CNN’s Big Important National News Team Doesn’t Cover Every Single Stupid Little Story, You Peons


Weasel Zippers has this twitter exchange up between a concerned tweeter and the @CNNWriters feed.

Love the conspiracy bit. Excellent touch. Not only is the answer no, but also sod off for asking you fever swamp dwelling knuckle dragger! You see, CNN is a big, international enterprise folks. That’s Very Important. And being Very Important People, these writers don’t have time to waste on silly or frivolous things like twitter arguments … err wait, sorry, they do have time for that. But not for this stupid story. OK?? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??? CAN THEY GET BACK TO COVERING ZOMBIE JET-EATING BLACK HOLES PLEASE?? Crikey. (Well I said International, didn’t I old bean?)

There’s a whole lot more if you scroll down past this video, but if you’ve missed it, take a look at this silly, insignificant, boring, uninteresting story that CNN has wisely decided doesn’t live up to their speculation standards. From Fox News (of course, he says while rolling his eyes and chewing gum!!)

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See, totally boring and not inter .. wha wha WHAAAT?? Guns! Terrorism! Hypocrisy! Wow! Nicknames! Gangsters! HATS!! This story has everything!! Democr … oh wait I think I see the problem.

Yes, this story which has everything was too trivial to make CNN’s radar. So an anti-gun Democrat is trafficking in rocket launchers and consorting with organized crime and terror groups. Big whoop. He’s a STATE senator. You might as well be asking them to cover the local dog catcher race. They don’t cover such things.

Ok, well they did cover this one state senator.


But she was talking about Chris Christie! It wasn’t some local story about her being arrested.


OK fine, that was about that guy being arrested. But it’s from 2005!! Besides, they did say “almost” never, not “never never”. That’s just one single tiny … what’s that now?


Yeah but …


Alright now you’re just being …


Um. Wait a second, are all those …


Yep. They were all Yee stories eh? Oy.

That search was tweeted to me by @ErickBrockway, a veteran and friend who also tweeted @CNNWriters about it.

At the time of this posting, there was no reply. Although INDYpundit did get another reply.

They’re going to make sure their politics crew is “across” it. Well .. OK then. Weasel Zippers has a few different examples of CNN covering state senators (or wannabes like Sandra Fluke, natch). A few of these tie in to national stories, and I’m sure that CNN would say that’s why the covered them. But gun control is definitely NOT a national story, and CNN definitely doesn’t cover it a LOT. Right Piers?

The verified @CNNWriters account is run by Eliott C. McLaughlin, a writer for CNN, who, a quick search of Bing or Google will show you, has written a great deal about politics in his time at CNN, and has covered local arrest cases as recently as last week.

But coulD there be some Different reason CNN Doesn’t want to cover this story? Do you have any guesses what that might be?

Yee gets the glowing reports from CNN over the years, but his arrest is an unmentionable. Sure looks like one of the favored few. He’s in the right party in the right state with the right politics. So what’s a little gun-running between friends? Hey, the ATF started it.

This .. is CNN.

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55 thoughts on “CNN’s Big Important National News Team Doesn’t Cover Every Single Stupid Little Story, You Peons

  1. I’m glad TRS covered this. Haven’t heard a peep from anyone but Rush. Of course the delicious irony of a gun-grabber getting caught smuggling military weapons and ammo totally escapes the progs. Of course they protect their own at all costs. Somebody said the first casualty of war is the truth, and this is war.

  2. Although inseparable from liberty, the self-reliance and responsibility required to prosper in a free country can be sources of discontent.

  3. Hmmm………and if Yee was a Republican?????? They’re so biased and blind to the truth they’re incapable of seeing the error of their ways.

  4. P*ss MoreGun….s – resigned from his CNN position? Idiots like him have no shame, have to be kicked out..but from CNN? Did he grab CEO’s wife?
    Squirted “blue dress contamination” on a camera?
    What has happened ? I don’t believe in sane reasoning at CNN

  5. Well he!! at least they did report that Obama is considering arming the Syrian terrorists with MANPADs, but that was only so they could say that the Administration denied reported stories, and went on to say the dear leader will be staying in Saudi Arabia so he could give a Saudi woman a State Dept. Award for her efforts on combatting domestic violence.

