BREAKING: Mike Lee turns against Trump’s National Emergency!

Early this year Senator Mike Lee said he believed that Trump’s national emergency was legal even though he disagreed with it:

Fast forward to this week. A couple days ago we told you that there were negotiations going on between GOP senators and the president, to find a deal so that they could support Trump’s national emergency. Mike Lee was apart of those negotiations.

Well apparently they broke down and now Lee is going to vote against Trump’s national emergency when the resolution comes up for a vote in the Senate:

Alex Bolton is a staff writer for The Hill, just so you know.

This will no doubt upset a lot of Republicans who did not want to see Trump have to veto the disapproval resolution. But with four Republicans already set to vote no, the passage of the resolution is all but certain.

And then there were five: Lee, Tillis, Paul, Collins and Murkowski.

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453 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mike Lee turns against Trump’s National Emergency!

  1. We The People are watching you side with the dumbs on this senator lee and we do NOT approve! YOU work for us and I hope the good people of Utah vote you and every other Public Servant OUT until they back us and our President!!!

    1. There was a post here a few days ago about it, that they would vote down the resolution if Trump agreed to some new restrictions added to NEA.

      Pelosi said no, she wants to stop Trump getting a wall. Period. Even if it means not reigning in future presidential acts.

  2. I have an idea Senator Lee, since you want to protect separation of powers why dont you and your libertarian friends get the judiciary under control?

    1. Interesting idea. How?

      The only real option they have is term limits, and that’s a sword that can cut both ways.

  3. Mike Lee: “My initial assessment is that what Pres. Trump announced is legal… but the Koch Brothers gave me a call and threatened to cease ALL campaign contributions; therefore, my final assessment, as I hide under my checkered-pants, is that Trump’s National Emergency is not approved by the Koch’s, er, it’s unconstitutional.”

  4. Mike Lee’s statement:
    “Congress has been ceding far too much power to the exec. branch for decades. We should use this moment as an opportunity to start taking that power back.”

    While I agree with this, there is no plan to limit executive powers beyond this point. If executive power was going to be limited for here on out, I’d support Mike Lee’s decision. However, those limits on executive powers will not exist when a dem president is in office. Then people like Lee will be sitting there and whining, “Hey, we didn’t overstep our limits of power, how come you guys are.” All the while the dems will be filling us with a 3rd world permanent democrat majority and laughing at people like Lee.

  5. Considering this and his approval of using SSI for family leave, I think that he’s drifting a little left.

    1. Lee’s plan lets parent pull money they’ve been forced to pay into SSI to take time off work after having a kid. If it’s their money, I say why not? No different than pulling money out of savings…

      I can almost 100% guarantee that if Mike Lee is behind it, it’s a good thing. To a lesser degree, Rand, and slightly less than that, Cruz. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ted come out against, if it even gets a vote. Rumor is Nancy is squashing this in the House.

      1. SSI is a ponzi scheme and I’d hate to see its inevitable collapse while I’m collecting my little pittance.

      2. What about those co-workers left behind? Who picks up the slack? Those left-behind don’t get compensated. What if you don’t have children. It’s a government program so that should scare the sh__ out of you.

      3. @texas-chris
        Anyone thinking “Government” holding OUR money for “safe Keeping” is ok….. is an idiot. (I did NOT mean you TC).

        1. Interesting. Just did my taxes, and I got $700 back. Now, I paid in over $50K in Federal withholding, so that wasn’t much back. Frankly, I was scared i was in for a big tax bill after hearing everyone’s horror stories about their returns. Anyway, my CPA says, “you should maybe reduce your deductions on your W-4 so you don’t cut it that close next year”. My reply was, “I would rather have actually paid $700 or even a bit more if it means that the government doesn’t hold an excess of my income”. The government can just decide it won’t pay you, so I agree – no “safe keeping” for me!

  6. Lee is not thinking right! He has to understand this is a very rare chance to finally secure the border and try to limit illegal foreign invasion and lawlessness and all this does to our country. We have a president that wants to do what is right about rule of law and border security. Has to ignore the America hating libs and do everything to get the border finally secured. Trump is
    doing everything right about the border and he needs you to finally get this done! Lee is getting worse.

    1. Kind of like the very rare chance they had to secure the border when they held the Presidency, Senate and House? The current batch of GOP’ers are do nothing RINO’s. Primary them out.

  7. ‘They went in as conservatives and were swallowed up by DC’ doesn’t seem so implausible for Cruz, Rand and Lee anymore.

  8. U.S. Border Patrol Southwest Border Apprehensions FY 2019.
    OCT- 51,002
    NOV- 51,857
    DEC- 50,749
    JAN- 47,986
    FEB- 66,450
    Total Apprehensions- 268,044 illegal immigrants.

    Let those numbers sink in, and this is not counting those illegals who made it thru the border and are living in the US, and the drugs pouring in.

    If this is not a National Emergency than what is?

    The Republican Party gives talking points to get reelected but do nothing about this crisis.

    1. Those numbers, while staggering, are not that far out of our average recently. There have been years over the last few decades where these numbers would have looked like a trickle. Which leads me to the question: Why is it now a national emergency? This flow of illegals has been going on since I was born….many moons ago. This is not new, this is not a sudden occurrence. National Emergencies in the past have generally been in reaction to something that had recently occurred not something that has been going on through multiple administrations and generations. I want Trump to hold Congress to fulfilling their obligation of building the wall with the monies that have already been appropriated for it instead of doing an end around involving the military. Declaring the border wall construction a military operation in order to make it legal seems a bit of a stretch. I can see why Mike Lee might be hesitant on this. This is basically a President pulling a wild card to get what he wants (even if we agree with it) after he was told no or was unable to get it the standard way instead of reacting to a sudden event or issue that negatively has impacted the Nation. That really is not a good precedent to set. I want the wall and I want illegal immigration to stop just like anyone else. You are correct in saying that is all about Republicans giving talking points for elections. They are. My feeling is that the wall will never be built completely and they, sadly , are fine with that.

      1. It is the duty of our elected officials when sworn in to uphold the constitution and are supposed to work for the protection and welfare of law abiding citizens not an invasion of illegal immigrants, we employ them and have the power to fire them at the ballot box, but sadly DC politics corrupts and instead of being the solution they become the problem, both houses were in control by Republicans but sat on their hands and did nothing not only on funding the wall but Obamacare.

    2. @marathon
      How many were admitted?

      When our government instructs border patrol to process these invaders & turn them loose within the US…. government is completely ignoring the American voters. Less than 10% of these invaders show up for their court date.

      What the hell happened to building tent cities in 3-5 locations along our borders & keep these people there until their court date. Right now DHS buses them to cities & drops them off. Disgusting!

      1. Right now southern California is turning into a third world area, because of the mass influx from mexico and other latin American countries and their high birth rate while at the same time its law abiding citizens are leaving the state for economic reasons due to liberal mismanagement.

        1. @marathon
          This is absolutely frightening if true…..from conservative review (Daniel Horowitz).

          Just since December 21, DHS has been forced to release 84,500 illegal aliens from Central American family units: 14,500 were in the Phoenix area, 37,500 in south Texas, 24,000 in El Paso, and 8,500 in San Diego, according to the Arizona Republic. Many of the ones dropped off this past weekend in Phoenix were in the country for less than 24 hours..

    3. Those numbers always go up during the winter, when it’s not so deadly hot in the desert.

      1. Sadly many unlucky enough to try cross during summer unprepared and if not found by border patrol in time perish in the desert heat.

        More people have died crossing the border from Mexico to the US in the first seven months of 2017 compared to the year before, even though significantly fewer people seem to be attempting the journey, according to the United Nation’s migration agency.

        The number of migrant deaths tallied at the border jumped 17% from 204 in the first seven months of 2016 to 232 migrant fatalities in 2017, the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

        1. Judging by the clothing of the people in the caravans, they’re more greedy than desperate. Hard to have sympathy.

  9. Laura Ingraham

    Do you agree with some GOP senators to block the president’s emergency declaration on constitutional grounds?

    Yes 9%
    No 91%

      1. @dr-strangelove I might agree with you except for the fact that 90% of people who vote within the R party approve of Trump. I see Laura’s poll as a confirmation of that fact.

          1. @dr-strangelove Yeah, I don’t have cable either and haven’t had cable for 5 years. I read the polls and their methodology. (Just FYI: I don’t listen to her radio show, which as I understand it, is now defunct and she has a podcast now.) I do have internet and stream some things, at times. Happen to be streaming when I heard about this poll.

