BREAKING VIDEO: Ranchers And Protesters Block Highway, Seized Bundy Cattle RELEASED

Earlier today we reported on the story that the BLM had backed off from their round-up of the Bundy family’s cattle. After that agreement was reached, however, the protest did not end. As reported by Fox News, ranchers, concerned citizens, and protesters joined together in a new demonstration demanding the release of the already seized cattle, which the Bureau had originally stated would be sold.

At this hour, the citizens outside the fences have won their second battle of the day, as video is just coming out of those cattle being released.

The protesters shut down I-15 and openly carried firearms and rushed the BLM gate. Eventually, however, BLM relented and agreed to release the cattle.

As we reported earlier, this story is not over yet. Stick with The Right Scoop for more breaking news as it happens.

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131 thoughts on “BREAKING VIDEO: Ranchers And Protesters Block Highway, Seized Bundy Cattle RELEASED

  1. Since we cannot know very much about the intricate details of the gadgets, gizmos, and gasoline that we depend upon, we have no choice but to rely upon the liberty of others to produce, deliver, and improve them.

  2. It is now known that the reason for the attack on the rancher is (apparently) because of a land grab. They want the land for solar panels. It’s not over, and they will get the land.

  3. Eye witness feedback on the FOX report of the cause of the Federal capitulation near Bunkerville NV

  4. I agree with others on this thread…it is NOT over, they’ve only fallen back to regroup and get more favorable media coverage. The BLM and their commie masters in the White Mosque will order them to redouble their efforts under cover of darkness and after all the TV cameras have gone home.

    1. They never sleep. They never give up.

      Their funds have no limit – Boehner and Cantor have made sure of that.

  5. It’s a rope-a-dope.. The federal government never..never backs down. They will be back probably at 3 am to bag and tag the bundys as they sleep. Prepare yourselves..its.coming.

    1. I suspect Harry Reid and company have seen the hole they’ve dug themselves into and have decided to back off.

      It’s gotten too “hot” since people like Dana Loesch have been revealing Reid’s activities.

      My guess is that it may not even get to court since participating in legal proceedings takes the risk of revealing underlying motivations.

      Still, you’re right, DirtDriver. Harry Reid and company may wait a few months to let things cool down and then try different tactics like using the IRS or the EPA or just picking some laws out of thin air to chase out Mr. Bundy and shut down his ranch.

  6. Yes, well this was covered in depth by the MSM, OK most of it, er, some of it at least maybe here and there a snippet. But what was covered was covered in a very un biased way…sort of. Not.

    Ask 100 people on the street what they know about this and get ready for a blank stare fest.

    1. Wherever I’ve seen it covered it always makes the Bundy family out as to be the villains and the poor old BLM was just trying to do their job. On Yahoo this is how they are spinning the truth:

      “The dispute less than 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas between rancher Cliven Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management had simmered for days. Bundy had stopped paying fees for grazing his cattle on the government land and officials said he had ignored court orders.

      Anti-government groups, right-wing politicians and gun-rights activists camped around Bundy’s ranch to support him in a standoff that tapped into long-simmering anger in Nevada and other Western states, where vast tracts of land are owned and governed by federal agencies.

      The bureau had called in a team of armed rangers to Nevada to seize the 1,000 head of cattle on Saturday but backed down in the interests of safety.”

      Anti government, right wing, gun rights activists……you know, the bad guys….

  7. Somebody needs to start a legal defense fund for the Bundy’s.This is not over.Reid needs to be investigated as well.

  8. First I would like to wish you all a happy Palm Sunday!Second I would like to say,”Let freedom ring”God bless America!

  9. Cattle rustlers are hung-that overpass would have been as a good as a tree. Hang’em high.

  10. Harry Reid and his “deal” with the Chinese played a part in this land grab:

    As soon as this came to light…the BLM backed down! It had zero to do with the desert tortoise…because BLM let Google build a big solar complex on “protected” land that is now FRYING birds. And Harry was going to sell the land to the Chinese!

    Huge amount of respect for the ranchers! Let’s keep this “resistance” going!!!

