Bernie comrades demand Chris Matthews resign over his Nazi comments

So the Bernie Bro comrades, who are known for spewing online vitriol, are incensed that Chris Matthews compared Bernie Sanders winning in Nevada to a historical event. Because that event involved the NAZIS!

Poor little fella. As we showed before, he’s finally making the connection between these socialists and the vicious bloodthirsty communists of old. He even said that he would be one of those who would be lined up and shot in Central Park. Well it’s a little too late:

Now look, who cares, right? Dem on Dem violence. BUT, Matthews wasn’t comparing the ideology of Bernie to that of the Nazis. He was just making a comparison to the monumental and decisive victory. In this political atmosphere, such fine distinctions of rhetorical nuance are willfully ignored.

Fired immediately! I wonder if he meant to say “fired on”!



Yashar is a little more measured:

That is fair.

Yeah that dude has said way worse on air, trust me he ain’t gonna resign. BUT he probably should. Because I know what is going to happen. Bernie is gonna win the nomination and Matthews is going to be pressured to bow to the new leader. Will he stick to his principles or take a knee? It’s gonna be so fun to find out…

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