Woman explains harrowing tale of what happened when roving mass mob of black teens attacked her in Louisville

The other night we reported how a mob of 200 teens went on a rampage in downtown Louisville, Kentucky last Saturday night, assaulting people and mob-robbing stores. There was surveillance footage from a store that was mob-robbed that showed the teens to be black – a detail left out in the reporting of the story.

One of the women attacked was reported to be in her car with her children in the backseat. She has come forward to explain what really happened and it’s a situation none of us would want to find ourselves in, especially with 5 children in the car:

WDRB – It was around 8 p.m. Saturday when Viola Loeffler says she and her family were attacked at the intersection at First and Liberty.

“Right before we got to the stoplight, we noticed about 50 to 100 teens coming to the middle of the street. It was a one-way street so we couldn’t go any further. All of a sudden, one of them throws a garbage can on our car,” said Loeffler.

Loeffler says after that, the situation quickly escalated.

Her boyfriend, Ron Carter, was in the driver’s seat and stopped the car to see what was going on.

They say when he got out, the teens moved in on him.

“All of a sudden, I’m getting attacked,” Carter told WDRB.

Meanwhile, Loeffler and her five children were still inside the car.

“At that point , I jump in the driver’s seat. I hear them throwing rocks at my car. The rocks were hitting the kids inside of the car,” said Loeffler.

“Survival mode, and I tried to analyze the situation as quick as possible and figure out the safest way to get everyone safe,” said Carter.

Loeffler says she couldn’t speed away because they were surrounded by the group of teens and she didn’t want to run them over.

That’s when she says one of them attacked her.

“The boy comes out of nowhere, punches me in my eye, knocks me out. I had blood coming from everywhere. I was just freaking out. It did hurt, really bad. It scared me,” Loeffler said.

She says the next moments were a blur but somehow, Loeffler, Carter and all five kids made their way to Bader’s Food Mart and were able to get to safety until police got there.

“All I kept thinking about was the kids,” she said.

Loeffler says her children, all under the age of 12, witnessed everything.

“One of my kids, she needs counseling. She’s been having nightmares these past few days, waking up shaking and crying. There needs to be better guidance for these kids around here. I’m very glad that we’re alive,” Loeffler told WDRB.

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  • miltonbasshayek

    There would be a few shot and killed black teens if I was there. Why can’t this stuff happen to me? The range gets so darn monotonous.

    • Erick

      You obviously don’t have the intelligence to carry a weapon. Comments like that make it hard for the rest of us to defend the second amendment. Please stop giving the lefties ammunition in their fight against gun rights.

      • olddog

        Venting..besides..You’re on your OWN..be assured. with or without CC…

      • stage9

        Do they really NEED any reason? The reason liberal-marxists often sell the public (safety for the children) is not the reason in fact. They want control over your life, and they aren’t going to allow some pesky 2nd Amendment to get in their way. They are lawless and lawless people TAKE whether we like it or not.

        • Erick

          I agree, but we should make it easy for them?

      • miltonbasshayek

        Intelligence? Idiots attack my car; I blast; idiots dead from a bad decision they made; case closed. Doesn’t get more 2nd amendment than that. If you want to say politically correct things, so you will be able to hold onto your rights, be my guest. I don’t have that problem.

      • famouswolf

        You think you have to ‘give’ them such ammunition?

        • Erick

          Well Yee Haw! Lets just throw in the towel, and we’ll all start talking like a bunch of trigger happy morons! That’ll get em!
          BTW I wouldn’t hesitate to defend my family either.

    • stage9


    • That’s a bit over the top.

  • “Loeffler says she couldn’t speed away because they were surrounded by the group of teens and she didn’t want to run them over.”

    Do not be afraid to run over a mob. They have ceased to be individual humans at that point. You have the duty to protect your family.

    • I was thinking the same thing. if you’ve got 5 kids in the backseat, you gotta do what you gotta do to protect them.

    • Sentinel

      I agree 100%

    • Dukehoopsfan

      I would have never stopped my truck.

  • tom

    And that’s yet another reason why I carry concealed and have “evil” high-capacity magazines.

  • Time4Offense

    This reads like the bad script of a B movie. So the boyfriend leaves the car to analyze the situation while the woman is punched unconscious. What?!
    Hey, clueless couple: Your car is a lethal weapon! If you use it to escape and it harms people, tough! It is a felony UNLESS you’re being attacked and the lives of you and your children are threatened with imminent danger! Start thinking like adults! This ain’t the 1950s, Beaver.

    • Sentinel


    • Bill in Tennessee

      Damn! Finally, some sense brought to a senseless situation! Good man, and I like your Patton avatar, fits very well. Not only would I use my car as a ramming weapon, crunching anyone who got in my way, but the .45 under the seat would be out taking care of those left and right coming toward my car. Savages.

    • Laurel

      Totally agree.

      • Lippenheimer

        Mmmmmmm yep! I need to get some of those Ben Hur chariot hubs for my car. Remember those? Slice & dice? You never know, could come in handy in our Brave New PC World.

        • Laurel

          LMAO! I forgot about those. It seems I saw some on a car once…in a movie. Oh! Batman! That’s where I saw them! and Grease!

          • Lippenheimer

            Oh to have a Batmobile for such an occasion!

            • Laurel

              That would be so cool!

    • PatriotInk

      Was going to comment but you have precisely said it all…

    • wes

      oh, ok Wally

    • I’d be rolling over bodies like a zombie apocalypse!

      • Time4Offense

        In Louisville my truck would get 200 zombies to the gallon!

    • sbuffalonative

      Unfortunately it’s not a movie; it’s real life and becoming increasingly common.

  • Sentinel

    This is the wrong thing to say – my sincere apologies. I would drive to safety and avoid everyone that I could, but I wouldn’t stop because my family is in danger from a mob. My only thought would be to protect my family and get us out of harm’s way. Of course, I would go to jail because of manslaughter, racism or something… and the mob would be protected and called the victim. But that’s what I would do. Again, my apologies… totally the wrong thing to do in many people’s opinion. But my (innocent) family comes first.

