It looks like Jeffrey Epstein is roasting in hell much quicker than most of us expected.

This is just terrible. After the system robbed the victims of justice, it looked like it was going to make up for it. Instead, he gets off by committing suicide. Allegedly.

Yeah. It really does make you wonder.

And a trove of documents from his trial was just released. Coincidence? Sure.


Former prosecutors think it’s very odd.

Apparently he had been taken off suicide watch:

Rosenstein doesn’t think it’s odd:

Interesting. I guess it makes sense that he would kill himself. Any pedophile that did what he did should want to wipe themselves off the face of this earth. But it IS terribly convenient given that he had so many connections…

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617 thoughts on “BREAKING! JEFFREY EPSTEIN IS DEAD!! [Updated]

  1. I don’t my think Barr and others will be able to end this here as some think. If nothing else the Prison system lapse while he was supposedly on suicide watch will have to be investigated. Maxwell his right hand women will also have to be investigated and possibly indicted as she helped procure the girls allegedly. I’m not sure his death gets the outcome the “powerful men” involved think it will.

    1. If the last 56 years of American History is any indicator, this whole thing is over and out. Swept under the carpet.

      1. Normally I’d say yes, but I’m not as confident this time because even liberal reporters seem to be asking questions on how this could happen today and Maxwell was supposedly a big player in this and she is alive and well “so far”. Not sure the girls attorneys after the long battle to get this case reopened will just go away quietly.

  2. I was sure that Epstein was going to “get suicided”. One more for the Cabal’s body count…….

  3. It’s simply a typo. The prison meant to say ‘we don’t give a f____’ — not ‘suicide watch’.

  4. If the Clinton Crime Family Foundation wanted him shut up, they would have done it before. Or maybe it just took a little while to pay off the right people to get to him. Who knows?

    1. I totally believe this was a hit. He was on suicide watch and didn’t have access to anything he could use to strangulate himself. I could be wrong about that but when you’re on suicide watch they don’t give you a rope.

      1. I don’t doubt your take on this, but couldn’t someone use their clothing to hang themselves? Just curious. Not that I don’t have suspicious thoughts about a hit.

        1. That is true but if he strangulated himself his clothing would still be choking his neck. It doesn’t seem to correlate with them saying he has red marks on his neck consistent with strangulation. There would be no “consistent” observations because they would know exactly what he used.

          To say it another way it wouldn’t make sense to remove the clothing choking his neck and then say “oh…red marks on his neck are consistent with strangulation”.

          I’m probably jumping the gun and there’s more to learn.

          1. It’s quite possible that the police won’t say until the ME releases cause of death. It’s also possible that there is an ongoing homicide investigation and they can’t give details.

          1. I think it will get curiouser and curiouser. Would be nice to think that our intelligence agencies would actually prosecute his “friends” using all the records they obtained when they searched his premises. More likely they will pound them with hammers or bleach bit them.

      2. That’s quite possible. Why am I being the voice of reason when I’m usually the first to make wild assumptions?

        1. Are you suggesting I’m not being a voice of reason? To be honest I know I might be jumping the gun but it makes no sense why they would mention the red marks on his neck and insinuate they have yet to figure out what caused them.

    1. I doubt he had any remorse, but it may be that he was so certain of conviction he couldn’t stand the thought of spending his remaining years locked up. Or Not.

      1. I thought of that. Being rich and powerful and then going to the bottom of the prison food chain? Short eyes don’t do well there, even though they are segregated for their own protection.

    2. I get what you mean but technically I think you’re wrong. If you did what he did you wouldn’t feel bad about it and would only want to commit suicide because you were caught. Why would he suddenly get remorse after…..I don’t know…how many years was this prick doing this? But I do get what you actually mean.

      1. If he was preparing to cooperate then I won’t be able to hold back any of my conspiracy theory impulses

    3. that’s only because you have a conscience, Doc. I believe it’s safe to say you would never have done what this evil piece of excrement did. Only an evil person would do what he did and then commit suicide so he doesn’t have to face the consequences. Then again, my first thought was “the CCFF got to him”.

    1. Last night AT posited that Biden was a vampire, vampires are pretty damn elusive and sneaky. I don’t know why he’d go out of his way to help the Clintons but who knows?

            1. Yes. Carl Jung is a hard read, but it goes something like…

              Lobsters have the same serotonin channels as humans so they get depressed too. It helps to clean your room. So shoulders back, chest out and stand up straight.

  5. This is why it is always a terrible mistake to let investigations and declassification of documents drag on forever: it gives the enemy time to develop an offense.

    Now the Ds will scream and scream that the President is involved in the Epstein story. . He wasn’t–in fact, he threw Epstein out of his club out of disgust with Epstein’s morals. But the Ds will lie away about it and
    all other leftoids will take it up, because lying and smearing is all they have to work with. And now the
    results of the investigations of Spygate and the declassifying will be hurried in this new scandal.

    I’ve learned by experience that everything important should be done as soon as possible. The longer you
    wait, the weaker you argument becomes.

    1. I don’t think the D’s will do anything with it. Why muddy the waters when calling the President a homicidal white supremacist is working out so well?

      1. Yeah, with all those names associated with JE, I bet the Dems just want this story to go away ASAP.

  6. Isn’t the timing of when this story broke interesting? Jeffrey’s cold dead body discovered on a Saturday. Think anybody’s going to remember by Monday?

    1. I’m not sure it was his “cold dead body” that they found. I heard a report on Fox News this morning that said he was taken to a hospital where there were attempts to revive him, but then he was pronounced dead.

  7. I hear that he had marks on his neck consistent with strangulation. I call BS and because of that I totally believe this was a hit. First off, he was on suicide watch….fail number one. Secondly, there was no mention of what he used to strangulate himself. He couldn’t do it with his bare hands and he didn’t have access to a rope or a belt. In my mind there is no way this was a suicide. Sounds like the suicides associated with Clinton where they shot themselves in the back of head.

      1. Hmmm….that makes sense but if that’s how it happened they wouldn’t need to say there are marks on his neck consistent with strangulation. He would still have the sheet choking his neck. I was just taken back by the lack of certainty of how it happened.

          1. Lol, unless they come forward with information on exactly what caused strangulation marks on his neck and how he managed to get a hold of it while on suicide watch I’m going to believe they already fed us a line of horse pucky.

  8. Move along. Nothing to see here folks. Just a traditional prison suicide while under suicide watch. Happens everyday. Don’t be surprised if the prison guard that was watching him commits suicide at some point too, totally normal. He was mentally distraught just like Epstein.

            1. Funny you should mention that. I had a dyslexic friend who joined a heavy metal band and sold his soul to Santa.

    1. I’m working on a few ATM and I don’t even have to use infowars for inspiration

  9. tt’s a hoax. Epstein rolled. He’s going into witness protection!

    Nahh he whacked himself. No conspiracy, no story.

    1. JFK Jr. and Epstein are currently meeting at Trump Tower working in conjunction with Mueller to take down the Illuminati

      1. I stopped in Illuminati’s last weekend for their Bilder Burger. That trilateral sauce is so good, it’s a conspiracy!

        1. Their Bilder Burger? I’ll be laughing at that all day. “Can I get a Bilder Burger well done with pepper jack and hot sauce?

  10. Very curious timing how only yesterday the deposition was released against him naming names. Arkancide? Royal family (see Princess Diana)? A lot of people wanted him silenced – suicided. Suicide watch means they take away anything he could use to hang himself with; belts, shoelaces. You have to be a fool, or a democrat (same thing) to believe this wasn’t murder.

    1. Spot on about the royal family. That was my first thought as well. They are arguably even more powerful than the Clintons. I’d love to see where the investigations into Prince Andrew would go if anyone has the courage.

  11. Well, either Hillary’s second try got him or they have swept him off to ChugaBug Island to testify by recording, listing names, dates, etc. Either way, the only way we will be hearing from the world’s wealthiest pimp is via documents and recordings. Would it surprise anyone if his brother picks-up where Jeffrey left off?