            1. @golfcartone The only place I heard her was on a Waterloo, IA station and I haven’t been up that way in a while. Hopefully Chris Plante took over that slot if she’s gone.

  10. O/T I’m betting, in the morning, O’Rourke is going to announce a run for TX senate seat currently held by Cornyn. Cornyn should step aside and let Greg Abbott run for that seat. Cornyn will lose. He’s kind of like a Flake here. No one knows who he is. Shame.

    1. I think he will run for President. We shall see. I think the limelight of a national campaign is too enticing for him to turn down.

      1. @kram-nivel I thought he said today he wasn’t running for President? I swear I heard that on the news? No?

          1. Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke confirmed he will announce a presidential bid on Thursday, TV station KTSM says.

          2. So, here’s what it is I saw today. An old clip from his failed senate campaign v Cruz of him saying he wasn’t running. I don’t always have time to listen/watch closely. So it’s my bad.

      2. I’m sure the crazy left will push him hard to run for president. Gotta get another whack, socialist in the ring. He’s the black Obama to them.

        1. @MST3K If ever there was the perfect example of a Marxist, it’s Stacey Abrams. IMO She hasn’t got a prayer of being elected, fortunately.

    2. He’d be smart to do that as he would obliterate Cornyn, but his foolish ego will probably push him to pursue the Presidency which he will very likely lose. Once he’s a two time loser, he won’t be able to win anything moving forward.

      1. @CalvinCool I tend to agree with you. The sole purpose of him running for POTUS is for the dems to gain ground in Texas. We didn’t have a stellar ’18 election in Texas. We’ll see if he carries any weight for 2020 in Texas.

    3. Beto wouldn’t run against Cornyn because he would lose. Cornyn is actually more popular in Texas than Cruz.

  11. Go away then, Lee. We’re no longer interested in what you have to say. Go sleep with Chuckles Schumer you traitorous clown.

  12. Someone tell me why I should continue to support the GOP on a national level. I will vote for TXGOP for state offices but the GOP nationally is dead to me, unless one of you wise folks can persuade me otherwise. Anyone up for the challenge?

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more @golfcartone re national level and as a Floridian not too sure about them here either ( ok DeSantis BUT brand new governor anything could go wrong ) we still have little Marco and Snaky Scott

      1. Scott! What a spineless sell out. I watch that guy when he’s in the news and he can barely put a sentence together. They’ll be gunning for DeSantis. I hope he’s surrounded with good pols who can help guide him. Rubio! Yeah, no thanks. What a nightmare all this is @ruthiedoggiemom

        1. I’m still in shock that Scott was ever elected, Medicaid fraud in private life, sanctuary cities as governor, allowing the fraud re-voting to go on and look the other way until he thought it would effect him, Lord he even blocked Cruz from being put on the ballot here AND got on board with if someone had someone else paying your bills you shouldn’t have a gun anymore. Yes they will be gunning for DeSantis I have no doubt at all my friend none at all. I’m getting too old for this @golfcartone 😯

      1. @kram-nivel That’s the problem, man. We don’t have them. They tell us one thing. Go to DC and never honor their commitments to us.

        But I know what you’re saying. Believe me, I’m struggling over not wanting to vote for them v the need to vote them. I fear for my own future and any children I might have. I’m relatively young still but I have experienced Liberty and we are on a collision course to save our freedoms. To live the last half of my life without Liberty… well, it’s just unfathomable to me.

        1. I hear you. But we did get two half decent picks on the SCOTUS. And they are confirming his lower court nominees. To date a record setting 89. Trump is ignoring home state US Senator blue list. So there is that. But I wasn’t trying to paint a rosy picture. I started not to post that. We have to use them for what little we get out of them until we can get some true conservatives and constitutionalist to primary and defeat them.

          1. @kram-nivel I’ll keep your opinion in mind, man. But I’m gonna bitch up a storm from now on. They’re Statists just like the democrats. But when they do something good, I’ll be with them. Otherwise, Katy bar the door, I’ll let my displeasure fly. Appreciate your thoughts.

            1. Same here. We are on the same page. I am not giving them any breaks anymore. I use to defend guys like Lee and Cruz until the cows came home. But not anymore.

              1. @kram-nivel I had some Never Trumper jump all over me yesterday because I said Cruz was turning into a swamp thing. We exchanged some lengthy, unfriendly comments with each other.

                1. You know that Lee was a nevertrumper too. I thought he had overcome this. But apparently not.

                2. @kram-nivel Yeah man, I know. I was too at one point. But then Cruz said he was voting for him and I started listening to what Trump was saying. I couldn’t waste my vote on 3rd party in such an important election. I blame NeverTrump for allowing this vitriol and turning their backs on this country. I view them close to being traitors to the country.

  13. It’s amazing the GOP appears ready to cede the red Western states to CA. It’s amazing the GOP appears ready to cede our national sovereignty to the world. Makes me sick at my stomach.

  14. I have all the respect in the world for Mike Lee. Met him once at Ted Cruz’s office in Madison, WI. Talked to him for quite a while and I came away with no doubt the man is a true conservative. That being said, I disagree with him on this issue. Granted, it may not be the ideal way to go to get the wall built, but both Republicans and Democrats won’t let him get it done any other way. A crisis on the border? Certainly is! Yes, we’ve had illegal aliens crossing, getting freebies, and even killing people for decades, if not longer. But… and it’s a big but… not to the degree we have now. According to CBP, 66,450 crossed in February alone. In addition, 6560 pounds of drugs were sized. We need to be able to build the wall by whatever legal means available, and the emergency declaration is a power granted to the president by Congress. He should use it.

    1. @bikerhoop
      Of those 66,000, how many crossed into the US? I know they were apprehended, but were they allowed entry? If they surrendered & were simply allowed in, how effective will bollard fencing be?

      Did they say where the drugs were seized, because the BP came out 2 or 3 times disagreeing with Trump. They say ports of entry are where the big drug busts are. Between ports of entry, yes, but not to any extent that Trump stated.

      1. @sam – Read it again – it says 66,450 crossed. If 66,000+ were apprehended, imagine how many weren’t apprehended. CBP only apprehends a small percentage of those who actually cross. Bollard fencing will do the trick because they won’t be able to squeeze between the bollards. It’s what CBP says will be most effective because they can see what’s going on on the other side.

        I think it was just last week two officials, one from CBP and one from another agency (I forget which one) testified to the opposite. They said the big busts are not at the ports of entry (that’s Dem propaganda). It would be really stupid of the cartels to try to get their major shipments across at the POE, where there’s a good chance it will be discovered when there are so many miles of open border where getting across is like stepping across a crack in the sidewalk.

        1. @bikerhoop
          Re those entering the US & this is damn frightening.

          Just since December 21, DHS has been forced to release 84,500 illegal aliens from Central American family units: 14,500 were in the Phoenix area, 37,500 in south Texas, 24,000 in El Paso, and 8,500 in San Diego, according to the Arizona Republic. Many of the ones dropped off this past weekend in Phoenix were in the country for less than 24 hours. .

          CBP Stats – click on drug seizures. Field Office is Ports of entry. Bottom is between POE. They also published somewhere? That 41% of smuggling was done by “Americans”.

          The border should be “completely” shut down for at least 6 months as far as I’m concerned. Congress, BOTH parties, are NOT on our side. They are destroying our country.

          1. @sam
            I agree that a lot of the smuggling is done by Americans. Maybe that’s why Congress doesn’t want the border closed? And yes, the border should be completely closed for an indeterminate amount of time until we get this immigration thing straightened out – anchor babies, asylum, deportations, E-Verify, penalties for employers… the whole gambit. Once all that is done then, and only then, can we reopen our borders and allow a specified number of immigrants a year, but only those who have something to contribute, no more welfare leaches.

        2. @bikerhoop , well said. Just like expecting criminals to follow stricter gun laws, drug cartels aren’t going to follow the law and only come into points of entry. The either walk across unprotected areas or in some cases tunnel across. The cartels aren’t as stupid as the US Congress.

  15. Apparently they don’t care about the damage that will become of more illegals invading this country. They do nothing about sanctuary cities, they do nothing about companies hiring illegals….they are worthless.

  16. Trump will probably veto and that will be the end of it. Congress gave the President the power to do this. Now they want their toys back.

    1. But they never challenge the Courts and all the power grabs coming from the Judiciary other than hot air rhetoric.

      1. Republicans hardly ever challenge anything. They can’t have it both ways. Either they are against the transfer of power or they aren’t. They can’t pick and choose when it benefits them to try to take it back.