    • stage9

      Self defense is not a criminal act. If you are in danger of your life or your family’s life, you can defend your life with reasonable force.

      • Sentinel

        Thanks. So, doing donuts wouldn’t be warranted, right? Kidding.

    • $13245463

      Once the garbage can is thrown, the teens presented an imminent threat to the family and self-defense is authorized. If you don’t have a firearm, steer the vehicle toward the crowd and step on the gas. I guarantee after a few of those punks are run over, the rest will scatter.

      • Sentinel

        Yeah… agreed. It might bother me later but my family would be safe so, there you go.

      • keyesforpres

        They’ll scatter before anyone is hit.
        I know someone who had some black punks locked arm in arm blocking the whole street….rather than stop….he just kept right on trucking towards them and they scattered like cockroaches.

    • I don’t understand why the guy stopped in the first place. If a mob is blocking the street, do a U turn and leave Dodge City.

      • Sentinel


    • Lippenheimer

      Me too. Absolutely. The boyfriend was insane to get out of the car to engage with a clearly violent mob. If I’m ever in that situation, with or without loved ones with me to protect? I flooring it. And no apologies either.

      • Sentinel

        My wife said the same thing… I’m feeling better now. 🙂

    • ryanomaniac

      Don’t be apologetic. Think about all the things they were doing to these people. I would’ve ran over anyone that was directly in front of me. I wouldn’t let off the gas until I got to a police station or saw a cop. One dead, fifteen dead, whatever it takes to get my *** out of there. I wouldn’t be happy about it but I will do what’s necessary. I agree with everything you said but we know you’re cool so don’t apologize.

      • Sentinel

        Thanks man… 🙂

  • kong1967

    People are afraid to drive into black neighborhoods or walk on the same side of the street as them. Obviously it depends on how they are dressed and what their demeanor is, but very few wear suits and ties or dress nice. Democrats call that racist, but I call it a common sense reaction. They are causing friction between the races, and hatred towards themselves. It has nothing to do with their color. Behavior. I guarantee you that if I see a group of black teens wearing street clothing I’m going the other direction.

    • timsrighty

      Right on! Behavior not color.

      • Lippenheimer

        I would say behavior AND color. This is happening regularly all over the country. They are invariably racially-based black attacks on whites. It is what it is.

        • Wynstone

          The ones I see ending up dead are black and their killers get to walk free.

          • Rightstuff1

            You are a clueless troll – go away and smoke some weed or something…your democrap friends are missing your great intellect…

            • Wynstone

              I thought the comment policy here was no personal attacks. Of course, a double standard in this forum wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve already been threatened by the moderator, K-Bob, with “you won’t last long here.”

              • Rightstuff1

                “Something tells me you wouldn’t hire a black man if you were an employer and there are others like you”……personal much???

                You are a troll. Just another a clueless troll.

                • Wynstone

                  “… they are takers from the system not contributors oh and they are prone to vicious nasty spontaneous violence. The vast majority of blacks in the US are out of control. Find me 300 white teens who pull this crap. show me situations where white teens sneaklily and viciously punch
                  someone in the head and call it a “game”. Sick! Evil! All done by blacks!”

                  Given the opinion you expressed, is thinking you might have a problem hiring blacks really out of line? If I’m mistaken, so be it, but drawing that incorrect conclusion is nothing close to a personal attack.

                  Edit: If you care to research, random violence by white teens engaging in thrill beatings does occur.

                • keyesforpres

                  How about you come out and condemn this barbaric behevior by these roving black punks?
                  Quit acting like muslims do when one of theirs go all jihadi…they whine that they aren’t all terrorists and we have bad ppl too.
                  Just come out and condemn these animals….if you dare.

                • Wynstone

                  I thought it was generally understood that violent crime is bad and I didn’t need to reaffirm that. Nowhere here did I express sympathy for the perpetrators or disdain for the victims. I’m discussing the affinity posters here have for imagining violent retaliation.

                • keyesforpres

                  You’ve done nothing but try to change the subject and you have refused to condemn this violence. You just deny and say that you can’t find any facts.
                  THAT is why you are a liberal…..when facts slap you across the face, you STILL can’t see it.
                  No one here is imagining violent retaliation. Saying they would keep driving, even if it meant running some of these savages over in order to protect their family, is NOT wanting violent retaliation. It is fleeing from danger.
                  It is something though….you codemn folks for saying they would defend themselves….even if it meant they had to run these savages over….but you won’t condemn the savages that attacked them.

                • Wynstone

                  Of course, I find the conduct worthy of condemnation. I just don’t feel obligated to condemn it because you guys are goading me to do it as if I have to prove something to you.

              • If you took that as a threat, but can’t see the threat posed by this growing problem of black on white violence, then you are struggling with problems beyond our help.

                Certain tendencies identify trolls versus serious participants in a discussion. Telling people what they think is a classic sign.

              • wes

                oooooh waaah. put down your crack pipe.. now, back away…

          • wes

            After lawyers and jury and the judicial system have made a ruling that the nigga deserved killing.

      • Rightstuff1

        You believe that all you like. You can walk around my neighborhood anytime of the day or night – oh wait its mostly white and a few asians. Try that in a trayvon ghetto….You wont be posting on this board any more and we will remember you fondly as the fellow it thought it was behavior errr not color!

        • So the color jumped off of the attackers and caused the problem?

          No, it’s behavior. Nobody runs from Farrakhan’s people, nobody runs from players on the NBA court. Nobody runs from black musicians. Nobody runs from black politicians. Nobody runs from black church ladies. Nobody runs from a gospel choir.

          It’s always the behavior. Always.

