Here’s video of the Trump supporter getting kicked out of NY bar, and it’s NOTHING like what the owner said…

The other day we ran a story on a Trump supporter who got kicked out of a New York bar called Jake’s Dilemma.

The Trump supporter, named Dion Cini, claims he was kicked out by the bartender because he wore a MAGA hat.

But the owner, who lamented that his bartender said it was because of the hat, claimed it was because Cini was being loud and making anti-Semitic remarks.

Now there’s video of the bartender kicking Cini out, and at one point the bartender actually agrees that Cini did nothing wrong, saying “we’ve already established that”. And, of course, the bartender says that it is about the MAGA hat.

To be fair, we don’t have video up to this point. But hearing the bartender agree that Cini did nothing wrong seems pretty huge.

At the point when the bartender kicked out Cini (where the video begins), Cini says he’s only had about three beers. He makes him pay for it and then an argument ensues about kicking Cini out.

Cini decides to stand his ground until officers show up at the end of the video to make him leave.

According to reports I’ve seen tonight, Cini is now considering legal action against the bar.

Watch the video, see what you think:

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54 thoughts on “Here’s video of the Trump supporter getting kicked out of NY bar, and it’s NOTHING like what the owner said…

  1. They admitted they threw him out because of the hat. At one point they said if he took the hat off he could stay. Also, there is clearly not a “no hats” policy because the manager himself was wearing a hat! Seems like he’s definitely got a case under today’s discrimination rules. I would say this is more solid than say, a bakery case, because the bakers refusing to make gay wedding cakes will provide other services and they have a religious liberty argument. If Cini’s case is thrown out then all the bakers/florists/photographers/musicians who’ve been sued have even more reason to cry foul.

  2. This isn’t the first time this guy has graced the pages of TRS. In November he was profiled for getting banned from Disneyland for repeatedly violating their rules regarding signs. He had snuck a cardboard “Trump” sign onto Splash Mountain after previously sneaking in a twenty foot Trump banner . . .

    And he apparently did it again at Disneyland since being banned, this time with another giant Trump banner.

    This seems to be this guys thing. He goes out looking for situations where he can create controversy for displaying Trump stuff. According to various articles, he’s been involved in many other similar instances, which he calls, “Guerilla (sic) Marketing: Low-cost, maximum exposure.”

  3. So….where’s he being loud and obnoxious? Where were all the racist remarks? This is what the owner claimed. The owner is a liar.

    1. The video begins after he’s already been told to leave, so we don’t really see what he did to get kicked out. Maybe the owner is a liar, or maybe he is. One thing is for certain though, he’s an attention monger, and this is his thing.

      1. So what? Whether he likes seeing the reaction is irrelevent. As long as he’s not doing more than wearing the hat it doesn’t have anything to do with it. That doesn’t force the owner to kick him out and it doesn’t force the bartender to refuse to serve him. To claim that it’s his fault because he puts the hat on to get these reactions is complete nonsense. The behavior of the libtards is their own and you sound a lot like Juan Williams today. The video of that mass shooting is circulating on the internet and Juan said it was Trump supporters watching it. Always have to bring it back to Trump or his supporters while completely ignoring the behavior of the libtards.

        1. You have no idea what, if anything, this guy said to get kicked out. Neither do I. There is no video of that part. You want to pretend you know, that’s up to you I guess.

          As for Juan Williams, I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch that crap.

      2. I get that, but the video is quite clear he’s being thrown out because of the hat. They even tell him he can stay of he takes the hat off. If bakers can be forced to bake cakes (they shouldn’t) then this place should be forced to serve this guy.

  4. Anyone should be able to wear Donald Trump gear out and about any time and any where they like, however, if for one second this guy expects me to believe that he’s not out trolling for controversy walking around in NY (brave man) wearing a known trigger on his head he might as well urinate on mine and tell me it’s raining. He wasn’t innocently having a beer and trying to relax. He was intentionally picking a fight.

    1. What difference does it make? As long as he’s not using it to taunt anyone by calling attention to it then there shouldn’t be any problems. In addition, you have no idea what his motive was and if he even had one. What you’re suggesting is that anyone wearing a Trump hat is intentionally trying to pi** people off and that is a bunch of nonsense.

      1. Triggered much?? Is this not the same guy who was kicked out of a theme park for MAGA gear? I believe he even said he enjoys the reaction he gets. Now, I might agree with you if he was in Tulsa or Dallas but he was in NYC. Either common sense is lost on him (and you) or he knew what he was doing.

        1. Ah, since I opposed your comment I’m “triggered”.

          It doesn’t matter if he’s looking to see what reactions he gets. If he’s only displaying the hat then any confrontation or ejections are the problem of the leftists that have zero tolerance. Did people wearing Obama gear get kicked out of places or get attacked? Nope.