      1. No. I am from time to time having problem with up voting folks and making comments. It may be a local thing.

        1. I was kidding. The only problem that I’ve been having is multiple copies of comments, but I think I figured it out.

        2. @kram-nivel I sometimes have that problem. It just won’t take. I restart page and it seems to work again.

          1. It is working fine at the moment. How do you get my or another commenters Avi in your reply? Thats pretty cool.

            1. Kram, right at first when you put your cursor in to type, just start by using…[email protected] and the persons name

              @kram-nivel & it pops up as you’re typing. Hope that makes sense.

            2. @kram-nivel See @msliberty explanation. However, I’ll add when you type the @ sign be sure not to leave a space afterwards. Immediately type the name you’re wanting. You can type the first few letters, wait a second and it will populate. If it doesn’t populate put in a dash and it will. Try it!

      2. I totally thought he was talking about the contents of the posts. That’s why I agreed. I thought for sure he was having a problem with what he was reading in the comments section. Because… wow. How quickly the Cult of Donald turn on our own when they make one decision or say one thing folks disagree with.

    1. yes, my comment history vanished along with my old username, now i’m starting over after being here many years :unamused:

          1. I haven’t seen that anywhere. So far, that is just one anonymous poster’s wild speculation.

            Even if he did, a single, nuanced position on one aspect of the wall, which is only one aspect of immigration hardly justifies your assertion he’s unreliable.

            To read your comments, even the slightest disagreement with the president is grounds for burning somebody at the stake. The problem is the president frequently disagrees with himself.

            Lee and Cruz are both strong and passionate advocates for secure borders. Both support the wall. The only point in contention here is the process by which part of the wall is funded.

            You’re prematurely overreacting.

            1. Why else would Mr. Constitution be so silent. He is like a dog shaking while trying to extract a peach seed he ate.

              1. You’re guessing…and you’re condemning based on it.

                You might be right. You could write and argue your point. Or you could wait until he makes an announcement.

                You could also be wrong. I don’t presume to know how he runs his office. Maybe you shouldn’t either.

                1. If Cruz gave a damn he would be appearing on all the talk shows supporting the presidents position of protecting the American people. He’s hiding instead. Oh how I pray I am wrong….

                2. @txgrunner Cruz is becoming a swamp thing. He’s changing. You can’t see it because you dump on the President all the time. The in thing to be in the Senate is borderline Never Trump. Cruz needs the Senate to like him or his effing donors will not contribute to him. BTW, before you go off on me I’ll tell you that I was a paid staffer on every one of Cruz’ campaigns. I know him.

                3. When was the last time I mentioned the president by name?

                  I’ve given him kudos and I’ve criticized him. I’ve done the same with Cruz and Lee. Just yesterday, I wrote many posts criticizing Cruz for wanting to call a hearing on an active aircraft investigation.

                  I have no idea who you are; you’re anonymous. So, unless you offer you real name and details we can check, that claim is pretty meaningless. What is telling is that you’re here criticizing Cruz as a “swamp thing” and he wasn’t even the subject. In fact, we don’t even know what position he’ll take on this issue, but you want to prejudge and vilify him in advance.

                  What we do know is that you obviously don’t have the foggiest idea what NT was, who started it, who was never in it, that there was never a leader, and that all GOP senators except Lee opted to passively endorse the president by refusing to endorse Cruz. You’re just using the term as a generic pejorative.

                  With such impressive support from staffers like you, I’m really surprised he ever beat Dewhurst, won a single primary, and managed to defeat the fake Mexican.

                4. @txgrunner Just as soon as you release your personal info, I’ll be all in, Jack. I’m also a former Dallas cop and a precinct chair in North TX. I didn’t say Cruz was a swamp thing. I said he was becoming a swamp thing. If you knew anything about what you’re talking about, you’d know that Cruz’ donors have told him to play nice in the Senate or no bux. Cruz has a rep (deserved or not) for not being a likable guy. That’s part of why he barely beat the fake tan Irishman. I have many friends who wouldn’t vote for him because they didn’t “like” him. I had to explain it’s not the package, it’s the message.

                  He beat Dewhurst because our base was sick of the GOPe and the next in line entitled game. Texas wanted a fighter in DC. Texas was first to recognize the need for serious change. Texas was first to send a fighter to DC. Cruz did not disappoint. Did you know that when he arrived in DC, McConnell said to him “here’s your staff.” Cruz responded that he had brought his own staff from Texas, who knows Texans and he’d be using them. But you weren’t there, were you? So, of course, you don’t know that about him. Only a few of us do know that.

                  NRO was late to the game to endorse Cruz in ’16 primaries. As far as I can remember, NRO picked it up and got Never Trump on its feet with the big splashy headline.

                  Your insults are no shock, as you can’t handle the truth and prefer to deflect and project. Quite a feat but then again, the Never Trumper Paul Ryan said Republicans were becoming adept at using Alinsky tactics. You have proved it, up and down this thread, as you lecture everyone. Your opinion means as much to me as mine does to you. Goodnight.

                5. Where did I insult you? What Alinsky tactic did I use?

                  For that matter, why not answer the previous question I asked?

                  All I wrote was there was no way to know who you are or were or verify anything you claim personal knowledge of or expertise. The corollary to that is you don’t know anything about me, what I’ve done, who I’ve supported or where I was at any given time. The difference is I’m not listing unverifiable credentials as proof of my expertise. I’m not even claiming any expertise.

                  The only assertion I ever made about Cruz in this thread was we don’t know his position yet and it’s premature to attack him for taking a position he hasn’t yet taken.

                  NT was started by writers on RedState. They’re conservative. They actually subscribe to an ideology known as “conservatism” and they’re very consistent about it. They relentlessly attacked HRC, never would have considered voting for her, and after the 2016 election, the effort dissolved because he was then president and could be judged on his actions.

                  NRO did not start it. That lede didn’t run until months later. Paul Ryan was never NT.

                6. @TXGRunner I don’t know which question you asked that I haven’t answered and frankly I don’t care. That’s right RedState did start NT. The insufferable Erick Erickson. NRO carried it forward. They’re the ones who are known for being NT today (Goldberg, French, etc). I know what RedState is and was. I was a commentor on there until I left that site way back during Obama’s 1st year because those pansy snowflakes couldn’t take it when someone disagreed with their positions (Neil Stevens, Caleb Howe who wasn’t even a regular author at the time). RedState is irrelevant. GOPe and NeoCons have sure done a good snow job claiming the conservative mantel but of course, they (you) aren’t conservative at all. There are many, many on this site who would disagree vehemently with you that Ryan is NT and a Statist. Anyway, I’m done with you. No more responses.

                7. The person who can’t abide by any disagreement is you.

                  You have no ideology, no philosophy to under-gird your opinions of the moment. I doubt you ever even voted for Cruz let alone work for him or that you were every a cop — your writing suggests you lack the temperament or judgement for either.

                  Like a few others, immigration, sovereignty, secure borders, national security, abortion, fiscal responsibility, RKBA are all secondary to your one litmus test: unflinching and unquestionable loyalty to the president.

                  You’re not conservative. You don’t even know what conservatism is or any history behind it. You support a man.

                  Today he’s all for Rex Tillerson. You support Rex Tillerson.
                  Tomorrow Tillerson is an unreliable turncoat. You hate Tillerson.

                  Today he says Jeff Sessions is one of the greatest legal minds, a truly honorable man and statesman. You sing the praises of Jeff Sessions.
                  Tomorrow Sessions is just another swamp thing. You despise that dirty, rotten turncoat Sessions.

                  Today he said General James Mattis is the only possible choice for SecDef. You say, “Nevermind the law, we need Mattis…he’s the only person who can lead DOD.”
                  Tomorrow, Mattis is a weakling, an indecisive follower who never could be trusted. You trash Mattis as an incompetent dolt who failed to appreciate the genius of the president.

                  You have no core. You are a populist.

                8. @txgrunner
                  Keep posting. Your comments are always valid.

                  You automatically become a NT or Killary voter if you dare question anything.

            2. What good are they if they can’t follow through on the most important issue facing us right now?
              Do we just twiddle our thumbs while the invasion continues and more and more democrat voters are made?
              When exactly is the time to get upset and worried for our future?
              Are you happy dishing out hard taxpayer money to illegals? Are you happy with sanctuary cities, are you happy with the drug and sex trafficking problem facing this country? Are you happy with more and more Americans being murdered by illegals?
              You can pretend this issue isn’t important. I for one don’t want democrats to have total control over this country. That is exactly where we are headed…none of these republicans have come out with anything else to stop this madness. They are complicit.