          • Rightstuff1

            Respectfully I disagree. I’m a huge fan of Clarence Thomas. Of Allen West. Of Herman Cain. There are many black people I think are outstanding but if you think that they are representative of the whole you are sadly mistaken. This may get me banned but I like my free speech and i hate PC stuff its drives me nuts. You can deflect the discussion from race to behavior all day long but you cannot separate one from the other. If you disagree then go look up the latest crime stats and tell me why black people “behave” 7 times more criminally than whites. They don’t have the opportunity that whites have? BS. This is the freest country on the planet. The average black kid in Detroit is more likely to go to prison than graduate High School. They have massive out of wedlock births, they are a welfare disaster, they are takers from the system not contributors oh and they are prone to vicious nasty spontaneous violence. The vast majority of blacks in the US are out of control. Find me 300 white teens who pull this crap. show me situations where white teens sneaklily and viciously punch someone in the head and call it a “game”. Sick! Evil! All done by blacks!

            Go read “white girl bleed a lot” then we can chat.

            • Wynstone

              Something tells me you wouldn’t hire a black man if you were an employer and there are others like you. That black man will then seek other ways to survive and the vicious cycle of racism is then complete.

              • Rightstuff1

                Get a load of you? I have hired black people and worked with them – idiot! That’s not what I’m saying. I’m talking about cold hard facts and you drift off into “what if land”. Typical liberal response. Now I’m suddenly the target and the fact that we have an out of control black mob terrifying a woman and her 5 kids is background noise as you weasel in a racist attack without addressing the racism of the blacks who targeted this women. You really disgust me!

                • badbadlibs

                  Agree about this Wynstone character. I pointed out the same thing to him about not addressing the racism of the blacks who are involved in this crime.
                  Only whites can be racists to these mental midgets.

                • keyesforpres

                  I’m guessing Wynstone is black and refuses to condemn this savagery.

              • If you’re going to continue to pretend to mind read and invent fantasies about what people think, you won’t last long here.

              • keyesforpres

                No one has a right to attack someone. Period.
                We’ve all been rejected for jobs.

            • Don’t invent words for me and then attempt to debunk them. WND is a frequent source of links here, so most folks are familiar with Flaherty’s work. Your assumptions are simply mistaken.

              The fact is, gang-like behavior is as old as tribalism. All skin color groups have practiced it. Singling out a color as the problem is to completely IGNORE the problem. What, do we give latino gangs a pass because they’re not black?

              It’s the behavior. Always has been, always will be.

              • Rightstuff1

                What assumptions? We will have to disagree. You obviously see nothing at all in the fact that this is routinely perpetrated by blacks on whites or jews and even recently on an hispanic woman….pure coincidence? I’m waiting for time when whites do it until then my assumptions appear to be borne out in cold hard facts.

                As for inventing words – you brought up latino gangs and no we don’t give them a pass. But this isn’t a gang thing bob this is a people thing. If and when latinos start doing this or asians then I will be sure to give you my opinion.

                • Adding in even more assumptions isn’t helping your case. You don’t know me, and it’s clear you have no idea what my position is.

                  I know I brought up latino gangs. You know how I know that? I wrote it.

                • Rightstuff1

                  I’m not trading barbs with you k-bob you seem to have a realllllll issue with the story being about black teens and not “oh my!!!! some naughty teens misbehaved”. Well I don’t see it your way and reading you simply repeating the same words over and over and over and over about behavior certainly does not convince me but maybe it convinces you.

                  Be real careful that a roving mob of misbehaving differently colored teens do not use your head for knockout game practice bob but if they do i’m sure you will be right along to explain it all in terms of behavior,

                  Bye bye bob!!!

                • I have an issue with people not using critical thinking skills. That makes three comments in a row where you invented something and attributed it to me.

                  If you want to argue with yourself, why waste space here?

                • Rightstuff1

                  You’re the one who went on a rant about behavior being the issue here bob and nothing else. You attempted to close down all discussion of race being a factor. Thats not an assumption thats just bloody reading your post. You have t he affront to.question my critical thinking skills – you’re a bully boy with your moderator handle and not a smart one. You do not debate you just slash and sneer. Its disgusting! As a moderator you are petty and ignorant.

                • Your focus on skin color has the same results as the Dem’s constant focus on skin color: you end up sounding like them. If I want to read a whiny personal attack, I’ll go listen to Al Sharpton.

                • Rightstuff1

                  I just finished reading an article on Breitbart which has a several excellent posts. You might want to read it.


                  Go look at the second comment posted by


                  I’m not posting what he wrote as you can either read it or not. Your call. If you do then after you have read it then you will understand why I cannot agree with you. And after having read it maybe we / you can agree to disagree without further rancor we can move on. By the way I am not a racist I’m just sick and tired of people refusing to call out this community and instead retreat behind thin walls of words to cover up inescapable problems that are now spilling out and helping to utterly destroy innocent American lives.

                • There’s over 600 comments. That would take a long time to find.

                  But these are not “thin words.” You cannot fight racism with racism. That’s like thinking that dumping a lot of gasoline in a small fire might be enough to quench it.

                  The problem is not skin color. The problem is demographics and Democrat policy. Also, any policy that makes it hard to arrest the offenders.

                  You can’t fix those policies by adding in special clauses focused on skin color. You can’t fix the demographics by focusing on skin color. You fix the demographics and the social problems by making liberty the prevailing concept.

                  You fix the Democrat plantation problem, where they coerce people to live in these hellholes by plying them with free stuff and promising them even more free stuff. But they have to help themselves. They need to recognize they have made the problems worse by voting for Democrat masters.

                  We can’t fix ANY of that by claiming the problem is because they are black.

              • wes

                The last time that there was a white riot, destruction of private property, burning cars, attacking people…. when exactly was that K-Bob…???

                • If you want to know it so badly, look it up. It has no bearing on this discussion.

            • famouswolf

              I agree.

          • keyesforpres

            Ok, but too many blacks in this nation seem to be suffering a behavior problem.

            • That’s true. But it isn’t because they’re black. It’s because of where they live, and the Democrat institutions that keep them stuck there.

              If I wave a magic wand and made them all yellow, the same thugs would behave exactly the same way, and the same great Americans among them would continue to be great Americans.

              • keyesforpres

                Kbob, these blacks are doing it because they hate whites. This is a racial issue FOR THEM. This has to be addressed.
                Saying it’s not about race is just not true. It’s like saying the KKK’s white didn’t jump off them and lynch those blacks….it’s bad behavior. Well no…their MOTIVATION was RACISM.
                That is the case today with these black punks…RACISM is what is motivating them.