  11. The government better look at the crowds starting to show up with arms. This is showing that Americans are tiring of the Obama Regime and its followers who live in ivory towers and dictate based on feelings and illegal power.
    This could have been the spark necessary to begin the people fighting back violently to shake off the yolk of tyranny from a government unable to understand how stupid and useless it is.
    Now it is time to begin removing people like Mr. Collins and Harry Reid from power. Furthermore, it is time to look at the Chinese Solar Power project and see who really was benefiting from it.
    It is time.

  12. This great news for the Bundy family, too bad about the other ranchers who have been already forced off the land and out of business. Fox needs to get up to speed, this didn’t start last week, it started 20 years ago. I’ll bet when the heat dies down the feds will hassle Bundy in other areas. Hope his taxes are in order.

    1. Fox News has reached a point where I find it difficult to watch most shows. Their website is still a good source. Watch Kurtz coverage of this today or Wallace, if he covers it, and I am certain they will present the so-called facts with a lefty bias.

    2. If you think Fox is a conservative network you’re sadly mistaken. They also do very little investigative journalism. Usually just some loudmouth like Shep Smith, O’Reilly, and Hannity sitting in front of the camera and bloviating.

      1. They don’t do any research at all. I started to watch the Kelly file the other night but she was totally clueless about what was REALLY going on and actually thought Bundy was wrong and breaking the law. I stopped listening immediately..who needs that. Hannity was the same; he had no clue why this was happening, buying the crap about the tortoises. On the other hand, at least they were reporting on it…give credit where credit is due: Info Wars was the only source of what was actually going on and I give credit to this website for covering it accurately, unlike HotAir which did not cover it at all until just a couple of days ago with absolutely no research and not a clue of what was going on. Pretty pathetic.

        1. IMO,the SRM,including Fox is guilty of dereliction of duty!It is time the SRM becomes extinct.

      2. Refresh my memory, where did I state FOX is conservative? Although they are better than anything else out there, with Geraldo, Williams and Colmes on board I wouldn’t consider them conservative.

  13. I’m tearing up.
    The American spirit lives!
    Liberty draws breath!
    Keep up the fight!
    There is hope!.
    Thank you God!

    1. Remember…These are ALL conservatives! liberals are too stupid to rally for a worthy cause like this!

      Vote in November….Votes straight Republican!

      1. No, vote straight conservative. Not all Republicans are conservative. Do your homework before you vote.

  14. They released the cattle? Good. Maybe someone told Obama that the Feds were rounding up illegal trespassers but he thought they were talking about illegal aliens and ordered them released.

  15. I am so supremely proud of all the people who were supporting Mr. Bundy.

    What truly superb and smart Americans they are.

    As far as I’ve seen and heard, they were quite angry and very pointed with the federal agents, but that’s it.

    No destroying anything. No physically attacking the agents or any other people.

    The federal agents tried to be as intimidating as possible with dogs and helicopters and sirens. It was almost like the they were goading the people into attacking them. The people didn’t fall for it.

    In fact it was the agents who did the physical harming!

    To me, the supporters of Mr. Bundy are such honourable people. What a contrast to most of the members of Congress!

    1. Truly a good ending for the day. The people kept their moral standing in spite of an intimidating attack by an out of control government.

  16. The most important thing about this entire incident,is the fact that militarized federal agents threatened to shoot and kill innocent American citizens that were practicing their first amendment rights.This is beyond the pale!Somebody had get to the bottom of this and all involved need to be brought to justice!The people are sovereign!I can’t even begin to explain how angry I am over this incident!Words escape me.If Reid is involved,and I believe he is,then he should be perped walked to the nearest gallows!!

    1. On his broadcast Friday (11 April), Alex Jones cited a Reuters report from 2012, which was about a Reid/Chi-Com solar panel outfit deal to use this area for development. Of the 53 ranchers who have occupied the land in past years, Bundy is the last man standing in the way of Reid`s deal with the Chinese….

    2. I have never been a fan of Alex Jones, can hardly stand to listen, however…I think he nailed Harry Reid & the Chinese & the Eco~Fascist Solar Energy Freaks quite well on this… I took the link off the Drudge Report for you….