    1. I thought about that too, Doc….no way would they have left anything in the cell to hang himself when he had already allegedly ‘attempted suicide,’ even though it was supposedly an corrupt ex-cop held for crimes who beat him up the first time. The entire situation is idiotic.

      1. That was probably the point; they let him kill himself rather than some day some time he would not know being murdered.

        1. Frankly, I don’t think anybody cared about this piece of [email protected] But he was definitely worth more alive than dead, at least until all the facts came out. He took too many secrets with him.

  12. I won’t speculate on what happened but it wouldn’t surprise me that he would want to kill himself. This is a guy who was used to living a high life as an “untouchable” and now he’s in prison. Why wouldn’t he want to kill himself?

    BUT questions must be asked “How was this allowed to happen?” He should not have been allowed to get off this easy, taking his secrets with him.

    1. He had a lot of dirt on the very rich and powerful. From leaders of countries to royalty. I think he still possessed a lot of bargaining or I should say blackmail power.

      After all, look at all of the evidence against Hillary,Comey and the rest of the Obama and Clinton crime syndicate and they all remain free and untouched.

    2. I agree and voiced a similar opinion a few minutes ago. He had to know he would be spending every remaining moment behind bars. Death even if he wasn’t sentenced to death.

      1. Disagree, he had a lot of power to blackmail a lot of powerful people who controlled media and governments and who then could pull strings to get him off.

  13. What does it say about our leaders when we hear Epstein committed suicide that we think something else instead?

    1. The Clinton Crime syndicate, the democrats all tied into nasty unions, Muslim brotherhood,Cartels and essentially organized crime, I am sure they found someone to off him and paid the guards to look the other way.

  14. Oh yeah, “suicide”….wink wink, nudge nudge. He had very damaging information on some very powerful and rich people, so while in custody and on 24/7 suicide watch, he commits…. SUICIDE! Using sheets, or so we’re told, in a cell where no sheets would be permitted, being on suicide watch, and all, ya’ know. I AM NOT BUYING THIS, but more importantly, the PUBLIC shouldn’t buy it either. This was murder for the convenience and safety of the rich and powerful people that Epstein had information on. I will not accept any other explanation until it is proven by a reliable source, and by reliable I exclude the MSM and their toadies.

    1. Roll tape Mr Producer! If it’s available. Probably just fine then fuzzy for 5 minutes then fine again.

      1. Perfect reasonable explanation for those fuzzy 5 minutes. There was a power surge.

    2. The people he had information on would have the resources to have him killed.

      On the flip side, Epstein may have still had buried resources to promise to the guards if they “looked away” for a moment after giving him the means to end his own life.

      A lot depends on whether or not he was looking to cooperate and if a deal was in the works.

  15. The FBI must do an investigation for the sake of the Republic. This is too important to overlook.
    How was he not on suicide watch? How was this allowed to happen? This guy was about to bring down big names and now he is dead. Even if it was suicide, who let this happen and why?

    1. Ha ha ha…the FBI? Ha ha ha …the FBI is an absolute joke. It is corrupt and political. I wouldn’t believe a damned thing the FBI says, especially since it is being led by Wray, who is no different than Comey and McCabe. All of them political creatures.

      1. Enough. There are thousands of hard working people there. Who else will investigate this and give it the proper national attention?

        1. No one. Until the DOJ does its job and prosecutes Comey and McCabe, I won’t trust anything coming from the FBI.

          Anyone who trusts the US government is a fool. Government workers are all run by unions controlled by Democrats, so why should people trust the government? Should I trust the Democrat party?

      1. This is my point. How did this happen? They let it happen so I demand an investigation. We’ll be told there was a bunch of incompetence that led up to it and then like sheeple be expected to accept it. No way.

  16. How does this happen while on suicide watch? This one smells. I never believed the speculation that Vince Foster’s death was not a suicide but after this I am questioning everything. Especially anything that involves the Clintons.

    1. If I had to guess, the guards probably couldn’t have cared less if a pedo decided to save the state the money for a trial.

      1. That’s the only bright side of this mess.

        But I feel bad for the victims who are denied their day in court.

      2. They needed to make sure he didn’t kill himself because of all the information he had if nothing else.

  17. while we’re on the topic of death and destruction, check this out. Illegal alien kills father of FIVE. The illegal in his most recent deportation hearing told the judge, he just couldn’t leave, his family would miss him, they needed him, etc…Now there is a wife and mother of FIVE missing her husband and the kids have NO father because an illegal alien killed him. This needs to STOP!

    PS – he avoided deportation by hiding out in a Church. Excrement!

    1. Very sad. But, what is not mentioned in the article, but should be, is that Sean Buchanan was a long-time pro-illegal immigration, open borders activist.

  18. Social Media on both sides of the political spectrum all seem to believe that this was NOT a suicide.

    Finally, something the Left and Right can come together on!

    1. Only because both sides believe he had dirt on the other that would hurt the other worse than their own. We are a sad, partisan nation now.

    2. I disagree. He did himself in. Rich guy who had everything facing rest of life in jail. No more little girls…. he couldn’t hack life in prison and checked out

    1. Where did he get the sharp object for that? I think it’s pretty simple. By carrier pigeon.

      Case closed

  19. Stonewall Jackson
    Wasn’t Epstein on suicide watch? This has a Vince Foster stench to it. Foster’s body was moved. Blood splatter didn’t match up. By the time the FBI got to his office Hillary’s team had cleaned it out. Then 3 days later a suicide note was found in an already proven empty briefcase.

  20. When all the predictions of “crazy conspiracy theorists” continue to come true, it is past time to question who is “crazy” and who isn’t.

  21. Whether JE was knocked off by the Clinton organization, or others, or killed himself. Clearly evil saturates the situation.
    How many mass killings end in suicide of the killer?
    Evil thrives on bloodshed and the taking of as many souls to heII as possible, by any means possible.
    It is a sign of the times that time is short for Lucifer, and he is ramping up his anxious, desperate activity.

    Luke 21:28 KJV
    [28] And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

  22. Stonewall Jackson
    Jeffery Epstein was a huge danger to the Clinton’s. I mean the pilot logs showed Bill Clinton on Epsteins plane to pedophile island 30 times. The underage prostitutes admit pleasuring Clinton there. Epstein was a massive problem for them.

  23. This was so obvious a hit by the rich and powerful who were going to be exposed in a very big way.

    1. I wouldn”t have believed it before. I do now. I even thought the first suicide attempt by Epstien was legit but not now. Not when 2 weeks later he commits suicide while on suicide watch. He had too much damaging information against a number of high level people and the one that stands out the most is Bill Clinton.

  24. Why stop the investigation? He obviously didn’t do everything by himself (including the suicide). It was organized crime. Find the people who helped him–and their customers.

    1. especially since his partner Maxwell served as essentially the Madame.

    2. As Sherman tweeted his sources are telling him it’s not ending and Maxwell his right hand lady supposedly is still being looked at.

  25. The Clintons had been very quiet for the last few weeks. You have to wonder what they were up to. That family seems to make the 5 mafia families look like amateurs and choir boys by comparison.

  26. Stonewall Jackson
    By the way, the media is trying to say that RUSSIAN agents killed him. lol. . . He was on suicide watch. Meaning people are watching him 24 hours a day. How would a Russian agent have control over that?

  27. Has anyone else looked at Wikipedia’s references to Epstein, clearly trying hard to cover up for Bill Clinton and demonrats but driving home an “alleged” close relationship between Trump and Epstein? Most references do note that none of it is corroborated, other than that Trump said Epstein was a “fun guy” in the 1990’s. Who else thinks that, now that Epstein is dead, there will be far more innuendo from the democrats painting Trump as a pedophile to cover up the mass of democrats who ARE DOCUMENTED pedophiles?

    1. I have always believed that Epstein got covered up because he had so much dirt on higher up democrats but only recently they went after him seriously in an attempt to get Trump.

