CNN’s Big Important National News Team Doesn’t Cover Every Single Stupid Little Story, You Peons


Weasel Zippers has this twitter exchange up between a concerned tweeter and the @CNNWriters feed.

Love the conspiracy bit. Excellent touch. Not only is the answer no, but also sod off for asking you fever swamp dwelling knuckle dragger! You see, CNN is a big, international enterprise folks. That’s Very Important. And being Very Important People, these writers don’t have time to waste on silly or frivolous things like twitter arguments … err wait, sorry, they do have time for that. But not for this stupid story. OK?? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??? CAN THEY GET BACK TO COVERING ZOMBIE JET-EATING BLACK HOLES PLEASE?? Crikey. (Well I said International, didn’t I old bean?)

There’s a whole lot more if you scroll down past this video, but if you’ve missed it, take a look at this silly, insignificant, boring, uninteresting story that CNN has wisely decided doesn’t live up to their speculation standards. From Fox News (of course, he says while rolling his eyes and chewing gum!!)

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See, totally boring and not inter .. wha wha WHAAAT?? Guns! Terrorism! Hypocrisy! Wow! Nicknames! Gangsters! HATS!! This story has everything!! Democr … oh wait I think I see the problem.

Yes, this story which has everything was too trivial to make CNN’s radar. So an anti-gun Democrat is trafficking in rocket launchers and consorting with organized crime and terror groups. Big whoop. He’s a STATE senator. You might as well be asking them to cover the local dog catcher race. They don’t cover such things.

Ok, well they did cover this one state senator.


But she was talking about Chris Christie! It wasn’t some local story about her being arrested.


OK fine, that was about that guy being arrested. But it’s from 2005!! Besides, they did say “almost” never, not “never never”. That’s just one single tiny … what’s that now?


Yeah but …


Alright now you’re just being …


Um. Wait a second, are all those …


Yep. They were all Yee stories eh? Oy.

That search was tweeted to me by @ErickBrockway, a veteran and friend who also tweeted @CNNWriters about it.

At the time of this posting, there was no reply. Although INDYpundit did get another reply.

They’re going to make sure their politics crew is “across” it. Well .. OK then. Weasel Zippers has a few different examples of CNN covering state senators (or wannabes like Sandra Fluke, natch). A few of these tie in to national stories, and I’m sure that CNN would say that’s why the covered them. But gun control is definitely NOT a national story, and CNN definitely doesn’t cover it a LOT. Right Piers?

The verified @CNNWriters account is run by Eliott C. McLaughlin, a writer for CNN, who, a quick search of Bing or Google will show you, has written a great deal about politics in his time at CNN, and has covered local arrest cases as recently as last week.

But coulD there be some Different reason CNN Doesn’t want to cover this story? Do you have any guesses what that might be?

Yee gets the glowing reports from CNN over the years, but his arrest is an unmentionable. Sure looks like one of the favored few. He’s in the right party in the right state with the right politics. So what’s a little gun-running between friends? Hey, the ATF started it.

This .. is CNN.

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