                • Note that I carefully did not say there was no racism involved.

                  What I’m stating here is that it’s not just “because they’re black.”

                  This should be so frikkin’ obvious that it shouldn’t need to be stated, and yet we have people claiming over and over that it’s because they’re black. One might just as well claim it’s because they’re tall or because they have pink eyeballs.

                  This problem cannot be addressed by looking at skin color. If people start there, then goodbye Allen West. Goodbye Mia Love. Goodbye Walter Williams. It’s beyond stupid to claim that this is an issue of skin color.

                  These marauding “youths” are a direct result of Democrat voter plantation policies. Yes, these kids are using “race” as an excuse. Yes, they need to be called on it. Yes, they need to be educated that racism is evil. But you can’t do that while employing racism. You can’t fix an evil with an evil.

                  And another thing no one seems to give a damn about is the fact that even in these horrific Democrat Voter Plantation communities, the ones who would stoop to such evil is still a small percentage of the population. I’m getting sick of people looking at someplace like the East side of Detroit and deciding the population needs to be wiped out or taught a lesson or whatever, all because of their skin color. I’ve been in those neighborhoods. There are still good people there who happen to have dark skin. They feel trapped in there with those rioting, black-on-black shooting, punk maggots. How will focusing on skin color help them?

                  Thankfully most conservatives are Christian, and can see that focusing on skin color is an evil. It’s only a few throwbacks and primitives who claim to be conservative who would ever start thinking it’s a problem of skin color.

                  Even in the race riot years of Detroit in the sixties, all of the smoke, destruction, deaths, and looting were still only caused by a tiny percentage of the people who lived there. The vast majority were appalled. Many were harmed by it.

                  We need to be clear-minded about this because knee-jerk decisions are useless.

                  Having stated all of the above, let’s also be clear about this case: we know that a large group of youths will roam the streets causing trouble in these areas. We know they are almost all “black youths.” That means that risk avoidance impels people to avoid groups of black youths in these places. It also means people need to have heightened vigilance EVERYWHERE around any group of black youths that is not obviously coming out of Church, off of a busload of Farrakahn supporters, or dressed and groomed nicely and looking like they are minding their own business.

                  That’s not claiming the problem is “blacks” it’s doing what real risk analysis tells you to do, and look at the situation, the location, the behavior, and pay attention to what you yourself look like while in that location.

                  That’s being smart. That’s being aware. That’s not adding to the problem.

                  That’s how to conduct yourself in any situation where safety might be an issue.

                  But this crap about this all being a problem with “blacks” is beyond frustrating. I won’t put up with it in my life. Scoop might decide to have a different set of rules, but so far it looks like he agrees with me.

    • MadMadJack

      I worked in the black ghetto for 30 years, it is all about color, believe me. They hate the white mans’ guts, period.

      • kong1967

        That I am sure of, but my anger towards blacks has nothing to do with color. Bullet proof glass on all the business windows and bars on all the house windows. Crime rates through the roof. Black on white violence all the time with racial slurs being made all the while making it obvious hate crimes, yet the reaction we get with the Zimmerman case and he’s not even white. I broke down in a black neighborhood and a cop pulled over and advised me to be out of the area before dark. The knockout game.

        The list goes on and on endlessly. I do not have anything against their color. I could go into a room full of people like Herman Cain and love them, but not into a black community without fear.

    • Exactly. Skin color doesn’t attack people. Gang-like behavior encouraged by Democrat policies is what leads gangs of all types (and colors) to attack people.

      Racism is alive and well in the Ghettos. That’s only gotten worse under barack and his racist friends. But the predicament that leads to all of this is not race. It’s statist control over people.

      It’s just that right now, barack and the Democrats have a voter plantation to run, and they want the plantation to look like Detroit, not like New York.

      • kong1967

        Obama intentionally shakes the pot and makes blacks angry. The behavior within those communities has spun out of control and into more aggressive behavior towards whites. Obama was the worst thing that could have happened for race relations….and that’s what he wants.

        • Exactly true. He wants a group of downtrodden people to riot so he can blame it on whatever passes for this century’s Jews.

          • kong1967

            Unfortunate, but true.

          • badbadlibs

            Don’t worry, the Jews will never lose their place as #1 blame target. There’s room for more with the left, that’s a fact too.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        It’s funny I just typed a similar response without looking at your post. Great minds! 🙂

      • What we’re going to end up with however is a resurgence in the KKK and their ilk because it’s not going to be hard to convince whites…especially in places where they’re the minority, that they need to stick together to protect themselves. Of course this is what the people in this WH wants…turn us against each other.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I blame it on the Urban Ghettos, i.e. the 21st century, slave plantations. And the Slave masters are the entitlement mentality politician’s that put them there! About the only way to reach them is through urban missionaries who are willing to tell them about Jesus. Then, at least, they will love their neighbor instead of looking to start a fight with every tom, dick and harry!

      • kong1967

        I can’t discredit that, but I think someone needs to reach the parents and teach them how to raise their kids better. The fathers are absent and the mothers have multiple kids with different fathers and are on welfare. The education level of the parents is unbelievably low and many can’t read and never graduated high school. Well over half the kids drop out of school, and I’ve seen video of how the kids behave in the classroom. They don’t. They have no interest in learning whatsoever, and the parents don’t enforce learning either. Have you ever seen the movie “The Principal”? It’s a true story, and you’d think the teachers were in a war zone and they were afraid for their lives. The teachers actually had to get rough with the students at times to show them who was boss. The kids that want to learn can’t because of disruptive behavior from others constantly, and if they do well they get beat up for acting white.

        I don’t know how you fix this. It all starts with the Democrat politicians and the media treating them like victims and letting them stand on the fact that they have a disadvantage because they are black so they need handouts, lower grade requirements for activities, etc. Then the parents. I think the current generation of teens is lost and the parents are dumb as rocks.