  28. I’ll take his house on El Brillo Way in Palm Beach. Been by and down that street many times. I imagine they’ll bulldoze the joint. What a waste, el primo real estate. Great lot right on the lagoon.

    1. I had a watchdog like that once. If a burglar had ever come into our home, he would have watched him come in, take stuff, and then calmly watch him leave.

      I have two yappy dogs now.

  29. Killary HitLan’s prison server leaves the building. News glosses over the story claiming the monster is dead, any need for the accusers to continue? Boy, they are angling for this to go away.

  30. We have a comment from Ace Ventura, “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide, (shakes his head) he was murdered.”

      1. Saw a funny tweet along the lines of everybody is surprised Epstein committed suicide especially Epstein.

  31. Steve Deace is in disbelief that the highest profile guy on suicide watch in a maximum security prison could commit suicide and believes they will not quell the conspiracy basically unless they release the video the prison would have. Guaranteed that won’t happen, but I do believe some formal or informal questions will take place as this is not looking good for the prison system and the conspiracy will only get grander if they try to sweep this away.

    1. Don’t get the FBI involved. You certainly can’t trust those losers.

      1. Sadly no you can’t. It’s not that there are many fine agents who do their job and do it well. It’s that the entire hierarchy is corrupt and they distort or destroy the work of the honest agents.

      2. Agreed and sadly this event will make most people even more cynical about there being two sets of justice for powerful and little guy.

      3. I think we need a “blue ribbon independent commission” headed by Robt. Mueller to investigate this.

        1. Oh yes….look at the IRS case…Lois Lerner retired with a full cushy pension. The US government is a wonderful place for criminals to work.

          1. …..for any of those who have a pacemakers,stay calm,todays news will rip it right out of your chest.

    2. It’s the weekend and Deace took time off from tweeting about sports? This is an important story!

      1. Exactly, that’s why I think it’s so front and center it won’t be easy to sweep it despite them wanting to. Also the fact, as Gabriel mentioned in his tweet, Maxwell was being looked at as his alledged accomplice and still is makes it even harder as everything did not die with Epstein. Has the girls attorneys made a statement yet. That may tell us the followup direction, or the prosecutors?

        1. I believe Gabriel Maxwell will either die in a Plane crash, car crash, overdose or perhaps drowning within the week.

          1. I believe you are on to something. NBC is now reporting he wasn’t even on suicide watch and was just in his cell. If that’s the case shame on the prison after his first attempt especially as it was a maximum security facility and they knew the high profile this was.

        2. How much do you want to bet that in a day or two, there’s some breaking news that will overshadow this and it’ll be forgotten?

          1. Gabriel Maxwell, his madame and partner will die suddenly and the main players are gone and legal battle is stalled and saga goes down as a major sketchy event in US history.

  32. Breaking: My sources are telling me that Epstein’s cell was being monitored 24/7, but there seems to be 18 1/2 minutes missing from the recording.

  33. Michael Coudrey
    BREAKING: Alleged “camera malfunction” last night at MCC where Jeffrey Epstein was locked up.

      1. If it is true, it’s a really stupid move as now the actual story and the many conspiracy will get bigger. Don’t see how the DOJ, prosecutors and the girls attorneys sweep this under the carpet. This was a maximum security facility with 24/7 suicide watch. I’ve dealt with NY prison system at my old job and the moment those cameras malfunctioned guards would have been at those cells.

      1. Thanks Wentz,lots of action on the site today,keeping me from doing my laundry and other Saturday chores.

  34. Weirdest thing, I was just talking about Epstein needing protection with friends about an hour ago and I log on twitter and see the news. Wow.

  35. Yeah, fishy as hell. How? On suicide watch they take every possible thing you could kill yourself with away. Shoe strings, belts, sheets. There’s nothing to tie too. All that. Especially for a guy like this.

      1. If he was in one. Still would be nothing to tie too. If it was a person who’d been to jail numerous times I’d be more inclined to believe it because you get resourceful in prison but he wasn’t.

        Ain’t passing the smell test. Plus they would’ve had him under 24 hour surveillance.

        1. Reports are still sketchy, conflicting and inconclusive. Some outlets are saying that he was off suicide watch. I get the feeling that we’ll never know. Watch for some other event that will overshadow this and it will be forgotten.

        2. I get the feeling that they may have told that it would be a lot less painful if he did it himself. Of course, until the ME report comes out (or maybe even after) it’s all speculation.

    1. I sure hope no inmates were serving him dinner.An absolute no no to even have an inmate come within floors of him.

  36. …….no problems,we have the best Law enforcement [FBI] and Prosecutors [DOJ] that ever existed and we will know what really happened in a week or so.

    1. Absolutely!! The FBI/DOJ will get to the bottom of this matter at warp speed and bring all the evildoers to justice with all the resources at their disposal!!

      1. Thanks molon,we are on the same page in describing those bumbling corrupted idiots.They will never ever be the same unless they rid themselves of at least three levels of leadership.That is how deep it is and how corrupted they are.

    2. Ha ha ha ha..the FBI and the DOJ are absolute jokes and are controlled by the Democrat Party just like all government agencies that are unionized and support Democrats…..remember how the government workers in the IRS attacked conservatives and essentially got away with it?

  37. I was born – but not yesterday. I believe that this “suicide” had a lot of help and a lot of fingerprints on it. Trial would have brought out things a lot of powerful people want kept in the dark.

    Now, sadly, victims don’t get their day in court. And while I cannot mourn a monster like Epstein – if you believe in the rule of law he should have gotten his too. And he should have had to face his accusers.

    1. Yep, my sympathies go to his victims, and the only upshot here is that we, the taxpayers, don’t have to pay for his room and board for the next several decades.

      1. I’d be willing to pay my share for the arrogant billionaire to spend the rest of his life in a cell.

  38. If they ever remade “The Godfather” movies, they’d have to call it “The Godmother” and have Hillary as the star. That’s pretty much what she is. Billy is just along for the ride, getting to enjoy the perks of power and all the women he wants.

    1. You know, I actually believe that 100% that Hillary would be the one ordering the hits, not Bill. After all when she was a very young girl she was a Saul Alinsky protege.

      1. Yep. Bill was a sex predator and hippie and still is. She just saw his charismatic charm and was able to mold a winning politician out of that.It’s clear their marriage was and is nothing more than a business partnership.

    1. When the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Special Investigating Units, etc can’t solve the case…. we can ALWAYS count on Judicial Watch.

  39. With the threat of exposing politicians, judges, business execs, CEO’s, etc from BOTH sides of the aisle, what else can be expected but “suicide”

      1. I wouldn’t hold my breath. We have criminals within our administration, FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc, past & present, & not a darn thing happens to them.

        Accountability is for “us”, not for them.

  40. There is precisely zero doubt in my mind that the millionaires and billionaires implicated in Epstein’s sleaze found a way. As they say, money talks. And that much money and power finds a way. It’s the way of this sick twisted world.

    1. From government leaders from around the world to Englands royalty…yep… way do I believe this was a suicide especially when he was placed in a cell under suicide watch.

  41. Check the prison records, maybe a few Clinton associates came to check on Epstein’s ‘well being’

      1. And talking of things very nice….I start my new job as custodian of my new church on Monday morning.

        1. Wow,congratulations and good luck.Might takea little time away from the key board,but you will be able to handle both.How are you feeling with all that weight loss.Xl to an M

  42. Anyone else remember Clinton’s business partner Jim McDougal? He died in prison from a heart attack at the old age of 57…

        1. I remember reading that when they recovered his body from the plane crash that they found a bullet hole in his head.

          1. I remember that also.

            Those Clintons – you would think that most people would want to stay as far away from these dudes as possible if they value their life – just saying.

            I used to love to watch Murder She Wrote with Angela Lansbury and one day, I realized that most people who came in some kind of contact with her were always found murdered. I’m surprised she still had so many friends to visit after the first 5 or 6 were bumped off.