      “Last night, we revealed how the feds were using the Bureau of Land Management to bully and intimidate ranchers like Bundy, pushing them off public land in order to pave the way for lucrative “green energy” projects backed by the Communist Chinese government and linked to Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

      The story went viral, taking the number one spot on the Viral News Chart website and becoming the most trafficked story on the web thanks to syndication by news powerhouse the Drudge Report”.

      ed. – addition

    3. It is important to acknowledge the fact that there are still people working within the federal government who have enough sense to back down. I am very thankful for the fact that they didn’t let their pride get the best of them.

      1. I agree.But that does not excuse the fact that federal agents were threatening to do bodily harm to the citizens.

        1. People on both sides stepped over the line and both sides managed to show necessary restraint. I think the feds went way too far and finally had the good sense to realize they were the aggressors and the only ones who could back down to save the day.

    4. Nobody will do any thing to reid. Now if it was a Republican governor who had a traffic jam in his state that’s a whole nother matter!!

      1. It’s the thin blue line that enables liberty throughout the world. If that line ever fails here, the world will descend into Orwellian territory. One party, zero prosperity.

    1. “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the People’s Liberty teeth.”
      General and 1st U.S. President George Washington

      “A Free People ought not to be only armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of Independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own govt”
      General and 1st U.S. President George Washington

      Freedom isn’t Free, and We the People must be ever vigilant in defending our Freedoms and Rights from an overreaching abusive federal govt, or forever be at their mercy and rule.

      “The Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it.”
      ~ Elmer Davis~

  17. Transmissions from micro-robotic, fly-on-the wall in a certain easily-recognized residence…

    Unknown Voice#1: So, all in all this practice roundup was a bit of a mess, but your men got the practice they need at herding via helicopter?

    Unknown Voice#2: Yes Sir. We believe the losses during the herding were within expected parameters.

    Unknown Voice#1: And the time to organize was actually pretty slow, right?

    Unknown Voice#2: Absolutely. We thought they’d get to large demonstration status much faster. We actually had to use the “clumsy provocations” tactics to speed things up. After all, the exercise was supposed to stay within budget, and time is money.

    Unknown Voice#1: I thought I’d proved that old adage to be false.

    Unknown Voice#2: Yes Sir.

      1. Please stop.

        We all know Jeb, McCain, Christie, and other RINO’s aren’t well liked for good reason but when you throw Rand Paul in the mix it’s just as bad when a liberal calls one racist to end the debate.

        You’re being intellectually dishonest and I will always call you out on it when you do that.

        1. You can “call” all you like. The one you need to “call” is Rand. When you get ahold of him, tell him to stop with the pandering to the open-borders libertarians.

          1. Im glad you mentioned libertarians. I could have assumed you laughably thought he was taking a liberals approach to open borders. But mentioning libertarians is actually very revealing of how you inevitably throw liberty ambitious policies under the bus. All Rands arguments will eventually lead to the states to decide what they want for themselves and if you can’t even view that as a reasonable approach then I’m afraid you are just giving up any appeal a conservative has in this nation.

            1. (emphasis added)

              I want to show what conservatives would or can accept,” he said in describing his plan. “If we assimilate those who are here, however they got here — don’t make it an easy path for citizenship. There would be an eventual path, but we don’t make anybody tomorrow a citizen who came here illegally. But if they’re willing to work, willing to pay taxes, I think we need to normalize those who are here.

              Rand Paul

              Clear as optical-grade quartz.

              1. And what Rand leaves out–most of these people DON’T CARE about becoming citizens. They want to come up here, work for a few years, send the money back to Mexico and then move back home. If they wanted to become part of our country, they would respect our laws.

                1. Exactly. Whatever they are, they are not “immigrants.” Most are Mexican men who come here to make money to send back to Mexico. It’s not a racist thing, it’s simply a demographic fact.

                  And those men usually get back home once or twice a year. Those American dollars still buy more in Mexico than the Peso does.

