EXCLUSIVE!! TED CRUZ statement SHOOTS DOWN Boehner claim calling him a LIAR!

It looks like the GOP establishment has sent out their drunken surly assassin John Boehner to harm Cruz’s campaign before the crucial Indiana primary – and he’s prevaricating in order to help Trump’s ‘lyin’ Ted’ narrative.

Earlier Ted Cruz denied that he had ever “worked with” John Boehner in order to deflect the lush’s accusation that he was a “miserable” person. Then Boehner said that Cruz had been his lawyer, and now the media is running with it. But that’s not accurate.

Here’s what Cruz spokes-guy Brian Phillips is saying about that:

We reached out to the Cruz campaign and got this exclusive statement:

 “It is false and misleading to describe Ted Cruz as having been ‘John Boehner’s lawyer.’  When Cruz was a young lawyer, his boss (Mike Carvin) was hired to be Boehner’s lawyer in one case. Cruz worked as a junior associate on that case, but he doesn’t remember even meeting Boehner, much less ever having had a substantive conversation with him.”

Now that’s a huge difference between a politician meeting with “his lawyer” and discussing very personal and intimate details about his life that might have to do with the law, and having junior associates work on your case.

But that distinction is what the media is ignoring in order to help the Trump.

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