            Oh, well, to be honest, I think there were a whole lot of people that wanted this guy gone. Lots of suspects, oh my.

            But there still is that girlfriend/madame, alleged criminal friend of his – I assume that she is still alive and kicking – at least for now. Not sure why she wasn’t named in the indictment to begin with.

  43. I bet the coroner is sweating a bit today worried he might get ‘Breitbarted’ like Andrew’s coroner.
    I suppose the new word now is ‘Epsteined’.

  44. And our FBI worked illegally to get these perverse Clinton mobsters into the presidency! So much right in front of our eyes and justice has yet to be served! No!! Epstein’s death is not justice!

  45. Now that’s what I call one heck of a Friday news dump.
    I might be opening a cold one this evening in toasting his entry into Hades.
    The Clintonites didn’t even give him time to repent.

  46. Some poor schmuck will be held as the one ‘accountable’, will have his life trashed. (Another trait of the Clinton method of problem-eradication)

    1. Probably the poor schmuck who was weeks away from getting his pension.

      1. Yeah. And plenty of drugs that can’t be detected in the blood stream too.

            1. I read his tweet on Twitchy.

              Joe Scarborough

              ✔ @JoeNBC
              A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably…Russian

    1. Yeah I noticed that too sj.
      No doubt they’re still thinking on it

      1. Let’s see what they come up with. Seriously, how does someone on “supposed” suicide watch commit suicide????

  47. Some more of that Russians meddling eh. I hope the truth comes out, Epstein could have a manifesto tucked away.

        1. You would think that a guy in his position would have had some kind of “insurance policy.” Or maybe I read too many mystery novels.

  48. I’m sure it won’t be long before Julian Assange suffers the same fate.

  49. My bet in the conspiracy pool. He was able to talk his way into getting a pair of tighty whities if he was naked under an anti-suicide smock. Someone if his ilk could talk his way into getting what he wanted. He promised his jailer he will be okay if they gave him a pair. 3 minuets later they were wrapped around his neck and he was turning purple.

  50. NBC News
    BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein was in his own cell at the time of his death, and was not on suicide watch, multiple people familiar with the investigation tell NBC News.

  51. I hope the DOJ have agents swarming all over his properties on various islands gathering evidence weeks prior to the perverts ‘suicide’

  52. I am not usually a conspiracy theorist. But come on folks – a man who might talk about all the rich, famous and powerful people, that flew down to Pedophilia Island with him is allowed to suicide in a federal facility?

    If this is supposed to make the whole Epstein story go away I would consider it a major fail.

    And even monsters can be murdered.

    1. I hope that brave young lady who was one of many of his victims has plenty of bodyguards and police protection.

      1. Thanks for mentioning “that brave young lady” Wentz. Tremendous Bravado when you choose to go up against Epstein and all those well connected Politicians and others he controlled.Even though they will suggest Case Closed on Epstein I hope the girls pursue it and hopefully file a civil law suit against his estate.

    2. Whether he actually committed suicide or as some believe was murdered, it sure looks terrible for a maximum security facility and has more people thinking the rich and powerful(all those that may never be named now) have a separate justice system. Here’s hoping they continue to investigate his alledged accomplish Gabriel Maxwell who supposedly procured the girls. He did not do this alone for sure.

  53. Stefan Molyneux
    In my view, the death of Jeffrey Epstein is a warning to any other witnesses.

    “We got to him in prison, do you think you’ll be safe anywhere?”

    1. That’s an excellent bit of speculation. We’ll see, if this quietly goes away then it’s no doubt the truth.

      1. I have very little belief in the justice system when it comes to the powerful any more, but for some reason(maybe misguided) I believe Bill Barr is an ethical man who won’t want to leave this without many questions answered. This was a federal maximum security prison and this being so high profile is another huge stain on law enforcement.

          1. Me either, but he has grown on me slightly. Just a story to lightened the mood, names left out intentionally. I use to work for a company that dealt with NYC corrections and we had to send employees to Rikers in pairs. Whenever I had a new employee we would set up a prank with the guards. We had this timid guy who was scared to death on his first day and his coworker was a seasoned vet. When we got there the guards told them they had to be patted down and their coats/bags checked. His co-worker slipped a plastic bag with baking soda in his coat pocket,and the guards pulled it out and man I thought he was going to collapse right there. We only let it hang for a minute, but he refused to go back and all heck broke lose when my boss found out. Lucky for me nobody wanted to go to the housing authority and other awful city agencies/housing projects in the worst places so I kept my job.

              1. LOL, He was white as ghost and lots of stammering took place. Let’s say the big boys in the company were less than amused.

      1. ok- apparently, according to NY Post- he wasn’t ‘currently on suicide watch” here’s the link, but remove the space at the . com as i can’t seem to post links without disqus flaggign it as spam


        https://nypost. com/2019/08/10/jeffrey-epstein-was-not-on-suicide-watch-when-he-hanged-himself/

          1. yeah, the post article says a few times that it was ‘unclear’ about details- what is unclear about whether soemoen in the cell with him or not? Seems like they are trying to cover up- playing coy- the truth is gonna come out- why aren’t officials being more forthcoming? Maybe it has to do with investigation procedure- i dunno- but if not it’s gonna be hard for them to keep such a high profile case like this secret- details are gonna leak likely-

      2. on suicide watch everything that could be used for strangulation is taken out- even the sheets i believe- I’m thinking the ‘suicide watch’ he was on simply meant the watchers, under orders, sat in the control room and watched him commit suicide- i just find it odd that he wasn’t a top priority and top suicide risk- this just stinks to the mountain tops

        1. What about his jumpsuit? Do they put them in the cell naked when they’re on suicide watch?

  54. Educating Liberals

    #ClintonBodyCount was the number one trend in America with over 80,000 tweets before
    Jack & Twitter changed it to #TrumpBodyCount.

    This is called Deep State damage control.

    1. Well people need to start a new hashtag each time they do. They can’t change them all without looking like fools.

  55. But is he actually dead? He could have been Mission Impossibled right out of there to a unndisclosed spot.

  56. Help is on the way! Occasional Cortex is demanding an investigation: “We need answers. Lots of them.” So we really will find out the truth this time.

      1. I’m sure the only answer she will accept is that Trump did it with the help of his Russian friends.

  57. OK, I just tried to do some research on how exactly he died, but it seems that no one really knows at this point. One thing that was glaringly obvious, every single MSM outlet connected him with Trump, many with the picture of the two of them.

    1. Then it seems CW is the more objective news outlet. They reported and highlighted in yellow the parts where one of the girls cleared Trump of any involvement with the sex scandal. She named powerful names and also said Trump was never around when these things happened.

    2. They just can’t help themselves can they.
      No doubt the pics of him with the Clinton’s have vanished.

      1. Glad you mentioned that Dr,I thought I had read that Trump had a connection to Eostein,Thinking about mentioning it.but the flavor on the site said do not do it.LOL

        1. They were friends. But one of the girls said he was not involved with sex with the girls and that he was never around when it happened. It was on the CW news yesterday.

          When he found out about the sex with teenage girls, he banned Epstein from Mar-A Largo

        2. His link to Epstein is rather tenuous, in fact Tromp kicked him out of one of his places for hitting on women.

          1. Trump found out that Epstein was attempting to seduce a fourteen year old girl. Trump then had Epstein’s lifetime membership canceled and then threw Epstein out of Mar-A-Lago forever.

  58. Whoa! Just when the naming of names started, this guy dies.

    Yep, The Pedo Powers That Be didn’t want to be exposed!

          1. I don’t think that’s legally possible. The State can’t just seize the estate of someone who was alleged but not proven to have done harm. Does JE have a will?

  59. Par
    Well! That takes care of that. FBI? Same ones that scrubbed, hammered, acid-washed Hillary’s computers/phones? Nothing to see here, folks

    1. I know….interesting how the media is ignoring the FBI’s role in protecting Hillary Clinton.

  60. Candace Owens

    After documents were unsealed yesterday revealing that top Democrats, including
    @BillClinton, took private trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilic, sex island— he was found dead in his cell.