              1. You could make your case to Cruz. You could lobby him.

                You could wait until he actually announces his position before lumping him together with whoever you hate the most at that moment in time.

                The fact is, both Lee and Cruz favor building the wall and secure borders. They’ve consistently voted that way. You’re willing to tar and feather them (before Cruz even announces how he’ll vote!) over a question of process.

                Or, you could run for office and challenge Lee or Cruz or Sasse based on them not supporting the right process. Good luck.

                1. You sound so cultish. I have every right to call out these senators for not protecting the American people. Maybe they will get the message…staying silent and praising every move they make only gives them more power to screw you over.

                2. A cult or cultish, attitude is believing there must be 100% agreement on a complex issue with a very intricate process, and that any deviation is treachery worthy of total destruction.

                  Just yesterday, I posted extensively criticizing Cruz for wanting to hold hearings during an active aircraft accident investigation. I disagree with him, but that doesn’t mean I’ve decided he’s the anti-Christ or even that I think stupid or bad. I think he’s an excellent senator, I just disagree with him on that issue.

                  Have you ever disagreed with the president? Have you ever criticized him in comments here?

                  This forum has sunk to the level of twitter and youtube comments. There is no discussion here, there’s just an echo chamber and an insistence to absolute fealty to one person.

                3. I criticize the president just as hard when he makes stupid moves that help democrats. Yes, I have done it here many times. Why should I not criticize Cruz just as hard? You simply can’t handle the truth because you kiss the feet Cruz walks on.

                4. I’ve never seen you criticize the president.

                  You subordinate any issue — immigration, abortion, national security, RKBA — to one overriding litmus test: absolute and unconditional allegiance to the president.

                  ‘backdoor amnesty’ support the president
                  No amnesty, support the president.

                  “We have to let Syrian refugees come in.” Support the president.
                  “We can’t let Syrian refugees come in.” Support the president.

                  Support RKBA 100%. Support the president.
                  Ban bumpstocks, start a national registry, implement red flag laws. Support the president.

    1. I’m thinking we may have overrated Ted. He is apparently only a “firebrand” when it is politically expedient.

  17. I guess innocent Americans being killed by illegals because of weak borders doesn’t rate high enough to classify some as an emergency in Mike Lee’s mind. Pity.

      1. Lee is not a supporter of open borders. The point of the negotiation was to achieve the president’s aims without having to use an emergency declaration.

    1. Innocent Americans have been being killed by illegals for years, decades even, and it never rose to “emergency” before. The only thing that’s changed lately is an obstinate Congress that won’t give Donald all of America’s money to build a wall. I suspect that’s his reasoning.

    2. Lee strongly favors secure borders. He wanted to achieve the president’s aims without the emergency declaration. You might disagree with his position on the method of achieving secure borders, but to stretch that to write anybody who disagrees with you on process, disagrees with you on substance is disingenuous.

      1. Normally I would agree with you but the problem is they’re dealing with people who have no desire to negotiate no matter what. Be damn the consequences. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s petulant and It’s insane. This is what forced the emergency measure in the first place. Plus legally Trump does have the authority to do so. Did Lee miss what’s been going on over the last few months? He can’t be that naive.

        1. This forum has sunk to the level of twitter and youtube comments. We’re discussing process differences, not policy differences. Anyone who dares to disagree in even the smallest detail of process is made out to be some sort of super-villain.

          Lee, Cruz, and Sasse all support border security and building the wall. AFAIK, we don’t even know yet how Cruz and Sasse will vote, but several in this forum want to lynch them now, while they’re good and angry.

          What is naive is to think there must be 100% agreement on complex issues with intricate processes…and if anybody fails to agree 100%, they are a traitor who suffer consequences ten times worse than a leftist who openly calls for open borders.

          1. Anyone who dares to disagree in even the smallest detail of process is made out to be some sort of super-villain.

            💡 :hmm: 😆

          2. @txgrunner
            Good assessment on this site. How dare you question anything or think for yourself or quote facts.

            I posted a comment a few days ago &
            K-Bob accused me of trolling, spamming & posting “replacement” garbage re the border wall. He said I was using some disgruntled persons garbage & we should take the word of Border Patrol.

            I HAD quoted Border Patrol & sent him the link. No apology, nothing.

            1. …and even as a mod, he’s quite happy, even proud, to run off anyone who fails to show 100% allegiance to the president.

              ‘We have to let Syrian refugees come in.” Support the president.
              “We can’t let Syrian refugees come in.” Support the president.

              “100% support for the RKBA.” Support the president.
              Ban bumpstocks, start a national registry, implement red flag laws. Support the president.

              1. @txgrunner
                Yup, attacking our side for independent thinking. Quite amusing in one sense yet absolutely pathetic in another. And here I thought postings were our own opinions, not someone else demanding we think the same as them. How dumb of me!!

  18. By the comments on this thread, i see many folks defending Lee selling out. Many of you need to Stop putting polititians on a pedastal. People change, Its human nature.

    1. Project much?

      Your God-King-Emperor declares he wants things done a particular way, and anybody who seeks to achieve the same goals through other means is labeled a heretic, anybody who defends the mere concept of them suggesting an alternative method is an idolator.

      Looked in a mirror lately?

        1. …because as an ‘editor,’ you prefer anyone who dares to disagree just sit down and shut-up. Heaven forbid there be a discussion, much better to just label them and resort to epithets.

          1. You should actually read your comments out loud and take a moment to listen to what you are saying, @txgrunner .

            People focused on Orange Man don’t “discuss” anything. They either come here to cheerlead or make bizarre statements about disagreement.

            Disagree all you like, but knock off the garbage trying to force people into either the TrumpForever box or the NeverTrump box.

  19. I feel like Sen Lee is wrong about this, because he agrees it is legal and trump has the authority to do this, on the other hand Sen Lee has proved repeatedly he not a Republican in Name only. (RINO) that being said I hope he changes his mind.

    1. I agree Lee is no Rino, but lately he seems to be drifting into the Koch Brothers libertarian mindset. First with “jailbreak” and now this when all reports show the border illegals are at record highs. I also posted earlier he has put together a bill with Joni Earnest for mandated Paid family leave which is a massive new entitlement despite how they are spinning it.

      1. Lee was totally wrong on “jailbreak” as far as I’m concerned.
        I was surprised on the family leave thing. If only government would quit inserting itself/trying to control so much of our lives.

        1. I agree on both counts. This is a major overreach into the private sector because Lee can claim the businesses won’t be forced to pay for the leave, they will be indirectly, as they will either have to spend time and money hiring and training temp workers or paying existing employees to carry extra work loads. As Doc said, everybody knows SS is broke so it’s disingenuous to claim the family leave will just be early SS payments. It will have to come from general funds.

  20. @therightscoop Is there any way your software folks can bring back the Block feature to the new WP system?

  21. I lost all respect for him when he crawled into bed with Ivanka and her BS family leave and other things we’re supposed to pay for.

    1. Ruthie, he and Joni Earnest are claiming it won’t cost taxpayers a dime as it’s just a way for people to take their SS early as if he doesn’t know there is no SS money being saved when they deduct it from us. Not to mention, what are the businesses suppose to do while their employee takes this holiday, pass the work to other employees or have to hire temps. Federal government has no business being involved period.

      1. Amazing how so many of us had kids and never once expected anything from anyone while we raised them.

    2. You lost all respect for him supporting an idea of the president’s daughter, and now you’re further angered because he’s not supporting the president?

      How come you didn’t lose respect for the president supporting his daughter’s plan?

      1. I’m not talking about Trump you don’t know if I respect anything or nothing re-him. I’m talking about Lee and Ivanka’s BS plan Lee I THOUGHT at one time was the poster boy for Conservatives ..was never under that impression with the president so really silly over simplified comparison on your part @txgrunner

        1. ? = a question, usually denoting a request for information because the person asking the question recognizes they don’t have that information.

            1. You wrote I made a “silly over-simplified comparison.” Actually, I just asked a question, which you opted not to answer.

              It doesn’t matter. This forum has sunk to the level of twitter and youtube comments. Most of the comments make everyone out to be super-villains if they dare to disagree on even the minutest detail.