        Until we get control over those communities taken away from the Democrat party, nothing will change and even when it does it will take decades to repair.

        Lol, sorry so long.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          Actually I have seen that movie. It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher in that environment! Well said friend!

  • DakConserve

    Where is Obamzo? Jessie, Little Al, and the rest of the race baiters?

  • LuscombeFlyer

    It is downright IRRESPONSIBLE to not ensure the safety of your family and loved ones. Get a concealed carry permit. Get a handgun. Get competent training. Protect your family. THAT’S YOUR JOB!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      A hearty Amen to that!

  • Laurel


    Obama could put a stop to this in a minute but he won’t.

    And why in the name of heaven did he ever get out of the car?

    • Lippenheimer

      Yeah? Did the car have a “Co-Exist!” bumper sticker on it, or what?

      • Laurel

        I’m wondering…

      • Conservative_Hippie


  • MadMadJack

    The Gun, never leave home without it. And make sure you always carry extra magazines so you have plenty to go around for these big black targets…….

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Well, I don’t care if they are black, white, red, green, yellow, whatever! Self defense is color blind!

  • ryanomaniac

    She says she didn’t want to run over them. I wouldn’t want to run over them either but I would. You come to harm my family and you are already busting us up and got me surrounded and I’m in a huge weapon called a CAR, I will now you down.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Agreed! I hate to say it, but you are right about the car becoming a weapon…pretty much their only weapon. I hope I never find myself in that predicament, because I will use whatever weapon I can put my hands on!

  • BoSplosion

    Nothing that more food stamps and employer provided contraception can’t cure! Forward!

  • timsrighty

    It seems like every time one of these white victims are interviewed by the media they say the same things. “It happened so fast” “My kids were in the car” “We were so shocked” “We were just minding our own business” And now “Didn’t want to run them over”

    I want to hear “Yeah, they tried to harm my family and me, so I filled them full of lead” or “I left tires tracks all over their asses”

    • notsofastthere

      But you see, they are now going to have community meetings and talk to the ‘childrens’ about violence. The little mischievous darlings will feel bad and do it no more. I like the idea of tire tracks much better and screw the community meetings.

    • famouswolf

      LOL yeah, I would have gunned the engine, so as to get over the speed bumps as fast as possible.

  • speakez6

    Run them over. You have to do what you have to do in Obama’s AmeriKa

  • Crassus

    You know the thing that stood out like a sore thumb in this story is that this woman is unmarried and has five children under the age of 12. I don’t know why it caught my attention, it just did. I’m not excusing anything those young Trayvons did to her and I hope she can somehow get justice and that her children will eventually be okay mentally and emotionally.

  • Wynstone

    Wow. The number of violent vigilante fantasies on this thread is pretty disturbing.

    • People get that way when threatened. It would be disturbing if they didn’t.

      • Wynstone

        Who is threatening them? I imagine they are all safe in their homes as they vividly imagine running over black teens.

        • It’s called rational thinking. If you don’t plan ahead for these situations, you will end up the same way.

          • Wynstone

            There is nothing rational about revenge fantasies.

            • Your labeling them that is your own fantasy. Your problem, not ours.

              • Wynstone

                “Ours”? Am I engaging with a hive mind?

                • Obviously you have trouble understanding the notion of a community of people who gather to discuss similar interests. I suggest you find a group that are all completely dissimilar so you fit in more comfortably.

                • Conservative_Hippie


                • famouswolf

                  More like you are an offshoot of the hive mind trying to engage rational minds. Except, you just don’t have the mental capacity, being a hive mouthpiece.

    • Rightstuff1

      Vigilante threads? You mean that we are sick of seeing this being covered up, unreported or misreported? Teens, teens, teens! Were they Asian? Noooo. Were they Hispanic? Nooooo. Were they white? Nooo…..ohhhh yeh its “teens” and no mention of race so its gotta be the blacks nd there were 100’s of them!!!! That’s an army! How would you feel if you were alone in a car as they surrrounded you? Now imagine you have kids in the car! Getting it yet?

      I’m sick of it. I see 4 of these pigs just attacked a 19 year old white student who got a brick to her face! and you are worried about vigilante threads….you need to get a brick to the face yourself and then come on back and we can have a chat about how you feel about vigilante threads you ignorant jerk!

    • notsofastthere

      Should this ever happen to YOU, just get out of the car and say “Can’t we all just get along.”
      Get back to us vigilante types with their answer to you….that is, if you’re still alive. We’ll wait for your update.

    • famouswolf

      Yeah, well, the number of self righteous smarmy little cowards is pretty disturbing to me.

    • Chester Simms

      Was Loeffler fantasizing?!

  • happytrails5

    Next time, run them over. At that point, it your children’s safety vs the mob. No contest.

    • ColonelNeville

      Yes, with my two kids and in the same life threatening situation? – I too would have run them right over n’ hard. No, really.

    • factsobill

      You haven’t any children? It’s OK to to be safe your self! The madness of Obama’s rule is beginning to happen! He’s sown this hate among blacks and cultivated the “Get Whitey” syndrome you see in the video! Obama the RED!

  • maynardb50

    I would have drove my truck right through them.

  • James Guest

    Pass The Ammo!

    • factsobill


  • Bierwagon

    Run their asses down! Just like those scum bag bikers in NYC, get out of the way or get run down with lethal force.

  • ColonelNeville

    Quite frankly, when such a mass roving mob of violent criminal life threatening teens is doing whatever they want to whatever and whoever they please, they need to be effectively stopped ASAP by the law abiding and in mortal danger citizens at hand – using whatever means available, including the rather effective use of truncheons, trench shovels or firearms. No, really.

  • becky21k

    All I know is one of those mobs starts pounding on my car, I’m going to run some thugs over.

  • edsmanedup

    check out the first 10 minutes of Mark Levin today Scoop. This needs to be heard by everyone…be very afraid…

  • timerunnersc

    The greatness of being an American must be instilled in our people and especially our young people.

