Guess what’s missing from this BLACK Lives Matter protest! Or should that say guess WHO…

Across the country violence once again ruled the weekend and the night in many (democratically controlled) cities. Rioters and “protesters” outright attacking cops. People swarming other people. We’ll have a bunch of those clips and photos posted here in a bit, but this particular video called for its own special recognition.

Lifezette writer Benji Irby was in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend, and he caught on camera a group of BLM protesters objecting to some statue or other. Only problem? They were missing a certain something.


Ayup. You’ll notice in the clip round-up I’m putting together, a lot of the troublemakers and criminals are 20 something white folks too. A lot. Now of course you can expect a protest or even a riot of any stripe in this country to have people of different races (I mean unless it’s in Raleigh apparently), but the point people are making is that there are a lot of activist white lib socialists trying to take this moment and use it to do their own thing.

You might even say they’re “appropriating” it.

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