CNN’s Fat Dumb Bald Guy @BrianStelter + No-name WaPo libclone #27 agree FOX is BAD! Dems are GOOD!

Brian Stelter, who works at the 24/7 Cuomo promotion factory has endless opinions about Fox News each week. But in light of all the big news at CNN the last week or so, this morning he and his panel switched things up and complained about Fox News!

Also they reluctantly agreed after much discussion and thoughtful thinking that as it turns out, being biased toward Democrats is FINE because of being pro-truth! What a convenient and brand new fact! How lucky we all are!

Stelty’s first panelist was WaPo LibClone #27, a guy who is so successful at his job being a writer for a major paper and appearing on a major* cable network that he’s got a whole 68,000 followers on Twitter. LibClone writes for the Bezos Post, and his “beat” is “The Biden Administration.” Where he has written exactly three articles, titled “America is having a Black Renaissance. We should learn from it”, “The misguided identity politics of the anti-Trump Republicans”, and “American democracy is in even worse shape than you think” … do you think maybe the guy hasn’t figured out what “Biden administration” means?

His second panelist was Claire Atkinson, who apparently covers media for Business Insider, has a massive 16k person following on Twitter, and like LibClone #27, used to hang at MSNBC before being shuffled to newspaper and website obscurity.

The third turd on deck was some gal who stole her last name idea from Bill Hemmer and who wrote a book about how conservative media is the end of all things. This shooting star has 30k followers on Twitter. About the same as a mid-level meme artist with an anonymous username. You may wonder why their twitter numbers are being featured, but that’s because you don’t realize it’s the journalism version of measuring one’s … um .. well let’s just say these three aren’t going to be appearing on any racy calendars.

That Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy .. Sure. Pulls. A big. Time. Crew. dah dah dum dum dah dahh.

Really pulling the heavy hitters these days on your show that has lower ratings than reruns of Cheers, Bri.

That’s who CNN cobbled together to explain why it’s just a big ol’ truth-loving coincidence that media is always crawling up Democratic tailpipes bearing gifts. You know, the same thing Brianna Screechmoar, Don ‘You Bought a’ Lemon, and Generic News Jerk #11 were saying the other day. (Don’t know if you watch CNN much? But if so you’re familiar with the fact that when they aren’t talking about Fox News they’re just drinking and regurgitating each other’s vomit.

Today’s installment was really, really obnoxious, even for the home of puking up puke.

“How should the reality-based press covered an alternative-reality GOP,” said Brian Stelter, who works at the network that said Jussie Smollet hoax was real, worshipped criminal Michael Avenatti, acted like the Wuhan lab theory was a conspiracy theory, and got the Covington Catholic story so totally wrong they had to pay through the nose over it.

“We’ve had this view for a long time, and journalism should be not aligned with either party,” came Libclone’s laugh out loud lie in response, “but I think we’ve determined it to mean journalism should be equally distant between two the two parties and I think that is not realistic.”

Oh you DON’T? DO TELL.

“Journalism has a bias for facts, evidence, truth,” he said, which was even funnier. “And if like half of the voters in one party and a lot of the elected officials in the party are not truthful, journalists are going to cover that and look like their covering that party more negatively. So this in environment we have to prioritize, we have to be pro-truth, pro-democracy, pro-evidence and I think that’s going to make it look like we’re pro-Democratic. But I think we should be pro-democratic, small “d” not pro-Democratic capital ‘d’.”

I mean seriously did Babylon Bee write that?

“Stand up for Democracy, stand up for decency,” said Stelter sounding like the Moral Majority circa 1980.

He sarcastically set up his next superstar with the question, delivered with as much mockery as he could muster while out of breath from being so bald, whether being so honest and truthful and good and special and superior won’t cause more “shouts” of “media bias” and even more “polarization?”

He literally made this face when he asked.

Naturally the book writing gal said that no, it’s fine. So that’s settled. whew!

Now is the time I have to tell you to watch the clip. I’m warning y’all, you’re gonna retch. But we gotta do what we gotta do.

Sorry you had to see that. If it’s any consolation, not many people did. The FDABG’s audience may be small, but at least it’s mostly hostile and mocking him.

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