CNN’s top legal moron makes RIDICULOUS claim about SCOTUS ruling that Maine violated the first amendment

Earlier today we told you about the Supreme Court ruling that Maine violated the first amendment with their voucher program by denying parents vouchers to send their children to parochial schools.

It was a majority 6-3 ruling that fell along ideological lines and, of course, liberals aren’t happy with the decision.

CNN’s chief legal analyst clown decried the ruling, claiming that “separation of church and state” is a vanishing concept at the Supreme Court:

I’m sorry, but what a damn stupid analysis.

The idea of the separation of church and state comes from the first amendment and it only goes ONE WAY, preventing the STATE from creating laws establishing religions or preventing the free exercise of religions.

In other words, the STATE can’t tell you what to believe or interfere with the practice of your religious beliefs. That’s what the wall of separation means that Thomas Jefferson mentioned in his writings. It was to protect the citizen from authoritarian states, and that’s all.

So if a state like Maine is doling out TAXPAYER money to help send children to better schools, then what’s the big deal? The state of Maine wouldn’t be creating a law establishing a religion and it wouldn’t be preventing the free exercise of religion. There would have been no violation of anything.

But leftist morons like Jeffrey Toobin try and twist the meaning of the separation of church and state to mean the the state can’t interact with religions in any way, that the state must be protected from religion. But that’s simply not what the first amendment says and that’s why they never quote the first amendment. They just repeat the phrase separation of church and state and give it whatever stupid meaning they like in order to push their anti-Christian agendas.

Here’s a few responses from the twitters…

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