UPDATE: BOMB SENT TO CNN, Maxine Waters! – Bomb packages sent to Hillary Clinton, Obama!

It’s just being reported that suspicious packages were sent to the homes of both Hillary Clinton and former President Obama.

Both packages were intercepted by the Secret Service:

Here’s the official statement from the Secret Service:

This just a day or so after someone put a similar explosive device in the mailbox of George Soros, which was detonated by police.


“Multiple law enforcement officials tell @ABC the preliminary belief is the devices found at the Soros, Clinton and Obama locations appear to be of similar pipe bomb style construction and contained explosive material”

The FBI is also reporting that the bombs were “functional”:

* * * MAJOR UPDATE * * * :



It’s being reported that the White House bomb report is false…


Here’s a pic of one of the bombs that is floating around on the internets:

Also, Andrew Cuomo said a suspicious package was sent to his office as well…



At the press conference, they said that the bomb that was sent to CNN WAS a live bomb…


OK, so look I had to address this. Some people are saying that it looks like an ISIS flag is taped to the device that was found:


That doesn’t quite seem right to me – it looks more like the shiny reflection of the tape. If you look at the other parts where there is black tape, it has the same sort of effect. Also why would ISIS just target the media and Democrats when they’re ones who look the other way on terror attacks? Anyway, I wanted to let you all know this theory is floating out on Twitter, which is terrible, and also I’m addicted to it. The end.


So it turns out Andrew Cuomo was full of it when he said he was targeted as well. Just jumping onto the victim bandwagon.

BUT… there WAS a package sent to Maxine Waters as well:

[end updates]

I’m updating the above as I get new information, so keep refreshing…

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