                2. Exactly, and they claim 8 dependents while they’re here to avoid taxes. I’ve worked with them and I’ve heard some brag about how they save up and go back home to “live like a king” then return when broke. I go into a lot of packing plants now and there are a lot of OTM’s too, mostly southeast Asia and Africa. Just using the little town of Junction City, IA as an example, the old downtown section had about equal signs in Spanish and English with close to a quarter in Lao or Thai.

                3. The moment we get more attached to personalities than to principles, we begin to get disoriented. Be prepared to jettison anyone–even Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, or Ted Cruz–if they advocate policies destructive to our constitutional republic. Politics is no place for unconditional love.

            2. On immigration, there needs to be a united front. You cannot have states just deciding whether or not to allow illegals. All that does is allow illegals to come through the open states and then eventually spread everywhere else. But there is not attempt by either the crony capitalist rhinos or the democrats to come up with a plan that will allow in legal residents, and yet deter illegal access.

              1. I wholeheartedly agree. I was just talking in more of a broad of what consistently you will get with Rand Paul where conservatives would like that consistency and integrity that they won’t get from even a Paul Ryan but I guess if immigration is that important to those then Rand Paul Then I could understand how Rand would be a deal breaker.

                I just hope this is what most are capable of understanding before they totally part ways with Rand Paul and fellow conservatives supporting Rand Paul.

            1. Excellent! I knew there were many Libertarians who believe in strong borders. As far as I’m concerned the fundamental aspect of libertarianism isn’t just “never initiate violence.” It’s a firm belief in the vital nature of property ownership as *the* fundamental aspect of liberty.

              But if you have no borders, you really can’t have property.

  18. I’m actually glad Obama didn’t fly down there in a helicopter and declare martial law on a big megaphone. I bet he looked into it.

  19. The #WEThePeople Posse makes it’s presence felt AGAIN ….

    We are with you #BundyRanch protestors … you are EMBOLDENING other Americans who cannot be there geographically, but are with you in spirit



    Repatriate stolen cattle!

    #BeClingers —————–> #AmericaRISING

    1. Sorry K-Bob,
      Not sure why you say it is Mr Jones Territory. The issue isn’t with Mr Jones but with federal intrusion and confiscation without the powers to do so. And besides that all this action is connected too Senator Harry Reid’s connections to the Chinese Government.
      At any rate thank goodness the local sheriff was able to call off the wolves and for that the animals should be thankful.

      1. I relate it to Jones because he’s famous for picking at something until he can find a way to make it sound as ominous as possible.

        We don’t have to assume this means what it seems to mean, but we don’t have to ignore the implications, either.

        1. K-Bob your a great person and I understand your concerns, besides you know we have great conservitive fighters , Rush, Levin, Hannity, and many others and they generally come with great information that Americans should know. Mr Levin is a fire brand once he gets fire up he has a no holds barred indignation against these Democrat parasites and their groups, and who can help but have the highest respect and gratitude for Mr Levin’s courage. And so it seems to be with the infowars channel. If you look at the report infowars brought out from the start of this stand off up to yesterday no one can deny no other news reports were forth coming by anyone, that is until the infowars broke the story after receiving a call for help from Mr Bundy. I think between the story, the actions of infowars and Mr Bundy we all have to agree infowars did a great job in spreading the information and getting the truth out. Then came Hannity, Rush, Mr Levin and finally though distorted, we heard a new blip here and there in the mainstream media. I hate to think what would have happened to Mr Bundy, his family and property if it weren’t for news Blogs like infowars who courageously spoke out.
          We Americans are very good at talking and staying calm when we should be mad as hell and ready to stand up to these liberal environmentalist communist enemies inside our nation and our government.
          I’m not sure what type of awards are given to media blogs for such spectacular and professional reporting that was/is being done on the Nevada scene by infowars reporter Mr Knight, the man went to the scene and put himself right in the middle between Mr Bundy and these federal miscreants. I can’t recall any other media that had people on site doing interviews with the citizens and local officials as did infowars. Mr Knights efforts is not something any of us should take likely.
          There is just no way we should throw the baby out with the bath water and yes Mr Jones gets angry and explodes I’ll give you that but I’ll take a screaming patriot over lily-livered liars and cowards any day.
          What we/America needs are more American cowboys and cowgirls who are ready to ride against the wind of tyranny that is not coming but is here now in our mist.
          K-Bob your a great person whom I have the highest respect and I appreciate reading your posted reports here on TRScoop.
          As a great patriot once said we all hang together or we all hang separately. Just as these miscreant murdered the 16 year old boy on a side dirt road when he all he was doing was riding his bicycle, sadly the poor kid probably had no idea his life was danger, and that same for to many of us Americans, we realized our lives and our families are in serious danger.

