Daily Show absolutely ROASTS . . . Kamala Harris??

Did you know that sometimes The Daily Show is actually funny? I confess I was not familiar with that idea, but at least this one time, they managed to be mildly amusing, when they roasted Word Salad Kamala over her densely inscrutable musings over the years.

“My name is Dahlia Rose Hibiscus and I am Vice President Kamala Harris’s Holistic Thought Advisor. What is a holistic thought advisor? It’s holistic, yes, and I am advising. And what do we mean when we say that? It means that I am the one by whom the thoughts are being advised from a place of advisement. And then once advised, communicated. Holistically,” the story begins. “I lead the Vice President on not so much sentences as ‘idea voyages.'”

You know, this actually makes a TON of sense as an explanation. Maybe it’s NOT parody?

There are soooo many more examples, as we’ve chronicled here at Right Scoop. The Bee mocked her, of course. The RNC. Why, even the liberal Daily Show mocked her back in … oh wait.

So I guess I DID know they can be funny once in a while. Hey, that may be my bad, but on the bright side, it’s YOUR open thread.

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