has nothing to do with teh color of his fucking skin. He’s full of shit. Just like the rest of the power hungry USA Elite.

  • james4usa

    The only bit standing between BO and a tin shack next his brother in Kenya is a white mother.

  • KC

    Kinda reminds me of the girl who has no friends or boyfriend has convinced herself its because she is too smart or too pretty….

    • MPE

      And she’s neither!

  • PieMan

    What a DumbAzz Oprah is. She’s right up there with Shake Down Jesse and Big Al Sharpton the Race Pimp! Obama is a Marxist Community Organizer. Period.

  • Tayvl

    WEB DuBois saw this coming over a century ago when he said that he feared that black people would use race as an excuse for failure… Sad that he turned out to be prophetic about that.

  • Falconflight

    Look you dried out hag w/ a billion plus dollars, I hate every breath he takes, and every move he makes (Sounds like a song I’ve heard). Truthfully, even if it was related to his half cracker self…truly Benito Obamalini has proven that there are worst things in the world than to hold some prejudice.

  • Littlegunsar Better

    That’s the same excuse but a politer way to say “we are all racist”.

    Keep it up, soon. That word is going to have absolutely no meaning. And those that hurl it freely, will be the ones to blame.

    • nunya fknbsness

      only has meaning if one allows it too…

  • Clifd

    The slave ships coming to America were a blessing in disguise for todays American blacks.

  • cajunson

    Oprah who made Millions $$$ with the same color and was never called out about it. People are not disrespectful of Obama because he is the first African President because he is not. Obama is 1/2 White and born in Hawaii (or so they say) If he has gone to Africa it was for a visit not to live there. Why people are disrespectful is because he is a community organizer (not a president), lies, He does not respect America – Americans or Christians, He does not care about anyone else except Muslins, He is destroying our standings in the world, He’s pushing our allies away for his own agenda, all he wants to do is show off on TV, and HE IS AN IDIOT. I think the average American worker, lower or middle class with a High School education can do better than Obama but they will never get a chance because of the policies and politics in the U.S. The American people or being played by Washington from all sides thinking we are stupid. It’s time for the American public to stand up and take our country back. Don’t kick the can down the road. Kick the bad, corrupt, stupid politicians out the door.

  • Patrick J. Slater

    It’s because he’s a FIDIOT!!! PERIOD!

  • 57thunderbird

    Barack Ocommunist was in Cleveland at a steel mill yesterday touting how great the economy is,and defending 0care while at the Cleveland Clinic right down the street was in the process of beginning to lay off 3 thousand employees thanks to 0care

  • Mark Drummond

    No! Obama is being disrespected because some people know a con man when the see, hear one.

    • MPE

      Smell one!

  • Statman99

    If Obama was green, I would still be against his policies. It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin, it is his mindset. If people would take off their “race card” glasses, they would see what he is doing to our country!

  • WhatMightBe

    Didn’t Oprah lie about a hand bag too??????????????

  • grassy knoll

    opfrah doesnt believe one word she says- shes lying through her freaking teeth and the whole country knows it.

  • rocco71

    I hate Oprah. Period.

  • Ed

    No Oprah, it’s because he’s a Castro wan’a be. You wanted a black President. You got one. Did you really think he would act any different? He’s a perfect example of your race and you don’t like what you see do you. And no that’s not racist, you see I know and work with the exceptions. Blacks with honor, integrity, intelligence, common sense. They are few and far between but they are a pleasure to be around. Too bad you liberals didn’t pick one like that.

  • charlie

    I don’t care for his WHITE half…so there!

  • silencedogoodreturns

    no, Oprah, they don’t like him because he foisted Obamacare, the stimulus, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, NSA spying, etc etc etc on us. Get a clue, sweetheart.

  • CareerPolitician

    Never elect another African-American to office.

    Their perpetual victimhood status prevents them from being criticized for their poor performance.

    Since it is important that we succeed and progress as a society … we cannot be held back by politicians we are unable to criticize.

    Never again.

    • George Madison

      This is a very unique and perceptive comment. Can you imagine the founding fathers coming up with a “type” of politician that could not be criticized?


    this is why the BANKSTERS installed him because they knew how dumb the majority of Americans are and that everything he does ILLEGAL against the American people he would just break out the race card 90% of blacks don’t leave home without it’s their bond because they’ll cry racism.

    Home many people that are sick gonna die because of him over his socialist medical bill ?

    Divide and conquer.

  • Francis White

    Let’s see, the same people who voted this Shylock into office are now racist? F i idiot!

  • NHRob68

    That’s like saying that we don’t like Oprah because she is black. Yet she is one of the most favorited Americans we have, has been made a zillionaire, and is almost worshiped by many here. She should just shut up and realize that Obama is just a lying dick!

  • Coffee Steve

    She is the top female black woman earnings wise and a very successful person with the all time top talk show following, he is President of the United States, therefore her statements are now nothing more than a pile of BS



      • Coffee Steve

        Did you even read my post?

  • $5961343

    Believe me it’s not the color of skin. It’s his character. He’s a liar and and idiot. He has no experience and he’s in over his head. His lack of confidence makes him surround himself with yes men. Oprah, if you hate American so much, and love Africa, please do us all a favor and move there. I’m sure you could have gotten just as rich in a third world country.



  • WhatMightBe

    Blacks just use race as an excuse way too easily.

    To them it’s a no-brainer.

    tell me about it………..

  • Jon Coffey

    If I had a dog that looked like Oprah, I’d shave it’s ass and then shoot it.

  • Dirk Digler

    He is disliked because he is a titanic failure. Many of us KNEW that the liberals and their love of cradle-to-grave government care would spell disaster. Over and over, any criticism was met with a cry of ‘RACIST!’ to marginalize the opposition. Well, guess what? “Screw you.”

    I’d love to laugh and say you losers get what you deserve. Unfortunately, we ALL get what you deserve. Thanks for the great work.

    The ‘smartest guys in the room’ are actually revealed to be a bunch of stupid fvcks…

  • Bill

    Sorry, bimbo, he IS half white. However, color has nothing to do with what this fascist is doing to our country. Turning it into a 3rd world country, and fast.

  • Clint Bigelow

    The govt has fought wars on credit cards. Money going to contractors to evolve technologies. We are paying top dollar for technologies we generated. President got on sinking ship. He sponsored obamacare with no plan to support while billions is coming in from our oil production. reps calling for pay cuts while Your money is in their pockets… people are finally seeing big picture and not liking where thieves are taking us…

    • 1930s_all_over_again

      Obama was installed to finish America off…he’s just the useful idiot being controlled by Soros and the communists.

  • Clifford Schneide

    no disrespect for color… only for HIS EVIL LIFE and EVIL behavior… his desire to control and enslave me and all the USA …. that is why we have a REAL issue

  • Truth, Justice & AMERICAN Way

    He is neither AFRICAN nor AMERICAN — he is a MISTAKE

  • Fred Flinsttone

    Blacks are the most racist people on Earth. Look at Atlanta a once proud Southen city destroyed by racist black management and white guilt idiots from up North

    • Ratt Stone

      They did that to Atlanta, liberals destroyed it using blacks and illegals, now McAuliffe, Obama and the Democrats are gona do it to Virginia.

    • Whacko Bird929

      When was the last time you saw a white crowd going around jumping people? Its about time people woke up and demanded some be more responible in life.

      • Cheryl

        Only blacks are smash mobs also.

  • Obozo for Dictator

    Oprah’s answer to everything; Racism.
    Someone may want to add some new words to their vocabulary.
    Here’s one for you Oprah; TYRANT. How about INCOMPETENT.

    • Whacko Bird929