          1. We have some “problem children” on our side for sure. Jones and “Savage” are in the liability column, and Beck is on the line. However, all three have had their shining moments (even Savage). Each of these folks has done a great job of breaking certain news stories, and all three have had some very important interviews. In fact, the National Enquirer, for all of its lurid strangeness and its totally made up stories, has broken a few stories that have had national importance (most recently the John Edwards affair that sunk his campaign), and they do not go out of their way to protect any politician.

            So, very few of them are *all* bad.

            The same goes for conservatives like Rubio, Huckabee, Rand Paul, and several others who are mostly great conservatives, but are so fully behind amnesty for illegals that we cannot trust them on that issue. I think we need to have Rubio in the Senate. Just not anywhere near the White House.

            So I get what you’re writing about here.

            It’s like you have to know your players to trust the score. The bottom line is we should always welcome efforts that help restore the Constitution and preserve liberty, regardless of who it comes from. So as much as I can be quick to criticize folks, I’m happy to congratulate any of them for a job well done.

            Thanks for the kind words!

    2. Jones can be out there at times. However, in this day in time, the types of things that, a few years ago, we’d be joking about ‘tin foil hats’, are actually happening.

  20. Why is that fox reporter acting as if Bundy is a freeloader?

    He had agreements with the State that the BLM decided to rescind unilaterally.

    Besides, if the feds want to protect the desert tortoise, why kill over 1,000?

    Harry Reid needs to be asked what he has tasked his ex-Chief of Staff to do, that currently heads the BLM. Interesting.

    Dana Loesch broke what is really going on;

    1. Harry Reid is not an A$$HOLE, he’s the contents of an A$$HOLE.

      What a stinking slime wad and a crook. A dirty rotten crook like the rest of the Democrat party.

      My gosh. What brazen corruption.

    2. All of that pales in comparison to armed federal agents threatening to shoot and kill American citizens for practicing their rights as sovereign.Nevertheless,we do need to get to the bottom of this incident,and those responsible need to be brought to justice.I too suspect that Dingy Harry Reid is involved deeply.

    3. Because main stream media has to make Bundy look bad somehow. Leaving out pertinent information and “reporting” mis information is what MSM does best!

  21. This is off topic and somewhat random (sorry) but I wish there was a Rand Paul supporters forum…. It is only getting closer now. There’s no site where supporters can come together and share thoughts and ideas. I wish I had the capabilities to make it happen but I simply don’t. -_-

    1. Not many Rand Paul fans here I guess. I’m not and flat out don’t like his father or his groupies. Start a Facebook page or your own blog. What’s the big deal?

      1. To your question he may very well become our next president.

        I would like to say it is people like me specifically around my age (millennial) that is carrying that long standing conservative torch that has dominated the political landscape here in America. It is people like you who clearly cannot grasp holding onto old school ideals only hurts the conservative perception and thus left wingers will have great clutches of power/influence that they haven’t ever seen before.

        I admittedly don’t come to this site often but I am pretty sure you are mistaken by the lack of Rand Paul supporters this site has which only equals your false notion of him being the same version of his father.

        1. There’s no way that a guy with a haircut that bad will ever become our next president. Think about it for a minute.

            1. Noticed Gowdy’s new hair style last week. Somewhat better, but anything would have been an improvement.

        2. How about people hold onto their own ideals and you learn to live and let live. That’s my (simplified) libertarian world view. As long as you aren’t messing with me I don’t care what you believe, whether you are a progressive MSNBC Obamazombie or a religious social conservative.

          Both types of people exist. So what?