  • ColonelNeville

    50 to 100 marauding mob-minded forming a virtual single-entity of violent assaulters to killers…it’s always the left and almost invariably if they vote, Democrat voters, that are like the zombies in The Walking Dead. And to survive such an attack when the law is nowhere to be seen, the same measures are required. If they were a similar mob of any other ethnic origin, [and er, when was the last one?] I’d treat them the same too. Harshly. No, really.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Zombies? 😉 😉

      • badbadlibs

        That just never gets old. Never! 🙂

      • Time4Offense

        “You mean like Democrats?”
        Thank you, Bob Hope. Priceless.
        (Timeless, too)

      • keyesforpres

        That scene never gets old.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Loeffler says she couldn’t speed away because they were surrounded by the group of teens and she didn’t want to run them over.”
    Wouldn’t bother me at all, under those circumstances.

    • notebene

      I was thinking the same thing…the safety of MY children would far outweigh my concern for the safety of a group of thugs that started the attack! I’d gladly go to jail to save my kids!

      • Gene White

        comment deleted by author

        • notebene

          So…what you are saying is that you would do what this woman’s friend did? Get out of the car? Or get dragged out of the car by the mob? And I’m the stupid one? Yeah…don’t think so! I’d floor the gas and mow the mob and take myself and my family straight to the police station before I would have my children witness what this woman’s children did!

          • Gene White

            notebene, this is an open apology to you and all the other members here present, who misunderstood my comments.

            I tend to use too much satire sometimes, not realizing that people sometimes miss the satire and read the comment as an honest statement.

            In future, I will try to cut back on my use of satire, and when I do use it, I will try to do so in a way where it can’t be easily mistaken for something else.

            For the record, I agree with all your comments.

            (I deleted the comment.)

    • ColonelNeville

      Incredibly she put the survival of herself, her CHILDREN and her husband over the welfare of these criminal freaks. Very foolish and remind me not to take a ride with her! An inverted suicidal decency is not required in such circumstances. No, really.

    • keyesforpres

      Agreed. I’d risk running some of those animals over and save my kids, rather than worry about whether or not I hurt any of those animals.

    • Gene White

      Is it not curious, that faced with circumstances such as these, that we abandon all human courtesy, and just try to protect our loved ones?

      • tinlizzieowner

        If I find myself in a position where I have to physically protect my loved ones, ‘human courtesy’ has already been lost and not by me. 😉 😉

        • Gene White

          What I meant, tinlizzie, is that we all have a primal instinct to protect our children and those we love. The line between “civilized behavior,” and that basic primal instinct, is a very thin line. Thats what I was trying to say.

          • tinlizzieowner

            I got it. That’s what I was getting at too. The instinct to protect goes all the way back to the beginning. It’s this desire to try to be reasonable with the un-reasoning, that will get you and your family hurt.
            I would no more try to reason with somebody throwing trash cans and rocks at my car, than I would attempt to ‘reason’ with an angry Pit Bull.

          • I’d place protecting loved ones squarely in the civilized part, though. We’ve all been brainwashed by years of liberal education telling us that all violence is bad, no matter what the reason.

            The fact is, all who initiate violence are bad. Those who are backedinto a corner and have to resort to violence to survive have not abandoned civility. It has to do with intent. Civil men can be warriors. If that were not the case, we’d have no “civilization.”

            It’s a nit, I know, but still.

            • Gene White

              Glad to have you join the conversation, K-Bob. It is precisely that, “Civil men can be warriors,” that allows us to live as civilized men.

              The years of liberal education and “brainwashing,” had no effect on me, nor do I think, upon any of those who regularly come to this site, to gather with others, of a like mind.

              Glad you’re here. Good for us, bad for trolls.

  • notebene

    Were any of these thugs arrested? What was the freaking point of the assault to begin with? Just kill the white guy night?

    • badbadlibs

      It’s mob mentality with few if any repercussions. The example has been set by holder (we won’t prosecute blacks) and the con man who thinks a teen thug, hell bent on murder, is his son. Add in a media that refuses to call this a racist and or hate crime.
      So, yes, it was “just kill the white guy night”.

    • tinlizzieowner

      2 (two) arrests so far. The ‘city fathers’ are trying to sweep this stuff under the rug because it will ‘affect tourism’ in this area.
      Tourists getting beaten and robbed ‘in this area’ won’t affect tourism??? What the hell kind of toilet logic is this? :-/

      • Swamp Fox

        And one of the ‘State’s fathers’ silently sits behind his desk 30 seconds away as the crow flies.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Exactly what I was getting at. They don’t want crime ‘stats’ for this area going public.

  • Swamp Fox

    Where’s Mitch on this? **crickets**

    Fact – this took place 3 minutes from McConnell’s main Louisville, KY office. (A) marks the mob & assault — (B) marks Mitch’s office.

  • ivan

    in other news, a black man is sprayed with a water gun in NYC. Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson are at the scene and calling for marches. Full coverage on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC.

  • moses

    Will this be on The First 48 anytime soon?

  • Mumbly Peg

    Will we be down to our last 10 men before someone says it?

  • luckysnap

    Just run over them!

  • JoeThePimpernel

    She should have floored it and taken out as many of them as she could.

    She was in fear for her life. Case dismissed.

    • Gene White

      While I am trying my best to keep my sentiments pure, I am nonetheless attracted, to your simple solution. :}

    • GrimReaperLady

      If this happened to us down here in Florida, we evoke the Stand Your Ground law and shoot as many as you can kill. It is not even a fantasy anymore, it is pure survival mode now!!!

  • c4pfan

    Any word from Rand Paul? Since he has the answer to how to reach out to the youth and all.

    • keyesforpres

      He’d tell us not to put them in jail….they won’t vote for us otherwise.

    • Gene White

      I know, c4pfan. We don’t know what to do with Rand Paul. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water just yet. He may be Libertarian, but he believes in Freedom. We may need him.

      • keyesforpres

        He believes in mass amnesty and has said he hopes they would vote for him. He also wants to let drug dealers out of jail early.
        What we need to get back to is LIBERTY. Rand and his followers want the freedom to do whatever (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else..). Well, what he is proposing would hurt everyone else.
        Look at societies where ppl do whatever they believe they should be “free” to do…islamic societies.
        Our Founders were about ORDERED LIBERTY.

