Here’s video of the Trump supporter getting kicked out of NY bar, and it’s NOTHING like what the owner said…

The other day we ran a story on a Trump supporter who got kicked out of a New York bar called Jake’s Dilemma.

The Trump supporter, named Dion Cini, claims he was kicked out by the bartender because he wore a MAGA hat.

But the owner, who lamented that his bartender said it was because of the hat, claimed it was because Cini was being loud and making anti-Semitic remarks.

Now there’s video of the bartender kicking Cini out, and at one point the bartender actually agrees that Cini did nothing wrong, saying “we’ve already established that”. And, of course, the bartender says that it is about the MAGA hat.

To be fair, we don’t have video up to this point. But hearing the bartender agree that Cini did nothing wrong seems pretty huge.

At the point when the bartender kicked out Cini (where the video begins), Cini says he’s only had about three beers. He makes him pay for it and then an argument ensues about kicking Cini out.

Cini decides to stand his ground until officers show up at the end of the video to make him leave.

According to reports I’ve seen tonight, Cini is now considering legal action against the bar.

Watch the video, see what you think:

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