          I do know that candidates that abandon their conservative base will NEVER win national elections, so even suggesting that is a horrible idea.

          Left-wingers do have a large influence over younger people because younger people are ignorant and easily brainwashed. They haven’t lived long enough to have real values other than the ones their pop culture idols tell them to have.

          There should be alternatives, even if you disagree with someone’s viewpoint the very fact that people can have different views than you and still be left alone to live their lives is the ENTIRE POINT of this country, and it’s normal but very amusing that younger so-called libertarians can’t see the irony in this.

          1. “How about people hold onto their own ideals and you learn to live and let live. That’s my (simplified) libertarian world view.”

            I don’t know why you are equating my rebuttals to old school conservatism as though I want you to stop exercising your very right to carry out whatever you believe in.

            At this point it sounds like you’re being selfish not even considering what it means to advance conservatism unto future generations that has made this country great because of a purity issue (I call it old school) I’m telling you whatever your ideals will be ALL gone if you don’t accept this new wave of libertarian conservative brand. C’mon now, you can’t hide behind the false humility of live and let live forever. Logistics, demographics, etc.. has to be considered eventually if you care enough for what consequences there will be if let other people with other greater different ideals to win with the general public.

          2. Btw, by all means let your brand of Ideology die. Because that’s where it will head if there is more out there with your mindset and same ideals.

            I guess we’ll see what happens in the coming months/years.

    2. Don’t worry, at the rate the GOP establishment is putting all their eggs in Paul’s basket, soon there will be plenty of resources for Rand Paul supporters to interact with him and our establishment overlords.

          1. Never mind.

            TheDailyPaul is increasingly shunning Rand Paul supporters and Rand Paul articles.

            1. This is probably due to Rand’s stealth version of libertarianism. He’s been sounding more and more Progressive to them.

              This is why Glenn Beck won’t ever make any inroads with uppercase ‘L’ Libertarians. Out of all the political groups out there, they are the ones least likely to appreciate someone form outside telling them what they think.

                1. Well there you see the general difference between the Pauls and actual Libertarians. Ron (and probably Rand) Paul is a Neo-libertarian. He’s tried to take Libertarianism in a direction it doesn’t want to go. The argument between the two (three if you count the split between Rothbard and anti-Rothbard Libertarians) groups has been going on for many years.

  22. Selling out our heartland to the communists. DemocRats no longer know how to even blush.

  23. tell everyone you know about this!! Tell them about the land grab, Harry Reid solar & BLM fracking plans!!! DIRTY HARRY REID AND FAMILY ARE A DISEASE ON THIS NATION!!!!

      1. The ranch. She’s questioning what’s really at the bottom of this…no mention of the solar crony crime.

          1. She gave 11 minutes to it, but that’s 10 more then anyone else I’ve seen.
            Huckabee never touched it….

            1. I have a feeling she is going to cover the solar farm crony crime in the not too distant future.

  24. This is a land grab by the Feds to pay back a Harry Reid donor!!! Plain and simple! BLM personnel have been made aware and now they know they put unarmed Americans in danger for political reasons!!!

    1. I share that sentiment. I fear they have something worse in store and we had better remain on high alert.

  25. God Bless these patriots. May this prove to be the ‘shot across the bow’ that gives these tyrants pause to think about the consequences to their persons. may it also prove to be the rallying cry to preserve and protect our Constitutional freedoms. The crystalizing moment for which the ‘Chick-fil-A and other preliminary causes were the precursors.

    1. We have just witnessed the use of a well armed militia. This is the reason for the second amendment. God Bless America!

    1. This reminds me of the officer who wrote General Washington to tell him that the troops fought as men wishing to be free.

  26. The Commie -In-Chief did not want blood on his hands before an election…Nothing to See here Move Along…………………………………

    1. This is indeed treason and collusion..

      Crickets, as you say, from the state media organizations.

      Our government is one of globalist criminals.

    2. WOW!
      I’m not sure which is more criminal, the reids or the media for not reporting this power grab and abuse of power for poltical and momentary gains!
      Those two should be rounded up and jailed….Permanently.

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