              1. If you really think this forum @txgrunner has sunk to the level of Twitter and you tube comments why stay here ? ➡

                1. You’re right. Congrats on running off another person who agreed with you probably 95% on policy.

  22. I’m not surprised. He was so reluctant to give his cautious, tepid backing that I didn’t think it would be his final verdict. For everyone who’s bashing him, just Google “Mike Lee Conservative rating” and see what pops up — 100% on every scorecard I saw. He’s a good man, and no thoughtful person would call him a “RINO” or question his motives.

    1. @talitha I agree he’s not a RINO. I did think he would vote with trump though on this.

    2. Mark Levin covered in-depth how and why Mike Lee is wrong and why he is being foolish on this topic. Mike Lee is much like Sasse he just votes the right way. But he rarely if every takes on the left publicly like he does Trump. The reason is because he is weak.

      1. Kram, he sure has gotten into some strange issues lately for sure like pushing hard for Van Jones “jailbreak” and now sponsoring a bill with Earnst for mandated paid family leave. Now this as the reports show the border numbers are on the rise and the highest in a very long time. Not sure what’s happened to him.

        1. Apparently @willtapp @txgrunner has had his head in a sandtrap ignorant to all this, acts like WE should not think negatively about Lee

          1. I have been disappointed with most of his choices lately Ruthie so I don’t care what some rating system has him at. His family leave is just another big entitlement no matter how he tries to sell it and I’m surprised since I truly believed he was a limited government person.

          2. Well, the thing about you guys is you’re so dang quick to throw a fellow who’s been a solid conservative under the bus. If Levin had gone the other way, you guys would be throwing HIM under the bus. MAGA.

            1. @talitha getting a little tired of your snarky MAGA you’re throwing around at everyone. I didn’t care for the slogan when Reagan used it because America has always been great, so quit talking at ” you guys ” when we are all individuals with different life experiences and opinions.

      2. Anybody who disagrees with you on process is wrong, and if they’re wrong they’re weak. They can’t possibly sincerely disagree or just have a different opinion…failure to agree with [insert your idol de jure here] means they are a squish, RINO, turn-coat, weak, pansy, traitor, turncoat?

        1. What a well reasoned argument.

          People will be convinced of whatever the heck you’re trying to say any minute now.

          1. They’d first have to be willing to think and consider arguments to be convinced.

            Context helps, but far too many lack the attention span to read more than a few words before they assign a label and launch into the same old, tired attacks because for many, loyalty seems to take precedence over policy.

            1. Yeah, then just broad brush them all into some stupid category so you can dismiss everyone. That’s some real reasoning right there.

    3. Those scores mean as much to me as give us the house the senate and the white house…means nothing to me anymore @Talitha. He HAS changed look up where he is with Ivanka and that paid family leave nonsense.

      1. That would be outrageously stupid. But whose stupid daughter is pushing this with Daddy’s blessing? But MAGA, or whatever.

  23. Julio Gonzalez
    A new poll shows that 70% of Republican voters support President Trump’s use of a national emergency to fund the wall. Given this is a Politico poll, I’m sure the real numbers are much higher!

    1. Are you sure you want to run the country by polls? I want something done about the border, too. I don’t think this is the right approach.

  24. So Lee is a RINO? He’s the bad guy now? He’s NOT Conservative? Just because of this??? It seems many people are forgetting his track record and his strong constitutional stance throughout his political career. I’m literally stunned by many of these posts. Many by people I don’t recognize.

    I want the border shored up immediately too. But it appears that this isn’t the proper way to do that. I’m pretty sure we all want political leadership that follows the rules/Constitution. I’m assuming Lee has determined this isn’t constitutional. And everyone’s angry about that? SMH

    And for what it’s worth, I admire Trump’s resolve. Wish he had pushed harder for the wall when republicans controlled all of congress. Republicans failed Trump before now. That’s what everyone should be mad about.

    1. I’m literally stunned by many of these posts.

      That’s because you’re not seeing their posts. You’re seeing their knees.

      I’m pretty sure we all want political leadership that follows the rules/Constitution.

      I’m not so sure I believe that anymore, when it comes to the Right-wing.

        1. MAGA mostly translates into Trump worship. It’s “I trust Trump, the lifetime liberal, the one Andrew Breitbart warned us about, to make America great again.”

    2. The “it’s just this one time” thing is immaterial.

      Driving the aircraft straight into the mountain usually only happens the one time.

      Lee is wrong. He’s making a big mistake. He deserves excoriation for it.

      1. and technically if some want to play that ” it’s just this one time ” @k-bob it’s not

    3. I’m sorry but I will not play that game. So we cant call out Lee for basically becoming a Rhino? Just calling a spade a spade. He AGREES WITH MURKOWSKI, That should tell toi everything.

    4. He should have pushed for the wall earlier, no doubt.

      But he will never get it with congress either. So what, we have to sit back and watch the invasion?

      Lee said it was legal, if was so worried about presidential power why didn’t they do something about it before Trump tried to use it for something to help our country?

      1. He could always come up with new things to pitch to Congress, that don’t include walls. Oh, but that might hurt his re-election chances huh.

          1. I’m not saying they don’t. I’m just saying that he failed to secure one with Congress. So… maybe he should start looking for a solution he CAN secure with Congress.

            But again, that would jeopardize re-election. And we can’t have that. That’s an emergency.

      2. If memory serves me right Ryan gave him a guarantee he would later so Trump gave him some slack and then Ryan went back on his promise.

    5. He didn’t have a problem with the Trump having the authority to do this and he understands that congress legitimately passed a law to authorize it but he apparently thinks that congress shouldn’t have done it and he thinks “NOW” is the time to reassert congressional power, pretty lame RINO or not and I don’t think he is a RINO but he may have spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express.

  25. I think it’s about time we start defining what constitutes a “National Emergency.”

    Does it have to be planes flying into towers? Is that the standard that must be met?

    Or are we afraid of the Dems saying “climate change is a NE!” when all they have are computer projections that never turn out to be accurate?

    And their arguments against guns (“because of the children!”) involve a Constitutional Amendment.

    So let’s Man Up and face facts: Illegal Immigration, porous borders, Sanctuary cities and states, and policies that encourage more and more people to come here illegally is OUT OF CONTROL. If it isn’t a true National Emergency I don’t know what else to call it.

  26. Lee has a good legal mind, like Cruz. If his legal mind is at the root of how he will vote it might mean Trump will not get this thing passed through the courts…

  27. It’s a dark day when Lee joins Collins and Murkowski. That being said, I don’t blame him. However, I do blame all the RINOs who didn’t settle this in 2017 or 2018 by funding the wall and keeping their campaign promises. We are here because they failed to act and so, any “anger” from them is on them. I also wish Trump had made this more of a priority back then but he was busy with a tax plan and two SCOTUS judges. He’s not absolved but I hold the republicans more accountable.

    1. Yea, but we knew they weren’t going to do that.

      I warned people about voting for them, but nobody listened. They all called me a traitorous supporter of democrats and other mean names. 🙁

        1. I disagree with you slightly. I don’t think it split the “right” whatever that means to whoever interprets it.

          The split we saw was between ideological conservatives and populists. To further confuse things, among ideological conservatives there was already a split over America’s role and leadership in the world. Those who favor a more restricted, narrower role for the US found sympathy among the populists, but just on that issue.

          I think it’s an important distinction, but I can certainly understand where others would see it differently.

          In the end, the more “conservative” party (which is not conservative at all) nominated a populist and populists adopted many conservative labels, giving them a very thin veneer of appearing like conservatives. When we scratch the surface though, there is no underlying conservative philosophy.

  28. Got distracted by a phone call from an old friend. Will have to go back to finish the Levin show.

  29. So much for national sovereignty.

    I’m copying my late comment from the other Mike Lee thread to here…


    I’m starting to wonder about what I’m seeing here. Folks need to think beyond, “Gosh, that’s a lot of power.”

    Nevermind that it’s a freaking border barrier, and not an actual policy change. It’s not a “lot of power” being “usurped,” or whatever fever dream has taken over.

    Clue: Congress was not designed to deal with emergencies. It’s why their one obvious emergency power is to declare war.

    Logic fact: The Constitution relies on logic to understand most of our laws. And most of our laws are logically consistent, and thereby recognized as constitutional.

    One foundational fact of logic is this: one cannot comply with the mandated, Article II duty to defend this nation if one is disallowed from recognizing and taking action in emergencies.

    No amount of loaded questions about potential abuse, or tap dancing about words present in the Constitution will ever breach that foundational fact of logic.

