‘Je Suis Samuel’: French rally by THOUSANDS after Islamic immigrant BEHEADS history teacher; NYT writes THIS instead

A history teacher in France was beheaded by a Muslim immigrant on Friday for having a class discussion about the Mohammad cartoons and the Charlie Hebdo massacre. You know, the mass killing of members of the free press by Muslims of immigrant families.

Samuel Paty was literally discussing the subject of free expression, and he used the Mohammad cartoon murders as part of that lesson. He showed students some of the caricatures, and for that he was beheaded in the street. The murderer, a Muslim immigrant of Chechen descent, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he rushed police later, and was shot dead.

The heinous, grisly attack was declared an “Islamist terrorist attack” by French president Emmanuel Macron. “One of our compatriots was murdered today because he taught… the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe or not believe,” said Macron.

It is the top story at French newspapers and websites on Sunday. People are marching in the streets, professors and teachers are vowing not to be silenced. It is what you would call “a big deal.”

Here’s the front page of Le Monde from this morning. The headline says:

“I realized that you can die teaching”: tributes to Samuel Paty, the murdered teacher, all over France

Yet here’s what the New York Times shared.

Here’s an actual paragraph from that article that even I, even knowing what paper it is, still find hard to believe went to print:

Seizing on the symbolic nature of an attack against a high school teacher, and reprising anti-Islamist themes he has lately emphasized, Mr. Macron said the teacher had been “the victim of a terrorist, Islamist attack.”

SEIZING?! ANTI-ISLAMIST? Yeah of COURSE he’s anti-Islamist. That worldview includes BEHEADING TEACHERS IN THE STREET.

The rest of our press won’t deal with this well, either, if they deal with it at all. But the people of France aren’t taking it. they’re honoring Paty, in the streets and online. https://theothermccain.com/2020/10/17/allahu-akbar-muslim-immigrant-decapitates-french-teacher/

Je Suis Samuel, say signs as they march. (I am Samuel.) With the hashtags #JeSuisSamuel #MonsieurPaty and #JeSuisProfesseur they share defiance against terror and tyranny and solidarity with their fallen countryman.

This interview with a student in his class is in French, but this quote was worth the post: “We must continue to learn […] otherwise the terrorists have won.”

This is good, too.

Now, I really want y’all to imagine an outpouring like this in the United States. Really think and picture it. What would happen? What would the press say? What would CNN’s fat, dumb, and bald guy say?

I’ll tell you one thing, right after a murder like this here they’d immediately set to trying to discredit and smear the teacher, first, while writing hundreds of stories about “fears of anti-Muslim backlash” and “anti-Muslim violence.” They would, as Robert Stacy McCain writes, try to humanize the terrorist instead.

Next our lovely American press would have think-pieces that don’t quite say but heavily imply he was asking for it,, and saying how free speech shouldn’t include blasphemy against Islam (but it’s okay against Christianity because of Whites.) Oh they wouldn’t put it quite that way but that would their point.

Then if people took to the streets they’d be calling it “scary” or “dangerous” and talking about lack of social distancing or not enough masks. They’d warn that “demagogues” are stirring up “anti-immigrant” sentiment. They wouldn’t dedicate a drop of ink to defense of free speech.

Not. A. Drop.

It is scary what happened in France. It’s heartening to see how the people reacted. It’s terrifying to think of how the press would handle it here.

PS. Stacy McCain made another point in his post.

Notice that when “right-wing” or “white supremacist” violence occurs, the motive becomes the most important thing about the story, and every politician is expected to denounce the motive, per se. By contrast, when violence is perpetrated by left-wing extremists, by Muslims, or by any protected minority group, the media will never generalize these crimes as representing the collective sentiment of a group, nor is there any political pressure to denounce the attacker’s motive.

By way of demonstrating his point, the New York Times also has an article up today headlined “THE RADICALIZER IN CHIEF” which blames Trump and right wing sentiment for the Trump-haters who plotted to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. It’s like they WANT to prove us right.

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