    Color me shocked
    9:24 AM · Aug 10, 2019

  61. If I had any question who I was going to vote for in 2020, it’s now officially decided.

    It’s Bernie Sanders.

    Yea, yea, spare me all the crap about how he’s a progressive socialist who likes big centralized government an ignoring the will of the people (as if we haven’t been dealing with THAT for the last decade) – the one stand-out thing about Bernie is that he’s going to tell us the truth about the extra-terrestrial aliens.

    Because you know damn well they’re the ones who killed Epstein.

    1. Whoever responded below I can not see your post because I blocked whoever you are a long time ago.

      1. Well then you’ll never know the exception to the notion you posited.

        Not that you’d want to hear it anyway. Too busy carrying buckets of orange water.

    2. Well, I can think of one scenario where that wouldn’t be true.

      And I wouldn’t put it above him. Not when he’s the walking talking Mr. Ends Justify The Means.

        1. If he had anything on Trump, what makes anyone think Trump wouldn’t just as easily put a hit on the guy as Clinton or anyone else this guy was in bed with?

          1. The fact that you still think that he had incriminating evidence on Trump and the democrats didn’t already use it is hilarious.

            1. They have circumstantial evidence. Nothing I’d use at the time. But if sitting-president Donald Trump knew this guy had something on him, I wouldn’t put it past him to do… well, exactly what I’d expect Hillary Clinton to do.

              They’re cut from the same cloth, those two.

  62. Oh please. Suicide my butt! Hello! Epstein was in a cell twenty-three hours per day while under constant surveillance. How was Epstein, an extremely high profile person and asset to the federal prosecutors, in possession of the means to hang himself? Prisoners have all personal items confiscated while being booked and before they enter their cells. What happened to the video evidence?

    We all know that Epstein was murdered to prevent him from providing federal prosecutors with the incriminating evidence that would bring down the evil global elites he was involved with. This situation positions the correctional facility he was being held in of being guilty of gross negligence and or being complicit in facilitating Epstein’s murder.

    1. They’re saying he wasn’t on suicide watch so I’m not sure how close they would have been watching him.

      1. He was found beaten up in a fetal position. It was assumed that he was either beaten up or he attempted suicide. It has also been confirmed that Epstein was on constant surveillance, as he should have been. Common sense dictates that he’s is too much of a high value source of information to the federal prosecutors to be left unchecked.

  63. Hmm…. Wondering if he used jussie smollett’s rope to do this, all the while being watched every second?????????????

    1. Hahaha, if he’d used that, we wouldn’t see him being wheeled away on a gurney. We’d see him getting up and running to the cops saying, “Help me, help me! Some guys just killed me! Probably because I’m a gay minority!”

  64. “Don’t worry folks.

    The FBI is investigating the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

    They’ll get to the bottom of it.

    Just like they did with the Las Vegas shooter.”

    Stefan Molyneux

    1. I know. The FBI is an absolute joke. The FBI makes Barnie Fife look like Eliot Ness.

  65. Every employee of the detention center should have their bank accounts investigated immediately. This has Clintoncide written all over it. Epstein was on suicide watch. Why was he left with anything (including bed sheets) to kill himself? And the day after it comes out that Clinton held parties at Epstein’s? Nuh uh, I’m not buying this BS. If Bill Clinton gets away with this, he and Hildabitch should pack up and move to another country because I think they would experience WTPcide.

    1. I read that even though Epstein attempted suicide 2 weeks ago, he was taken off of suicide watch a day or so ago……..

      Oh and the FBI is investigating…I am sure they will find the truth-NOT! I am sure the politicized FBI controlled by Democrats will assist in the cover-up, as always.

      1. Given the gravity of this case and potentially ruinous consequences for so many of those connected to Epstein my common sense says the MSM is lying to cover up what actually happened.

        1. because the billionaires who own the media have some type of nefarious connections to this creep.

    1. When people are as evil as the Clintons, there are a LOT of soon-to-be-dead men who need attention!

        1. That smelly old B would have to find me first and that’s not happening. Besides, I carry and am not afraid to defend myself.

  66. Un-beee-LIEEEEEVE-able… “Committing Suicide” on SUICIDE WATCH???!!! … Jeffrey Epstein was MURDERED. Democrat Bill Richardson, implicated in the pedophile ring, was President Bill Clinton’s Energy Secretary… Epstein, imprisoned in Democrat-run New York; held in Democrat-run Manhattan; set for trial in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Democrat-governed state — Jeffrey Epstein was ASSASSINATED… by DEMOCRATS… Today, August 10, 2019, marks a day in which a man who provided teen girls to the rich & famous, a man whose clients were icons of the Democrat party, a man whose trial would’ve exposed a living president as a PEDOPHILE — a day in which that man was executed for one reason: to protect BILL CLINTON… A man in custody, on SUICIDE WATCH, “hangs” himself? … Really??? … August 10, 2019 should be declared Bill Clinton Day — the day in America when Justice DIED.

    ~ @GHalv

    1. Great comment! I was expecting this to happen. I am listening now to FOXNews and it looks like he was NOT on suicide watch, which would be understandable. The Cabal managed to move him out of the 24 hours watch to be able to get to him. The tentacles of this giant NWO octopus are everywhere…..

    2. Oh and the politicized FBI who destroyed the evidence for Hillary Clinton is investigating…..oh wow……the entire system is an absolute joke and these elitists take the American people for fools.

      1. You realize the FBI will be sending in the top and best Investigators the Bureau has.Leading that team of Investigators will be Barney Fife [who will be armed with extra ammo ] and his team of top Investigators.

        1. Ha ha ha…the FBI has zero integrity and is an absolute joke who work for the DNC. Great job they did protecting Hillary from being prosecuted by destroying the evidence and the pathetic DOJ lets Comey off the hook.

  67. A sad for the victims who were robbed from justice twice and a sad day for the truth. Many powerful people are celebrating this news.

    1. Lots of demonrats and rinos rejoicing ~ their wicked witch is dead…unless he joined WITSEC and is turning state’s evidence….but to what end? More lies about Trump to steal the 2020 election perhaps? FBI at it again? These days, we can trust no one….no one but God, that is.

  68. In my whole life time,I have never ever known anyone to have committed suicide to protect other politicians or corrupted people from prosecution,but the Clinton’s have known 5 or more that have committed suicide to protect them.Wow they really have some nice friends that will take that final step.Ceez it makes me want to cry.What am i missing,I cannot even find someone to buy ma a $10 Margarita once in a while.

      1. Thanks JB its been a long frustrating day,I was thinking about Chick fil a and a diet coke,However last night I dined at the Olive Garden and topped the meal off with a nice Margarita.So thank I will go back.By the way JB, where are you going with Margaritas in a Back Pack

        1. Musso & Frank. A bit of Old Hollywood before I hit the Beverly Theater for the new Tarantino flick. Not the most family friendly night, but it beats bootin’ black tar heroin.

          1. I am going to have to speed my life up,I just had a sandwich and ice cream cone at Chick Fil A.Thanks for the response.

            1. Ahhh, Chick-Fil-A. I would go there 7 times a day.. except being over 300 pounds I can barely fit in the drive thru.

              1. I guess the chairs and booths would have to be a bit larger,but I will talk to them about you walking through the Drive through,so maybe they could create a walk through,so you do not get hurt by someone tail gating.Remember JB you started this conversation.LOL

              2. Seriously though,Musso and Frank is kind of an after work and Martini Crowd.What would a Martini and Dinner cost.

  69. Sad waste of a life; getting down to business, his attorney had best keep some DNA of Jeffrey’s, as the pool of women who claim they fathered his child are about to come forward to cash-in on his billions….let the circus begin!

    1. This might have been the reason why the NWO Octopus wanted his body out of prison. You are very right with your DNA comment.