        • Gene White

          I know, keyes. I know what he believes in and stands for. What the Libertarians believe in, is difficult to digest. But what they believe in, is a whole lot closer to what we believe in, than what the enemy believes in. I try to take it a day at a time.

          • keyesforpres

            I really don’t know Gene. Many don’t get the islam threat and their leaders like Rand and his father support open borders and amnesty. I think they use “Constitution” and “liberty” like O used “hope” and “change”.

            • Gene White

              We all believe in freedom, Keyes. It is just that the basic definition of freedom, has gotten more complicated with time.

              To The Founders, it meant Freedom from Tyranny. To this current generation of Americans, it means being able to watch football on a wide screen plasma. I’m sorry, I really am. Because I no longer know what the word, Freedom, means anymore.

        • Rand said he’d let out the Dealers? Is he insane?

          I’d decriminalize drugs, but punish the hell out of dealers. Especially ones who sell to anyone under 21.

          • keyesforpres

            Yes, it was in the news a few weeks ago.

          • keyesforpres

            If you legalize it…how can you punish ppl for selling it?
            Russia and China help push the drug trade in Mexico because they know a drugged out America won’t fight for their freedom.

            • Decriminalize. Big difference.

              Selling black market cigarettes is still a HUGE business. It’s decriminalized, but that doesn’t mean anyone can sell cigarettes to anybody anywhere. But the FBI doesn’t waste money and resources looking at sixteen year olds smoking stolen cigarettes. They take down the operators with big trucks and warehousing operations, and those folks go to jail for a long time.

              I’d only add that anyone selling dangerous drugs to minors ought to be put away for the same amount of time as a kidnapper or serial rapist, and that would be on top of whatever other laws they might break in selling certain drugs.

              So we can most definitely punish people for selling.

              Your second point ignores the money. Sure, they want us drugged up. But it’s 90% money, 10% damage to society. The damage part is icing on the cake for them.

              Take away the money factor and you wipe out the cartels (mostly). That’s especially true regarding the poppy trade as it supports terrorism. They aren’t selling opium to drug us, they are selling it to buy weapons and sophisticated tech.

              But I can live without a win on this issue. I don’t even bother to argue it much, because our nation is so screwed right now that that issue might as well be global warming. I’ll vote for hard-nosed, “lock them all up forever,” anti-legalization conservatives all decade long if that’s what it takes to stop the hell we’re headed toward.

  • sbuffalonative

    Someone needs to contact Eric “My People” Holder and ask to investigate this. 17 incidents in one night is not random crime.

    • Gene White

      I guess it depends on your perspective. Eric Holder, and his Muslim leader, are fomenting this type of thing, for their own purposes.

      Those purposes, we may know in time, but even right now, I think I could make a good guess.

  • cvmagreek

    Wouldn’t want to offend anyone by reporting that there wasn’t one white teen among the herd of animals that were terrorizing in the memory of a black boy who was stabbed to death on a bus, no doubt by another black teen? Why is it that people don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what color a piece of crap is, if they are committing a crime and are thugs, they are a piece of crap and if white, black, hispanic or oriental acting this way should be reported as such so the public knows the facts!

    • Gene White

      A racist comment, if I have ever seen one. 🙂

      • cvmagreek

        Take it as you want to Gene, guess when people get tired of the same old BS and state the truth, they will be called whatever the offended party feels like calling them. I stated it doesn’t matter what color a piece of crap, garbage or whatever you’d like to call a thug that assaulted that woman and her boyfriend with kids in the car. I’m against anyone who would do what the 200 or however many it was were out doing, if you support them, they will continue to act the way they did that night.
        Oh and I would have ran them over to get out of there, ensuring my children’s safety.

        • sbuffalonative

          I think you should look at the emoticon at the end of his statement.

          • cvmagreek

            Your right, I’m horrible at the smilie faces meanings. Sometimes I take them as the opposite like someone is trying to get under my skin! Lol

            • Gene White

              Sorry for the confusion, cvmagreek. On some sites, the “smiley face” is actually a face, bright yellow in color. When we have to use the keyboard to make one, it doesn’t come off the same.

        • Gene White

          Always look for the smileys, cvmagreek. It’s okay. I miss them myself, sometimes.

      • Guest

        Then you have never seen one. Any one who terrorizes women and children is a thug, no matter what color or race they are. Nothing racists about that!!!!!!

        • Gene White

          Please see comments below.

        • TheMaskedUnit

          Open your eyes. You are being exterminated.

  • Gene White

    It is beginning. Just as planned. The breakdown of civil behavior. The need for someone to take control. No worries, your own government stands ready to take control. Your government is all knowing and wise. It seeks to protect all of us, in these uncertain times, even though your government created, “these times.”

    Okay, I’m having a little fun here, but this entire thing was planned. We may never know who, exactly, but you know it was planned.

    A particular situation is being created, that will require some form of government intervention.

    Obama will soon make a speech. The basic content of that speech will be that “we simply cannot tolerate this type of behavior.” He will then go on at length, expanding on all of his immense responsibilities as President. One of those of course, is to keep the nation safe from all these miscreants that he created.

    You can therefore expect more government regulation and control, over the behavior of all those nasty people, the American population.

    Actually, it would be funny, if it were not so serious. Make no mistake, it is serious. About as serious, as serious gets. But that statement I just made, is not going to appear on the six o’clock news.

    The Left, or the Communists, or the Progressives, or whatever you want to call these people who are taking away our Freedoms, and changing this country into something none of us even recognize, are not the problem we face. Sadly, it is the people who believe in them. Either that, or they are too busy with their lives, to concern themselves, with something so inconsequential, as the future of this country, and how that might affect the lives of their children and grandchildren.

    Somehow, their wide screen plasmas, and their fifty-thousand dollar foo-foo trucks, seem more important.

    We have become a far different nation, than the nation I grew up in. I grew up on a farm in Tennessee. When we moved to California, I hated it. I wanted to go back to what I knew. What I was comfortable with.