    1. Sorry Duckie what is a MANPAD?
      Or is this anything like what Obama gave to the Ukraine? to defend themselves? like those MRE’s

      1. Sorry. MANPADs are Man-portable air-defense systems. Surface to air missiles.
        Thing is, a bunch of them went “missing” from Libya around the time of the Benghazi attack. So while there are probably a bunch in Syria already, Dear Leader is now “thinking” about sending them to the terro… oops, I mean rebels to help against Assad. What I want to know, are these going to be the ones already there from Libya’s stash or are these going to be new ones. Waiting to see if anything more is reported about it. Been pretty quiet so far.

        1. Thanks for the explanation. MANPADs sounds like something metrosexuals use that time of the month.

    1. Oh man, I can’t tell you how many times waiting for my number to be called at either the immigration office or dmv where I had to practically plug my ears because either CNN or MSLSD was the only thing showing. ugh…

      1. Yeah I have noticed that also, in doctors offices, car dealerships, fast food restaurants, and more. I find it offensive to realize the total indoctrination around where ever one goes. I just as soon they have no TV, period.

  6. Get over it and accepted it.

    Communist Communication Network is the propaganda arm of CPUSA also known as democrat party.

  7. Really, the dummy dems should try to avoid the corruption, especially with their other failures. I suppose, however, that when you are on that long decline you do it en masse and very thoroughly. Played properly conservatives have their best chance in … as long a time as I can ever think of.

  8. If Barack Obama had a nephew, he would look like this gun-running, terrorist-loving, crime syndicate-conspiring, Democrat State Senator.

    Nothing to see here, folks. Barry had Holder look into it and found no wrong-doing. The Tea Party was nowhere to be found.

  9. Lol, so many examples. I didn’t go through them all. If it was a Republican that got arrested it would get 24/7 coverage. We all know it, and we all know the reason this isn’t being covered is because it was Democrats who got arrested.

  10. Of course the D after his name is the reason CNN is not covering it. If they do cover it after being shamed, guess what inconvenient detail they will leave out of the story!

    1. They will leave the (D) off behind his name and not mention it. I’ve seen that tactic many times.

    2. I heard the story several days ago on the radio, not a single mention of him being a democrat. I thought to myself, hmmm….must be a democrat. If it was a republican that would have been every other word….republican senator, found, republican senator, to, republican senator, be, republican…..
      The bias is sickening and criminal.

  11. Right before November CNN will be breaking news every ten minutes when a black female Republican state senator from Rhode Island is caught on camera not using a turn signal. This should last a week or two.

  12. Cut the crap, CNN…just say it…you won’t cover any corruption stories by democrats because it doesn’t fit your projection narrative at the Tea Party! Everyone knows that CNN is nothing but fascist propaganda and moon bat reporting on “black holes”. They still are too dim to figure out why their ratings are in the toilet!

  13. The nationwide Democratic crime spree is big news – yet the moronic mainstream media overwhelms us with the old news of a traffic jam on a bridge- ( Fox news has also over- done the Christie story) . I guess an alleged gun running California Democrat dealing with Muslims just isn’t worth prime time.

  14. The truth in media reporting is quickly becoming a relic of the past. For that matter, the truth in politics has been on life support with the crooked politicians yanking on the power cord as hard as they can. Extending this, and being as honest as possible, truth in our public education system is being shown the door with many union teachers afraid to stand for the truth for fear of termination. While I rarely turn to CNN for nothing more than some laughs and proof of complacency, I can’t help to postulate on how they still consider themselves as a news organization rather than a alibi for the Demoncrat party. I had a epiphany while using the latrine this morning, the Government is a lot like a prostrate, the smaller it is the better it works.

      1. Agreed NYGino, I think that pill comes with a vote out of office. One can dream. Have a great day, can’t believe Louisville lost.

  15. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, is there still a sound?

    If CNN reported something important and nobody is watching it, is there still a news story?

    I guess this is their reasoning.

  16. The Comrade Nazi Nepotism (cnn) network could report that Yee was just auditioning for the next round of fast & furious. And that the rest is top secret. Otherwise they’ll just dismiss it as another phoney scandal.
    No news to report here.
    Back to the important scandals, such as an overweight rino gov closing lanes down for construction and how the Tea Party are all terrorist gun clinging bible toters.
    But, what really offends them the most is being called out on their double standard.

    1. No room for trivial news. CNN has to do a marathon coverage of the Piers Morgan wake and funeral.

      All 5 of Piers’ viewers are appreciative.

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