Here’s video proof that border patrol agent did NOT whip Haitian illegal like Biden admin claims

A video from an AP reporter, published on Twitter today, shows that the main border patrol agent on horseback in the photo did not whip one of the Haitian illegals like the Biden administration claimed this morning. The video clearly shows him grabbing the illegal by the shirt.

As Chuck Ross from the Daily Caller points out, “there’s nothing close to whipping” in the video:

Joe Biden owes these border patrol agents an apology, as does Kamala Harris for what she said on The View. But don’t expect Joe, who won’t even apologize for abandoning Americans behind in the hands of a terrorist organization, to admit he was wrong.

I said this morning that Biden should have waited for the facts, but he went all-in on indicting these border patrol agents even though they clearly did nothing wrong. All Biden cares about is using a false narrative to get his poll numbers back up and he doesn’t care who he has to walk on to do it.

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