CBS News keeps going further. This time, a softball HUNTER BIDEN interview that suggests laptop scandal a ‘RUMOR!’

CBS News is messing up so much I upgraded them to their own Right Scoop tag. From their flat-out leftwing activism in Georgia to their straight up deception about Gov. Ron DeSantis, it’s been a heckuva few days for CBSN.

Today, on CBS News Sunday Morning, they took another dip in Propaganda Ocean in a pathetic, pandering, pretend interview with Hunter Biden.

From Newsbusters:

The interview allowed a scant 26 seconds about the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances. “What is it about? Can you say anything more?” Smith inquired. Biden insisted he was innocent and she politely moved on.

She moved on to talk about Burisma, asking if he understood that the controversy was the dumb fault of the stupid people who could see it. “Optics” she said. Then after he said how definitely much he didn’t do anything wrong and no “serious” journalist would say otherwise, “reporter” Tracy Smith narrated over the laptop story that despite his obviously reassuring innocence “the rumors lived on.”

RUMORS she said. as the New York Post was onscreen.

See the Post is now trash to the media for running the Hunter story. A legit story by any measure, but Twitter and Google didn’t like it because Joe Biden didn’t like it, and he’s WAY better than Trump so….

Gag. There is no shame in these so-called journalists. They are truly the enemy of the people. The enemy of people, period.

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