Facebook ENDS Joe Biden in HILARIOUSLY harsh response to him calling them murderers

On Friday, Jen Psaki and Joe Biden decided to use social media as a scapegoat for the perceived failure of the gov’t to get the vaccine into every human arm on these shores.

Biden said that Facebook is killing people, and Facebook has now struck back at him, essentially telling him to shove it where the vaccine don’t shine.

“We will not be distracted by accusations which aren’t supported by the facts. The fact is that more than 2 billion people have viewed authoritative information about COVID-19 vaccines on Facebook, which is more than any other place on the internet. More than 3.3 million Americans have also used our vaccine finder tool to find out where and how to get a vaccine,” it reads.

In a direct response to Biden saying Facebook kills people, they responded that “The facts show that Facebook is helping save lives. Period.”

A lot of people shared the statement, but I liked Benny Johnson’s reaction.

Facebook is a cesspool, like Twitter and other social media. Not because of the users — well some of them but not ONLY them — but because of the grossly biased, fascistic control of what does and does not constitute news and information.

And now the Biden administration, who would rather have that kind of power under their own control, is going to war with them.

When Trump or conservatives criticize Facebook the libs fall all over themselves to take social media’s side. The rest of the time they attack it for not being fascistic and biased enough. And now Biden is using them as a scapegoat for the “problem” of not “enough” people being vaccinated (despite nationally high rates and plunging new cases) so it’ll be dang fascinating to see how the libs and media handle THIS one.

If Jake Tapper is any indication, it’ll be straight out water carrying.

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