          If leftists weren’t so intolerant and “triggered” there would be no confrontations for this guy to enjoy

          1. I didn’t dispute the intolerance of the left at all, I’m not buying the sweet and innocent act. I also agree, as I stated in the comment which hurt your poor little feelers that anyone should be able to display any message they would like. But to pretend like he didn’t know the hat would draw unwanted attention is something else. Anytime he wears the hat after the Disney incident in public he knows exactly what he’s doing. Not that I care. I find it funny that he’s trolling liberals. Let’s call it what it is cupcake. He’s trolling pure and simple.

            1. Omg….stop it with the instigating. First saying I’m triggered because I disagreed with your comment, then saying I have no common sense, and now saying you hurt my feelings. You’re an a-hole that can’t take it when someone disagrees with you, so you have to start denigrating. Jerk. Get lost.

  5. Ah yes, NYC, the sewer of America. Mr. President, Please, build that wall around NYC asap.

  6. The bar does have the right to refuse service for any reason they want, Stupid or otherwise.

    1. No, actually it doesn’t. Try ‘refusing service’ a Black, ‘Gay’, Hillary supporter “for any reason” and watch what happens. 😉 😉

        1. I don’t think they definitively answered the question. I believe they just said that the Colorado authorities showed bias before hearing the case and may have harassed the guy.

  7. The MAGA hats have really done an amazing job of mastering the leftism they used to decry. They’re out-snowflaking them left and right these days, earning more Victim Points than they ever did.

    1. BS. All people are doing when they show these videos is showing how intolerant the left is. I don’t see any of them crying about it and saying “poor me”.

  8. What a bunch of annoying people, including the guy wearing the hat. Reminds me of why i no longer go in bars…

    1. Remember the good ‘ol days when you just took the disagreement out into the alley to settle it, and then got back to drinking?

  9. Regardless of the discrimination, he did start a scene, and he was uncooperative. The bar I used to bounce in would not have taken very kindly to his refusal to leave, when asked nicely, and the bouncers would’ve just ganged up, and stomped his guts out. I understand the stupidity of the situation, but when you’re asked to leave, you need to just do it, and not start a scene that can only make you look bad, or escalate into something worse.

    1. “Regardless of the discrimination” Excuse me but heck to the no, IF I am doing nothing and and I’m getting 86’d because of some punk snowflake feelings on my hat? I am going to be talking to the owner and its not going to be pretty. I’m sick of it being the responsibility of a MAGA supporter to just walk away. We are not walking mats.

      1. You’re, obviously, from a part of the country where people handle things a little softer, than where I come from. If you’re told to leave, that’s it: leave, or be trespassed. If you want to talk to the owner, you’ll have to do that by phone, email, or on another day, but if you start a confrontation, you’ll be responsible for what happens to you, right, or wrong. It’s not about being a doormat, it’s about not starting confrontations. If you want to start one, then you’d better be ready to suffer all related consequences. I’m not willing to do that, because I have a life, and don’t need criminal charges, in my line of work.

        1. That’s a bunch of horse sh**. If a leftist has a problem with you are you going to shut your mouth and walk away? Are you going to submit to leftist rules of society that oppresses your rights? If you do you should be ashamed of yourself. That’s what liberals want and why PC works.

          1. If the staff of an establishment have a problem with me, and tell me to leave, then I will. If I don’t, I can be charged with trespassing. Learn to think further ahead, than wallowing in emotion. Your thinking is about the same as “bake the cake”. It doesn’t matter what his political ideology is, if you’re told to leave, what makes you think you have a choice in the matter, on private property? I’ll bet you were right along with us, when saying that if gays don’t like how a company does business, they’re free to leave, and go elsewhere. You are, too. And, no, some guy on the Internet isn’t going to shame me. You should be ashamed, if you think you’re going to tell people how to run their business, and whether you have to leave, or not. A lot of you people must be from some really soft towns, because up here, if you play stupid games like that in the downtown bars, you’re getting stomped, then criminally charged. It has nothing to do with “PC”; it’s law. Nobody cares, if you like it, or not. If I tell you to leave my bar, for whatever reason, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will, and you don’t have a constitutional right to argue your case, talk to the owner, etc. The bar was wrong for targeting him for discrimination, then compounding it with lies about anti semitic remarks, and he was wrong for refusing to leave, when lawfully ordered to do so. He’s lucky the bouncer was a soft heart, instead of being like the guys I worked for, and with.

            1. I agree he should have left when security told him to leave. He could have asked why and then obeyed.

              This has nothing to do with the religious objections you are comparing it to. I don’t think they should be forced to serve this guy, but the whole point is to show how intolerant the left is.

              I’ve been to a lot of bars. I bar hopped for many years, so don’t try to feed me the BS line of how bouncers act. They would not stomp this guy just for asking why he’s being kicked out. They might escort him out but that’s not pounding him into the curb. They can only get physical if they are threatened with harm. Bouncers are subject to assault laws too and they are not allowed to punch or kick a customer. You think people are dumb enough to believe your horse sh**?

      2. I think it’s ridiculous that they’re blaming the Trump supporters as well. Do they shut up when it offends a leftist? Do they remove stickers from their car if it offends leftists? Would they? Of course they wouldn’t. People have a right to defend their freedom of speech…which is basically what this is. We don’t silence ourselves just because the left doesn’t like it.

