CNN all but outright SAYS that the reason for SUDDEN Chris Wallace exit was TUCKER CARLSON

This morning, registered Democrat and partisan Chris Wallace announced that today would be his last time hosting Fox News Sunday. All the media outlets have gone into a frenzy over the news, because it’s Fox and watching and talking about Fox is the only way they get ratings in the first place.

Plenty of conservatives and MAGA consider Fox News just another lame mainstream media outlet, but to the progressive left it is the very manifestation of Evil upon this Earth. So any chance to get in a dig is taken and relished.

But when it comes from CNN’s media potato, there is more than just idle drooling corpse picking. Wallace is going TO the CNN streaming service. So CNN’s media jerks saying what lay behind the reason for his ship jumping holds water.

And what they say, almost but not quite completely explicitly is that it’s because of Tucker Carlson exposing the truth about the January 6 media hoax.

From the Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy and his marionette.

In recent years, Fox News, which always did tilt toward the right, has transformed itself into a hyper-partisan, right-wing talk network that regularly pushes conspiracy theories on a wide variety of topics. Even many of the network’s so-called “straight news” anchors have abandoned any pretense of impartiality.

Fox News’ top host, Tucker Carlson, has drawn extraordinary criticism for producing a special entertaining the false notion that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was a “false flag” orchestrated by the federal government. Carlson has also trafficked in anti-vaccine rhetoric and pushed the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory on his show.

Wallace, who often found himself rebutting some of the falsehoods pushed by his own network, had reportedly objected to Carlson’s conspiratorial January 6 special. NPR reported that he had voiced objection to network brass about the program, which also led to the resignation of two longtime Fox News commentators.

First off: LOL.

Second: More LOL.

Thirdly: Hooo boy. Oh my my. Gotta catch my breath.

Fourth of all: This statement is insanely hyper-partisan, and that’s the hallmark of CNN. Which is why Wallace is going to fit in there so well. He’s a bad ratings draw, which matches the rest of their content. He’s a hyper partisan jerk who passes off his pro Democrattery as if it’s some service everyone should be grateful for, which is a dead ringer for every other egomaniacal self-important virtue signaler at the network. And he’d rather say or do ANYTHING than step even slightly out of line with his “peers.” He wants to get pats on the back, same as Stelter or Darcy or Tapper or Keilar or Camerota or Lemon or Cuomo or that child molester that just got arrested.

Yeah, Chris is going to fit RIGHT in.

And Tucker? Well he can laugh all the way to the ratings bank.

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