Don Lemon wants Fox News thrown out of the White House briefing room after…Fox News hosts texted Trump to tell rioters to stop!?!?

Last night Don Lemon pressed his colleagues on CNN about Fox News, asking why Jen Psaki continues to call on the network and why they should even be allowed in the briefing room:

This segment comes after it was revealed last night that several Fox News hosts, including Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade, all implored Trump on January 6th to tell people to stop the riot. Of course it would be Liz Cheney making the reveal in the most ominous way possible:

Because of these text messages CNN is now impugning Fox News as though they did something wrong. I don’t get it. These hosts were calling on Trump to use his bully pulpit to tell these rioters to get out of the capitol and stop and were clearly worried about his legacy. How is this in any way a bad thing? But these CNN nutjobs treat Fox News like it was the cause of the riot and now want to throw them out of the briefing room.

Ari Fleischer makes a similar point:

Remember, CNN is the network of Jim Acosta. And Don Lemon who mocked and laughed at Trump supporters in that infamous segment we’ll never forget. Need I say more? They are one of the worst purveyors of propaganda and fake news, and yet here they are throwing shade on Fox News.

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