Howard Kurtz in just 67 seconds shows up entire rest of MSM on Twitter Files ‘beyond the SHADOW of a doubt!’

Howard Kurtz is no right-winger but he is on Fox News so the rest of “journalism” pretends that he is. So they’re gonna ignore him just as they’ve ignored the Twitter Files bombshells overall. Because that’s the whole point isn’t it? To censor who they consider to be on the right.

Kurtz on Sunday in like 67 seconds says more truth about what the Twitter Files have shown than any non-Fox News outlet has to date.

This is just the intro at the beginning of his show, and yet it’s such a perfect description of what we know now for a fact about Twitter suppressing conservative speech — including from the leader of the free world — and says what the rest of the media has gone to incredible lengths to bury and hide.

“Proven beyond the shadow of a doubt” is exactly it.

Later in the show, he talked to Charles Gasparino and they got into the collusion with elected Democrats and government officials, but I liked this clip better on account of it puts the rest of media to total shame. It wasn’t hard to speak the truth, and Americans know that it is true. The media is hiding the story.

Speaking of that, Chaffetz talked about it on Fox on Saturday, where they noted the press have dedicated exactly ZERO MINUTES OF TV COVERAGE to the massive expose that is garnering billions of views.

“They were doing the same things that Russia and China do within their own countries!” said Chaffetz.

The press are playing hardball here but I don’t think that’s going ot work out too well for them. Musk isn’t just showing how biased they are, he’s bypassing them, going to his app and to Substack, proving also the thing they hate the most of all.

They’re not the gatekeepers. Not anymore, they ain’t.

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