This video of Planned Parenthood Execs discussing abortions is one of the WORST things I’ve ever seen

There is all sorts of evil out there. This morning we wrote about 28 Christians getting massacred by evil Muslim Islamists on a bus in Cairo. Now we show you a video captured by the Center for Medical Progress, of Planned Parenthood executives discussing abortions in the most callous, obscene and gruesome way possible. Be careful as it might turn your stomachs.

Here’s more:

WASHINGTON TIMES – Planned Parenthood executives joked about decapitated fetuses, admitted to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and said clinics have a financial incentive to sell human tissue in a new undercover video released Thursday.

The three-minute video was recorded at an annual National Abortion Federation meeting by pro-life investigators with the Center for Medical Progress. The advocacy group said it’s just a preview of never-before-seen content that has been sealed for almost two years due to legal fights.

In the video, Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, admits to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs.

“You know, sometimes she’ll tell me she wants brain, and we’ll, you know, leave the calvarium till last, and then try to basically take it or, actually, you know, catch everything, and even keep it separate from the rest of the tissue so it doesn’t get lost,” Ms. Nucatola says.

Also, Deb VanDerhei, national director of Planned Parenthood’s Consortium of Abortion Providers, admits that some clinics are motivated to sell fetal tissue for profit.

“But the truth is that some might want to do it for — to increase their revenues. And we can’t stop them,” she says in the video.

Paul Blumenthal, medical director emeritus at Planned Parenthood of Maryland, says he’s aware that “Planned Parenthood sells a lot of stuff to people.”

Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, says she’ll hold a fetus in place with forceps to prevent partial-birth abortions.

“If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus, I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg or two, so it’s not [partial-birth abortion],” she says.

Other top Planned Parenthood executives make gruesome remarks about abortion in the video.


It’s no wonder this video has been kept under wraps for two years in legal fights. Planned Parenthood and their minions didn’t want us to see this because it exposes their cruelty and shames them publically.

David Daleiden should be given recognition and a big award for going undercover and exposing this scourge.

I hope Congress is paying attention and will finally defund Planned Parenthood once and for all.

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