        1. Everybody knows they’re biased in how they run their business, but they’re free to do so. You’re entitled to your free speech, but they’re not required to promote it, nor to listen to it, just as they’re not required to accept your business. Like Ben Shapiro says, vote with your wallet. If you don’t like how they do business, give your money to somebody that does do it, the way you like it.

          1. You’re pushing something I never said. The entire point of the video is to show how intolerant the left is. No one is saying they should be forced to serve the guy. It’s the same situation as the politicians being ran out of restaurants. It’s not about compulsion. Intolerance of this sort is bad business and the bar deserves bad publicity.

  10. First of all, just the fact of that wearing a MAGA hat can now become an “issue” is a sad and frightening development in general.

    As for this particular situation, it’s hard to tell, as Scoop says, the video starts late in the event, plus it appears to be edited, or at the very least, stopped and started, however briefly. So it’s not definitive.

    However, with the exception of challenging the bartender with the “soy boy” taunts, Dion seems to be behaving himself within bounds. And kudos also to the security guy for not overreacting.

    More info is needed. But that hat is definitely a trigger, and that is a shame. How many young people wore Obama t-shirts and never had to give it a single thought?

    1. It’s not really hard to assume the owner is a liar though. He claimed the guy in the hat was loud and obnoxious, was making racist remarks, and disturbing the rest of the people in the bar. You can tell that is clearly not true. Everyone was pretty calm, including the bartender. If the guy was doing what the owner claimed this would not have been the case.

  11. People would kick me out of bars all the time when I used to go out on the town for simply thinking different than other people. More often than not I was simply minding my own. I can safely say I don’t miss going out anymore. Too much drama and far too many nutty people on both sides of the barstool.

    1. The club I used to frequent was pretty far left, but the vast majority of them were mature enough to respect someone else’s opinion. A lot of them knew mine were Conservative (back when I used to be a Republican), and while they didn’t like it, it didn’t hurt too many friendships. They wanted me there, and made an issue out of it, when I didn’t show. They were even happy, when I got onto the security team, because they knew that I was sincere, and would protect the patrons. Unfortunately, I’m thinking that place was an exception, and that most other places would have zero tolerance for a Black Conservative, restrained only by the fact that the vast majority of them really didn’t want to get into a physical confrontation with one.

  12. Is this for real? There’s a bunch of jump cuts in the first few minutes alone and the MAGA hat dude is being a complete moron. Bartender just gave him a dismissive “yeah whatever” thumbs up and smile when he mentioned his hat as the reason for the removal.

    Sorry. Not buying this at all. He’s lucky the bouncer didn’t whup his behind.

    1. He was being denied service simply for his political views, the video doesn’t show anything to dispute that, and he never said anything about race or Jewish people at all….So considering he was being mistreated for his political views i can’t blame him for speaking up about it and defending himself.

      1. Is this a gag? “The video shows nothing to dispute that”. What type of Brett Kavanaugh witch hunt logic is that?

        The way it works is there needs to be evidence to PROVE the claim. The video is full of jump cuts, is highly edited, and shows no one seriously admitting to anything. Bartender was doing a lot of trolling towards an unruly idiotic customer.

        Try again.

        1. Are you posting gags? The owner claimed he said antisemetic comments and that was why he was kicked out – as though it was not his Trump hat. The customer posted a video showing he said NOTHING antisemetic at all, and that infact, he was right and he was being singled out for his political views…

          The owner of the bar should post the security footage that HE has at his location to prove his claim that the patron was being antisemetic, he can do it. The patron put out video so he set the bar himself already, until the bar owner does the same and presents proof, the patron is right. He was being mistreated by a intolerant liberal employed there.

          1. How Long was the patron in the bar before this video begins? 30 seconds 30 minutes? You tell me. The video begins in the middle of an argument — Id suspect in a police shooting video you’d demand to see the events that precipitated the actual shooting yet here your satisfied with just an edited video full of jump cuts of a guy who had ALREADY ADMITTEDLY drank 3 beers complaining about being thrown out.

            The owner of the establishment doesn’t need to show jack to anyone unless he wants. This video is an awful attempt from an attention whoring Trumptard to garner some sympathy.

            1. When the owner accuses the patron of antisemetism the owner does INDEED need to show proof or get his ass sued for slander!

            2. You are right that the owner does not HAVE to prove his claim that the patron started it by releasing video to the public, but he is the one making claims about antisemitism so if he wants to be seen as being honest and not that he is covering for a liberal bigot that he is employing, he would release some footage to prove his claims. At least the patron put some video out, unlike the bar owner.

              Also, it is a fact that the bartender said the patron did nothing wrong at the end of the video, and that he was mistreating the customer due to his hat. So the bartender admitted why on film already, that just puts more doubt on the owner’s weak claim of “antisemitism”.

  13. I figured the bar owner was lying because the antisemetic comments were not reported at all until just a day ago, the comments sounded it was a lie / damage control by the owner to cover for his intolerant “anti Republican” worker that he has on staff…

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