HA HA: Salon writer gets taste of HIS own medicine at CPAC, too. HILARIOUS, voice-cracking ensues.

Some Salon writer who went to CPAC, like he goes to a lot of conservative events, to pretend that he’s a reporter by walking around filming people with his phone and then making fun of him. It’s a gimmick that can take you to the comedy news program the Daily Show or even comedy news channel CNN.

But this guy only made it to Salon so far. And lots of retweets where he bravely mocks conservatives for the delight of his “audience.”

Well the tables were turned again. Hilariously.

This is priceless here:

In a way, this next one pushes the line of “too much.” But in another way, it’s exactly how the left does things to the right, except in this case the Salon dweeb is never in any danger (though you wouldn’t know it from his squeaking.)

This one made me chuckle some more.

This one though…

You don’t have a real job, guy whose name I can’t remember even when I’m looking at it.

But hey, keep doing that ambush video mockery thing. It’s going GREAT.

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