    1. Sad truth is that as long as the majority isn’t starving, and not being conscripted into a war, they’re content not to give a crap.

  70. Now imagine if the GOP were involved, a Republican president, and he died in custody in a Republican city and a Republican state.

  71. “He was placed on suicide watch following the July 23 incident, but was not on suicide watch at the time of his death.”
    This whole thing smells of Clinton.

  72. If I was Hannity I would skip off my weekend and come back to the studio. Epstein didn’t get suicided on Saturday just by chance.

  73. ABC “News” reports, “He was found unresponsive in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center around 6:30 a.m., the Bureau of Prisons said. He transported in cardiac arrest to New York Downtown Hospital at 6:39 a.m., according to sources.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but in a hanging the cause of death is a broken neck or asphyxiation. Cardiac arrest?

    1. This normally happens when the mob doesn’t agree on what to say to the public. The “cardiac arrest” would help them to explain why they had to transport him to the hospital. On the way to get there he was finished off and all signs from “collaboration” were removed. The NWO Octopus wanted this guy out of prison dead or not alive.

      1. Reportedly one of his last visitors, a Ms. H.Clinton said “I don’t know, he seemed fine to me”.

          1. Reminds me of an old Richard Pryor routine where he describes growing up in a whorehouse and getting whipped with the hose from a douche bag when he messed up.

            1. Oh, dayum! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I remember Pryor talking about the whorehouse, but not that particular tidbit. I’m still laughing.

  74. we may be getting to the point of requesting an autopsy on those who died and had connections to the Clintons.

    1. Yes, especially all those who committed suicide with two bullets……..and no blood spatter in the crime scene…..

        1. When are we going to know the truth nothing but the truth? This country needs to finally know who is who and who did what. The Fake History Books and the Fake News have been brainwashing us for too long and we all have become the slaves from the communist NWO.

  75. I have no criminal investigation background … but …

    I’d look for the prison guard driving the brand new Ferrari tomorrow and question him first.

    1. I would bet my bottom dollar that that prison guard will be found dead from a car accident. He didn’t know how to handle those turns in his brand new Ferrari.

  76. Perhaps the investigative reporters of RS can get a hold of the document released yesterday. To the CW’s credit, they reported, and highlighted in yellow, the parts in the report where the girl cleared Trump of any involvement with this sex scandal. It was on their 5pm news. It is huge since everybody wants to link Trump to the scandal.

    1. I saw that too and I find it interesting how the media covers up that fact.

  77. Every time someone, who was close to the Clintons and has information that may finally implicate them in a crime, commits suicide!???

    Could someone please explain it to me? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this “suicide” on the day after Clinton Energy Secretary and NM Governor Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew, Senator George Mitchell, Bill Clinton, et al. were listed as allegedly having had sex with a minor.

    Could this be why the MSM and Democrat Party are pushing the “white supremacy” narrative so hard? Now that the other smokescreen, Russia collusion, didn’t work?

    1. That is a great theory Ciceroni. They were doing everything to deflect attention on Jeffrey and his little black book.

  78. Soop, we should not rejoice when a soul goes to hell, especially when we have not prayed for that soul while he was alive.

  79. Look at how quickly Rosenstein formerly of the corrupt DOJ, justified that it was probably suicide. My thoughts are that Epstein had a lot of dirt on some very powerful people and he at least, I would think attempt to blackmail them in exchange for finding a way for him to get off the hook……….hey look how Comey and Hillary skated…….with no charges …………….Comey even got away with destroying Hillary’s evidence.

    Epstein was knocked off…. and our corrupt NO JUSTICE system will cover it up.

      1. Does Barr have any Idea who he wants to do the Investigation.The FBI does not like him and is not even responding to his Subpoenas

        1. Yeah, Barr is having the FBI investigate! Can you believe it?! He chose them because of their sterling reputation for honor and integrity. /s

          1. Right now bizzy,I am looking at a Joe Arpaio or the Sheriff of a large County like Los Angeles who probably have the top Homicide Investigators in the World to turn them loose.on this case.Besides the Sheriff is elected and responsible to no politician,but only the Sheriff’s Dept.

          1. Molon, I don’t even know what to say anymore our top Policing Agencies are now the most corrupted and rottenest agencies [including the Judicial System] we have ever seen

            1. I agree, Bigsir. I would never in a million years have believed our entire government is corrupt! But that appears to be the case.

              1. Molon can you believe the site is nearing 600 responses and nearly all are agreeing there is something terribly wrong with all three branches of our government.If you respond I will be a little late responding.i’m going over to the Outback Restaurant to eat my frustrations away with a nice porterhouse Steak. Catch you later

          1. No….he plays along with them. Barr just pretends to be tough and acts like he wants justice……more political theater for the cameras.

  80. Hmm, conveniently taken off suicide watch? Maybe he did commit suicide, but maybe he wasn’t given much of a choice. Either way you can be sure that there are SO many higher ups who are rejoicing that he’s dead. But you’d think a guy with all he knew would have had some insurance stashed.

      1. I was just thinking about that Landscaper. How they brought his brother over from Sicily so that the mob boss would do the “honorable” thing.

        I do not believe in coincidences and I do not believe in luck. This stinks to high heavens and somebody’s goose needs to be cooked over this one. I would like to see it be Rosenstein since he was “aware” that this is pretty standard for many who are charged with this type of crime.

  81. How convenient for the army of pedophiles that are now protected from having their names revealed in court, and all of that “evidence” has now just disappeared into a bureaucratic void! How convenient for them that he just happened to commit “suicide”, while the cameras malfunctioned and he was just taken off suicide watch…

    I mean, what would all of those obscenely powerful and wealthy pedos have to lose from Epstein dumping all of their names for a reduced prison sentence?!!? I’m sure the Clintons are happy!

    Well, Epstein’s roasting in hell now, and a bunch of sick f***s got away Scot free. How lovely.

    1. Outside chance they’ll find Jimmy Hoffa before they find out who suicided the late and un-lamented Jeffrey.

            1. I hear funny things all the time but can’t never remember them well enough to repeat them. I’m one of those that starts a joke and has to backtrack…”wait…..”

  82. Dies THE DAY AFTER one of his girls implicates two powerful Democrats and exonerates Trump.
    The DOJ needs to investigate because the Trump hating Democrat SDNY are suspects.

  83. My spidey senses are telling me this wasn’t suicide. I’d bet money on it. Of course, IF his body makes the light of day which I doubt, Bill Barr should demand to see the body. An impartial ME should examine it. Remember the taking down of Osama bin Laden? No one ever saw the body. And many people had seen his obituary online many years before. It was proven the photo of his head had been photo shopped from a previous picture. But WTP took it as fact.

    1. Finally, somebody that thinks as I do on bin Laden’s supposed takedown. Benazir Bhutto spoke of his death before she was assassinated…….years before Obama’s kill (he needed it politically and for his legacy.).

  84. Juanita is all over this story.

    “Juanita Broaddrick
    You @BillClinton issued the statement below rather quickly when your friend was arrested.

    I guess you “know nothing” about his suicide, either? Asking for me and my fellow survivors of your sexual assaults.”

  85. Should have been strapped down in a psych ward and wheeled into the courtroom until his trial was over.

    Then you can take him up to a high place and let him make his own choice after the conviction and the info he had came out.

    This just looks like he was silenced.

  86. It does make sense however there is zero excuse to pull him off suicide watch. The cells they put you in have nothing to attach to and the clothing they are given are designed not to hold any weight. This comes down to utter negligence which make zero sense or deliberately giving Epstein the means to hang himself or pure murder.

  87. I worked in corrections in mental health for a bit and agree with Rod Rosenstein’s tweet.

    Inmates who are sex offenders–especially those who are charged with or convicted of pedophilia are among the ones most likely to attempt or actually go through with suicide.