    What The Constitution Mandates: Only one branch is explicitly charged by the Constitution with both defending the Constitution and seeing to the faithful execution of the law, as well as being charged with being the head of the militia and commander in chief of the military.

    That has been taken to mean “national defense” since it was penned.

    Because of the foundational logic above regarding emergencies, *and* because of the structural factors that prevent Congress from responding to emergencies, it’s clear that the Executive Branch must be able, and is thereby empowered to:

    • Recognize a state of emergency, and
    • Take action to respond to an emergency, at least until such time that Congress can craft a more permanent solution.

    Now we come to the point where a Political Question must be answered by the polity as the Executive is deciding on a course of action. This requires predicate logic:

    Trump’s emergency declaration is made with respect to *all* of the following factors…

    1. It’s an actual crisis that effects the entire nation, and to varying degree, each citizen.
    2. His proposed response is supported by a majority of citizens.
    3. His proposed response is economically sound, and inexpensive, especially over time.
    4. His proposed response (a wall) has been accepted by people and nations all over the world, and throughout history as a rational means of defense.
    5. His proposed response is an Article II constitutional duty (see above).
    6. His proposed response is fully in compliance with the law.
    7. And please note: Said law was written by Congress in recognition of the foundational logic above, back before the massive culture war began, and when people were using reason as a basis for action, not emotion.

    A President must have all of these factors behind him in order to take a specific action.

    So no, a President cannot “do whatever he chooses.” This is obvious. The President is forced by political considerations to take all of the above into account before acting.

    People declaring otherwise, or raving about this as a “power grab,” or worse, making unsupported claims that it is unconstitutional simply cannot be taken seriously.

    To see conservatives fall for that emotional blackmail over prudence and logic is a sad thing.

    1. @k-bob Excellent oral arguments of the Executive Branch authorities under the Constitution.

  30. What is the best way to send our support to President Trump on this issue? He must hear from us that we are behind him!

    I am through reaching out to the swamp creatures. ALL of them are letting us down on the border issue, just as they have for DECADES.

    1. What is the best way to send our support to President Trump on this issue? He must hear from us that we are behind him!

      I think it’s pretty established that the way to do that is to put on the maga hat and go troll leftists with it.

      1. AT, why don’t you take your stupid comments and stuff them in your ear, you’re acting like a jackass !

        1. You know, I gazed out upon Rome as it burned. Such a majestic city it was, the wonder of the ancient world.

          But, y’know, everything was on fire. There just wasn’t going to be putting it out. So what the hell else are you going to do?

          Roast marshmallows. That’s what.

    2. I tweet him all the time to show my support. Plus, the left goes into convulsion every time someone tweets positives toward Trump. Win, win!

          1. AFAIK, Cruz hasn’t even taken a position yet.

            …and cowardice? You can say you think their wrong, short-sighted, maybe even foolish, but cowardice?

            Since when did failure to blindly follow one’s leader equate to cowardice?

            1. Cowards for not upholding their oath and protecting the American people. They are hiding beyond this BS too much power to the executive branch. If they weren’t cowards for years doing NOTHING to protect our border. Cowards all the way around. They aren’t the saviors of the republican party we once thought they were. It’s all a ruse.

    3. @56survivor, My senator Tillis is one of the worst and so no point in calling him. For people that tweet I’m guessing that gets to Trump and maybe inundate the WH switchboards.

  31. Levin has me fired up! Facebook and Instagram are DOA today…I’m glad the Mark Levin Show is still working!

        1. My son and his wife had their second child yesterday and have been posting photos of my new granddaughter on Facebook.
          Not a ‘national emergency’ smartass but I was going to check it later to see if they put up any new photos.

          1. @landscaper I know how excited you are to see pictures of your granddaughter, nothing better, enjoy. 🙂

          2. I had to send a photo to somebody once. But Facebook didn’t exist then, so it was impossible. The photo never reached its destination. 🙁

        1. I just wanted to check it later and see if my son had put up any photos of my brand new granddaughter that was born yesterday 😉

          1. That’s what it should be used for…I just saw a friend of mine post what he cooked for dinner, and then upvoted his own post as he usually does.

  32. Julio Gonzalez
    A new study has shown that non-citizen households, both legal and illegal use welfare at twice the rate of native-born American households. This is an emergency!

  33. Trump is almost a for sure lock in 2020 at the rate things are going. Congress needs to be heavily fumigated. Too many rats on the ship.

  34. And you thought this place was an echo chamber before

    Edit: I guess I’m the only one seeing comment duplicate and triplicate comments today.

      1. Don’t take my comment too seriously, @atomicsentinel (@AT), I was just pointing out the bug with WordPress. Am I the only one seeing duplicates and triplicates?

      1. Boy, do you have me wrong, K-Bob! Also, please see my reply to AT just below.

        OK, Above. WP lists replies in opposite order from Disqus.

        1. Ah. I get it.

          Yeah, sarcasm doesn’t work in print. It should, but it sadly requires context or the /sarc tag. Sometimes both.

          BTW, if you see it again, try for a screenshot & send it to Scoop. Doc had that Issue yesterday, but Scoop couldn’t see it on his machine.

          (I’ve seen it before, but not lately)

          1. I thought my point was obvious because I thought that everyone was seeing the duplicates that I’m seeing.

            Your comment is here twice.

            And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance on using sarcasm.

  35. Feisty☀️Floridian
    Lindsay Graham supports President Trumps National Security Declaration, he is the only one who has been vocal about it. Where is Sen. Ted Cruz?
    Who are the ones helping the President help us?

  36. I don’t know that an Article V COS could do anything regarding this issue but it sure can deal with a lot of problems that hurt this nation and We the People. It is the only way to deal with Congress. Today is just another day where the belief that Congress will never fix itself is reinforced.

  37. We don’t need negotiations to find a deal, there’s a real National Emergency at the border. Lee and the other RINOs are wrong…

    1. @mst3k

      I can appreciate your frustration… I share it. But Lee is and never has been a RINO.

      1. I’m a fan of Lee, but disappointed with this decision. I guess i should have typed Lee and the RINOs…

  38. Trump has worked with demon-rats and rinos for months to get our borders secured, what does Lee expect him to do, I guess nothing as always, smh…

    1. I never thought I would be so disappointed and angry with what mike is doing and with ted hesitating on his decision. My God his state is on the front lines

        1. @proud-nana

          When I read this, the first thing I thought is – are they all drinking the same Koolaid there in D.C.?

  39. Thats one of the strongest and articulate openings Mark Levin has ever made. And he has made many outstanding arguments for or against issues. Mark doesn’t hold back and I for one am glad he does not. He proves every day no one controls Mark but Mark.

  40. And this is why we have only talked about securing the border for decades but nothing gets done.

    1. Eh, on my station it’s Joe pags right now…what happened? I’m at Mark’s site to listen

      1. He’s as frustrated as we are at these so called constitutionalist senators. Mentioned Lee briefly very disappointed. Defending Trump’s decision as constitutional. Strongly denouncing these Senators as wrong on all fronts of their arguments against Trump’s national emergency act.

      1. Try to catch his podcast if you can so you can hear the opening segment. It was awesome, passionate and truth to the core. He didn’t hold back he let it fly. Thats the old school way.

          1. I believe the word he used in referring to these so called constitutionalist senators was “fools or foolish”.

      1. I will stop supporting all of them. They are clearly not concerned about the average citizen.

        1. Cheeto, I get stuff in my email and by snail mail from most of them and I just trash it, all talk and no action.

            1. Cheeto, yep and he’s worked his behind off with no help from them, this whole mess could have been taken care of before the election.

  41. I am now disgusted with Mike Lee. If Congress refuses to protect the American people why should we give them all the power here?? This is sick.

    1. @cheetobuster I’m shocked to be honest. Americans are murdered by illegals while the illegals roam freely across our borders and across our Country.

      1. I am so sick of these so called “righteous” republicans. How can they be so stupid not to see the end game here??

        1. I could not agree more @cheetobuster . They act like a national emergency has never been used before and we damn sure have one at our borders.


          There’s a bigger endgame at stake than you realize, CB. But nah whatever, let’s scorch the earth to win.

          1. You are sick and demented. Americans are being murdered and raped by these illegals. Children are being used in sex trafficking and you laugh. Take your righteous idiotic attitude and shove it. Some of us live in the present and understand what happens when this lunacy is allowed to continue. Mike Lee has turned coward.

                1. Yeah, you’re the type that thinks they are smart but couldn’t take action while the gun was pointing at your head because you had to think what was right first. Too late…dead.

