Conservative anti-Islamist website SHUT DOWN by cyber-attack

One of our favorite news aggregation websites, WeaselZippers, has recovered from a very serious cyber -attack that took it down for many hours, but conservative Pamela Gellar’s website has not been as lucky.

From JihadWatch:

I keep checking my colleague Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website every few minutes, thinking that surely it will be back by now, but now for the better part of yesterday and all of today it has been down due to a massive DDOS attack.

It’s ironic that on the eve of her Rally for Free Speech in Garland, Texas (join us — RSVP here), the foes of the freedom of speech would vividly prove her point by taking her site down. But we cannot let them win.

Pamela Geller is one of the foremost voices for freedom in the world today. Every day’s headlines brings new confirmation that what she has been saying has been right all along — and has continued to say, despite an avalanche of ridicule, scorn, and contempt that would have driven a lesser person into silence long ago. And what she is doing is crucial. We have to get the truth out about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, we have to do it in an effective way, and we have to do it quickly. No one rivals Pamela Geller in doing that.

Even we here at the Right Scoop were down for a few minutes after such an attack. Get ready for more of this as the enemies of liberty try to resist free voices reporting the truth.

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