CNBC’s Santelli goes BALLISTIC on Covid hypocrisy, sets colleague ON FIRE: ‘YOU are doing a disservice to the viewer!!’

This is MUST-SEE TV for real. You remember CNBC’s Rick Santelli. His on-air rant gave the initial sparks of life to the Tea Party movement back in the day. Well let’s hope another movement is born from this EPIC display, as he goes absolutely ballistic on Covid hypocrisy.

You have to watch the clip, which PJ Media calls “glorious” before we even quote it. It’s too perfect on its own.

PJ has the transcript, with appropriate emphasis.

Rick Santelli: You can’t tell me that shutting down, which is the easiest answer, is necessarily the only answer.

Andrew Sorkin: Rick, as a public health and public service announcement for the audience, the difference between a big-box retailer and a restaurant or, frankly, even a church are so different it’s unbelievable.

RS: I disagree. I disagree. I disagree! You can have your thoughts and I can have mine.

AS: You’re wearing a mask. You’re required to wear a mask. There’s science, I’m sorry. It’s science. If you’re wearing a mask it’s a different story.

RS: Five hundred people in a Lowes are not any safer than 150 people in a restaurant that holds 600. I don’t believe it. Sorry. Don’t believe it. And I live in an area where there’s a lot of restaurants that have fought back and they don’t have any problems. And they’re open!

AS: You don’t have to believe it. But let me just say this. You’re doing a disservice to the viewer because the viewers need to understand that …

RS: YOU are doing a disservice to the viewer! YOU ARE! You are!

AS: I’m sorry. I’m sorry I would like to keep our viewers are as healthy as humanly possible. The idea of packing people into restaurants and packing—

RS: I think our viewers are smart enough to make part of those decisions on their own.

AS: …people into a Best Buy are completely different things.

RS: I don’t think that I’m much smarter than—

AS: They’re different things.

RS: I don’t think I’m much smarter than all the viewers like some people do.

utterly fantastic. Kirstie Alley said this morning that the politicians ordering these lockdowns should have to do without themselves while ordering it of others. Restaurant owner Angela Marsden exposed the lunacy of the hypocritical standards in her county in California. Restaurant owner Dave Morris in Michigan did the same earlier this week.

With Santelli daring to say on air what most people are afraid to say anywhere, it’s time to stand up. We cannot let the government continue to destroy mom and pop while propping up big business. If they want to say it’s about science and safety, then the guidelines should be across the board applicable or not at all.

And we know they aren’t, of course. Just look at who is allowed to protest and who is not. Or which states are bashed as killers and which aren’t. Or which politicians are praised for their methods and which aren’t.

The media-big business-Democrat complex are doing their own plans and you aren’t part of them. They’re the new Axis of Evil.

UPDATE: Even more ridiculous double-standards:

Seriously this is out of control.

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