‘Despicable insane lunacy’: Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh unleash the FURY over Fox News trans ‘abomination’

That inexplicable Fox News segment celebrating terrible parents harming their child is not going over well for them online.

The propaganda piece about a FIVE year old “transitioning” was worse even than what you would see on MSNBC, much less CNN. Atrocious celebration of child abuse.

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, quote tweeting Matt Walsh’s thread, opened a can of whoop ass. “This isn’t about the children. This is about pushing a gender theory that victimizes small children,” he says. ABSOLUTELY correct, and true of not just the parents but Fox News.

Here is Matt Walsh’s thread:

And here is the rest of Shapiro’s:

That “people are afraid of what they do not understand” line was maybe the most infuriating part of the whole abomination. That is CLASSIC far left censor talk. You disagree because you’re “afraid.”

I’m not afraid of the left or things they think I don’t understand. I understand this evil perfectly. I’m afraid for the children of America. But afraid of what I don’t understand. Yeah I got some real nice Texas words for that crap assertion, Bryan Llenas of Fox News, but I cain’t say em on this blog.

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