    Like people on the ‘outside’, inmates find other inmates who are convicted pedophiles to be pretty much intolerable and they are going to have a very difficult time in prison unless they are in a wing with other sex offenders. In the prison I worked in, the vast majority of pedophiles requested and were housed in PC (protective custody). PC is not a place that most inmates want to be; inmates there are locked in their cells 23 out of 24 hours a day and only let out for an hour of indoor recreation a day in the prison I worked at.

    I feel sorry for his victims since they won’t get their day in court and will not have a chance to face the person who victimized them and testify.

    If he was indeed still under suicide watch then it is hard to see how he managed to hang himself. Generally suicide watch consists of 5-minute checks on the inmate or a correctional officer continually monitoring the inmate so it is pretty much impossible for the person to injure/kill themselves.

    A hard fail all around.

    1. I sponsored a sex offender on parole whom I later found out was also a pedophile. He had been locked up at Big Muddy River Correctional Center in Ina, IL. He stated to me that at that facility, sex offenders were segregated from general population. Had I known that he was a pedophile I’m not sure that I would have done it. However, like most of them, he reoffended and went back in.

    2. John I respect your opinion and involvement in mental health issues.However have you or Rod Rosenstein ever seen or heard of a 65 year old male,who owns a large airplane,and is a billionaire ever committing suicide anywhere especially in a Jail Cell at the beginning of a trial.

      1. Accidents aren’t accidents. Suicides aren’t suicides. People like Epstein are murdered, everyday, & it’s made to look like a suicide or accident.

  88. Knowing that Rosenstein, why did you not keep him alive so that his victims could get their day in court and hopefully justice? I want Wray, Rosenstein and anyone else involved in this on the Federal and State level investigated.

  89. Hillary, Inc. strikes again.

    Hillary figured she’d have less explaining to do, less humiliation, if she got rid of Epstein instead of Bill. Of course, now she won’t garner the sympathy of Bill’s “untimely” death and she can’t run (and lose) the presidency on that sympathy, but oh well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do!


    “The hashtag #ClintonBodyCount is already trending again on Twitter, and the death of Epstein raises the total number of people mysteriously found dead after possessing potentially damaging information on the Clintons to about 70 or so. No political couple (Bill and Hillary) has left a longer trail of body bags behind them Anyone who possessed information that could have exposed the Clintons was mysteriously found dead. In fact, the most dangerous profession in America is working for/with/beside the Clintons.”

  90. Very suspicious to say the least. Very similar to Goering all of a sudden getting a hold of a cyanide pill before the Nuremberg trials kicking in after WW2.

  91. OT- I’m just watching a cooking show and I have a question. How do you ethically catch a fish in the wild or in a barrel?

  92. 14 Feb, 2013
    “THE CLINTON BODY BAGS” Hillary for President in 2016? Over my dead body.. Oops..

    Just a quick refresher course, lest we forget what has happened to the many “friends” of the vile Clintons. From James McDougal, to Vince Foster, to Ed Willey, to Ron Brown, etc, etc.. the list of dead friends of the Clinton’s reads like a mafia political hit list tell all novel.”

    Anyone who is even suspected of being a threat to their power is eliminated.

    Bill and Hillary, like the Mafia, their “personal problems” always seems to disappear.

    Anyone think Epstein committed suicide, I have some ocean front property in Utah to sell you..

    1. He was shot, stabbed, beaten, strangled and hanged. The coroner said it eased the worst case of suicide he had ever seen.

  93. O/T….Please include Israel in your prayers this evening, the 9th of Av, which is usually a bad day for Jews. May Adonai bless and protect all of Israel in faith with Him.

  94. This man/monster lived such a wretched life that the only reason people are sorry he is dead is because it means they won’t get to see justice done.

    That is NOT the way to live.

  95. You have to love the reports that Epstein was “found unresponsive in his cell.” They found him hanging, no?. He would have been still attached to whatever he was hanging from, no? Oh Man, the coverup by the prison is getting really interesting.

    1. Exactly and sorry if Rosenstein’s opinion is worthless to me. Why does Rosenstein have to insert himself if he has no facts on this case and what actually happened? Meanwhile has the attorneys for the women spoken out?

      1. Yes, I heard the attorney say they were going to continue to pursue something??? Rosenstein should just go away. I would never trust him.

        1. Glad to hear it because Maxwell was in the documents released last night and the testimony alledged she forced them into sex with these men. Can’t believe that gets dropped as it’s out front and center. Meanwhile Rosenstein needs to let the actual facts play out and not try to distort what may have happened. On another note Jesse Kelly made the point that the same inept justice system that allowed Epstein to commit suicide on their watch will be in charge of the Red Flag Laws so good luck with that I’d say.

  96. The other thing is many assume based on history this will now all go away, but if you look at last nights news from testimony it clearly stated women named Maxwell as ordering them to go to Governor and others. Can’t believe prosecutors and DOJ won’t continue to investigate her on some possible charges even with him dead.

      1. I predict she doesn’t make it to 2020 and dies in some car.plane,yacht accident or an accidental overdose. This would tie up most lose ends since she was his partner and knows a lot.

      2. Nothing would surprise me about this and if one believes Epstein was “taken” out, why not Maxwell.

    1. I’m not sure about whether anyone else is prosecuted but they’ll have to give the public a timeline and they’ll have to make the prison video , logs and some details of the initial investigation available to the media – soon. IMO maybe…

      1. Yah, guess we will see except for the fact that transcripts were released last night and they clearly implicated Maxwell so at a minimum you would think they would have to continue the investigation into her role as its public knowledge now and I don’t think the victims attorney fought this hard to let it go after accusing her as well as Epstein. Even the wackjob AOC is calling for investigations. Whether it all results in an indictment remains to be seen.

        1. Maxwell, Epstein’s partner will probably get killed in an accidental car crash or overdose……………before the year is out…..

        2. I suppose the prosecutors that brought the charges are not part of some “conspiracy” but if you believe JE was murdered(IDK I need 24 hours) then you have to believe “they” can derail any prosecution. Also, witnesses now have to worry about their safety so…

          If it really is just a suicide then I think you are right. They really should continue to pursue justice. Maxwell wont know all the details that epstein does though unless she was a business partner . The say she was a recruiter and pilot. She did know jeff for awhile though.

          1. Somebody said Comey’s daughter was the prosecutor, could that be right? The other big conspiracy I’m seeing is people think he is not really dead and been shuttled off to an island to live out his days. DOJ better get legit facts out quickly or this will take on a life of its own. I agree witnesses may be intimidated, but as for Maxwell word is she was very much in the know and there are documents and videos to prove it.

            1. I seen seen 2 variations on the “he’s still alive” conspiracy –
              1. “They” (fellow billionaires or an intelligence agency) swapped him with a fake and now he is drinking a pina coladas and enjoying a cigar with his panama hat on a private island…
              2. The gov made a deal with him and he is being protected and the whole thing is going to blow up. The bad guys are just about to go down. I’m not sure if there is a legal way to do that though … national security exception(?)

    1. If nothing else it seemed to be a self serving statement as if to say this happens all the time, nobodys fault and no balls dropped by prison here. Move it along, nothing to see here. Problem for Rosenstein is this was about the most high profile prisoner currently and was allegedly trying to kill himself two weeks ago. Glad Barr at least spoke out.

  97. Clintons? Dead men tell no tales.

    Really though, too many people near the Clintons have had strange ends. They don’t want their ‘legacy’ to be even more tarnished.

    If I worked in criminal justice I would never agree to take him off the watch. That’s idiocy.

  98. Interesting choice of photo in the header by SooperMex. Nothing says Jeffrey Epstein is now room temperature better than a black and white.

    1. Where’s the proof, though? I believe that he could have been suicided, but that site has a lot of speculation and even more annoying advertising.

  99. Just saw a correction officer supposedly(not from this facility I don’t think) saying that Epstein high profile and alleged crimes would have made him on watch even without the attempted suicide, but after the first attempt he would have been put in a different cell and in a “pickle suit”. Green suit that can’t be ripped or have anything tied to as would his bedding. No hygiene products except under watch. Only things allowed in cell would be books and legal papers. He said this is huge fail and need answers pronto.

