CNN attacks Tucker Carlson, suggests he wants people to die over vaccine segment

CNN is attacking Tucker Carlson this morning, accusing him of spreading misinformation about the vaccines and suggesting he wants people to die or something:

In the video above John Berman played a clip from Carlson’s show last night where he was saying that Biden wants you to take the vaccine but that there’s a lot we don’t know about the vaccines yet. And that’s where Berman stopped the clip and said that Tucker went on and on and on. He then proceeded to suggest that Carlson wants people to die.

But how about we not stop the clip where Berman cut it and see what Tucker actually went on and on and on about. I’ve also backed it up a little to give you better context:

Tucker isn’t telling people not to take the vaccines. He’s simply saying that there are people who have legitimate concerns and the folks in charge should stop treating them like anti-vaxxers. Instead they should rationally address these concerns instead of telling people that you won’t be able to grill in your backyard on the fourth of July unless you take the vaccine.

That was his point. He wasn’t spreading vaccine misinformation as CNN suggested and most certainly wasn’t advocating for people NOT to take the vaccine. But he was arguing against the preachy attitude of those who pretend that the science is completely settled and treat those who have legitimate concerns about it as though they are anti-science.

What’s really going on in the CNN clip above is that their morning show ‘character’ is spreading misinformation about Tucker’s show because they want Fox News to die. That’s becoming very clear as we see more and more segments on CNN illegitmately attacking Fox News.

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