                2. A smart person doesn’t get a gun pointed at their head in the first place. They exercise foresight, rather than just dumbly reacting to everything they allow to happen to them.

                3. Its called defending oneself from harm before it happens. Self righteousness does nothing but put you in danger. You might want to educate yourself and look up the dangers of self righteousness.

                4. Yea, that’s what the smart person does.

                  But you’re not pitching a smart person scenario. You’re pitching the dumb dumb who already has a gun to his head. What kind of dummy gets himself into that position.

                5. See how dumb and self righteous you are, you didn’t even understand your self righteousness is what put the gun to your head in the first place. I’m done with your idiocy now.

    2. Levin’s right. If Lee’s gonna go all “Constitutional” on this, let’s see him start campaigning and working to dismantle the “Alphabet Agencies” that write statutes carrying fines and jail time for violating them. What the hell is Constitutional about that?

      1. That’s right. What is he doing about Sanctuary cities? They aren’t legal in America!

        1. Yep! I’m in Arizona. Remember our infamous “SB 1070”? We were told our local and state cops COULD NOT inquire about “immigration status” if they suspected someone in their control was in the Country illegally because it was the purview of the Federal Government. Yet they continue to allow cities and now entire States to declare themselves “Sanctuary” without so much as a pip. I always thought Lee was “Incorruptible”. Looks like DC finally got to him. It’s like a “Super Massive Black Hole” where Liberty cannot escape.

  42. I would agree with Lee, if it weren’t for the fact that Congress is a bunch of idiotic do-nothings who haven’t even passed a basic appropriations bill in regular order for many years.

    Someone in this country needs to have emergency power or at least some power to get something done. Especially with a clear emergency, like the Dems and the liberal judges have given us on the border.

    1. I don’t think Lee’s problem is someone having emergency power. I think it’s that person being able to use the word “emergency” arbitrarily whenever he doesn’t get his way with Congress.

      1. Which goes back to the fact that Congress is completely non-functional. If Congress doesn’t want to give away this arbitrary power, then they need to start functioning and stop spending all their time chasing pointless investigations, grandstanding, and fundraising for their endless series of campaigns.

        1. Why should they? What is the American electorate going to do about it? Nothing. Not a damned thing. And come re-election time, they’ll happily vote for more of the same because gosh we can’t let the other guy win that’d be tragic.

          Don’t blame Congress for a failure that lies with the American people. If we can’t be bothered to stand by our principles and demand representative government, and if we can’t be bothered to abandon a bad candidate for fear of a worse one, then we deserve the Congress (and the would-be benevolent dictator President, both the current and previous) we vote for.

  43. Dear Senator Lee,
    “Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, was arrested Monday night in connection with the murder of 59-year-old Bambi Larson; police say he stalked her before stabbing her to death.”
    Your vote isn’t much comfort for Ms. Larson’s family and those murdered before her and those who will be murdered in the future by illegals.

    1. Ahh, emotional guilt to distract from objective facts so that we can misplace the blame. That’s the conservative way.

      (This wasn’t about illegals – it was about emergencies. And, “We tried to cut a deal, the President didn’t appear interested.”)

      1. @atomicsentinel Do you smoke a big ole fat blunt before you comment? Just curious? @landscaper @proud-nana @nc-checks-and-balances @ruthiedoggiemom @cheetobuster @msliberty I’m betting the answer is “Why yes. Yes, I do.”

    2. @landscaper Ms. Larson may not be as young and pretty as Kate Steinle was, but it’s the exact same story. 😡

  44. Not to worry. Lee was just on CBS touting the new Paid Family Leave proposal. Once good men enter politics they NEVER become better men. Sad to watch politics claim another conservative hero.

  45. What’s the difference between R’s and D’s any day?

    I don’t know why people keep voting for them.

    1. Rhetorical question, right? We all know if they wanted to do it, they would’ve. McConnell has no problem getting done what he wants done.

    2. Spending bills requires 60 votes in the Senate doesn’t it?

      Not a “gotcha question”. It’s a legit one…

  46. I watched his interview on LevinTV a while back and did not get a good feeling about him. He proved me right. Gut feelings are more reliable than you think. Just ask women. I believe they are more in tuned with them than us men.

  47. Mike Lee is pushing paid family leave using your very own confiscated money from SS. Mike. Lee. Ugh!

  48. It feels like I’m on breitbart today. So many here are villifying Lee instead of arguing the merits of their position. TRS used to be above that.

      1. Personally I am with Lee on his original tweet. Yes there is a serious issue on the border, but we should limit the scope of what the executive can legally call an “Emergency.” A mere vote on Lee’s part does not undue any constitutional principle and I’m not going to hold it against him, because even though I may have a few disagreements with Lee, I don’t think we have anyone better. Elections have consequences, that’s what I said when Trump won and that’s what I say now that the Ds won the house. The fault here is not Lee’s. It’s the feckless Republicans who did nothing during the 2 years they held the house.

    1. Um, we are arguing the merits. You don’t legislate from behind like Lee wants to do. What’s your argument?

    2. I don’t think he is being vilified.

      However, if your house is burning down & your family & everything inside it that you love & worked hard for but your only option to get water to your house is by breaking a law or ANY way to save your house, what is your choice! You do what you need to do to save it or ALL is lost.

            1. That is really sick!!!!! I miss being able to block morons…you were one that I had blocked!

              1. Tell you what. Since you’re so bothered by it, I’ll give you the courtesy of a reasoned, non-sarcastic response to your post.

                “but your only option to get water to your house is by breaking a law”

                This is the mentality that is going to destroy conservatism. This, right here. This is not conservatism. This is not in keeping with the values of our Constitution. (And don’t dare try to compare it to the acts of the American Revolutionaries, because they weren’t breaking the law of a Constitutional society that defends individual rights. They were breaking the law of a tyranny.)

                If your house is on fire, you do NOT gain the right to knock down your neighbors fence, steal his hose, bash his car windows in to run it through them, and then turn on his water. You might do it because it’s necessary but it is still a wrongful act. It’s intentional property damage and theft. You have deprived your neighbor of his rights.

                Now, wrongful does not mean unforgivable. We might rationalize it as necessary, and thus absolve you of the wrongdoing. But if we don’t then you’d better damn well be willing to face accountability for your actions. The moment you start thinking you can act with impunity because “you need to” – you open a very, very bad door (which, btw, is the one that was opened to put this nation in the state it’s currently in).

                Now, insofar as a wall is concerned – here’s my personal opinion (something I very infrequently share): If Donald wants to go the emergency route, then fine. But once he’s secured his construction, he should step down as the President. Because OK, we “needed” to do it. But he couldn’t do it right, with Congress – so instead he did it wrong. I want accountability for that, and if he won’t resign his position then I say impeach him.

                Just like your house, if you’ve damaged my fence and my car to put out your fire, fine. But you’d better damn well pay to repair both. And if you don’t, I’m going to sue you for the damages.

                What sickens me, msl, is to see the right-wing – vis-a-vis Donald – embracing this utterly disgusting and morally reprehensible mindset that the ends justify the means due to a need-basis. That is straight up f-ing leftism. That is their core collectivist principle. And here we are espousing it on the right.

                Take issue with my dark sarcasm and irreverence all you want, but so-called people on the right advocating THAT bullshit is sicker than anything that ever comes out of MY mouth.

    3. Well, see, we need a magical wall to stop the opiates and rape gangs that originate with illegal brown people who are a very serious problem. They’re so much of a problem that we give them lots of money and health care and have no intention of stopping that. It’ll be $590 trillion dollars which we don’t have and since we’re the party of fiscal restraint we’re just going to borrow that from our great-grandkids, and if they’re bled dry we’ll just devalue the dollar because that’s how you solve problems.

      Lee is wrong because this is an emergency that we’ve never really thought of as an emergency in all the time it’s not actually been an emergency because the status quo hasn’t changed, but which it is now because Donald is a crappy negotiator even though he promised he’s a 12-level genius that plays 95th dimensional chess with extremely large hands who would get us said magical wall. Plus, we don’t want Hillary to win the election in 2020 because Ruth Bader isn’t going to die until then so like, emergency.


    4. So whatever mike lee says is correct and how dare we question him! I am not going to be like the Obama zombies, Mike lee is wrong

      1. Clearly that’s not what I said, and by putting words in my mouth you are only proving my point.

    5. @mdarbygr Oh please, everyone has a right to an opinion, including you. Mike Lee is not acting like the Mile Lee I’ve respected for many years and I have the right to say so.

