Facebook CENSORS The Right Scoop, cripples our page over bogus claims!

This week Facebook has censored The Right Scoop and crippled our reach over three posts going all the way back to July. They’ve also put a label on us so that people wanting to follow us on Facebook will see an alert suggesting that we having a history of sharing ‘false news’.

Here’s the three posts they targeted:

This was posted two months ago on July 28:

Note that this post they censored was my post about Big Tech censoring a July press conference on Hydroxychloroquine!

This was posted on August 31st:

All I did in this post was quote the New York Times. But apparently quoting MSM publications is no longer good enough.

This last post, which I’m sure you recognize, was posted earlier this month.

All I did was report on the interview this Chinese virologist had with Tucker. I didn’t make any claims about her arguments being true or false, because I’m not a virologist and honestly, I don’t know. But apparently reporting on this interview is FORBIDDEN by Facebook, who censored Tucker’s Facebook post of his own interview.

Here’s what really bothers me about this, other than my page having been crippled and my reputation tarnished by our Big Tech overlords. Facebook censored me for these posts all at one time, this week. They didn’t gradually warn me about each post as they came out. It all happened this week with less than two months before the election, which reeks of Facebook trying to put their thumb on the proverbial scale of the election. This is what I believe is happening and I’m sure I’m not the only one, because Facebook has no accountability and they can do whatever the hell they want.

Which is why I’m starting a new TRS subscription via email, because I clearly can’t depend on Big Tech anymore and I refuse to let them smother my page out of existence. This new subscription (which replaces the old one) will allow you to receive our post notifications in your email either immediately, daily or weekly. Your choice. Just add your email to the form below and you can customize your delivery when your confirm your email.


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