BREAKING: Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s accuser releases GRAPHIC account of how Fairfax assaulted her…

Dr. Vanessa Tyson has released her account of what happened between her and Lt. Gov. Fairfax and it is quite disturbing.

In it she describes how Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him after they had begun kissing consensually. She says given her obvious crying, distress and attempt to pull away, she doesn’t understand how he could ever call that ‘consensual’.

Here’s the statement below, but understand that discretion is advised given the graphic sexual nature of what Dr. Vanessa Tyson is describing here:

Note that Tyson claims she avoided him for the rest of the convention and that she never spoke to Fairfax again. But Fairfax has claimed the opposite, that they’ve remained in contact over the years and she’s never mentioned it before.

This is a pretty damning statement and serious questions need to be answered. Tyson is putting a lot out there with a lot of details and it sounds very believable.

That still doesn’t mean it occurred, especially after what we saw with Kavanaugh. But that kind of motive doesn’t exist here which gives Tyson more credibility, even if she is using the same lawyer as Christine Ford.

Also, take note that it was just revealed that Fairfax said “F— that B—“ in a private meeting regarding his accuser, Tyson. And now this.


There are two more pages of this statement that you can read on Tapper’s tweet below:


Here’s a great gif to describe Virginia Democratic politics right now…

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  1. Come on Sooper post the black face photos of Deblasey Ford, that’s in her yearbook. Why does she get a pass?

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