  49. Very disappointing mike! We are here and some are not here because of the total incompetence or evilness of the house and senate. Stick your vote where the sun don’t shine, and good for trump for sticking to his guns. Vote against trump, you’re voting for open borders you scumbags

    1. Chill out bro. He doesn’t vote the way you like just one time & he’s worse than Benedict Arnold.

      I can respect a guy that stands on principle when it’ll hurt him instead of doing something because it’s politically expedient/scumbaggish to do.

      With everything going on if you think Lee is the enemy, you’re fighting the wrong battle

      1. I don’t feel him as the enemy but he is wrong here, he picked a wrong time to try to bribe a president for the support in his vote. Where was he for six years of Obama abusing his power?! Obama would have have vetoed but they didn’t want to make the effort. Trump is not abusing his power and lee wants to make the stand now ?! You can’t see a problem here?! We are being flooded with illegals and every day means something and he wants to send the signal to trump we will override your veto and let the flood of illegals go on with no resistance. Lee is fighting the wrong battle!! Ask the families of victims killed by these animals coming across the boarder.

      2. Let me also state, maybe illegals haven’t touched your life , I really don’t know but what I do know my life is touched every day with these illegals. After all the taxes the government steals from me to allow the flood of illegals into my area to compete with me in my line of work. So yes this is a very big deal to me and I take as a attack on me by my government

      3. It’s not about the number of times. Don’t be absurd.

        One time is all it takes if it’s the wrong vote on an issue that could destroy the nation.

  50. So it would have been legal for Lee if he had received something in the negotiations??? That doesn’t sound like him.

    Also, I would like to remind Lee that he is still a Senator and not a Supreme Court Judge.

    1. I doubt Lee was negotiating whether he’ll change his opinion of the legality. I think the point of the negotiations was to give the president what he wants from (what he expects to get out of) the national emergency declaration and then let him revoke or end the declaration.

      Lee is very solid. We’re fortunate to have him in the Senate and we’d be fortunate to have him on the Supreme Court. Still, there’ll be times we disagree with any given person…because the *only* person you can agree with 100% of the time is yourself.

      1. But how could Lee negotiate that without Nancy?

        (And I’m not ready to impeach Lee just yet.)

  51. “We should use this moment as an opportunity to start taking that power back.”

    Umm, that’s fine Mr. Lee, but not by legislating from behind. What Trump did was totally legal and YOU admitted to that much! Go ahead and change the law, but you can’t go back and retroactively change it! Now YOU are setting a bad precedence! This is how ineffective our Republicans are people! But even Mike Lee!?? Very surprised. What did these Republicans do with the illegal DACA??

    1. He’s voting this way cause he believes the POTUS shouldn’t have this power to begin with. It’s a fair criticism to make & his opinion isn’t an unwarranted one.

      Should power be taken back by the socialist Dems (God forbid), do you want them to have this power & put it on overdrive? Imagine these psychopath Dems declaring a nat’l emergency on “climate change” & implementing every word of the Green New Deal by executive decision. What would stop them???

      1. First of all, the Demos won’t do that with Climate change because the vast majority of Americans don’t agree with them on the climate hysteria. If they thought they would get public support, they would have done it just like Obama did with DACA.

        Finally, if he believes POTUS shouldn’t have that power, fine–I agree with that too, but I wouldn’t go back in time and change the law. You change it for the future! PERIOD!

    2. What about taking the power back from unelected bureaucrats that are de facto law makers? Lee has his priorities skewed and needs called out.

      1. What about taking the power back from self-serving aristocrats who only care about their own wealth and status, and who no longer have to answer to the people they claim to represent.

        Oh wait, that’s our job. And we abdicate it because we’re cowards that live in terror and shackle ourselves to binary systems.

    1. So true. They are so going to respect what the weak republicans are doing that they will never ever in a million trillion years ever overreach again. And we all lived happily ever after.

  52. REALLY??? It’s legal, but gee, we shouldn’t let the executive branch have this power so let’s throw it out the law!?

    Now…when there actually IS an emergency.

    The swamp has claimed another victim.

    1. Yep let’s wait for Congress to act, while they’re filling out their 1200 page bill for the emergency which will include all the pork they want to slip through. They are truly lowlifes, I truly hate them and the rest of the dc scum

  53. Never lump Murkowski, collins and lee together. There are huge differences here. Lee is doing it to forestall future executive overreach and defend the limited executive power in the constitution. Murkowski and Collins are voting the same way so as not to offend illegal immigrant supporting constituents. Big difference. Only one of these is a conservative, principled stand.

  54. Does anybody honestly think that the crazy lefties who c r a v e power won’t do it regardless! If they will murder a born alive baby, they will never ever stop at ANYTHING.

    Our side is all about principle & bending over…..yeah, that’s worked out well while the Nation flies apart.

  55. Betrayal! BETRAYAL I SAY!


    lol, whatever. Who cares anymore. This is ridiculous. We absolutely have the government, all three branches, that we deserve.

  56. Lee’s not a looney. If he votes ‘no’ he has a good reason. Something in those meetings set him off. And, I’m assuming, the slippery slope this would present in the future did as well.

    1. NO! We need to not make excuses just because a law maker passed laws we liked previously.

      If he thinks it’s an overreach, then let him pass a bill to rescind the law that was passed by congress. Not do it the democrat way and just IGNORE the law!

      1. @SheerPolitics Not making excuses. He’s always been sound and reasonable. I’m not throwing him under the bus because he doesn’t agree with Trump. No way. Lee is proven Conservative. Trump is faux.

        1. I don’t throw him under the bus because he disagrees with Trump, but because he’s WRONG on this. One thing that has been pointed out is Trump is not allocating new money. He’s just moving around money, like from the military–something that is in his power to do even without the emergency declaration.

          Trump has been the most conservative president since Reagan and I don’t say that lightly–I wasn’t a suporter before he was elected. He’s also been the most vilified by the left and the establishment RINOs.

          Congress created this law that Trump (as well as other presidents, such as Obama) is using. If they don’t like it now, they should change the law, not arbitrarily try to refuse him this right, because its Trump declaring the emergency.

          1. @sheerpolitics Is there a need to throw him under the bus at all? Lee has been solid. Saying Trump is the most conservative since Reagan, considering the line-up between, is not really saying much. And don’t forget his cave to Pelosi. I think this emergency powers talk is just like the gov’t shutdown talk…just talk.

    2. We have been slipping down the slope for decades. Halting the onslaught of future democratic voters is a major way of doing that. Mike Lee’s timing couldn’t be worse. He says it is legal but will not vote for it. When all those future democratic voters that are crossing our border start voting Mike Lee won’t be voting anymore for anything as a Senator.

  57. I hope this guy never gets on the supreme court. He would end up being worse than Roberts.

    Just plow ahead President Trump. Ignore these pansies in the republican party. Veto their bill and move on and do what we vote for you to do and what is as legal as it comes.

    1. Lee is in the top 5 conservatives on conservativereview with a 100% libertyscore.
      Fine, you disagree with this decision, but good luck finding anyone better on the other 99% of issues

      1. When we need him the most he failed us on the most troubling issue facing this nation. Ben Sasse has a good liberty score too but in reality he is useless when it comes to getting in the trenches and fighting. Much like Lee. They are both a couple of goody two shoes who refuse to get dirty because they are all so virtuous and knowing. Sometimes you fight fire with fire to put out the fire.

  58. Congress doesn’t get anything done when they have all 3 chambers (ala ole crazy eyes). Something HAS to be done about the border, illegal immigrants issue. At least Trump is trying. Does ANYONE in DC give a rip about us, the little people? Today, another illegal caught (for the umpteenth time) after MURDERING a woman in her own home. It’s all beyond ridiculous.

    1. Hi Hidy!!!

      I think about this pretty much every day & it really really bothers me! The stupid politicians only use us for votes but care nothing at all about what we think or want. I am so tired of their worn out line, “I’ll fight for you”… you will not! You will only fight for your own golden parachute!

      I feel like all we do is post here to vent, but really, does it change anything? I call politicians all the time & voice my opinion, but I don’t know what else to do. We need to all be unified & come up with a way to actually be heard & taken seriously.

      1. @msliberty Hi MissL, yep. I’m not even sure if venting is helping, at this point. I’m sick of this issue, sick of this topic. And every time I hear of any effort towards dealing w/ it is FOILED, my blood boils once again.

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