    1. I hear that the guards didn’t even do their normal rounds after Epstein was taken off suicide watch AND the cameras malfunctioned and they have nothing during the time of his death.

      1. That’s what I’m hearing to Kong. All very strange and Barr really needs to put out answers as quickly as he gets them or this conspiracy will become a train wreck.

  100. It must be noted that the Muslim wing of the Democrat party have made no comments about the arkanside death of Epstein. The muzzies and the Clintons have a pact. Clintons help them, they help Clinton.

  101. they are probably questioning why Barr came out so quickly to declare it a Suicide. AG Barr”I am appalled by Epstein’s Suicide”. Top Cop should at least wait until the Autopsy has been completed,before making that statement.

      1. Epstein was a 20 year old college drop-out when he was hired to teach at Dalton by the school’s headmaster Donald Barr in the mid 1970’s. Donald Barr was the father of current United States Attorney General William Barr, who is currently overseeing Epstein’s prosecution. (Wikipedia)

          1. I don’t know, but I am not alone in having little faith in Barr or anyone at DOJ or FBI.

            “Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska questioned Barr about the Epstein case during his confirmation hearing at the beginning of the year. At that time Barr said he would have to recuse himself.”

            1. I really like Barr, but my problem is the belief that the fix is in for the well connected (like the Clintons) and it doesn’t matter who the AG or the President are. I think the pressure is so immense on those that could do something that they just don’t….ever. Threats…whatever it takes. But I think we’ll see Hell freeze over before someone like Bill Clinton went to prison even if he was caught on camera offing Epstein himself. (and I’m not insinuating that I think Clinton did it)

      2. Thanks Kong,you are more optimistic than I am,but I did get a little optimistic when I heard that Barr was making this a Co-investigation between the FBI and the Inspector General.Barr is either covering his Butt or very apprehensive about allowing the FBI to handle this alone.I am sure we will be hearing more about that decision.

        1. I choose option ‘B’…sadly for those legitimate agents, having the FBI investigate something like this just doesn’t conjure up a lot of assurance.

          1. You got it hidy,me too.This mess was perpetrated by 9-10 of the top FBI officials of the bureau in Washington DC.This is massive and I cannot understand why Wray is still with the Bureau.The President should have never appointed him..Have a great evening.Think I will get up early and go play some slot machines tomorrow, then stay over night at the casino.

        2. After how the FBI handled the Clinton and Trump investigations I don’t think I trust the FBI to investigate anything high profile.

          1. The FBI has a lot to do to regain their status,but they will not do that with this bunch of losers Changes at least 3 levels at he top must happen.

            1. The problem isn’t the FBI as a whole. The vast majority are true to their job. There were some bad apples that handled both the Trump and Clinton investigations and I don’t know that we got them all. Another high profile case might go to another crooked agent at the top if it’s politically laced.

              1. Peter Strzok apparently still has free access to the FBI HQ, where he participates in meetings. That tells me that Clinton/DNC hacks are still well positioned at the FBI.

              2. I think this is a myth–that most FBI guys are honorable. Remember how we were told that hordes of them would go public if Hillary were not prosecuted? BS. That never happened. Every time the Left gets into the WH, they infiltrate every Federal agency, with the result that most are overwhelmingly staffed by Democrats, or “Republicans” like Comey and Mueller. The Left never makes mistakes in their appointments. There are no Souters or Roberts nominated to SCOTUS by the Democrats, for example–only hard-core Leftists.

              3. ……when I suggest three levels of the FBI should be replaced.Starting with Wray,then there are probably 4-5 Deputy Directors and 9-10 Ass’t Dep.Directors who should be replaced.Agents are not the problem,upper ranks is where the corruption is.Too many appointees,There has to be promotion through the ranks and the process taken away from the Senate.Just my opinion.

      1. When Emergency personnel got to the cell,it would have been very easy to learn whether he was dead or alive.If he had expired he should never have been moved from that cell and the scenes should have been protected until the Homicide/Coroners Investigators arrived.The article I saw on on 8//10/19 5:PM TRS was “Barr,appalled by Epstein Suicide”,this was Barr’s initial reaction and that is what I based my original comments on. thanks Jessie.

  102. BREAKING: Medical examiner confirms that Epstein is in fact dead. Unless it’s an impostor and he’s not dead. Cause of death appears to be that he stopped living.

  103. Ok…now I heard the area of the prison he was in has a ton of cameras and coincidentally they malfunctioned during the time Epstein committed “suicide”. This is BS. If this was suicide my name is Santa Claus.

      1. Maybe but it wouldn’t change my mind if it was. I have an extremely hard time believing they were this incompetent on such a high profile case…not to mention other major fishy stuff.

          1. I never said anyone walked in and murdered the guy. He was taken off suicide watch despite having already attempted suicide. Plus the guards did not perform their normal routine checks. How convenient.

            What’s the difference between a few of the right people being reached by a very powerful figure (or his contacts) and the odds that such a high profile inmate that’s a very high risk for suicide just happens to slip through the cracks and no one does their jobs? Both are bad scenarios. Both are hard to believe. ONE of them happened.

      2. Do you have any info on suicides at MCC? I can’t find numbers, but there does seem to be quite a bit of security at the facility. I know from some of the people that I once associated with that there is corruption at some of these lock ups. Staff could possibly have been bribed or coerced if they were already bent. I don’t necessarily buy that he was murdered by the Clintons, although the trail of bodies following them is far too long to coincidental. This is one of those events that we’ll probably never get a satisfactory answer to.

        1. I don’t have any stats offhand, but I know of at least one in the past five years (because I was involved in some of the surrounding litigation). I can also tell you that, unsurprisingly, the place is a fort—even if someone wanted to off him, it’d be way too risky to do it like this.

          1. From what I was able to dig up, it’s an overcrowded and understaffed facility. People like to say things like the guards were bribed, but I’d guess that it was just wanton disregard because of his crimes and status.

    1. It is now being revealed that the cameras do not show the interior of the cells. They only point at the doors. Whew. That’s a relief. They won’t have to wipe the server (like, with a cloth?) or use bleach bit.

      1. So they aren’t saying they malfunctioned any more….?? That doesn’t make sense to me. Are they afraid the door is going to commit suicide? It’s as if they only want to record who goes in and out. It would still catch a Clinton so she might have to wipe the server with a cloth again.

        1. There is no security system which cannot be defeated by someone with enough skill. I speak from sorry personal experience. In this case, it appears that the security was weak, and the perps were well aware of that, perhaps from an inside informant. I predict that the “official inquiry” will conclude that incompetence was to blame, and low-level employees will be thrown under the bus.

          1. I agree with you that’s exactly what will happen, but I won’t believe it. This is was a very high profile case that could take out some prominent people. He was taking a deal to turn on people. There’s no freaking way they dropped the ball so badly on such a huge case.

            But I’m sure you’re right. Excuses will be made and lower level heads will roll.

          1. So you’re telling me that there were 18 1/2 minutes missing of the Watergate tapes? Lol, if so I didn’t catch it. Now I’m confused. There was no 18 1/2 minutes for real missing of Epstein?

            1. Yeah, it was at the heart of the whole thing, but I’m just making a joke. Thursday was the 45th anniversary of his resignation.

              1. Yeah I looked it up and saw there were 18 1/2 minutes missing so it clearly was a joke. Went straight over my head. 🙂

  104. I’d like to know what the hell makes the Clintons so special that they get away with practically everything. Even robbing the White House of its furniture.

    1. Democrats/Leftists/Marxists can do anything because they are protected by the pretorian guard, world media and Hollywood.

  105. The Deep State is already preparing its cover story. We are being told that the guards were understaffed and overworked…that’s why they could not watch Epstein’s cell as called for by normal procedure, even without suicide watch being in effect. Mark my words: the real guilty parties will never be brought to justice. Anyone who puts his faith in Barr, or the man who appointed him (DJT) is a fool.

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