AOC demands “consequences” for Supreme Court Justices who dared do their job against her wishes

The Supreme Court’s job is to rule on cases. To make and issue decisions. That’s the purpose of the court. The Justice who did that are now facing terrorist threats from the left, incitement to violence by Democrats without any pushback in the media, are being stalked at their homes with no one facing any consequences, and are being called “illegitimate” by elected Democrats who demand citizens “defy” their rulings.

And of course, threats from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Every one of the things I listed above has happened recently.

Reddit threads organizing to attack the Justices at church. Real.

Democrats calling for citizens to defy the court? Real.

Calling them illegitimate? Real. Real. Real. Real.

Impeachment talk from AOC is a smokescreen. We know what she means by “consequences” and so do her violent minions.

The left are going to throw every theory and outrage about this at the wall for days and weeks with teh media’s complicity so that they can then vow to dismantle the court and stuff it with Democrat picks.

This is a coup attempt. Not to overthrow the White House but the people. It’s an insurrection that involves direct action on the streets, widespread violence to come, and power grabs in D.C. The court is just phase one.

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