Bernie Sanders just TRUMPED Elizabeth Warren with even more ridiculous plan to bribe college students

2020 Democrats are in an election fight on who can spend the most taxpayer money to bribe future, current, and former college students saddled with college loans. Elizabeth Warren took her shot at it a few weeks ago and now Bernie just saw her opening bid and raised it:

DC EXAMINER – The surging Warren made waves back in April when she proposed a plan to forgive most student loan debt, that she said would cost $640 billion. Additional money for free college tuition would bring the cost to $1.2 trillion, she said.

On Monday, however, Sanders is proposing eliminating the entire $1.6 trillion of outstanding student loans. On top of that, he’s promising to make public universities, community colleges, and trade schools free.

This is really a fight for who can bankrupt America the quickest.

And while it’s a very close race, it appears Bernie has taken the lead:

But Warren’s proposal was somewhat limited — offering debt cancellation of up to $50,000 to more than 42 million people, or 95% of those with debt. She said that will completely wipe out debt for 75% of borrowers with student loans.

Sanders, however, wants to eliminate 100% of debt, both public and private, including graduate school. That means people with advanced degrees, from upper middle class families, with six-figure salaries, would benefit from the plan. Working doctors and lawyers would be getting a massive government handout under this proposal.

Of course Sanders wants to create a new tax to pay for all of this, but that’s no big problem. Sanders just said the other day that people “would be delighted to pay more in taxes”. He’s right, I can’t wait to give the government more of my money to pay off college loans and free college for people who think socialism is what America needs.

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