Greenwald spells out why NYT and WaPo get away with disinfo EVEN when White House calls them out

We mentioned to y’all that the New York Times (along with a lot of others in the press) spread covid disinformation and misinformation. You may not know this, but small and independent websites labor under an oppressive regime imposed by the tech giants, which punish you in hundreds of creative ways for talking about any aspect of Covid they feel like you shouldn’t. They especially hit the wallet (of course dear readers can always hit the “tip jar” so to speak if they wish to protest.)

But when big name publications do actual disinfo they suffer no ill fortune. Take what happened yesterday.

And the reason they get away with it is exactly what you know it is. Double Standard based not on prestige, background, credibility, size, or budget. The New York Post found that out.

It’s based singularly on that ONE thing.

If you’re with the Democrats, then Big Tech is with you. And if you’re not, well then guess what…


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