    I have sort of the same feeling about this new America that Obama has created. I hate it. I want to go back to what I knew before. What I was comfortable with. Because since Obama began his, “fundamental transformation,” of America, I have spent most of my time, thinking of some way to get rid of him.

  • Gene White

    It isn’t that I care about this nation more than you. I believe each of us care about it equally. At least I hope so.

    It would be something to lose it, if you get my meaning.

  • realheadline

    Hmmm… What’s should a reporter do? Keep playing the main stream media game of spot the stealthy conservative racist or report on an actual roving gang of racists assaulting non-black citizens. Which has more societal value? Well, no contest, a game of spot the secret racist it is.

  • Gene White

    What exactly, is the perfect political party, at this point in time? We don’t really know, do we?

    Certainly not the Democratic Party, right? Maybe not even the Republican Party, right? At least we agree on something.

    Third Party? Can of worms, right?

    So, what is the real solution to all of this madness? Change the Republican Party to something more of our choosing? How, exactly do you propose doing that? We’ve been trying to do that exact thing, for decades now, and all we have for the effort, is John Boehner.

    It has become the accepted wisdom, that trying to establish a strong, vibrant, third party, is a wasted exercise at this point. You may agree with that, or not, but that is the generally accepted wisdom out there, regarding a Third Party.

    So, what is left? I guess what is left, is either reforming the Republican Party, or joining the Democrats.

    Like the rest of you, I have found in life, that it is really, really, difficult to change things that have been in place for a long time. I didn’t say it was impossible. I just said, “its difficult.”

    Part of the problem we face, is that all the people who supposedly represent us, don’t represent us at all.

    Pigs at the feeding trough, would be my best description. Forgive me, a farm analogy. Try to get a pig away from the feeding trough in the evening. Kick him, beat him with a stick, there is no way, you are going to get that pig’s snout, out of that feeding trough.

    What I just described to you, is your average Congressman, who is supposed to represent us.

    Disrespectful of me, I know. What would you rather have me do? Speak in glowing terms of all these idiots who have helped lead this country into the current nightmare we are facing?

    At least Obama knows what he is doing. He knows what he set out to do, and he is working to accomplish it.

    All we are doing, is playing catch-up. Playing, “catch-up,” is not going to win the game, even though it makes you feel good.

  • Yazz55

    The obamessiah’s brownshirt footsoldiers terrorize neighborhood.

    …well that probably should be the headline

    “America where are you now?
    Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
    Don’t you know we need you now
    We can’t fight alone against the monster”

    Steppenwolf – Monster 1970 (I think that was the year)

  • Since the 1970s, the rioting of black mobs is nothing unusual, but with the racial social (in)justice Obama and Holder in power, aka racist socialist black supremacists, they have all become more and more emboldened and brazen in their openness attacks against Whites, Asians, etc, and anyone else who just happens to be in their path of targeted victims. Since the Black Panthers were let off the hook for their acts of threats and violence, intimidation, etc, they know the will not be prosecuted by Obama and Holder, but have actually been encouraged to do so, and protected by Obama and Holder from their looting, plundering, stealing of money and property assets, along with destroying, burning private and public property, etc, etc.. assaulting, and even murdering innocent people.

    Welcome to Black Supremacist Islamist Marxist ObamaNation, where the rule of law is lawlessness.

    • marmo43

      you are absolutely right. this is what he wants to he can call up his militia. then we will all be on lock down. what a pile!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    That’s why I have a Beretta 92 and 5 mags in the pick up. I feel for this lady, I got caught alone in the halls of my HS during the riots after Dr. King was assassinated.

    • Wow.

      And let’s not forget Reginald Denny. I saw one video of that incident where you can see several drivers floor it, aiming right at potential attackers. Amazing.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Yes, I remember this. I would also carry in the big truck if my current employer allowed it. But the rule book does say carry, not transport. Subtle and large difference at the same time.

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    Dude got out of the car??? PHUCK that… floor that beotch… self defense.

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    And this is exactly why you need “assault” weapons and more than a magazine that holds 7 rounds.

  • Scooter McHeadshot

    The best way to solve this problem would be to bring up a gunship from Task Force 160 and “mow the grass”. A few hundred dead thugs would do wonders for putting things in perspective for any more would be hood-rat thugs.

  • marmo43

    as long as there is a black president, doj head, and many people like al Sharpton and jesse Jackson keeping some blacks stirred up and crying racists this will only get worse. problem solved get your ccw license..

  • Spychiatrist

    This is why I travel with .45 AND 12 gauge in my truck at all times! I will not become an innocent victim to DIEversity.

  • Guest

    No one is surprised when learning about this incident. These lowlife teens are just following in their parents’ footsteps. Mistrust and hatred of blacks is going through the roof in some locations. all because people like Al not-so-Sharpton (and our illustrious imperial president) encourage this type of behavior. It’s too bad that the decent and God-fearing 20% of black folks are suffering discrimination on account of the irresponsible, criminal, violent and hateful 80%. Don’t believe it? Just move to Watts, East St. Louis, parts of Detroit, etc., and see how they roll out the welcome wagon for you. When blacks move into a white neighborhood, whites tend to pack their bags and leave, not because they’re racist, but because they know quite well that black crime and violence will soon follow. It’s pathetic how blacks whine about how they suffer racial discrimination, but refuse to put any effort into living like civilized people. Even so-called Black leaders are dishonest, disrespectful and cannot utter a sentence without using extreme profanity.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      I have never heard any of the blacks in my family whine about discrimination and they seem to live even more civilized than me. I’m on the road and meet decent, honest, black truck drivers all the time. You may have your numbers a little mixed up there.

  • gvanderleun

    Lamppost decorations would cut down on this sort of thing right away.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense
  • Debbie Johnson

    That woman was too nice. I would have ran over them and left. Black roadkill. Cops come to her door, remember the five words, I have nothing to say. White folks are way too naive and trusting. We should learn from our enemies. Self protection of our own first and foremost and zero mercy for those who intend to kill us.